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War Day 16: Karn as Commander-in-Chief-Day 1 (1)
16th day of War - or was it 17th day?, (see Days of War here) - The 1st day under the leadership of Karn...
Description of Both armies

According to Mahabharata Serial on TV

Karn has already appointed Shalya as his Saarathee, so he proceeded with him in the battlefield. While going to battlefield Shalya warned him about Arjun that even Indra cannot stay in front of Arjun, because Shalya knew that Arjun was Karn's main enemy.

Bheem got Dushaasan in front of him so he challenged him. Both fought with Gadaa first, then they had a duel fight. Bheem broke Dushaasan's that arm by which he brought Draupadee pulling through her hair. Then he drank his chest's blood, some blood he smeared on his face and danced around his dead body like Kaurav did around Abhimanyu's dead body. Then he filled his hands with his blood and ran to Draupadee's tent and gave that to her. She happily took it and smeared it on her hair.

When Dhritraashtra came to know about this, he said to Sanjaya- "I will never forgive Bheem for his this action." Sanjaya said - "Duryodhan, Ashwatthaamaa, Shakuni, Karn all came there. Ashwatthaamaa again suggested to Duryodhan that he could still extend friendship with Paandav, but Dryodhan was adamant. He said - "You are immortal, Ashwatthaamaa, still you are talking like this?" Ashwatthaamaa said - "I have not forgotten anything, but that is my personal problem, but friendship is for the good of nation."

Duryodhan said to Karn - "I want Paandav's dead bodies. Attack them." Karn proceeded towards Arjun. Both fought fiercely. Karn got restless by the shower of Arjun's arrows. But Karn was also not weak, he also showered his arrows at Arjun so heavily that he got restless. Then then the Sun set and Arjun was saved.

Gaandhaaree gave this good news to Kuntee. Arjun was thinking that while Karn could have easily killed him, but he did not kill him, why. Krishn said - "By not shooting that arrow at you Karn told you that his army will be following the same rules which were set by Bheeshm, under his leadership."

Shakuni also asked Karn - "When you were so close to victory, why did you lose that opportunity?" Karn said - "Soorya Dev came in between Arjun and me. My arrow could not pierce his chest before the Sun set, therefore I held it back. You cannot understand my problem. I am alone and I do not know whose descendent I am. There is nobody else here who is my own except my bow and arrows. Tomorrow I will fight in such a way that the whole world remember it."

Arjun tried to convince Draupadee that her insult was not greater than Hastinaapur, but however, that Soot-Putra will not see tomorrow's sunset." On the other side Karn was praying - "Free me from Shaap only for tomorrow."

Karn was thinking about himself - "Even if you won against Krishn, then also you will become poor. You are a famous Daanveer (alms giver), you are not to take from anybody, you are only to give. By killing Abhimanyu you are already free from the debt of Duryodhan. So don't think about anything, and go and fight."

Kuntee went to Karn's tent. Seeing her coming, Karn said - "I remember my promise." Kuntee said - "You can never forget anything, and nor you are ready to forget anything." Karn said - "This is the only strength I have. Maa Gaandhaaree has already sacrificed her 99 sons, you should also weep at least for your one son. If Bharat family will ask you that "What did you share in this war, then at least you will not be ashamed of, therefore you must weep at least for your one son." Kuntee got very sad hearing this and came out of his tent shedding tears.

Then she went to Bheeshm and said weeping - "What should I do, Pitaamaha?" Bheeshm said - "The question whose answer you are asking me today, my whole life has passed seeking the answer of that question. Duryodhan now doesn't come here. Karn came here and he was telling that Dushaasan was also killed. He had only one ill-will, that he loved Duryodhan so much that he himself became Duryodhan's shadow. Therefore, if possible, forgive him. Tomorrow is the day of two great warriors' fight. Between them one's victory is Hastinaapur's victory and other's victory is Hastinaapur's defeat. So go Kuntee, and pray for Hastinaapur's victory in your tent." Kuntee came back from there.

Nakul came to Arjun and said - "Karn has Parashuraam's bow which was given to him by Mahaadev himself. I am afraid of Karn, that is why I am preparing my best arrows.

Karn had another Shaap. A calf of some Braahman was killed by Karn by mistake, so that Braahman gave him Shaap, that from which chariot he had killed his calf, that chariot will not work when he will need it, and the earth will swallow its wheel.

Gaandhaaree called Karn and said - "I think as the mother of Duryodhan's mother, I can call you "son"." Karn said - "Even if you had not been Duryodhan's mother, then also you have all the rights to call me as "son"." Gaandhaaree further said - "My son Duryodhan is left now alone, therefore please do not feel bad of his any kind of behavior and don't leave his companionship." Karn said - "Soorya can leave his warmth, wind can stop flowing, but I cannot leave Duryodhan at all." He greeted Gaandhaaree, and she blessed him for his long life. Karn said - "Tomorrow I am going to have the decisive fight with Arjun, so to whom you will give your blessings to see tomorrow's sunset?" Gaandhaaree couldn't say a word and Karn went away.


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