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War Day 15: After Drone
15th day of the war - The 5th day under the leadership of Drone, Drone is dead...
Arjun Sees Mahaadev

Dhritraashtra asked - "What did my sons and Paandav do after Drone was killed?" Sanjaya said - "After the Kury army fled away after the killing of Drone, Arjun asked VyaasJee - "When I was fighting with enemies I saw a strange phenomenon, I saw a person armed with a lance, continually walked before my chariot and wherever he turned, the enemy army used to scatter around. Although they were scattered by him, but people thought they were scattered by me. Thus, in fact, I destroyed only those people who have already been destroyed by him. Tell me O holy one, who was he?  He was not touching the ground, nor he hurled his lance even once. Still thousands of lances were coming out of his one single lance."

Vyaas Jee said - "O Arjun, You have seen Shiv Shankar who is the Divine Lord, the giver of boons. He was Mahaadev with matted locks tied in the shape of crown. He is called Eeshaan, Sthaanu, Har, Maheshwar, Sarv. He is the refuge of the three worlds. Who else he can be except Shiv? He is the Lord of Umaa - God of three eyes, If he is angry nobody can be at peace anywhere in the world. Long before, Asur had three cities in Heavens one each made of iron, silver and gold. The golden city belonged to Kamalaaksh, the silver city belonged to Taarakaaksh, and the iron city belonged to Vidyunmaalee. Indra could not win those cities even with all of his weapons. Then all Devtaa came to Rudra and said to him - "These three kings have got the Var from Brahmaa Jee. Because of those Var they are troubling the Universe. None is able to kill them except you. The creatures killed in every sacrifice will then be yours."

Shiv said - "I will kill these people." And he made the two mountains - Gandhmaadan and Vindhya, the two poles of his chariot. He made this Earth as his chariot and Shesh Naag as its Aksh (axle). The Sun and the Moon were of two wheels. He made Elaapatra and Pushpdant the two pins of the yoke. Malaya mountain was made the yoke of the chariot. Takshak Naag was used to tie the yoke to the poles. Four Ved were his four horses. Gaayatree and Saavitree were used as reins of the chariot and Om was used as whip. Brahmaa himself was driving that chariot. Mandaraachal mountains were used as bow, Vaasuki Naag as the bow string, Vishnu as the arrow and Agni as arrow-head. Vaayu worked as the arrow's two wings and Yam as the feathers in its tail. The chariot's standard was Meru Parvat. Then Shiv riding that chariot which was composed of all celestial forces, proceeded to destroy the three cities.

Then he stood unmoved for a thousand years (waiting for the appropriate moment). When those cities came together in the sky, he pierced them all with his arrow of three knots. As the arrow hit the cities they started burning. Paarvatee came there to see the sight. At that time she had a child in her lap. He had a bald head with five clumps of hair. She asked Devtaa as who the child was? Indra tried to kill him with his Vajra, but Shiv smiling quickly paralyzed  his arm. Indra along with other Devtaa immediately went to Brahmaa and said to him - "Some strange child was in the lap pf Paarvatee but he did not salute to us. He has defeated all of us without fighting so we wish to know who is he?" Brahmaa Jee thought for a moment and said - "That child was Har himself. There is none superior than Maheshwar. Har has assumed the form of a child for Umaa's sake. You couldn't recognize the master of the Universe?"

Then all Devtaa went back and worshipped the child. He is Rudra, he is Agni, he is Ashwinee, he has the knowledge of everything. He is Bhav, he is Paranjaya, he is Mahaadev, he is sinless. He is Moon, he is Sun, he is Eeshaan, he is Vaayu, he is Yam, he is morning, he is Sandhyaa, he is One, he is Many. He is without birth. In Ved, "Shat Rudra" hymns are there in his praise. Braahman and Muni describe him as the first-born.

Since he always protects people, he is called Pashupati. And since his Phallic emblem is always worshipped by Brahmchaaree, he is called Maheshwar. As he can manifest himself in many forms, he is called Bahuroop. He possesses the worlds that is why he is called Sarv. And since three Devee - sky, water and earth, adore him that is why he is called Triyambak. Since he does always good to others he is called Shiv. He is like smoke, that is why he is called Dhurijjati. Since Vishwadev are in him he is called Vishwaroop. Since he protects the whole Universe, he is called Mahaadev. Since he is ancient and a great source of life, and his Phallic emblem is everlasting he is called Sthaanu. Since the rays of Sun and Moon are said to be his hair he is called Vyomkesh. Ultimately only he destroys Brahmaa, Varun, Yam, Kuber in the end, he is called Har. He is everything - past, present and future, he is called Bhav. Vrish means righteousness and Kapi means supreme that is why he is called Vrishkapi. Since by means of his two eyes closed in meditation created a third eye through force of will on his forehead that is why he is called Tri-netra. Half of his soul is fire and half of his soul is Moon. Since he burns, he is fierce, he devours flesh, blood, and marrow, he is called Rudra.

This Mahaadev was seen by you, O Arjun. When you had taken the vow to kill Jayadrath, then Krishn showed you this Devtaa in your dream sitting on a high mountain. He is the man you saw in front of your chariot. His Shat Rudra hymn enhances life. This hymn of four divisions is capable of accomplishing everything, sacred, and destructive of all sins. The man that always listen to this is highly respected in regions of Rudra. The person who always listens or recites the account of this battle obtains all the objects of desire, because He is very satisfied with him." And Vyaas went away.

Thus after fighting for five days Drone went to Brahm Lok. Whatever fruits one gets to study Ved he can get the same studying this Parv also.

7-Drone Parv - Drone Vadh Parv Ends Here
7-Drone Parv Ends Here


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