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Atri Rishi

We meet Atri Rishi in Aranya Kaand of Raamaayan when Raam is on His Van Yaatraa or in His exile. He meets Atri Rishi there.  Atri Rishi is one of the ten Maanas sons of Brahmaa Jee: Angiraa, Atri, Bhrigu, Daksh, Kratu, Mareechi, Naarad, Pulah, Pulastya, Vashishth. His wife's name is Anasooyaa. Anasooyaa was one of the nine daughters of Kardam Rishi and Devahooti (Manu's daughter).

Rishi Atri finds mention in almost every list of the Rishi's drawn up for various purposes.

(1) The most important list for Braahman is the three Braahman who discovered AUM, the cosmic sound symbolizing Creation or Brahmaa (A), preservation or Vishnu (U) and dissolution or Shiv (M). These three Braahman were Rishi Gautam (A), Rishi Atri (U) and Rishi Bharadwaaj (M). He followed his father Brahmaa in giving the sacred thread which has three strands symblizing A-U-M. These three strands indicate the vow that a Braahman takes to recite and adhere to AUM (also pronounced OM). The first three threads of the Brahm Vrat (promise of the Braahman) is related to Bhoo Lok (Earth plane). The second set of three threads is given after marriage and is related to the Bhuvah Lok (Solar system) while the third set of three threads Deekshaa (initiation) and is related to Swarg Lok (Heavens).

(2) Then there is the list (s) of Sapt Rishi or the seven seers associated with the Polar Star (Big Dipper or Ursa Majo or Dhruv Taaraa) where Rishi Atri always features with Rishi Kashyap and Vashishth. These are the seven brain children (Maanas Putra) of Brahmaa Jee and the progenitors of the human race. He was a Brahmarshi as well indicating complete understanding of the Brahm or Supreme truth. He was a Maharshi and the original teacher of Aayur Ved, Jyotish, Astronomy, Ganit (Mathematics), poetry and prose etc.

How Atri Rishi Got Three Sons

Once Atri Muni and Anasooyaa did a severe Tap with the desire of a son. Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahesh got very pleased with them and all appeared before them together. Atri Rishi got very happy to see all of them together but got surprised too. He said I was meditating on Bhagavaan but how come that you all came before me? The trio said - "Whoever you were meditating on that is we three. We are very pleased with your Tapasyaa, so ask what do you want to ask for?"

Atri Rishi said - "I have a desire to have a son like you." The trio granted his wish and went away. Later he had three sons - A son was born from Atri's eyes, his name was Chandramaa (Brahmaa Jee's Avataar). Brahmaa Jee appointed Him as the king of Braahman, medicines and constellations. Among his other two sons are Dattaatreya (Vishnu's Avataar), and Durvaasaa Muni (Mahaadev's Avataar).



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