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6-Ikshwaaku Vansh and the Stories of Maandhaataa and Saubhari Rishi

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Raajaa Ambareesh had three sons - Viroop, Ketumaan and Shambhu. Viroop had a son named Prishdashwa and he had the son named Ratheetar. Ratheetar did not have any child so he requested Angiraa Rishi for a son. Angiraa produced several sons from his wife equipped with Brahm Tej. Although the Gotra should have been of the King Ratheetar, but all of them were called Aangiras.

Hey Pareekshit, Once a son was born from Manu's sneeze, his name was Ikshwaaku. Ikshwaaku had 100 sons. Three were the eldest - Vikukshi, Nimi, and Dandak. His 25 younger sons were the rulers of the Eastern part of Aaryaavart, and the older 25 became the Raajaa of the Western part of Aaryaavart and the first three were the kings of the Central part. Remaining 47 sons became the Kings of Southern part etc.

Once Ikshwaaku ordered his eldest son at the time of Ashtakaa Shraaddh - "Vikukshi, Go and bring the meat of sacred animals for Shraaddh." Vikukshi went to the forest and killed many animals. He got tired and hungry, so he forgot that he should not eat those animals killed for Shraaddh. He ate one rabbit from those animals and brought the remaining meat home. When Ikshwaaku asked his Guru to make it worthy for Shraaddh, he told that the meat was not worthy for Shraaddh. At this Ikshwaaku exiled his son and he himself had a discussion on Gyaan-related topics with Vashishth Jee and left his body through Yog. After his father died, Vikukshi came back to his city and started ruling this Earth. He worshipped Bhagavaan with great Yagya and got famous as Shashaad. He had a son named Puranjaya. Some called him "Indravaah" and some called him "Kakutsth". Why people called him with these names, now listen to that story.

In the end of Sat Yug, Devtaa and Daitya had a great war. All Devtaa were defeated in that war. Then they extended their friendship with Puranjaya. Puranjaya said - "If I can get Dev Raaj Indra as my ride then I can fight." First Indra did not agree for that but later on he did and turned himself into a big bull. Vishnu filled Puranjaya with his powers. Then he rode on the bull and got ready for the fight. Devtaa started praying to him. He fought with a great bravery and got Indra's wealth and Puree back to him. That is why he was called "Puranjaya". Puranjaya means who has won the Puree; and because he used Indra as his ride he was called "Indra-Vaah"; and because he rode on bull he was called "Kakutsth".

Puranjaya's son was 'Anenaa' and his son was Prithu. Prithu's son was Vishwarandhi, his son was Chandra, his son was Yuvanaashwa, his son was Shaabast who habited Shaabastee Nagar. Shaabast had a son named Brihdashwa and his son was Kuvalyaashwa. He was very mighty. To please Uttank Rishi he took his 21,000 sons and killed Dhundhu Daitya. That is why he was called as Dhundhumaar also. The fire from Dhundhu's mouth burned his all sons except three - Dridhaashwa, Kapilaashwa and Bhadraashwa. Dridhaashwa had a son named Haryashwa, his son was Nikumbh, his son was Barhanaashwa, his son was Krishaashwa, and his son was Senjit. Senjit had the son named Yuvanaashwa. Yuvanaashwa was childless, so he was very sad. He went to forest with his 100 wives. There he did a Yagya of Indra Devtaa to get a son with the help of Rishi.

During the Yagya period, one day Raajaa Yuvanaashwa got very thirsty in the night. He went to Yagyashaalaa (the place where Yagya was taking place) to find some water, but he found all the Rishi sleeping there. He found no other way to quench his thirst except to drink the Abhimantrit Jal. When Rishi woke up in the morning, they found the Kalash (pitcher) empty, so they asked - "Who has drank the Yagya water?" They came to know that Raajaa has drank that water. They bowed to Bhagavaan, because it was all done by Bhagavaan's wish. When the time came, a son came out of Raajaa's right side of stomach. As soon as he was born, he started crying for milk. Rishi asked - "Whose milk it will drink?" Then Indra said - "He will drink mine (Maan = Myself; Dhaataa = nourisher)." and put his index finger in his mouth. Yuvanaashwa also did not die. He did Tapasyaa there only and left his physical body. Indra named that boy "Trasdasyu" because Raavan etc Dasyu (robbers) were scared of him. Maandhaataa became the Raajaa after Yuvanaashwa died. He ruled the seven-Dweep Prithvi alone.

Maandhaataa's wife Bindumatee was the daughter of Shashbindu. Maandhaataa had three sons from her - Purukuts, Ambareesh and Yogee Muchukund. They had 50 sisters who married to Saubhari Rishi. Once Saubhari Rishi dipped in Yamunaa River for his Tapasyaa and he saw a fish playing with his wives and children, so Saubhari Rishi also desired for that kind of pleasure. He went to Raajaa Maandhaataa and asked the hand of one of his 50 daughters. Raajaa said - "Brahman, if the girl chooses you in her Swayamvar, then you can take her." Rishi understood that Maandhaataa has replied him like that because he has become old now. So he intended to become so handsome that leave kings' daughters, even Dev daughters should want to marry him. He did so, and the guards of princesses' palace took him inside the palace. Now he was so handsome that all princesses started quarreling among themselves to become his wife. He married to all of them. Then he started enjoying with all of them in very expensive clothes, jewelry, flowers, with tasty food and many servants and maidservants. Seeing his enjoyment, even Maandhaataa got very surprised. A lot of time passed but Saubhari Jee did not get satisfied with that pleasure.

One day Saubhari Rishi was sitting with a good clean heart, and it came to his mind that how I lost my Tap and myself just by a momentary look at the fish. Whosoever wants Moksh, he should leave Bhogee people. First I was alone in Tapasyaa, then I came into contact of one fish and then I became 50 and then 50,000 in the form of children. Maayaa has affected my wisdom. Now I am full of so many desires that there is no end of them, this is not good. So after some time he took Sanyaas and went to forest. His wives also went with him. There he did so intense Tapasyaa that his body started burning by his own Tap. His wives also became Satee with him. They also got the same Gati which Saubhari Rishi got."



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