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War Day 15: Drone as Commander-in-Chief-Day-5 (2)
15th day of War - The 5th day continues under the leadership of Drone - The night fight continues..
Fall of Drone

On 15th day of the war, the 5th day under the leadership of Drone,

When three-fourth night had passed away the battle again started. Soon it was daylight. All said their morning prayers. Krishn saw Kaurav army divided in two, Drone and Duryodhan proceeded towards Paanchaal. He said to Arjun - "It is better if you keep Drone on your right." So Arjun proceeded towards his left.  Bheem also supported it so Arjun began to attack that part of army. To fight with Arjun was not easy even for all the four together.

Drone proceeded towards Paandav's army from other side where Paanchaal, Kaikaya and Matsya were there. He killed three grandsons of Drupad. So Raajaa Viraat came to his help. They fought for a while, but Drone was not easy today. He killed them both Drupad and Viraat soon. Dhrishtdyumn rushed to Drone to take revenge of his father and his sons saying that, "If I do not kill Drone today, I will lose my all Punya." Paandav rushed to help Dhrishtdyumn and Kaurav rushed to help Drone. Dhrishtdyumn was not able to face Drone, he was so fierce today and well protected too. Bheem guessed that his dear friend will not be able to fulfill his oath. He said to him - "If you will not be able to kill him today, I will kill him for you." And he rushed towards Kaurav army.

The 15th day battle was the most fierce battle of all the days. Drone had lost all senses of Dharm. He was angrier than Bheeshm was on the 9th day of the war. All were there, but no one could be recognized because Drone's and Arjun's numerous arrows had covered them. Nobody had the courage to fight duel. But still Arjun was bent upon to do it with Drone, and he did it. Duryodhan, Karn, and Dushaasan were also busy with other three warriors - Duryodhan and Dushaasan with twins, Shakuni with  Karn with Bheem. Death does not come till its Time comes. Dushaasan was fighting with Nakul that Nakul cut off his Saarathee's head, but it was so swift that neither Dushaasan, nor anybody else could know that his Saarathee's head had been cut off. When the horses went astray then only Dushaasan could know that his Saarathee's head has been cut off. Nobody seemed to win.

Drone was with Arjun. Whatever Astra Drone used, Arjun cut it off by sending its counteract. Drone invoked, Aindra, Paashupat, Twashtra, Vaayavya, and Yamya weapons but all of them were counteracted  with his own Astra. Drone was very happy with Arjun. Gandharv, Apsaraa, Siddh, Rishi etc came to witness that fight between them. When Drone's all Astra failed, those Gandharv etc said - "This is not a human, or Gandharv, or Asur, or Raakshas, or celestial fight. This is certainly high Brahm encounter.  There is no difference between them - Drone and Arjun. If Rudra divides himself between half and half, then maybe, they are match to them." Then Drone used Brahm Astra, Arjun also sent the same Brahm Astra towards Drone, both Astra destroyed each other. Drone gave up with Arjun. Thus between four of your warriors and three Paandav warriors this fight took place. There was nothing unfair in this fight.

A duel was going on between Duryodhan and Saatyaki. This fight was interesting because at one time they were good friends. As they were fighting, Duryodhan was thinking of so many incidents of that period. He was not feeling happy fighting with a friend of his youth. He said - "Saatyaki, I hate to do this what I am doing now, but I am a Kshatriya so I have to do it, and you too with me. If I had not been mad for the kingdom, this war should not have happened." He wiped his tears and continued to fight. Saatyaki said - "Duryodhan, my friend, this is not the royal court where we would talk, nor it is the Guru Aashram where we played together." Duryodhan said - "What a course of time. Who played together, today are fighting with each other. Where those days have gone? Fate is very strong."

Saatyaki said - "That is the rule set for Kshatriya that they have to fight whether somebody is a friend, or a relative. A Kshatriya killed in the battlefield is sure to go Heaven, so my dear friend, fight with me with your all strength and kill me soon if you can." Seeing Duryodhan getting weaker in this fight Karn came to his help. Then Bheem came to fight with Karn. Later the fight became general. Then Yudhishthir instigated his army to fight with Kaurav's. Paandav had three crooked-minded warriors in their army - Bheem and the twins. They said to Arjun - "You drive away the army from Drone. When he is alone, Paanchaal can kill him easily."

Drone was behaving like a blazing fire. Once he used Brahm Astra and killed thousands of people. He was intolerable to Paandav army. Paandav army was worried about his killing. They said - "Nobody seems to be able to look t him right now. Arjun wouldn't fight with him because of morality. Krishn saw Drone's killing so He said to Arjun - "This man is invincible today. If he continued like this for some more time, you will not find a single soldier in your army. Unless he is made to lay down his weapons he cannot be killed. So cast aside your virtues for now and concentrate on your victory.  I have a feeling that if he hears that his son Ashwatthaamaa is killed in battle, he will certainly drop his weapons and will not fight. Let some righteous man should tell him that his son is dead." Arjun did not support this advice, and Yudhishthir also approved it with great difficulty. Then Bheem killed an elephant named Ashwatthaamaa of his own army belonging to Indravarmaa, chief of Maalavaa, and started cried aloud near Drone "Ashwatthaamaa has been slain." Thus he hid the truth and spoke a lie.

Hearing this Drone got weaker but then he recollected his strength and considered this news false. He got strength thinking thus and proceeded towards Dhrishtdyumn. Then he killed 20,000 Paanchaal, 500 Matsya, 6,000 elephants and 10,000 horses. Seeing this killing, Vishwaamitra, Jamadagni, Bharadwaaj, Gautam, Vashishth, Kashyap, Atri, Garg, Mareechi etc Rishi came there to take Drone to the region of Brahm and said to him - "Now you are fighting un-righteously, your hour has come. Lay aside your weapons, and come on the eternal path. Restrain yourself from such sinful act."

Hearing these words of Rishi and remembering the words of Bheem and seeing Dhrishtdyumn in front of him, Drone became indifferent from battle. Burning with grief, he enquired from Yudhishthir as his son Ashwatthaamaa is dead or not. He trusted Yudhishthir that he wouldn't speak lie even for Tri-lok, and he expected truth from him as he used to speak when he was a child.

Meanwhile Krishn was worried about Drone's killing. He said to Yudhishthir - "If Drone continues to fight for even half a day more, your whole army will be destroyed, so in these circumstances lying is better speaking truth. If somebody tell untruth to save a life, the person is not attached to sin. There is no sin in untruth spoken unto women, or or in marriages, or for saving king, or for rescuing a Braahman. [see Yudhishthir's Telling Lie] While they were talking like this, Bheem said to the king - "As soon as I heard the way to kill Drone, I immediately killed a mighty elephant belonging to Indravarmaa. Then I went to Drone and told him that Ashwatthaamaa has been slain. Cease to fight. But he did not believe the words. Accept the advice of Krishn and tell him that his son is no more. If you will tell this, he will not fight any more, because you are respected for your truth in Trilok."

Yudhishthir made up his mind as what he was to say. Fearing to tell a lie, but desirous of victory, he said - "Ashwatthaamaa is dead" clearly then adding indistinctly "the elephant" after the name. Before this lie Yudhishthir's chariot had stayed at a height of four finger's breadth from the surface of the earth, but after speaking this lie, his chariot and animals touched the earth. Drone thought he did injustice with Paandav, he then could not fight as before.

Seeing Drone so much afflicted with grief, Dhrishtdyumn rushed towards him and shot an arrow at him. Drone wanted to counteract that arrow but all his weapons had left him. Then he took up another celestial bow which was given to him by Angiraas and began to fight with it. He cut his all the bows he had except his Gadaa and a sword. Dhrishtdyumn then invoked Brahm Astra. At this Drone broke his chariot, so Dhrishtdyumn got down from the chariot and proceeded with his Gadaa. Drone cut his Gadaa too. With the strong desire to kill Drone Dhrishtdyumn took out his sword and fought with that. Drone shot 1,000 arrows and cut his sword and shield. These were the short arrows which only seven people had - Ashawtthaamaa, Arjun, Karn, Kripaa, Pradyumn, Abhimanyu and Saatyaki.

Others also came to help both of them. After a while bad omens started occurring, Drone got weaker, Drone's left eye and hand began to twitch. He had slain 24,000 Kshatriya, and then 100,000. He recoursed Brahm Astra. The then Bheem came and said to Dhrishtdyumn - "Save yourself, because no other can slay him." So he took out a new bow and shot an arrow at him. Then he started slaying those who were protecting him. Drone once more pierced Dhrishtdyumn. Then Bheem held Drone's chariot and said to him- "If a Braahman has not abandoned his profession, he wouldn't have to die this way. For whom you have taken up these weapons, he is lying dead in the battle field. Yudhishthir has just told you this." Hearing this Drone laid down his bow and shouted - "O Karn, O Kripaa, O Duryodhan, exert carefully in battle. Let Paandav should not injure you. I am laying my weapons." Then he sat down on his chariot and devoted himself to Yog.

Seeing this Dhrishtdyumn laid down his bow, took up a sword and rushed quickly towards Drone. Drone was in a supreme tranquil state. His face bent down, he, meditating on Vishnu went to Vishnu's Dhaam. When he went to Vishnu's Dhaam, it seemed to us that there were two Suns in the sky. Dhrishtdyumn stood unconscious of it all beside him. Only five people saw him going - myself, Arjun, Ashwatthaamaa, Krishn and Yudhishthir - and nobody else. In fact all ordinary people were unconscious about all this. Although everybody fie on Dhrishtdyumn as he still dragged his lifeless head and separated it from his trunk. After doing this he shouted with joy. At the age of 85 he was battling like a 16 year old boy only for your sake.

Arjun said to Dhrishtdyumn, before cutting his head, "Bring Guru alive, don't slay him." Arjun and other kings cried this repeatedly, but Dhrishtdyumn didn't listen to anybody and he cut Drone's head and threw it before your warriors. Meanwhile Drone has entered the stellar path. By the grace of Vyaas Jee I witnessed the transformation of Drone. I saw him after he had ascended the sky. Your warriors lost all the control and ran away all around. The kings could not find Drone's body. Paandav were very happy at this. Bheem said embracing Dhrishtdyumn - "I will again embrace you when Karn and Duryodhan will be killed.


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