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War Day 14: Drone as Commander-in-Chief-Day-4 (5)
14th day of War - The 4th day continues under the leadership of Drone - The night fight continues...
Ghatotkach Vadh

Viraat and Shalya fought. Shalya made him without chariot. Seeing him without chariot his brother Shataaneek came for his rescue. Shalya killed him. [Sorry, this seems duplicate information - This name comes in 16-battle-12 also. There he is killed by Drone. -Drone, 167] Viraat again attacked Shalya but Shalya made him unconscious so he had to leave the field. Then came Alambooshaa, Arjun defeated him within no time. He also ran away from the field.

Lots of killing occurred. Seeing this Duryodhan went to Drone and Karn and said - "You two initiated this war after Jayadrath was killed and now you two look indifferent to the enemy. If you wanted to abandon me like this you should have told me before. "We shall defeat Paandu's sons" were your words, that is why I started this fight in which so many warriors have been killed. And if you are not abandoning me then fight properly." So both Drone and Karn went to fight again and started slaughtering Paandav's army like anything.

Seeing this Yudhishthir got frightened and told this to Arjun. Arjun said to Krishn - "This Karn is unbearable now so allow me to kill him, or him to kill me." Krishn said - "Nobody else can face him except you and Ghatotkach. I don't think that your time has come to face him. He still has the Power with him given by Indra. Ghatotkach is very devoted to you, so let him proceed against him. He also has celestial powers inherited from Bheem." Ghatotkach soon came there and asked for their orders. Krishn said - "Listen to what I say. Now the time has come to show your powers, not of anybody else. Be the raft of sinking boat of Paandav. Karn is killing our army like anything, so do whatever you can. Father desires of a son to rescue him in difficult times. So now you slay Karn in battle aided by your illusions."

Ghatotkach said - "I am the right match for both Karn and Drone. Today I will fight with them that the world will remember it till it lasts." And he proceeded to fight with Karn. It was midnight [after the 14th day time was over]. Duryodhan saw Ghatotkach coming so he said to Dushaasan - "Go to Karn. This Arjun has sent Ghatotkach to fight with my Karn. You go and help him." At the same time the son of Jataasur, Alambooshaa, came to him and said - "I want to fight for you, because I want to take revenge of my father's killing by Bheem." His coming was so opportune that Duryodhan got very happy and he immediately sent him to fight with Ghatotkach. Now both armies were at the mercy of these two Raakshas. Both Raakshas played hundreds of Maayaa (illusions) in war, but Ghatotkach soon killed the son of Jataasur. He took his head and placed it on the chariot of Duryodhan and said - "It is said that one should not see a king without a gift, so I have brought this gift for you. If you wait for a little longer I will bring another head of someone who is very dear to you - Karn." (Drone, 174) He went away from there without hearing any reply. Karn was amused by Ghatotkach's Maayaa war.

Now Ghatotkach came to Karn and started fighting with him. Although Karn was very mighty and brave but Ghatotkach was proving himself better than Karn. So Karn invoked his celestial weapons. Seeing this Ghatotkach started playing his Maayaa. Sometimes he took the form of a huge mountain, sometimes he appeared as little as a thumb, sometimes he showered weapons sometimes trees, stones etc. But Karn was facing all this with his celestial weapons.

During the process of this Karn-Ghatotkach fight then appeared another Raakshas named Alaayudh along with a huger army of Raakshas. He said - "My name is Alaayudh. Bheem has killed Hidimb, Kirmeeraa and Bakaasur who were all my relatives. I heard about this war going on, so I have come here to fight from your side to take revenge of their killing. Bheem took Hidimbaa also who was one of us, so I want to kill Bheem and his son. Allow me to fight with Paandav." Duryodhan got very happy to hear this and he immediately sent him to kill Ghatotkach. Alaayudh had similar type of chariot as Ghatotkach had. He came to the place where Karn was fighting with Ghatotkach. Karn was far superior to Ashwatthaamaa, Kripaa, Drone and Kritvarmaa even put together. Everybody knew that. But Alaayudh was still most welcome at that time.

Now there were two great warriors against one, Karn and Alaayudh against Ghatotkach, so Bheem thought somebody should interfere. So he went to help his son. As Alaayudh saw Bheem coming, he left his son and came to the father to fight with him. His army also killed a large portion of Paandav army. Seeing this Krishn sent Arjun to help Bheem. He sent Dhrishtdyumn, Shikhandee, Yudhaamanyu and Uttamaujaa and five sons of Draupadee to fight with Karn. He asked Arjun to check Drone. Krishn sent Ghatotkach to help his father. Ghatotkach came and killed Alaayudh. (Drone, 178) He took his head too and placed on Duryodhan's chariot. Seeing Alaayudh's head Duryodhan felt that Bheem would surely fulfill his vow to kill him and his brothers.

Ghatotkach came back and started creating havoc in Kaurav army again. Ghatotkach found that he was not able to cope with Karn so he invoked a celestial weapon. With that weapon he killed Karn's horses and driver and he himself became invisible and showered many kinds of weapons. This time Karn failed to stop this shower. People started crying "Karn, You must kill Ghatotkach." But he was not able to kill him with other weapons. But he had that Power which was Amogh (which does not fail). It was the only way to kill him and he was to be killed soon and it had to be done anyhow.

My Note
Karn's fate was against him here also. The Power he asked to kill Arjun, he had to use to kill only Ghatotkach, a Raakshas, to save the army of his friend. After that Power had been used, there was no hope for him to kill Arjun. His mother's wish will be true that Arjun should live. So be it. He remembered his conversation with Indra - "You can use it only once, it will certainly kill the person against whom it will be used, it cannot be repeated and after the use it will come back to me." And he said - "I need it only for one person." Indra said - "I know, he is Arjun. But so long Arjun is protected by Krishn, nobody can harm him, not even my Power. Krishn is the incarnation of Vishnu and He is there to protect Paandav." Karn said - "Still I will use it." Karn remembered the Power, it came in his right hand. Tears came in his eyes to see it. He hated to use it like this but he had to, and so he did.

Ghatotkach also knew that he had to die, so even before dying he increased his body size, so as he fell on the ground his body killed one Akshauhinee Kaurav army. The Great Ghatotkach was dead, killed by Karn, by the power given by Indra. (Drone, 179)

Bheem was stunned by the death by his son. He wept bitterly for him, because he never dreamed that his son would die. Yudhishthir was also sunk in grief. He was the first child who came into his life and he loved him very much. They sat there trying to comfort each other. Krishn was the only one wild with joy when He saw Ghatotkach dead. He embraced Arjun. Seeing Krishn so happy, Arjun said - "Your so much joy doesn't fit here. Our troops are running away from the field seeing Ghatotkach dead. That is why tell me truly what is the reason of such joy, if it is not a secret."

Krishn said - "I will surely tell you the reason. Today is the happiest day of my life. The great Power which Karn had to kill you has gone back to Indra. Karn is dead today. By good luck his natural armor and Kundal have already been taken away. And by good luck his Power has also been used. With his Kavach and Kundal he could singly defeat the whole Tri-Lok. Even my Sudarshan Chakra (Divine disc) could not work on him. Indra took both of them from him appearing in disguise before him. Because of giving those things to Indra he came to be known as Vaikartan. But without all of them now he is like an ordinary warrior, not like a Devtaa. Since now that power is gone, he can be killed by you only. Now there is one opportunity to kill him, when his chariot wheel will sink in the earth, grabbing those moments you should kill him. I will make you a sign at that time and you should act accordingly, because still now even Indra is incapable of defeating him when he has weapon in his hands, nobody else is capable of killing him. For your good, I have killed others too one by one - Jaraasandh, Chedi Raaj Shishupaal, Nishaad Eklavya, Hidimb, Kirmeeraa and Bakaasur, Alaayudh, Ghatotkach."

Krishn Killed All

Arjun asked - "Hey Janaardan, How come that these people were killed for our good?" Krishn said - "If Jaraasandh and Eklavya  were not killed they would have been terrible. And undoubtedly Duryodhan must have chosen them to choose his army. They were hostile to us so they would have happily joined him. Karn, Jaraasandh and Eklavya jointly could win the whole world. Regarding means to kill them - they could not be killed by any means even by Indra himself. At one time Jaraasandh hurled his Gadaa capable of killing all creatures towards us. Seeing that Gadaa coming to us Balaraam used his weapon Sthoonkarn to destroy its force. The Gadaa fell down on the earth splitting her. Since Jaraasandh was made alive by a Raakshas woman called Jaraa that is why he was named as Jaraasandh. He was born in two halves of one child and was joined by Jaraa named Raakshas woman. That Raakshas woman who was there within the earth was killed along with her son and people by the weapon Sthoonkarn. After Jaraasandh had lost his Gadaa, he was killed by Bheem before your eyes.

Eklavya was also very powerful. He was made weak by Drone, who assumed the position of his preceptor, by asking his right thumb for his cunning behavior. Otherwise he was like a second Parashuraam. He was capable of shooting day and night and was invincible even by Devtaa. I killed him in the battle only for your good. Chedi Raaj Shishupaal was also killed by me before your eyes. He was also invincible even by Devtaa and Asur together. I, along with you, was born to kill him and others. Hidimb, Bakaasur and Kirmeeraa have all been killed by Bheem. All these Raakshas were very powerful, equal to Raavan, and always troubled Braahman. Even Alaayudh had immense power of creating illusions, he was killed by Ghatotkach. I myself have killed Ghatotkach by means of Karn's Power. If Karn did not use his Power to kill him, I would have to kill him myself. He was disturbing Braahman while they performed their sacrifices. You don't have to worry about Karn's killing, I will tell you when and how to kill him. Bheem will also succeed in killing Duryodhan. But let us first go to the front, because now Kaurav will fight like mad people after Ghatotkach is dead."

Dhritraashtra asked - "Why didn't Karn use his Power on Arjun? Because if he had killed Arjun then Paandav would have died themselves and then why victory couldn't be ours? Why couldn't Karn invite Arjun for a duel so that he could kill him with that Power? No doubt my son lacks intelligence and a good counseling. That weapon was really powerful, victory could be surely ours. It is very sad that Vaasudev made that Power wasted on Ghatotkach by sending him in the battle field. In fact both ways Paandav are in gain whether Ghatotkach is slain or Karn is slain." Sanjaya said - "Indeed, we would have certainly won the war if Vaasudev has not saved Arjun from that Power."

Dhritraashtra said - "My son is fond of quarrel, his advisors are fools, that is why this definite means of killing Arjun has failed. And you also forgot about it or you failed to remind him?" Sanjaya said - "In fact we - Duryodhan, Shakuni, Dushaasan and myself told Karn to concentrate on killing Arjun or Krishn. If Krishn had been slain then all others would have been under our control. In the morning we rose with this resolution, but somehow we forgot it at the time of war. Besides, Krishn always protected Arjun and he never allowed Arjun to face Karn. Indeed Krishn is invincible in Tri-Lok."

Saatyaki also asked Krishn the same question that why didn't Karn target his Power at Arjun? Vaasudev said - "Dushaasan, Shakuni, Karn, Jayadrath and Duryodhan had frequently debated on this matter that Karn should hurl that Power on none else than Arjun. And Karn also wanted this. But I always used to fool him, that is why he could not use that Power on Arjun. As long as I did not make that power useless, I did not sleep well. Now that Power has been consumed, then only I consider Arjun free from the danger. I do not consider anybody at all as important as to save Arjun in battle field. Nobody else than Ghatotkach could stand Karn in this battle in the night, that is why I sent him to fight with him."


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