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War Day 16: Karn as Commander-in-Chief-Day 1 (2)
16th day of War - or was it 17th day?, (see Days of War here) - The 1st day under the leadership of Karn... Contd....
Karn is Impressed by Arjun

[8-10] Sanjaya said - "When Drone had fallen and Ashwatthaamaa failed to achieve his objective, your son Duryodhan led your army to fight with Paandav. They fought for quite some time. Evening fell and the troops were withdrawn for rest. Duryodhan asked his counselors - "Tell me what is necessary for me to do?" Ashwatthaamaa spoke - "Enthusiasm, opportunity, skill and policy - these are the four means declared by learned people to achieve any objective. However, they are dependent on Destiny. The warriors who had policy, devotion and loyal, have already been slain. But we should not be discouraged about victory. We appoint Karn as the Commander-in-Chief of our army. He himself is like Yam." Hearing this Duryodhan said to Karn - "We rely on you to defeat Paandav after Bheeshm and Drone. They were General, now you be my General, you are mightier then them." Duryodhan hoped strongly that Karn would certainly defeat Paandav. Karn said - "I will be your General and I will surely defeat Paandav." Duryodhan completed all formalities and rites for his being General. Braahman blessed him to defeat Krishn, Arjun and Paandav.

Then he ordered his troops to be organized by sunrise. He arrayed his troops in Makar style next day and proceeded towards Paandav. At the tip of its beak was Karn himself. It two eyes were Shakuni and his son Ulook. At its head was Ashwatthaamaa. In the middle was Duryodhan with his army, in the left foot was Kritvarmaa and in the right foot was Kripaa.

Seeing Karn coming Yudhishthir said to Arjun - "Their bravest warriors are already dead, that are remaining are only feeble, weak, and like a straw. There is only one archer, Karn, who is really mighty. If you defeat him today, the victory will be yours. Knowing this you should array your army." So Paandav arrayed their army in the form of crescent. On its left was Dhrishtdyumn and on its right was Bheem. In the middle were Yudhishthir and Arjun and behind Yudhishthir were the twins. Yudhaamanyu and Uttamaujaa were the protectors of Arjun. Then the conchs were blown and the fight started.

Bheem killed Kshemdhoorti. Severe fights were going on other fronts also. Saatyaki killed both Kaikaya brothers - Vind and Anuvind. Your whole army starting fleeing away seeing this, only Ashwatthaamaa was holding the front. Bheem came to fight with him. After a severe fight Bheem repeatedly got unconscious from Ashwatthaamaa's attacks so his charioteer took him away from the battle field. Ashwatthaamaa then proceeded towards Arjun but Arjun pushed him back from the battle field. Then Arjun killed Dandadhar and Dand (Chief of Magadh and his brother - Karn, 18)

Dhritraashtra said - "You have told me about Pandyaa that he was very well known but you have never told me about his feats." Sanjaya said - "You consider Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa, Ashwatthaamaa, Karn, Arjun, Janaardan the best chariot warriors, but Pandyaa thought himself superior to all of these. He never compared himself with Karn and Bheeshm, and never he thought that he was inferior to Arjun and Vaasudev in any respect. Such was the king Pandyaa, but he was killed by Ashwatthaamaa. Once Yudhishthir was about to kill Duryodhan that Bheem asked him not to do so because he was his prey.

Gradually evening fell and nothing noticeable happened. Both armies retired. Duryodhan, wounded, without charioteer, without weapons, without armor was brought to his camp. Again all gathered in Kaurav camp. Karn said to Duryodhan - "Arjun is very fast and firm, and Vaasudev also is very helpful to him. I am going to see him tomorrow." All retired to their own tents.


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