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How Many Days of War
Everybody knows that Mahaabhaarat war continued for 18 days - under Bheeshm's commandership for 10 days, under Drone's commandership for 5 days, under Karn's commandership for 2 days and under Shalya's commandership for 1/2 a day.

It is also known that Drone was killed on 15th day of war in the evening. But then as everybody expected, there was no sign to halt the war for night. The fight continued the whole night, the morning broke - it means that it was the 16th day. The fight continued on that day also - on that day Ashwatthaamaa waged the war, he used his Naaraayan Astra also that day  so it means that 16th day passed without any Commnder-in-Chief. I think everybody agrees up to this point.

In Mahaabhaarat, after this incident Karn Parv starts with the statement that - people went to Ashwatthaamaa to express their concern about the loss of his father Drone. And after that they went to sleep because it was night, but they could not sleep, especially Karn, Duryodhan, Dushaasan and Shakuni. It means that the war continued for that 16th day also without any Commander-in-Chief and in the night they went to sleep.

In fact this seems an extra day, either say without the Commander-in-Chief or under the leadership of Ashwatthaamaa? As it is known that Drone was the Commander-in-Chief of Kaurav army only for 5 days this also shows that this was an extra day. And Karn was appointed the Commander on 17th day of the war not on 16th day.

Is it true?

It is strange
--When Jaraasandh attacked Mathuraa 17 times, he brought 23 Akshauhinee army each time.
--When Krishn attacked Baanaasur's capital Shonitpur to get back His grandson Aniruddh back, He took 12 Akshauhinee army to attack; even Baanaasur also came out with his 12 Akshauhinee army.

Then how come that Kaurav had only 11 Akshauhinee army, and Paandav had only 7 Akshauhinee army at the time of MBH war while they were one of the largest kingdoms?

MBH War Dates
--In Mahaabhaarat, Vyaas Jee says: There was solar eclipse at Sunrise before war when Rahu was between Chitraa and Swaati.
--There was penumbral lunar eclipse before war.
--Mercury was in Anuraadhaa at the time of war.
--Venus retrograded from U-Bhaadrapad to P-Bhaadrapad. (3007 BC)
-When Mars retrograded from Maghaa, Jupiter was in Shravan Nakshatra. (3009 BC)
--At the time of war, Mars was in Jyeshthaa Nakshatra.
--Saturn was retrograding in Krittikaa and it was bright.
--Comet was seen.
--There were many asteroids were seen.
--War started on Kaarttik Krishn 13, Amaavasyaa.
--Bheeshm died on Maagh Shukla 8, Rohinee when Sun crossed winter solstice.
All these can be proved to be true in 3008 BC. Solar eclipse can be seen on Home Planet Software on 3 Sept -3008 from location New Delhi.

How the War Rules were Broken?
As we already know that Pitaamaha set the war rules that a person on a chariot should fight with someone else on a Chariot only. If it was so then how did people like Arjun and Pitaamaha themselves kill lakhs of foot soldiers?

Who broke the rules in the first place? Was it not Arjun in his attempt to slay Pitaamaha (Wasn't he weaponless when Arjn killed him? Didn't he refuse to fight on seeing Shikhandee in front of him?).

When Ghatotkach Joined the MBH War?
Ganguli's MBH does not show Ghatokach until Karn's appearance on the scene. It was in the evening when soldiers saw a very large cloud coming over them and then they saw a Raakshas and he was Ghatotkach.



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