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War Day-1: Bheeshm as Commander-in-Chief-Day-1
1st day of War - The 1st day under the leadership of Bheeshm.

Arjun said - "I am now understanding what do you want to say. But explain me one thing more. Sometimes a man is just driven to commit a sin, in spite of his best efforts and intentions, against his best nature. Why does it happen"

Krishn said - "Hey Arjun, It is only desire which inspires a man to commit a sin, it is his anger which instigates him to commit a sin. So consider these two your greatest enemies. True knowledge is hidden inside. As the fire is hidden in smoke, mirror is covered by dust, an unborn child is hidden in womb, in the same way the soul is hidden in your body and you cannot see it. As a breath of air is enough to clear the smoke, for a Saatwik type of man a slight effort is enough to find the Bhagvaan inside him. As a mirror need a wipe to be clean, a slightly greater effort is required for a Raajasik man to see Bhagvaan inside him; and as the child has to wait for months to free himself from this world, a Taamasik man has to do lots of effort to see Bhagvaan inside him.

Krishn further said - "I taught this Yog to Vivaswaan, he spoke this to Manu, and Manu said it to Ikshwaaku. This has been handed over from generation to generation, but for some time it has not been known. I am telling you this secret because you are my friend and thus are dear to me."

Arjun asked - "I have a doubt. Vivaswaan was so many eons ago, and you are born only some time ago, then how did you teach this Yog to him?"

Krishn said - "Hey Paarth, It is not so that in past times I was not there, or you were not there, or even these people who are standing in this battlefield were not there; but I know all of them while you don't. I am the Unborn and Eternal. I incarnate whenever Dharm disappears from the world to protect the good and destroy the wicked. But who know this secret are never born again and reach Me. The knowledge makes them pure. It doesn't matter in what manner they approach me. All paths lead to me and I accept them.

If one is free from desires, he will surely be happy. Because in this way he will always be working being detached from any kind of Punya or sin. This knowledge destroys all work's fruits. When you renounce the fruits of your actions, you attain a disciplined state of mind and the peace.The true renunciation is renunciation of desires and nothing else; and work is the only means to attain Renunciation.

The pleasures attached to fruits of work are only means of pain and sorrow, because they have a  beginning and an end, and whatever has a beginning and an end can never be a source of eternal happiness. I tell you another secret. When I assume human form on Earth, fools do not recognize me as Bhagvaan.

Arjun said - "Tell me how can I know by constant meditation? Where I should look for you? Where do you live?"/font>

Krishn said - "I am the soul living in the heart of everything. I am the Beginning, I am the Middle and I am the End. Of the Aadity I am Vishnu; of the lights I am the Sun; among the stars I am the Moon; of the Ved I am the Saam Ved; of the Indriyaan (senses) I am the mind; among the living beings I am the intellect; of the words I am the AUM; of the mountains I am the Meru Parvat; of the weapons I am the Vajra (thunderbolt of Indra); of those that measure I am the Time. I am the Death that destroys all; and I am the origin of things that are yet to born. Of all Mantra I am the Gaayatree Mantra. I stand pervading the Universe with a single fragment of Me."

Arjun said - "I want to see your Divine Form."

Krishn granted him Divine Eyes and revealed His Divine Form to him. It was like thousands Suns. He saw the entire Universe in Him. He bowed his head to Him. Folding his palms he said - "Oh Bhagvaan, I can see all the Devtaa along with Brahmaa and all Rishi in you. All mountains, rivers, Prithvi, all Lok etc are in you. Your form seems infinite. Have mercy on me, please tell me who you are?"

Krishn said - "Don't you recognize me? I am the TIME the great destroyer of the world. I have come here to destroy all these people. They will all die, all of them. In fact I kill them, not you. You are just the instrument with which I kill them. So you kill them and win the war."

Arjun's throat choked, he couldn't say a word. After a while he prayed - "You are the greatest; you are the Swaamee of the world; you are the greatest teacher. Please, assume your former form, I am unable to look at your this form." Krishn hid His Vishwaroop and appeared as Krishn, the Saarathee (charioteer) of Arjun, again. Krishn said - "My this form cannot be seen easily. I can be known only by devotion." Arjun again asked - "I want to know the true nature of Sanyaas and Tyaag (resignation)."

Krishn said - "The Rishi say that abandoning all works which are prompted by desire is called renunciation. Surrendering the fruits of all works is called Tyaag. Some say that all work should be abandoned as evil; while others say that works of sacrifice, gifts and Tapasyaa should not be given up. But I tell the reality. Work of any kind should not be given up. Work must be performed, but it should be done without attachment. So one should renounce only the fruits of work, not the work. The doer who has no feeling of "I", who is stable-minded, and who has no desire becomes one with Bhagvaan.

Who has clear vision; restrains himself from sensual pleasures; casts aside likes and dislikes; dwells in solitude; restrains his speech, body and mind; has no pride, anger, possession; is tranquil in mind becomes one with Bhagvaan. So fix your mind on me, be devoted to me, surrender all duties to me, I will free you from all sins.' Arjun said - "Hey Krishn, My delusion is gone. Now I will do my duty."

Thus Krishn explained him his Dharm and duties by telling Geetaa and prepared him for war. Krishn took up his Gaandeev and came in the front of the chariot. Krishn took the reins and proceeded His golden chariot towards Bheeshm's silvery chariot. (Go Back to Full Geetaa)


Now Arjun was ready to fight. Seeing him taking up his Gaandeev, everybody got happy. Siddh, Chaaran, great Rishi came with Indra to witness the fight.

Suddenly all saw an amazing thing happening. Yudhishthir removed his armor, dropped all his weapons and walked bare feet towards Kaurav's army. Looking at this Arjun speedily followed him accompanied by his brothers. Krishn also followed him and so other principal kings. All his brothers asked him "What are you doing this, brother?" Yudhishthir kept silence but Krishn said - "I know what is in his mind. He is going to Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa and Shalya too to take their permission to fight with them, because it is said that if a man fights with the permission of his elders, he is sure to win war. I also think in the same way." Seeing Yudhishthir coming towards Bheeshm, Duryodhan and his army thought that he was coming in fear. Indeed Yudhishthir was going with the same purpose.

He came to Bheeshm making his way through the Kaurav army surrounding Bheeshm, fell at his feet, and said with tears in his eyes - "Grandfather, War is now inevitable, we have to fight with you, please bless us that we come out of this war with victory." Bheeshm said - "My son, If you have not come to me, I would have given you Shaap of your defeat. But now I am very pleased with you. Whatever else you want to get out of this war, you will get it. A man is the slave of wealth, but the wealth is not anybody's slave. I am bound to Kaurav by their wealth that is why I am saying this like a eunuch. What else do you want?" Yudhishthir said - "Everyday you pray for my victory, although you fight for Kaurav." Bheeshm said - "How can I help you in this? Of course I will fight for your foes. Tell me what else you have to say?" Yudhishthir asked - "Pitaamaha, How are we going to defeat you who are invincible? Tell me this in my benefit." Bheeshm said - "I don't think that anybody, even the chief of the celestials, can defeat me when I fight." Yudhishthir asked - "I salute you. Then how your death will be by your foes?" Bheeshm again said - "I do not think anybody can defeat me in battle. Besides, the time of my death has not come yet." Yudhishthir accepted his words by bending his head to him and proceeded towards Drone.

Then Yudhishthir went to Drone. Drone also said the same thing what Bheeshm had told him. When Yudhishthir asked as how he could win him, Drone said - "Nobody can win me as long as I am showering my arrows except when addressed by Death himself having abandoned my arms and soul withdrawn (by meditation). I tell you one thing more that I will drop my arms if I will hear something very disagreeable from someone of credible speech." After saluting him then Yudhishthir proceeded towards Kripaa and said - "With your permission I will fight and defeat all my enemies." He also said the same thin what Bheeshm and Drone said, then asked what did he want." Yudhishthir said - "O great Guru, I ask you..." an he could not say anything further. Deprived of his senses the king stood silent. Kripaa understood what he wanted to say so he said - "I cannot be slain, just fight and get victory. Every morning I will pray for your victory." Hearing this and bending his head to him Yudhishthir went to Shalya.

He said to him - "By your permission I fight you and defeat my enemies." Shalya said - "If you have not come to me, I would have given you Shaap. But now I am very pleased with you. I grant the permission and let the victory be with you. What else can I give you? A man is the slave of wealth, but wealth is no man's slave. That is why I speak to you like a eunuch, ask what else you want from me?" Yudhishthir said - "Think everyday my good. Fight for my foe as you wish. That is all I wish." Shalya said - "Of course I will pray for your good, although I will have to fight for your enemy because they have made me one of their party by wealth." Yudhishthir said - "One thing more, you should weaken Karn's energy in the battle." Shalya said - "So be it. Go and fight according to your wish, I shall look after your victory." Yudhishthir came back to his side along with his brothers.

While all this was going on, Krishn again managed to go to Karn and said - "I have heard that because of Bheeshm's hatred you are not fighting. Come to our side and watch the war till Bheeshm is not slain. After that you may go back to Duryodhan's side if you have preference to go there. Karn said laughing - "Why these childish arguments? I will not do anything which is disagreeable to Duryodhan. I have laid down my life for him." Hearing this Krishn came back to Paandav.

After returning from Kaurav's army Yudhishthir announced - "War is going to begin, even now if anyone wishes to come to our side he is welcome." Yuyutsu, one of Duryodhan's brothers, came out of Kaurav army and said to him - "I wish to join you if you allow me to do that." Yudhishthir welcomed him and said - "I am glad that you are coming to my side. At lease my Great uncle's one son will be alive to do his last rites." So Yuyutsu joined Yudhishtir. Paandav's army admired Yudhishthir for paying respects who deserved it. People who heard and witnessed Paandav's behavior filled with joy at this and beat drums.

Both parties advanced towards each other. The war started. First Dushaasan headed towards Bheem. Bheem roared loudly and frightening your sons (Duryodhan, Dushaasan, Durmukh, Dusaha, Durmarshan, Vivingshati, Chitrasen, Vikarn, Purumitra, Jaya and Bhoj) fell upon them. Twelve sons of Dhritrashtra attacked Bheem . Seeing this Nakul, Sahadev, Dhrishtdyumn, Abhimanyu and Draupadee's five sons came to his help. After that he met Duryodhan. Bheeshm met Arjun on his way. Saatyaki encountered KritvarmaaAbhimanyu fought with Brihadwal, and Ghatotkach fought with Alambooshaa Raakshas.

The same day Bheeshm saw and fought Abhimanyu for the first time. Abhimanyu fought with a great bravery, he cut the banner of Bheeshm. Later several others came to his help. Uttar fought with Madra's king Shalya, and was killed. Seeing this Viraat and his another son Shwet rushed towards Shalya. Although Shalya was surrounded by seven warriors still Shwet did not hesitate. Bheeshm had to come to help Shalya. Shwet cut Bheeshm's banner and killed his horses, so he was without chariot. In fact if Shwet did not protect Paandav's army, Bheeshm could kill it in one single day. Paandav were very happy with this. It seemed to all that either Shwet or Bheesm would die on that day. Finally Bheeshm killed Shwet. Arjun filled with rage seeing this."

Dhritraashtra said - "O Sanjaya, Neither Bheeshm, nor, Drone. nor Kripaa, nor me , nor Gaandhaaree, nor Krishn likes this war. Neither those Paandav like it. In spite of always forbidden  by me, Gandhaaree, Vidur, Raam and Vyaas, this wicked son Duryodhan still follows the advice of Dushaasan, Shakuni and Karn and misbehaves with Paandav. What did Arjun do then? I am always fearful from Arjun and that fear cannot be dispelled. What did they do after Shwet was killed? Tell me, O Sanjaya."

Sanjaya said - "Do not blame Duryodhan for all this. Your understanding is like the embankment when water is gone, or digging the well when the house is put on fire. Seeing the killing of his brother Shwet, Viraat's another son Shankh came to fight with Shalya. Bheeshm rushed to Shankh, and in turn Arjun rushed to rescue Shankh to save him from Bheeshm. And the fight began between Bheeshm and Arjun. After a while the Sun set and the troops were withdrawn.

A the end of the afternoon fight the Paandav army had lost many of its soldiers. Duryodhan was very happy to see this, because it seemed to him as if the war will be over soon if Paandav continued to lose their army with this rate. Yudhishthir, on the other hand, was greatly depressed. He said to Krishn - "Look Krishn, How Bheeshm has killed our army? If he continued to kill it with this rate where we will stand? It is better to live in woods instead of going into the mouth of Death like this. Arjun seems to be indifferent in this battle. It is only Bheem who has been fighting with a great enthusiasm, but for how long he can face Bheeshm and Drone's Divine Astra?" Krishn and all other pacified him.

Dhrishtdyumn said - "I am born to kill Drone. I shall now fight with Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa, Shalya nad Jayadrath." Yudhishthir got very happy to hear that and said to him - "Brihaspati told this to Indra in old days, so tomorrow arrange our army in Kraunch formation. It destroys all enemies." So when morning broke, he placed Arjun in-charge of the whole army. Drupad was made head of Krauch, Kuntibhoj and Shaibya were the two eyes. Yudhishthir was in one of its wings. On the joints were placed 10,000 chariots, and on the head a 100,000 chariots, and on the back 120,000 chariots and on the neck a 170,000 chariots. Viraat was placed at the back with 30,000 chariots. [see Question here " About Kaurav and Paandav Armies"] Thus arranged in this way they waited for sunrise for commencing the battle.


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