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War Day 12: Drone as Commander-in-Chief-Day-2
12th day of War - the 2nd day under the leadership of Drone.
Fall of Bhagadatt

Sanjaya said - "As morning broke, Drone said to Duryodhan that he had made the arrangement with Sansaptak. So after Sansaptak had left to fight with Arjun, Drone organized his army in the form of Garud (eagle) At its mouth was Drone himself and at its head was Duryodhan. The Paandav army was organized in the form of a crescent. As Sansaptak took Arjun far from Yudhishthir, Drone went to capture Yudhishthir. Dhrishtdyumn came to face him. As Drone saw Dhrishtdyumn, he became cheerless. Seeing this your son Durmukh tried to stop Dhrishtdyumn.

While Dhrishtdyumn was fighting with Durmukh, Drone destroyed many sections of Yudhishthir's army and proceeded to Yudhishthir, but Satyajit was alert. Although he fought very bravely but was killed by Drone. Seeing Satyajit killed other warriors rushed to protect Yudhishthir. Yudhishthir fled away in fear from the field. Then Viraat's brother Shataaneek proceeded to fight with Drone but was soon killed. [Sorry, this is a duplicate information - This name comes in 24-battle-14-5 also. There he is killed by Shalya. Drone-167] Yudhishthir remembered Arjun's instructions and he rode away on the fastest horse he could get and ran away from the battlefield. Bheem, Shikhandee, Kshaatradharm, Uttamaujaa, Kshaatradev, Saatyaki, Yudhaamanyu, Yudhishthir shot many arrows at Drone, but Drone was continuously proceeding defeating everybody. In this process Paanchaal prince Kshaatradev (Drone, Sec 21) was killed. But in spite of lots of killing he could not capture Yudhishthir.

Dhritraashtra asked Sanjaya - "After Drone defeated Paanchaal and Paandav, did anyone else came to fight with him?" Sanjaya said - "Duryodhan was seeing all this from the middle of the battlefield, he said to Karn - "See, How our Aachaarya has routed the Paandav army. Now they will never think of the kingdom." Karn didn't like his talks, he said - "My friend, Don't think about them so lightly. Neither they are cowards, nor will they run from the battle field, nor are they going to forget their past. They are brave and irresistible. They will certainly kill most of our warriors." Then he looked at Paandav's side and said - "See, Bheem is coming along with other warriors. I have a feeling that Aachaarya is in a serious situation. It seems he needs our help, let us go there."  Duryodhan found some truth in Karn's words so he went there with some of his brothers. Karn also went with them.

Dhritraashtra asked Sanjaya - "Tell me Sanjay the distinctive feature to identify the leaders separately." [Here Sanjaya tells him the color of the horses of many warriors here, and the names of bows of Paandav - Drone-Sec 23]. Bheem proceeded followed by Saatyaki, Yudhaamanyu, Dhrishtdyumn, Nakul, Uttamaujaa came to fight with Drone. Altogether 12,000 warriors of Paanchaal proceeded to battle. Abhimanyu, Nakul and Sahadev, Draupadee's five sons all were destroying Kaurav army with alarming rate."

Dhritraashtra asked Sanjaya then about Arjun and Sansaptak. Sanjaya said - "When Kaurav and Paandav troops were busy in fighting, Duryodhan rushed towards Bheem but Bheem afflicted him badly. Then came Bhagadatt riding on his invincible elephant Supratikaa. It seemed that Supratikaa liked Bheem, so today also he proceeded towards Bheem's chariot and broke it into splinters and proceeded his elephant towards Saatyaki Saatyaki, but Saatyaki saved himself in time. At the same time Yudhishthir came with Paanchaal army. Both Saatyaki and Bheem were saved from that elephant. Ruchoparv came to fight with Bhagadatt but was killed by him soon.

Sanjaya said - "You asked me about Arjun and Sansaptak, so listen to it. Arjun heard the sound of this turbulence from a distance. He said to Krishn - "It seems that Bhagadatt has come on his elephant. This elephant cannot be hurt, nor his rider, so let me go there, except two us there is none else who can tackle him." So as he was returning towards his army, Sansaptak again challenged him to fight. So he had to fight again. Sansaptak showered hundreds and thousands of arrows on Arjun. Krishn got unconscious, so Arjun had to use Brahm Astra. By this he was able to kill almost all of them. Krishn praised him a lot for his this achievement.

Arjun asked Krishn now to take his chariot towards Bhagadatt. Krishn brought his chariot in front of Bhagdatt's elephant. While he was coming back, Susharmaa followed him. Seeing this Arjun said to Krishn - "I don't know what should I do? I should go back and save my people or finish these Sansaptak here and now?" Hearing this Krishn turned his chariot towards Sansaptak. He used Brahm Astra and killed many Sansaptak, and came back to Bhagdatt.

When Arjun was coming back to his people, Susharmaa and his brothers followed him. Arjun killed Susharmaa's brothers made Susharmaa unconscious. He then came to Bhagadatt. Both fought for some time. Then Bhagadatt got impatient and he wanted to crush Arjun under the feet of his elephant, but Krishn saved Arjun. Bhagadatt was trying to afflict Krishn also. Arjun concentrated on breaking the armor of the elephant and Bhagadatt was concentrating on Arjun and Krishn. In a mad fury Bhagadatt changed his hook into Vaishnav Astra and hurled it at Arjun. This Astra was got by invoking Vishnu and was a very dangerous weapon. Krishn immediately stood and took its impact on His chest. It became the garland on His chest. Arjun said to Him - "You have promised that you will only drive my chariot, not that you will fight for me. When I am baffled then you can act like this but not at this time when I am standing."

Krishn said - "This is a secret, listen to it. It is an ancient history. I have four forms always engaged in protecting the world. One form of mine stays on earth engaged in ascetic austerities. Another one sees good and evil deeds in the world. My third form, coming into the world of men, is engaged in action. My fourth form sleeps in deep sleep for a thousand years. The fourth form of mine, when wakes up at the end of the thousand years grants Var to deserving persons. At one time Earth, knowing that the time has come for me to wake up, asked a Var for her son Narak (Narakaasur) that he should have Vaishnav weapon and be killed only by Devtaa. So I gave that supreme and infallible weapon to him. 

At that time I said to Earth - "Let this weapon should be only to protect Narakaasur himself. None will be able to slay him. Protected by this weapon he will be invincible in the whole world." Earth went away and Narakaasur became invincible for anyone. So it was from Narakaasur, that Bhagadatt has got this weapon. There is none, including Indra or Yam who cannot be killed by this weapon. It was used for you, I cannot afford to lose you so I had to come between yow and him. It is because of this Astra only, he was invincible. Now you can kill him easily as he doesn't have that weapon now, Kill him now." Arjun showered arrows at him and killed him. Bhagadatt tried his best to order his elephant but since now he was an ordinary elephant, he also fell down soon. Since Bhagadattwas a great friend of Indra, Arjun circumambulated him. All appreciated Arjun's behavior.

Bheem and Yudhishthir got very happy to see both well. All of them saw another miracle that that hook was changed into a flower garland. The death of Bhagadatt was a great incident for both the armies.

Arjun went back to the main battlefield and met Gaandhaar's two princes (Shakuni's two brothers - Vrishak and Achal) on the way. He fought with them for some time and killed them. Seeing their maternal uncles killed Kaurav ran towards him. Shakuni also came here. He created a thick darkness around Arjun, Arjun cut it through his Jyotishk Astra. Then he created water waves around him, Arjun dried them by using Aaditya Astra. Shakuni had to give up and go away somewhere else. Duryodhan and his brothers grieved on their death. Arjun came with many other warriors and started fighting with Drone. Many other fighters also joined the armies. Arjun and Karn met in a duel. Karn sent Aagneya Astra at Arjun, Arjun sent Varun Astra at him. Arjun killed three brothers of Karn - Shatrunjaya, Vipath [the third name is not given - Drone, 30]. When the fight was still going on, the Sun set and both the armies returned to their camps.

When the day was over, All were thinking about two things - the valor of Arjun and the failure of Drone to capture Yudhishthir. All were feeling humiliated. They heard the praise of Arjun and his friendship with Krishn everywhere. People spent the night like men under curse.


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