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War Days 3-4: Bheeshm as Commander-in-Chief-Day-3
3rd day of war - The 3rd day under the leadership of Bheeshm.

Next morning, Bheeshm arranged his army in the shape of Garud (eagle). At its beak was Bheeshm himself, at its eyes were Drone and Kritvarmaa, at its head were Kripaa and Ashwatthaamaa, at the heart was Duryodhan and Vind and Anuvind etc were at its tail. Arjun saw the arrangement of Kaurav army and arranged his own army in Crescent way. On its right side was Bheem, then were Viraat and Drupad, then were Dhrishtdyumn and Shikhandee, at the center was Yudhishthir, then came Saatyaki and the sons of Draupadee, then were Abhimanyu and his half-brother Iravaan. After them were Ghatotkach and Kaikaya brothers. At the left he appointed Arjun.

Bheeshm faced Bheem, Saatyaki and Ghatotkack etc. As Arjun saw this he proceeded towards Bheeshm but in between he had to fight with Shakuni. Ghatotkach was very powerful. He was more powerful than Bheem, so he easily destroyed a great part of Kaurav army. Bheem came to fight with Duryodhan. Duryodhan got fainted, so his Saarathee took him away from the battlefield.  When he came to senses, he came again in the battlefield and found his army destroyed. He went to Bheeshm and said - "It should not have happened when you are here; Drone, Kripaa and Ashwatthaamaa are also there still my army is being killed. You are all partial to Paandav. If you had told me before, I would have not told you to be the Commander of my army. If you don't want to fight for me, tell me so, I will ask Karn to fight, otherwise you must fight properly and destroy my enemies."

Bheeshm said smilingly - "I have been telling you for the last so many years that even Devtaa cannot win Paandav, but you wouldn't listen to me. We are fighting our best for you because we love you. Today you will see that I will check Paandav along with their army." Then he started killing Paandav army like anything. Nobody was able to see anything except his arrows. Seeing this Krishn said - "Look, How Bheeshm is destroying our army? You should remember your words "I will kill everybody who will come to fight with me" and destroy all of them. Now that time has come." Arjun got inspired by Krishn's words and then came towards Bheeshm and started fighting. Bheeshm was very happy to see Arjun's fighting.

Krishn noticed the terrible anger of Bheeshm and Arjun's weak arrows, so He said to Himself - "Arjun is still seeing Pitaamah in Bheeshm, and not as his enemy. So if he himself doesn't do this then I myself will have to do this for Paandav's sake, otherwise there is no chance of Paandav's army's survival. I will have to forget the oath and kill this man." As he was thinking this that Bheeshm sent arrows which hurt Krishn. All, Bheeshm along with Drone, Vikarn, Jayadrath and Bhoorishravaa etc attacked Arjun as if today they intended to kill Arjun. Saatyaki rushed to Arjun's help. He also noticed the gentle fighting of Arjun. Krishn could not tolerate it any more. He looked at Saatyaki and said, "Watch me kill this man. If I do not kill him and Drone, I cannot fulfill my promises made to Paandav and Draupadee."

He abandoned the chariot, got down whirling His right hand with His Divine disc (Chakra) and rushed towards Bheeshm. Seeing that scene everyone thought that the Pralaya had come. But Bheeshm smiled and said - "Please, come." He put his bow and arrow down and greeted Him smilingly with palms joined together - "I bow down to you, Hey Bhagavaan. I am greatly honored by your this appearance to me. Please grant me release from this human bondage." Krishn said - "You are the root of this destruction You will see Duryodhan slain today. A wise minister should advise the king but you did not." Bheeshm said - "Destiny is all powerful. Yadu had abandoned Kans. I told this to Dhritraashtra, but he did not listen to me."

Seeing that Krishn was ready to fight, Arjun jumped down from his chariot, held him by his two hands requesting Krishn not to break His promise of not taking any weapon in His hands held His right hand. Krishn was wild with anger, He tried to shake off Arjun's hand but Arjun wouldn't leave it. Arjun said - "No, Krishn no, You must not be angry. I will fight properly. You must forgive me." At this Krishn calmly returned to His chariot, He sent back His Chakra and took up the reins of the chariot.

Krishn's smile was gone. He blew His Paanchjanya conch and Arjun blew his Devdatt conch. Arjun started fighting with Bheeshm afresh. He sent Divine missiles at Bheeshm. He sent an Astra called Mahendra which destroyed a large portion of Kaurav army. Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa, Baahleek, etc many warriors were defeated. The Sun was setting, the war was called out. Duryodhan was worried seeing Arjun's fight of today. Elders' words seemed to be true to him.

War Day 4: Bheeshm as Commander-in-Chief-Day 4
The 4th day of war - 4th day under the leadership of Bheeshm.

On 4th day, when foot soldiers were killing each other Bheeshm got the sight of Arjun.  Drone, Kripaa and Shalya etc also followed him. Abhimnyu saw this, so he came to fight with them. Bheeshm avoided Abhimanyu and came to Paarth himself. Bhoorishravaa, Ashwatthaamaa, Chitrasen faced Abhimanyu. No one was equaling Abhimanyu. They could not stay before him."

Dhritraashtra said - "O Sanjaya, You are describing the war as if only my son's army is being killed while they are fighting bravely. You always speak to me about the destruction of my son's army. It shows no sign of the defeat of Paandav." Sanjaya said - "This mighty evil has proceeded from you. Dhrishtdyumn came to fight with Shalya and Abhimanyu came to help Dhrishtdyumn. Then many warriors came to help Shalya.

Bheem killed the elephant army of king of Magadh. He was killing Kuru army like anything. Suddenly Bheem found himself in front of Bheeshm. Soon Saatyaki came to help Bheem to fight with Bheeshm. Alambooshaa Raakshas came to face Saatyaki, so Saatyaki fought with Alambooshaa and proceeded among Kuru warriors. At that time only Bhoorishravaa could face him so he rushed towards Saatyaki. Duryodhan also came there and fought with Bheem. Soon Bheem turned towards the brothers of Duryodhan. They were 14 of them - Senaapati, Sushen, Jalaasandh, Sulochan, Ugra, Bheemrath, Bheem, Veerbaahu, Aulup, Durmukh, Dushpradarsh, Vivitsu, Vikat, and Saam. United together they rushed towards Bheem. Bheem killed first Senaapati, then Jalaasandh, Sushen, Ugra, Veerbaahu, Bheem and Bheemrath, and Sulochan. Thus he killed eight brothers in a few moments and the rest of the brothers ran away from the battlefield.

Bheeshm sent his troops to stop Bheem. Bhagadatt also rushed towards Bheem to stop him. He shot an arrow at him and Bheem got fainted. Ghatotkach saw his father fainted so he rushed to the spot and used his Maayaa to fight with Bhagdatt. It was not possible for Bhagdatt to cope with Ghatotkach, so Bheeshm, Drone and Duryodhan came to his help, but in the meantime Bheem got up and resumed his fighting. But Ghatotkach was continuing to wipe out enemy's army. Drone suggested to withdraw their troops.

The Sun was going to set so Bheeshm withdrew his army so that at least his rest of the army is saved. Paandav noticed that Kaurav army had retired before than usual time, then they came to know that it was only because of Ghatotkach. They got very happy to know that. By the end of 4th day, Dhritraashtra's eight sons were killed."

Dhritraashtra said - "O Sanjaya, I cannot tolerate this that Paandav have been killing our army so rapidly. Everything seems to happen by destiny. What ascetic powers they have, or what Var they have, or what do they know through which they are unable to be killed, and my sons are being killed? Sanjaya, Tell me everything why Paandav cannot be slain and my sons can be slain." Bheem is going to kill all my sons, and I do not see any hero who can save them."

Sanjaya said - "O Raajan, Paandav neither have any ascetic powers, nor they have any Var. They are mighty and are fighting with fair means. Victory is there where righteousness is, that is why they are unable to be killed. Your sons are wicked souls, and are sinful, that is why they are weak in battle. You are also suffering because of your sons. In spite of forbidding by elders Duryodhan didn't listen to anybody. The true reason of Paandav's victory, what I have heard as Duryodhan asked this question from Bheeshm at night. All were very tired, so they slept soon, but Duryodhan couldn't sleep. He was very sad at the killing of his eight brothers. So he went to Pitaamah and asked - "You, Drone, Kripaa, Ashwatthaamaa, Shalya, Kritvarmaa, etc all are very great warriors. All of you can win even Trilok. Then please explain me that relying on who Paandav are defeating us repeatedly?"

Bheeshm said - "I have told you so many times but you don't listen to me, that you make peace with Paandav. You have insulted them, you are reaping the fruits of that now. There is not, was not, and will be not in all the worlds who would or will be able to defeat Paandav who are protected by Vishnu Himself. Once all Devtaa and Rishi went o Brahmaa and stood there on Gandhmaadan Parvat. They saw a beautiful vehicle descending amidst themselves. Brahmaa saluted Him and prayed Him and said - "You always dispel our fears and terrors, so please take the birth in Yadu Vansh to establish the righteousness and to slay the sons of Diti. Having created Sankarshan out of yourself, and then created Pradyumn born of yourself, and then created Aniruddh who is known as the eternal Vishnu. And it was Aniruddh who created me as Brahmaa. So by dividing yourself, you take birth among human beings and slaughter Asur."

Vishnu said - "By my Yog I have known your intentions. It will happen as you wish." And He disappeared. Devtaa and Rishi asked - "Who was He who was worshipped and prayed by even you?" Brahmaa said - "He was, who is called TAT, who is called Supreme, who is the soul of all beings, who is the lord of all. He will take birth in Vasudev's family to slaughter Asur. Because Asur have been born among men. He will be born along with Nar. Nar and Naaraayan, both together are capable to kill all Asur and are incapable of being killed even by all celestials united together. Therefore Vasudev should not be regarded as human being. Who considers Him as a human being punges in darkness. I have heard this from Parashuraam, Naarad, Vyaas and Maarkandeya. So why shouldn't He be worshipped by men? You were forbidden by many Rishi not to go to war with Vaasudev, as well as with Paandav, but you don't listen to. That is why I regard you as a Raakshas. That is why you are plunged in darkness and are not accepting them as Nar and Naaraayan. It is because of this Paandu are supported."

At this Duryodhan said - "Hey Pitaamaha, In all the worlds Vaasudev is spoken high as Supreme Being. I wish to know about the glory and origin of such Supreme Vaasudev." Bheeshm said - "He is Dev of all Devtaa. He is Supreme. None is superior to Him. Maarkandeya speaks about Him as the most high, most wonderful, Supreme male. He has created water, air and fire. He is the giver of all Var and all wishes. He created Sankarshan - the first-born creature. He created Shesh, or Anant who upholds the whole earth. He is Pitaamaha of all the worlds. He is known as Hrisheekesh, He is Master, He is Preceptor, He is Father. He saves them who are in great terror, so knowing this as fact ask for His shelter. I have told you about Keshav, turn your heart towards Him now."

Hearing this story Duryodhan began to regard highly about both Keshav and Paandav. Bheeshm further said - "As you have already heard about Nar and Naaraayan, why they have come on Earth, why are they invincible in battle, why Paandav are incapable of being slain in battle, make now peace with Paandav. Enjoy the earth with your brothers. If you will not regard them, you will certainly be destroyed." After saying this Bheesham sent back Duryodhan and entered his tent. Duryodhan also went to his own tent.


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