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War Day 16: Karn as Commander-in-Chief-Day 1 (1)
16th day of War - or was it 17th day?, (see Days of War here) - The 1st day under the leadership of Karn...
Description of Both armies

[8-1] Vaishampaayan said to Janamejaya - "After Drone had fallen, all army went to Ashwatthaamaa to express their concern about the loss of his father. Then they went to sleep but nobody could sleep on that night, especially Karn, Duryodhan, Dushaasan and Shakuni. They all passed the night in Duryodhan's tent talking about all the incidents since Draupadee was brought to the court, till how Paandav passed their time in forest. They all passed the night in sorrow. The night became longer than usual as if it was of 100 years.

Then the morning came. After their daily chores all came to the battle field.  Karn was appointed as their Commander-in-Chief of the Kuru army. Karn was the commander for two days. He was killed by Arjun. Then Sanjaya told everything to Dhritraashtra whatever happened at Kurujaangal." Janamejaya said - "How Dhritraashtra, after hearing the fall of Bheeshm and Drone could console himself as they were the people on whom the victory of his son depended. How could he live after hearing the death of Baahleek, Drone, Somdatt, Bhoorishravaa? I wish to know all about my ancestors."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Karn had fallen down, Sanjaya went to Naagpur on horses. He arrived in Hastinaapur and said to Dhritraashtra - "I hope you are not sad seeing the results of your own faults." Dhritraashtra said - "I really feel pain hearing the death of Bheeshm and Drone. Bheeshm who killed 10,000 chariot-riders daily, he himself was killed by Shikhandee. And Drone was killed by Dhrishtdyumn. No one was equal to them in the world. Tell me now what happened after." Sanjaya said - "O king, Wise men do not grieve on what is Destiny, because Destiny is unconquerable." Dhritraashtra said - "I know it. Tell me what happened next."

Sanjaya said - "At Drone's death, all stood lifeless and silent perturbed by the grief. Seeing this Duryodhan said - "Now you look at Karn who is a great warrior. He killed Ghatotkach who knew 1,000 types of Maayaa (illusions). He is like Vishnu or Indra. And all of you singly are capable of slaying Paandav then think about your might united together." Then he appointed Karn as the Commander-in-Chief of his army. After having slain thousands of warriors he was killed by Arjun."

Vaishampaayan said - "Hearing this Dhritraastra was sure that his son was already dead. He fell down on the ground. Gaandhaaree also fell down unconscious. The royal ladies started wailing loudly seeing this. Sanjaya comforted the ladies and Vidur cared for the king. As he got his senses back, he abused his own sons and praised Pandav. He reflected on his sons, Shakuni and his own intelligence for a long time and trembled repeatedly. After he had gathered himself, he asked Sanjaya - "Sanjaya, Has my son already died? Tell me everything even if you have to repeat anything." Sanjaya said - "Karn has been slain with his brothers and sons. Dushaasan has also been slain and Bheem, according to his vow, has drunk his blood." Dhritraashtra said - "I am so much grieved by my foolish son that I cannot think properly. Tell me clearly that who and who are alive on both sides."

Sanjaya said - "Bheeshm has been slain by Shikhandee after 10 days of war. So also Drone has been slain after 5 days of war. After killing half of the army, now Karn is also dead. Prince Vivingshati, Vikarn (by Bheem), Vind and Anuvind - the princes of Avantee, Jayadrath (by Arjun), son of Duryodhan Lakshman (by Abhimanyu), son of Dushaasan (by Draupadee's son), Bhagadatt (by Arjun), Son of Somdatt Bhoorishravaa (by Saatyaki), Shrutaayu (by Arjun), your son Dushaasan (by Bheem), Sudakshinaa (by Arjun), your son Chitrasen (by Bheem), Shalya's brother (by Abhimnyu), Karn's son Vrishsen (by Arjun), Rukmarath (by Sahadev), Bhageerath and Brihadkshatra, Bhagadatt's son (by Nakul), your grandfather Baahleek (by Bheem), Jaraasandh's son Jayatsen (by Abhimanyu), your sons Durmukh, Dusaha, Durmarshan, Durvisaha and Durjaya (by Bheem), the two brothers Kaling and Vrishak, your Soot counselor Vrishvarmaa (by Bheem), Paurav with the might of 10,000 elephants (by Arjun), Naaraayan Gope (by Arjun), many thousands of Sansaptak (by Arjun), your two brothers-in-law Vrishak and Achal (by Arjun), Shaalv (by Bheem), king Jalaasandh (by Saatyaki), Alaayudh (by Ghatotkach), and many others (by Arjun), I told you what you asked for."

Dhritraashtra said - "These were the names from our side, now you tell me the names from Paandav's side." Sanjaya said - "Many heroes were killed by Bheeshm. Virat and Drone with their sons have been killed by Drone. Abhimanyu, Arjun's son, was killed by Dushaasan's son. Kuntibhoj, maternal grandfather of Arjun, was killed by Drone. Yudhaamanyu and Uttamaujaa have also been killed by our men. Paanchaal prince Mitravarmaa has been killed by Drone. Shikhandee's son Kshaatradev was killed by Lakshman [Drone, 21 says he was killed by Drone], Suchitra and his son Chitravarmaa were killed by Drone. Dhrishtketu is also dead. Suketu, son of Shishupaal, was killed by Drone. Viraat's sons, Uttar and Shankh are dead. I have told you what you asked me."

Dhritraashtra said - "After so many warriors are dead on my side, I doubt that my army will win. When Bheeshm and Drone are dead, what is the use of my life. I cannot bear the sorrow of Karn also. Now tell me who are still alive." Sanjaya said - "Ashwatthaamaa, Kritvarmaa, Shalya, Shakuni, Kripaa, ruler of Kaikaya Desh, your sons - Purumitra, Duryodhan, Sushen, Satyasen, Chitrasen, Chitraayudh, Shrutvarmaa, Jaya, Dal, Satyvrat, Dusaha, Shrutaayu and Shrutaayudh, Chitraangad and Chitrvarmaa, Karn's three sons - Satyasandh and two other sons, are still alive and are on the field."

Dhritraashtra said - "Now as you have told me about the living warriors on my side I can clearly see that who is going to win." Vaishampaayan said - "After knowing that only a small part of his army was alive, he became unconscious and fell down." After regaining his consciousness, Dhritraashtra asked - "O Sanjaya, Karn who used to boast that "I will slay Paandav single-handed", how such a warrior could be felled down? He has defeated many great warriors, how such a warrior could fall? I am unable to bear this grief, I desire to have some poison, or fire or to fall from a mountain."

Sanjaya said - "People call you another Yayaati, so it is not proper for you to plunge in such grief." Dhritraashtra said - "I think the Destiny is powerful and exertion is useless. I can understand it when even Karn like warrior has been slain. Tell me, was Dushaasan killed when he was running away from the field? When Karn was slain who were on the field? How these two heroes - Viraat and Drupad were killed? I know that both Bheeshm and Drone were killed by deceit. He who got Brahmaastra from Parashuraam himself, he who defeated Bheem three times, he who broke Abhimanyu's bow, he who killed Ghatotkach like Raakshas, he who had frightened even Arjun who always avoided a single combat with him, he who took a vow "I will not wash my feet until I will slay Arjun", because of whose fear Yudhishthir could not sleep well for 13 years, tell me, O Sanjaya, how that Karn was slain? My child Duryodhan rejected Krishn's peace proposal relying on Dushaasan and Karn, and now he is lamenting for both. What did he say on the death of those people. Tell me, O Sanjaya, how all this happened?"

What was happening after the First Day war under Karn's leadership, according to MBH Serial - read it on next page - According to MBH Serial.


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