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6-Bheeshm Parv, 51-55
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War Day-2 - Bheeshm as Commander-in-Chief-Day 2
2nd day of War - The 2nd day under the leadership of Bheeshm

War again started. Yudhishthir arranged his army in Kraunch formation. Seeing this Duryodhan called his people and prepared them for war. Both sides warriors blew their conchs and the war started. Bheeshm was attacking several great warriors but they were not able to control him. Arjun noticed this so he asked Krishn to take his chariot towards Bheeshm's side. If it had not been the question of his army then Arjun could have spent hours in watching the way Bheeshm was handling his bow. There were only three people in the entire Kaurav army who could face Arjun - Bheeshm, Drone and Karn. Karn was not fighting so Drone came to help Bheeshm. Duryodhan, Vikarn and Jayadrath also came there. Arjun was withstanding the attack from all of them. Saatyaki, Viraat, Dhrishtdyumn, sons of Draupadee and Abhimanyu came to Arjun's help. Dhristdyumn fought with Drone and Bheeshm hurt Arjun. Still Arjun was able to kill many people in Kaurav army."

Dhritraashtra said - "O Sanjaya, I regard destiny over exertion that is why Paandav could escape from Bheeshm."

Sanjaya further said - "Duryodhan was very dissatisfied with this and he blamed both Bheeshm and Drone were very soft with Arjun as he was their favorite. He said - "I wish I had my Karn here." Bheeshm was so much upset with Duryodhan's words that he cursed himself to be a Kshatriya. Well, he again proceeded towards Arjun. Bheeshm was killing soldiers in great number. Seeing this Arjun said - "If we did not stop Bheeshm killing our soldiers like this, then in spite of getting victory, we will be standing alone. Therefore we should concentrate on Bheeshm, stop him from killing and then kill him first." And he proceeded towards Bheeshm. Both fought fiercely. Bheeshm hurt Krishn by shooting an arrow at His chest. Seeing this Arjun killed Bheeshm's Saarathee. Both killed each other's army in a great number.

On the other side, Drone faced Dhrishtdyumn, and wounded him badly, but Bheem was able to take his friend away from the battlefield. Now Viraat, Drupad and king of Kaling were fighting with Bheem. The two kings, Satya and Satyadev who were helping the king of Kaling, were killed by Bheem. Dhrishtdyumn and Saatyaki came to help Bheem and the three fought with Kaling army. Bheeshm came to face Bheem, Dhrishtdyumn and Saatyaki.

After the midday Bheeshm found Arjun killing their army in huge number, so he said to Drone - "Today Arjun is terrific, I cannot fight him any more, so let us withdraw our army now. The Sun is about to set." The Sun had set, the fight stopped. All retired. Paandav were very happy today. Sakradev, Bhaanumaan, Ketumaan (prince of Kaling), Satya and Satyadev, Kaling and almost the entire army of Kaling was killed by Bheem. He was the hero of the day.


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