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6-Bheeshm Parv (123 Chapters)

1.  Sanjaya Describes the Earth -  Both armies gather in Kurukshetra to fight; Paandav come to take blessings of Bheeshm; Krishn tries again to change Karn's mind but...; Rules of war are set; Ved Vyaas gives Divine Sight to Sanjaya to narrate the war field description to Dhritraashtra; Sanjaya describes Earth at Dhritraashtra's request.

2.  Sanjaya Describes the Earth - Sanjaya describes Earth at Dhritraashtra's request.

3.  Sanjaya Describes the Earth - Sanjaya describes Earth at Dhritraashtra's request.

4.  Sanjaya Describes Jamboo Dweep - Sanjaya describes Earth at Dhritraashtra's request.

5.  Bheeshm's Fall - Sanjaya informs Dhritraashtra about Bheeshma's fall and Dhritraastra plunged in grief, tells Sanjaya to tell him all the account of battle; And Sanjaya starts that.

6-7.  War Day 1-Geetaa - Sanjaya comes to inform Dhritraashtra that Bheeshm fell; Dhritraashtra plunges into grief and asks Sanjaya to tell him the whole thing from the beginning; Sanjaya tells Dhritraashtra the account of the war; Both armies gather in the battle field and the war is about to start; But just before that Arjun gets depressed seeing his all relations and friends in the battlefield with whom he has to fight; He is not at all ready to kill them just for the material pleasure gain; Krishn discourses him of Karm Yog and at last prepares him for war; War starts and Raajaa Viraats two sons (Shwet and Uttar) are killed by Bheeshm and Shalya respectively.

8.  War Day 2 - Bheem kills many warriors and a large army; Bheeshm and Arjun fight, but Arjun is strongrer for Bheeshm; At the end of the day Paandav are happy and Kaurav are depressed; They are thinking in the direction to bring Karn, so that he can kill Arjun and open the doors of victory for them.

9.  War Days 3-4 - Duryodhan is worried, his army is dying at an alarming rate; He instigates Bheeshm, and Bheeshm fights with so much vigor that Arjun has to intervene; But he is not able to fight with him properly, so Krishn takes up His Chakra to kill him considering Paandav's army's destruction by him; Arjun stops Him doing that and then fights properly; Bheem kills eight sons of Dhritraashtra on 4th day.

10.  War Days 5-7 - War goes on, armies get destroyed, Duryodhan is worried everyday about his defeat and destruction of army so asks Bheeshm and Drone to fight properly but both say "We have been telling you that Paandav are invincible, but you never listen to us. We cannot do better than this what we are doing now."; Paandav are happy as they have been able to destroy a large portion of army; Shikhandee tried his best to kill Bheeshm but Bheeshm always moved elsewhere.

11.  War Day 8

12.  War Day 9 - On Duryodhan's desperate request Bheeshm kills many people in Paandav army; This troubles Paandav and they compel to think that until Bheeshm is alive they cannot win; So on Krishn's advice they go to Bheeshm to ask the way of his death and he tells them that. ( Mahabharata TV Series Version). Bheem kills 16 more sons of Dhritraashtra on 9th day.

13.  War day 10 - Fall of Bheeshm - This day is very important in Mahaabhaarat war as Bheeshm left thebattlefield today; Arjun showers arrows on arrows on Bheeshm from behind Shikhandee and Bheeshm has no intention to fight a woman; At last he falls down.

14.  Karn and Bheeshm - When Karn hears about the fall of Bheeshm, he is stunned; Karn goes to Bheeshm and they talk about Karn's birth; Bheeshm advices him to join Paandav but Karn is helpless to obey him; He asks permission to fight Paandav; Bheeshm permits him.

6-Bheeshm Parv Ends Here

7-Drone Parv (199 Chapters)

Dronaabhishek Parv (1-30

15.  War Day 11 - Drone as Commander-in-Chief - At Karn's advice Drone was appointed as the Commander-in-Chief of Kaurav army; Drone asks Duryodhan as what does he want him to do for him? Duryodhan asks him to capture Yudhishthir for him; Drone puts a condition that he could do it only when Arjun is not there even nearby Yudhishthir; Paandav got this information so they were careful; Still once Drone gets a chance to capture Yudhishthir, but at the same moment Arjun comes and save his king; Trigart brothers take an oath to kill Arjun or to be killed by him.

16.  War Day 12 (Fall of Bhagadatt) - According to their plan Trigart brothers challenge Arjun for a fight, and Arjun has to go, but he makes a good arrangement to protect Yudhishthir; Still he instructs him to run away from the battlefield if his protection is lost; Drone indeed breaks through his protection and Yudhishthir has to run away from the field; Arjun makes Susharmaa unconscious and then kills Bhagdaatt and Shakuni's two brothers on the way.

Abhimanyu Vadh Parv (31-

17.  War Day 13-1 (Abhimanyu Vadh) - Drone plans for Chakra Vyooh to capture Yudhishthir, but is surprised to see a 16-year boy coming for fight; Abhimanyu fights very bravely, but in the end loses his Saarathee, chariot, arms etc; Jayadrath kills him with his foot in spite of stopped by others; When Arjun returns he takes a vow to kill Jayadrath before the sunset of next day or to immolate himself.

18.  War Day 13-2 (Arjun's Vow) - When Arjun returns after defeating Susharmaa, he sees no sign of happiness in the camp; He doubts and his doubts come true when he comes to Yudhishthir; He comes to know about Abhimanyu's cruel killing and grieves a lot for him; Then he takes a vow to kill Jayadrath before the sunset next day or immolate himself if he fails; Krishn warns him that his vow was not proper without consulting Him.

19.  War Day 13-3 (Krishn's Preparation) - Krishn cannot sleep because of Arjun's rash vow; He instructs Daaruk to keep His own chariot ready well-equipped; Arjun also cannot sleep because of Krishn's warning, but then has a dream of going to Shankar, get his Paashupat Astra, learn its use and come back to his camp with Krishn.

20.  War Day 14 (1) (Arjun Sets to Kill Jayadrath) - Arjun crosses the first Vyooh with not much difficulty after ignoring Drone; As he is about to enter the second Vyooh, Dyryodhan is worried about the safety of Jayadrath; Drone puts Brahm Kavach on his body and sends him to fight with Arjun and protect Jayadrath; Arjun kills Vind and Anuvind on his way to reach Jayadrath.

21  War Day 14 (2) (Yudhishthir Fears) - After Arjun leaves Yudhishthir hears the sound of Krishn's conch and fears for Arjun's life; He sends Saatyaki to find about him; Saatyaki explains him that he does not need to fear because Krishn iswith him, but still he sends him; Saatyaki goes to find out about Arjun handing over Yudhishthir to Bheem.

22.  War Day 14 (3) (Jayadrath Vadh) - After Saatyaki has gone, Yudhishthir doesn't hear from him for some time so he sends Bheem to find about both; Bheem hands over Yudhishthir to Dhrishtdyumn and goes away to find out about Arjun and Saatyaki; He sees them, but meets Karn on the way; He fights with Karn very bravely, but since Karn's aim was not to kill Bheem he spares him; Saatyaki kills Bhoorishravaa nd Arjun kills Jayadrath.

23.  War Day 14 (4) (After Jayadrath Vadh) - Even after Jayadrath Vadh war is not ended and it continues in night too; Ghatotkach is the main fighter at that time but Ashwatthaamaa wounds him; Saatyaki kills Somdatt; Duryodhan instructs his people to guard Drone from Dhrishtdyumn; Krishn prevents.

24.  War Day 14 (5) (Ghatotkach Vadh) - Alambooshaa and Alaayudh Raakshas are killed; Ghatotkach is also killed bybKarn's Power given by Indra; Everybody is sad except Krishn, so He tells the reasons to be happy.

25.  War Day 15 (1) (Duryodhan Harasses Drone) - Night fight continues; After a long war in dark, Arjun proposes for a short rest till Moon arises and it is accepted; Moon rises and the fight continues; Duryodhan accuses Drone to be partial with Arjun; Drone asks Duryodhan to fufill his vow that he along with Dushaasan and karn could kill Paandav; After the Sun rises Drone divides the army in two and attacks Paandav army.

26.  War Day 15 (2) (Fall of Drone) - Because of Duryodhan's blame Drone forgets all Dharm and starts destroying Paandav army like anything; He kills Drupad's three grandsons, Drupad himself and Viraat just in the morning; Krishm notices it and says to Yudhishthir that if his killings are not stopped quickly he will destroy his army within no time and suggests to tell a lie that Ashwatthaamaa is killed; Yudhishthir accepts it after some hesitation; Bheem kills an elephant of the same name and declares that Ashwatthaamaa is killed; Drone confirms from Yudhishthir which he readily does it; Drone gets weak, Dhrishtdyumn tries to fulfill his oath by killing him, still Drone fights back, but in the end leaves his body by Yog and Dhrishtdyumn cuts his head.

27.  War Day 15 (3) (After Drone) - Ashwatthaamaa comes to know about his father's killing; Arjun is afraid of Ashwatthaamaa, so he blames Dhrishtdyumn to kill Drone; Bheem counts the righteous behavior of Yudhishthir and Dhrishtdyumn counts Arjun's unrighteous behavior; Saatyaki defends Arjun, then Dhrishtdyumn counts Saatyaki's unrighteous behavior too; Saatyaki abuses Dhrishtdyumn at the way he kills Drone and gets ready to kill him; With great difficulty Krishn and Yudhishthir pacify them.

28.  War Day 15 (4) (Naaraayan Astra) - Ashwatthaamaa invokes Naaraayan Astra and Krishn saves the Paandav army from it; Bheem doesn't listen to Him, but then is saved by Krishn and Arjun; Duryodhan tells him that he needs Paandav dead; Ashwatthaamaa fights with Saatyaki, Bheem and then Arjun; He sends Aagneya Astra at Arjun but Arjun' Brahmaastra destroys it effects, seeing this he goes away from the battlefield; On the he meets Vyaas, asks it reason, Vyaas tells him the reason.

29.  War Day 15 (5) (After Drone) - When Arjun kills Kaurav army, he sees a man in front of him; He asks the reason of this from Vyaas; Vyaas explains him that the man he saw was Shiv.

7-Drone Parv Ends Here

8-Karn Parv (96 Chapters)

30.  War Day 16 (1) (Description of Both Armies) - Sanjaya tells the names of all slain and living people from both sides; Karn is appointed as the Commander of Kaurav army; Dhritraashtra laments on the death of Karn; He asks Sanjaya that how Karn was slain.

31.  War Day 16 (2) (Karn's First Day) - Many great warriors were killed in desperation; Ashwatthaamaa killed Pandyaa; Nothing noticeable happened on this day.

32.  War Day 17 (1) (Karn is Ready to Fight) - Karn gets ready to fight with Paandav but Shalya discourages him appraising Paandav.

33.  War Day 17 (2) (Karn Fights) - Karn starts fighting Paandav army with enthusiasm.

34.  War Day 17 (3) (Fall of Dushaasan) - Bheem kills Dushaasan, and drinks his blood.

35.  War Day 17 (4) (Fall of Karn) - After a long fight Arjun kills Karn; As Paandav hear that Shalya has been appointed as Kaurav's army-chief, Krishn suggests Yudhishthir to kill Shalya next day.

8-Karn Parv Ends Here

9-Shalya Parv (65 Chapters)

36.  War Day 18 (1) (Fall of Shalya) - Nakul kills Karn's three sons - Chitrasen, Satyasen and Sushen; Yudhishthir kills Shalya.

37.  War Day 18 (2) (Fall of Shakuni) - Sahadev kills first Ulook, Shakuni's son, then Shakuni himself.

38.  War day 18 (3) (Fall of Duryodhan) - Bheem kills 11 sons of Dhritraashtra; Seeing his all army killed Duryodhan hides in a lake; Paandav come to know about his hiding place, arrive there and challenge him; Duryodhan accepts fight; Balraam arrives from his pilgrimage to witness the fight of his two disciples; Bheem kills Duryodhan; Balraam gets angry at the way Bheem kills Duryodhan, so he leaves for Dwaarakaa; Paandav are happy.

39.  War Day 18 (4) (After Duryodhan) - Paandav come back to Duryodhan's camp, take military treasure, pass night on the banks of Oghaavatee River; Yudhishthir sends Krishn to console Dhritraashtra and Gaandhaaree, He does so, but comes back soon having an intuition of Ashwatthaamaa's evil plan; Ashwatthaamaa, Kripaa and Kritvarmaa come to Duryodhan and Duryodhan appoints Ashwatthaamaa the Commander of his army.

9-Shalya Parv Ends Here

10-Sauptikaa Parv (18 Chapters)

40.  War Day 18 (4) (After Duryodhan's Fall) - Duryodhan abuses Paandav; Kripaa, Ashwatthaamaa and Kritvarmaa come to him hearing about him from their messenger; Duryodhan appoints Ashwatthaamaa as the Chief Commander-in-Chief of Kaurav army and he leaves the place with the vow that he will kill all Paanchaal.

41.  War Day 18 (5) (Ashwatthaamaa Kills Paanchaal and Draupadee's Sons) - Ashwatthaamaa, Kripaa and Kritvarmaa go to kill Paanchaal and Darupadee's five sons; He worships Shiv and he kills all those by entering in Ashwatthaamaa's body.

42.  War Day 18 (6) (Ashwatthaamaa is Followed) - After killing all Paanchaal and Draupadee's sons Ashwatthaamaa comes to Duryodhan to tell him that he has killed all; Duryodhan dies; Paandav grieve for their people; Bheem follows Ashwatthaamaa.

43.  War Day 18 (7) (Everything is Over) - Ashwatthaamaa is followed by Bheem; Bheem is followed by Krishn, Arjun and Yudhishthir; Ashwatthaamaa uses Brahm Astra, Arjun counteracts his; Naarad and Vyaas intervene; Arjun withdraws his own, but Ashwatthaamaa diverts it to towards Paandav women's wombs; Krish tells him that still Subhadraa will give birth to a son named Pareekshit and he himself will wander in dense forests without talking to any body for 3,000 years; Paandav take his gem and Yudhishthir puts it on his head; Krishn tells how he could kill so many people single-handed.

10-Sauptikaa Parv Ends Here - 11


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