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War Day 15: Drone as Commander-in-Chief-Day-5 (1)
15th day of War - The 5th day continues under the leadership of Drone - The night fight continues...
Duryodhan Harasses Drone

Dhritraashtra said - "All these people were fools. Why didn't they use this Power on Krishn Himself in spite of knowing that it will kill one person?" Sanjaya said - "Although resolved every night that next day that Power will be used on either Krishn or Arjun, everybody used to forget about it next day in the morning. You may call it destiny." Dhritraashtra said - "You are destroyed by your destiny by your own understanding and by Keshav. Karn and my sons have already entered Yam Puree. Tell me what happened after."

Sanjaya said - "After Karn killed Ghatotkach, Kaurav army got mad. They started killing Paandav army with a great enthusiasm. Seeing this Yudhishthir got worried, he said to Bheem - "Go and stop this Kaurav army." and he himself in his chariot very worried.  Seeing sitting like this Krishn consoled him - "Do not grieve so much, it does not seem appropriate for you. Rise and fight. Bear this burden. If you will sit like this, our victory will be uncertain."

Yudhishthir said - "I can't forget his services to us. He served us well even when he was a mere child. When he heard that Arjun has gone to bring Divine Astra from Swarg, he came to me in Kaamyak Van and stayed with us till he came back from Swarg. Many times he carried Paanchaalee on his back when she was tired. I used to love him twice as much as Sahadev and he also loved me very much. That is why I am very sad. See, Drone, Duryodhan and Karn are fighting with us so earnestly that our army has scattered about. Should Ghatotkach be slain while we are alive? When Abhimanyu was killed might Arjun was not present there, we were also held back, Drone himself told the way to kill Abhimanyu, rather he himself cut his sword, Kritvarmaa killed his horses and the two charioteers. In fact for just a little offence Jayadrath was killed by Arjun - in fact that act did not make me much happy. If we are just then Drone and Karn should have been killed before him. Duryodhan relies them most. Jayadrath's connection with this is very remote. Punishment to Karn should be given by me, so I proceed towards Karn. Bheem has gone to fight with Drone." And he quickly proceeded towards Karn with 1,000 chariots, 300 elephants, and 500 horses.

Krishn said to Arjun - "The king has gone to fight with Karn, you should not rely on him like this." And He also drove His chariot to follow him. Seeing Yudhishthir going in grief, Vyaas Jee appeared and said to him - "It is by good luck that Arjun is alive. Karn kept that Power to kill him, so it was good for Arjun that he did not enter into a single combat with him. The weapons of Karn would have been destroyed by Arjun and Karn must have used that Power on him. If this had happened your grief would be much greater than this. Ghatotkach has died by his own death, that Power was only a means. Do not grieve on his death, this is the end of all creatures. You go and fight and on the 5th day from today this earth will be yours." Having said this to him Vyaas disappeared then and there.

Hearing this Yudhishthir intended not to indulge with Karn and said to Dhrishtdyumn - "You stop this Drone, you are born to kill him, so you need not to fear him. Take all of them with you - warriors, chariots, foot soldiers." So all rushed to kill Drone, Duryodhan also rushed to rescue Drone from Dhrishtdyumn.

Thus the night continued and so the Kaurav Paandav fight. Everybody was sleepy. Everybody was tired. They did not know what to do. Your army had no more weapons and arrows. That night of nine hours was very terrible. Many abandoning their weapons just laid down. Then Arjun took pity on soldiers, he said in a loud voice - "Everybody is tired. Take some rest here on the battlefield and then resume fighting when the Moon shines." His suggestion was welcomed and the fighters slept wherever they could. Everyone blessed Arjun, Then Kuru army also stopped fighting and blessed Arjun - "You are really intelligent and powerful. You are just and compassionate for all creatures.

They might have slept only an hour or more that they woke up one by one by the glistening of Moon in east. It was really inhuman to fight in the night. When the Moon rose, there was again discussion between Duryodhan and Drone that Drone had several Divine weapons and still he was not fighting properly because he favored Paandav very much. There was no need to show mercy to them. Drone said - "I am so old still I am fighting at my best. These people are ignorant of these weapons and I am well-versed in them. If I kill them by these weapons this will be a sinful act for me. Whatever is in your mind, I will try to fulfill it. Now I will put off my armor only after slaying all Paanchaal. And what do you think Arjun was tired in battle? I tell you about his powers. if he becomes angry nobody in Trilok can face him. He has defeated Indra, Yaksh, Naag, Daitya all have been defeated by him. In the forest he defeated even Chitrasen Gandharv and rescued you. He killed Nivaatkavach also who were invincible for Devtaa. He defeated thousands of Daanav living in Hiranyapur. How can human beings stand with him."

As Drone was admiring Arjun, your son Duryodhan again said - "Dushaasan, Karn, my Maamaa Shakuni and myself will kill Arjun today by dividing our army in two divisions." Hearing this Drone laughed and said - "My blessings to you. Who is that Kshatriya who can kill him? Neither Kuber, nor Yam, nor Indra, nor Yaksh, nor Daanav. Only fools say such words which you have said just now. You are sinful, cruel and suspicious of everybody. You are the root of this hostility, so go and fight with Arjun. Play this game of dice in battle field. Your Maamaa who is skilled in dice game can surely defeat Arjun in battle field. You have several times boasted that you, Dushaasan and Karn can defeat Paandav, go now and defeat them now. You have done what you have wanted to do in your life so do not fear and go now to fight with Arjun. He is standing there.

According to Subramaniam's Mahabharata Book, p 589-592

As he [Drone] sat there listening to Duryodhan, his entire life went around his mind - his childhood, friendship with Drupad, Ashwatthaamaa's desire to have milk, his going to Drupad's court, Drupad's insult to him. It was then he came to know about the arrogance and selfishness of kings. He should have gone to forest for good, but he got angry with Drupad and that took him to Hastinaapur. He knew that he had come to the right place to take revenge from Drupad. But in fact it was the wrong step he took. After coming to Hastinaapur he lost his all gentleness and sweetness. He became as proud and arrogant as Drupad. But as Arjun brought Drupad in front of him, his anger was gone, he said - "I just wanted to teach you a lesson. Let us be friends now again." Drone thought that his words would calm Drupad's mind but Drupad's hatred increased with this incident and he asked for a son to kill Drone.

Drone had noticed the hatred among Kaurav and Paandav brothers. He did not try to stop it. After their education was over, and his revenge was taken, he could have gone to forest, but he didn't go. He didn't leave this world. He allowed the injustice done to Paandav, at the time of both dice games. When Paandav had gone to forest, he knew that a war would be fought, he foolishly assured Duryodhan that he would fight from his side and nothing to worry about. There was no turning back. After Bheeshm had fallen, the honor paid to him in the form of Commandership turned his head. He granted a wish to Duryodhan that he would capture Yudhishthir. Bheem's words were piercing but true. Yesterday he killed a young boy. He did this injustice with his dearest disciple Arjun.

Suddenly he felt disgusted that he had committed so much sin for this Duryodhan, and today he accused him to be partial to Arjun. He said to him - "It is not right to send that Astra on those innocent soldiers who do not know about it. I have sworn that I would not remove my armor until I will kill all Kaikaya and Paanchaal, else I will be killed. But if you think that Arjun can be defeated, you are utterly wrong. I tell you this last time that Arjun cannot be won by anyone." Duryodhan said - "Let us divide our army in two. We will take one portion of it and attack Paandav. If you wish you can join us or otherwise we - Dushaasan, Shakuni, Karn and myself - can defeat Arjun easily."

Drone smiled and said - "I wish you well in your endeavor. There is no harm in trying. You want to learn by doing yourself. You cannot recognize those people who love you and wish for your welfare. If you like fighting so much, then why did you stay away from fighting all these days? After we all are fighting for you, then you should also fight with us. This man Shakuni is the root of all this destruction. He has done what others could not do it. I heard you saying in court again and again that you three - Dushaasan, Karn and yourself, could kill Paandav easily, then go and do it." Then he divided the army in two and set out to fight.


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