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Muchukund, Raajaa
From   Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u2

Raajaa Muchukund was the son of the King Maandhaataa - a king from Ikshwaaku dynasty - Raam's ancestor.

Muchukund Sees Bhaavaan's Chaturbhuj Roop
Once he helped Devtaa in fighting with Asur and defeated them. Devtaa got very pleased with him. Indra asked him to ask for any Var. He said - "If you are pleased with me, then I wish to have Darshan of Shree Hari's Chaturbhuj Roop." Indra said - "So be it. But you will see Him in Dwaapar Yug when He will incarnate as Krishn." Muchukund asked - "Then what should I do till then? It is long time." Indra replied - "You may sleep till then." "Where?" "Indra again said - "Go to this cave and sleep there." Muchukund said - "But what if somebody woke me up in between?" Indra said - "He will burn as soon as you will cast a glance at him." With this assurance Muchukund went away to that particular cave and slept there.

Now in Dwaapar Yug, Vishnu incarnated as Krishn. Krishn had killed Kans. Kans was the son-in-law of Jaraasandh. Jaraasandh's two daughters, Asti and Praapti, were married to him and after the killing of Kans, they had become widow. Jaraasandh got very sad seeing this so he attacked Mathuraa 17 times, but all the times Krishn had killed his almost all army and sent him back. But when he was coming 18th time, Kaalayavan Raakshas, who was sent there by Naarad Jee, also appeared around Mathuraa.

Now both brothers, Krishn and Balaraam could not have fought with both, Jaraasandh and Kaalayavan Raakshas so as Kaalayavan appeared, they Krishn left Balaraam to guard Mathuraa and He Himself came out of Mathuraa without any weapon and went through Kaalayavan's army. Kalayavan had not seen Krishn before, but remembering Naarad Jee's description he recognized Him, so he also followed Him. After a while Krishn started running and hid in a cave. Kaalayavan also entered that cave.

Raajaa Muchukund was sleeping in that cave only. So Krishn covered him with His Peetaambar (yellow cloth) and hid behind a stone. When Kaalayavan entered the cave he did not find Krishn there, but saw a man sleeping covering himself His yellow cloth. He thought that he was Krishn who was cheating him by sleeping like this, so he hit him with his foot saying - "O Krishn, You have come here and are sleeping like a coward? Get up and fight with me."

As he hit his foot, sleeping Muchukund got up and opened his eyes in anger. He looked around and found Kaalayavan standing before him. As his he saw him he got burnt and turned into ashes. Thus Krishn killed Kaalayavan Raakshas.

Muchukund asked - "Who are you? Where am I and who was this who had got burnt?" Krisn said - "You are Raajaa Muchukund, and this is Kaalayavan Raakshas who has got burnt by your one look. I am Krishn. You had asked the Var to see my Chaturbhuj Roop, so now I show it to you." Saying this Krishn showed him His Chaturbhuj Roop. Muchukund prayed Him and went to his Lok.

Muchukund Stuti to Krishn
This prayer is by King Muchukund. It occurs in the 10th Skandh of Bhaagvat Puraan in the 51st Chapter (Shlok 46-58). Muchukund was a king of the solar dynasty being the son of the king Maandhaataa. He was extremely valorous and helped the Devtaa in the war against Asur. Once he even waged a war against Lord Kuber and when offered all his wealth he thankfully refused it. When Kaarttikeya was made the commander of the Devtaa army, the Devtaa requested Muchukund to take the well earned rest and made him enter in to sleep in a cave. They also gave him a boon that whosoever wakes him up would turn in to ashes. Kaalayavan (deathly Greek) a friend of Jaraasandh attacked Lord Krishn. Krishn pretended to retreat and led Kaalayavan into the cave where the king Muchukund was sleeping. Kaalayavan woke him up and was turned in to ash. King Muchukund recognized the Lord and prayed him and was granted salvation.

Muchukund Stuti to Krishn  -  Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u1;



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