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From Mahaabhaarat       See another Bakaasur below

Bakaasur was a Raakshas who lived in Ekchakraa Nagaree. He used to eat that village's people randomly. This troubled them greatly. So once they made an arrangement with him that they would send a cartload food with one man to him weekly regularly. This made their life a bit easier. They used to choose this person among themselves by lottery.

One day, Kuntee found the the Braahman family, with whom Paandav and Kuntee were living in disguise of Braahman, in trouble. They were arguing on some issue and sometimes were crying too. So she went to them and asked the reason for it. After some hesitation, the Braahman told her everything, that this time his name had appeared in lottery, so he had to go to that Daitya taking his food. Now his wife and daughter and the son, all were saying that they wanted to go to him. And he did not want them to go, he wanted to go himself.

The wife said - "If he will go how I will bring up these children? It is my duty also to share his comforts and sorrows." The daughter said - "I am the eldest child of this house, this is my duty to take my family's responsibility." The son said - "I am the next male member of this family, it is my duty to share my father's responsibilities." Hearing all this Kuntee said - "Nobody will go anywhere from your family. It is our responsibility to share the responsibilities of the family which has given us shelter. I have five sons. Even if I lose one, still I will have four, that is why I will send one of my sons there. You need not to worry about it at all." Braahman tried to stop her doing so at his best but Kuntee was firm on her statement.

So next day, Bheem took the cart load food and set off to take it to the Raakshas. On the way he ate all the food whatever was in the cart and arrived there very late. Bakaasur was feeling hungry and was thinking why somebody did not come there with the food till then. At last he came out of the cave and saw Bheem coming eating food from the cart. The cart was empty. First he was happy to see Bheem that he would get such a large man to eat but got angry to see the cart empty.

He asked Bheem - "Why did you come late? I am feeling hungry, I have been waiting for you for long time." Bheem said -"I was also feeling hungry, so I ate the food from the cart on my way, and in this eating business I got late." "Now what should I eat." "I don't know." Hearing this Bakaasur filled with rage and attacked Bheem. Bheem was waiting for this. He also fought with him. The fight continued for some time and in the end Bheem killed Bakaasur and threw his body on the path going to village, and came back to his home.

Some people were going to the village through that way, they saw Bakaasur's body lying on the road. They got very happy to see him dead and told this news to the villagers. Villagers also got very happy to hear this and asked - "Who went today to Bakaasur?" Somebody said - "That Braahman went there." So some villagers came to his house and asked him - "Did you go to Bakaasur today?" "Yes" "It means you have killed that Raakshas?" Braahman got surprised to hear this. He understood that one of the five sons of that Braahman woman who took his food today, must have killed that Raakshas. "No, I did not kill that Raakshas." "Then who killed him?" "In fact, when I was to take the food cart for that Raakshas, my relatives and I were weeping, so a good Braahman, knower of Mantra came and assured me that I should not worry about the food and he will take it. So he took that cart to him. Maybe that Braahman might have killed him." Hearing this all villagers thanked that Braahman and went away to their homes to celebrate the death of Bakaasur.

His Brother Kirmeeraa
He had a brother named Kirmeeraa who lived in Kaamyak Van. He was also killed by Bheem after three days of Paaadav's 13 years of exile, when they came to stay there in Kaamyak Van.

His Friend Alambooshaa
Alambooshaa Raakshas was his friend. When MBH war broke, Alambooshaa fought from Duryodhan's side to take revenge of his father Jataasur and friend Bakaasur's killing by Bheem. Bheem killed both of them.

[From Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/p4]   See another Bakaasur from Mahaabhaarat

This Bakaasur is different one than Bakaasur of Mahaabhaarat times. This Bakaasur was the friend of Kans and was killed by Krishn while He was young. he had a brother named Aghaasur and a sister Pootanaa who was Dhaaya of Kans.

Krishn and Balaraam had grown so much that now they started grazing their cows alone with other Gwaal Baal. They woke up early in the morning, took breakfast food with them and went to graze animals. One day Gwaal Baal took their animals to a pond to make them drink water. They saw a very huge living being there. It was like a broken piece of a mountain. They got frightened to see it.

Actually it was Bakaasur (Bak Asur) who came there n the form of a crane. His beak was very sharp and he himself was very mighty. He immediately swallowed Krishn. All other Gwaal Baal got fainted seeing this. When he was swallowing Krishn, Krishn became so hot for his mouth that his mouth started burning, so he immediately spit Him out. Then he ran towards Him to kill Him with his beak. In the meantime Krishn held both parts of his beak in His both hands and pulled them apart. Thus He killed him. Seeing this Gwaal Baal got very surprised and told this incident to their people.



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