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War Day 13: Drone as Commander-in-Chief-Day-3 (1)
13th day of War - The 3rd day under the leadership of Drone,
Abhimanyu Vadh

Sanjaya said - "As the Kurav army got scattered, and Done failed to seize Yudhishthir, your warriors were regarded as defeated. Everybody was praising Arjun and Arjun-Krishn's friendship. Next day, Duryodhan asked Drone - "You said that you would arrest Yudhishthir, then why didn't you arrest him? He was within your reach. I did the same as you wanted, what more you expected from me?" Drone said angrily - "You should not speak to me like this. The three world united together cannot hurt Arjun and Krishn, the Creator of this world. Today I will try to kill at least one great fighter from Paandav army. Today I will organize my army in such a way that even Devtaa cannot penetrate it. Keep Arjun away from the field. Because nothing is unknown to him, he knows everything about battle. He has acquired this knowledge from various sources."

Sanjaya continued - "So Sansaptak once again challenged Arjun and took him away to southern side. Later Abhimanyu, at the command of his eldest uncle (Yudhishthir) broke the Chakra Vyooh, but in the end he met six warriors together. He was killed by Dushaasan's son. We became very happy and Pandav got very sad. All troops were withdrawn for the night.

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Dhritraashtra asked - "How Abhimanyu, a great warrior of immeasurable energy, was killed? Tell me this, O Sanjaya." Sanjaya said - "Drone planned for Chakra Vyooh (or Padm Vyooh - army structure in circle). Men like Paandav never existed in past, and will never exist in future. Krishn, Parashuraam and Bheem are said to be equal. I have yet to see a parallel of Paarth. Reverence for superiors, keeping counsels, humility, self-restraint, beauty, and bravery - these six qualities are always present in Nakul. In knowledge of scriptures, gravity, sweetness in temper, righteousness and power Sahadev is equal to Ashwinee Kumaar. All those qualities that are found in Krishn and Paandav, that are found in Abhimanyu alone. In firmness he was like Yudhishthir, in conduct he was like Krishn, in beauty, power, knowledge of scriptures, war tactics he was like Arjun, in power he was like Bheem, in humility he was like Nakul and Sahadev."

Dhritraashtra said - "O Soot, I desire to know how this invincible boy was killed in the battle?" Sanjaya said - "Be patient and listen. So Drone arranged his army in Chakra Vyooh manner in which all great warriors of your side were placed. At the entrance of the Vyooh were placed all the princes who took vow to stand for one another. All had red robes and red banners. In the light of the morning this army looked like bloomed lotus flower. All, 10,000 in number, headed by your grandson Lakshman, rushed towards Abhimanyu. Duryodhan himself was in the heart of the flower (Chakra Vyooh). He was surrounded by Karn, Dushaasan, and Kripaa. Drone himself was stationed at the head of that army. The next layer was made up of Jayadrath and his army and by his side was Ashwatthaamaa. Headed by him were your 30 sons and then came Shakuni, Kritvarmaa, Shalya, Bhoorishravaa and his brother Shal.

Paandav, headed by Bheem and accompanied by all other great warriors. approached the Vyooh, but Drone checked all those warriors as they came. Unable to tolerate Drone's arrows and to penetrate the Vyooh because of Drone, at last Yudhishthir placed this job on Abhimanyu's shoulder, he said - "My child, Act in such a way that we do not suffer till Arjun comes back. We do not know how to enter this Vyooh, only you, Arjun, Krishn and Pradyumn know it. No fifth person is known to me who can penetrate it. Take your arms and destroy this array soon otherwise we will suffer."

Abhimanyu said - "To please my uncles, I can enter the Vyooh, but I don't know how to come out if any danger overtakes me." Yudhishthir said - "Once you have made the passage for us, all of us will follow you protecting you from all sides." Bheem said - "I myself will follow you and kill the foremost warriors." Abhimanyu said - "I will surely penetrate this array of Drone." Abhimanyu asked his Saarathee (charioteer) Sumitra to take his chariot to the Vyooh as soon as possible. But the Saarathee was worried as he heard Abhimanyu's order. He said - "I do not like to take you there, I feel danger for you. You are still a child. I am feeling nervous. You have been brought up in luxury, you are not used to battle. This is a risky job, first you decide, then you should proceed for battle. Drone is a master of superior weapons and skilled in warfare."

It is said that Chakra Vyooh was fully known to Bheeshm, Karn, Drone (since they were Parashuraam's disciples), and Kripaachaarya too.

Abhimanyu laughed and said - "Who is this Drone? And why do you worry about my safety, I am the son of Arjun, I am the nephew of Krishn, I can defy even Indra. This whole army is not even 1/16th part of me." But then, very unwillingly he took him towards the Vyooh. Seeing him coming, Drone advanced against him and his uncles followed him.

Abhimanyu broke the Vyooh and entered it. Soldiers started attacking him, and he also started killing them in huge number. Seeing Abhimanyu coming Duryodhan proceeded to face him, so Drone said to Kaurav warriors - "Go and rescue the King. Abhimanyu is slaying all he aims at, so the King should not be left alone." So all followed Duryodhan to rescue him. They all attacked Abhimanyu, but Abhimanyu fought all of them very bravely. He killed Asmak's son [Drone, 35]; Sushen, Driglochan and Kundvedh [Drone, 35], He afflicted even Karn and Shalya too. Seeing them afflicted, even Ashwatthaamaa ran away from the field. Abhimanyu's movements were so quick that people couldn't see his actions. Seeing Shalya afflicted, Shalya's younger brother came to fight with him but Abhimanyu killed him. Now the soldiers got agitated and proceeded towards him. Abhimanyu was using the same weapons which he got from Vaasudev and Arjun and was using them in the same way as they used them. Gradually he became fiercer and fiercer. And the army started turning its back from the field."

Hearing this, Dhritraashtra got very sad. He asked Sanjaya to tell him everything in detail. Sanjaya said - "It was a fight between one and many. Seeing the great skills of Abhimanyu in warfare, Drone, filled with joy. He came to Kripaa and said - "The great Abhimanyu is coming and I don't see any warrior equal to him. He can slay the whole army of yours if he wishes, but somehow he does not wish so." Duryodhan, angry with Abhimanyu, said to Karn, Baahleek, Dushaasan, Shalya and other mighty warriors - "None can escape Drone in battle and Drone will not kill Arjun's son, Arjun is his disciple and Abhimanyu is his disciple's son. So you have to kill him as soon as possible." Hearing this Dushaasan said - "I will kill him. Hearing that "I have killed him", both Krishn and Arjun will die soon. And hearing the death of both Krishn (Arjun was also Krishn), other Paandav will also die soon. Thus the killing of this one soul will bring the death of several ones, so wish me well." and Dushaasan went away to fight with Abhimanyu.

Both started fighting. Abhimanyu made him unconscious during his fight with him, so he had to be removed from the battle field. Seeing this all warriors of Paandav side were filled with joy and rushed to break Drone's array. Seeing Paandav warriors coming, Duryodhan said to Karn - "See those warriors are coming to rescue their son." Till then no warrior of your (Kaurav's) army was able to resist Abhimanyu who was coming towards Drone. Karn, filled with anger, showered hundreds of arrows at Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu cut his bow and standard. Seeing this, Karn's brother (who was Karn's this brother who was killed by Abhimanyu?) came in between and Abhimanyu killed him. Seeing his brother killed, Karn filled with pain proceeded towards Abhimanyu, but Abhimanyu shot many arrows at him that made him run away from the field. Seeing Karn fleeing away Kaurav army also started fleeing away. Then he started killing Kaurav army and the Kaurav warriors started fleeing away."

Dhritraashtra asked Sanjaya - "It is really strange that brought up in luxury, this boy was so brave. Did anybody follow him for his help?" Sanjaya said - "Abhimanyu's all uncles and other warriors filled in anger, followed him on the same path he created. Seeing them coming, your army turned away from the field. Jayadrath tried to bring them back and he accepted all those who wanted to come to his help."

Dhritraashtra said - "I think Jayadrath was powerful enough to stop Paandav." Sanjaya said - "When Jayadrath insulted Draupadee, Bheem defeated him. Then he did severe Tap for Mahaadev and got a Var from him - "I wish to check all Paandav alone sitting in my chariot". Mahaadev said - "You can check all Paandav except Arjun." (see Note 3 here) Jayadrath said - "So be it." So he went to check those Paandav today, because Arjun was not there.

Then Abhimanyu proceeded to break in other warriors. There he met Vrishsen, he cut his bow and afflicted his horses. Vrishsen's Saarathee took him away from the field. Then he met Shalya's son Rukmarath, he killed him too. Seeing him killed some 100 warriors attacked him together, but he used Gandharv Astra and created illusion. Later he killed those 100 warriors too. Arjun took this Astra from a Gandharv Tumburu after doing a great Tap. Abhimanyu was proceeding slowly killing many warriors. Duryodhan got very worried seeing this, so he himself went to fight with him but afflicted by him had to turn back."

Dhritraashtra got surprised to hear this, he asked - "This is fantastic. What did other warriors do after Duryodhan ran away and the 100 princes were slain?" Sanjaya said - "All got afraid of him and started running away from the field. So Drone, Ashwatthaamaa, Shakuni, Karn etc rushed towards him to face him but almost were beaten up by your grandson. Only Lakshman proceeded towards him. Seeing him going towards Abhimanyu, his father Duryodhan returned to follow him, and so also others. But Abhimanyu killed Lakshman too. Seeing this Duryodhan shouted - "Kill this one."

Then six warriors - Drone, Kripaa, Karn, Ashwatthaamaa, Brihadwal, and Kritvarmaa surrounded Abhimanyu. Beating them Abhimanyu fell upon Jayadrath's army. There also he fought very bravely alone with many warriors. Once he killed Kaurav army's five warriors - Shatrunjaya, Chandraketu, Mahaamegbaa, Suvarch and Sooryabhaas. Seeing this Shakuni said to Duryodhan - "Let us all fell him together otherwise he singly will kill us all. Consult others as how we can do it."

Karn asked Drone - "Abhimanyu has been fighting with all of us, tell us how we can kill him." Drone said - "Did you see any characteristics of being defeated in him at all? He is moving in all directions. Even you all have not been able to defeat him at all. Although he has afflicted me but I admire him for his archery." Karn again said - "In fact I am staying here only because I am a warrior otherwise his arrows are very fierce." Drone said - "Abhimanyu is young, his power is great. His armor is impenetrable. Arjun has taught him to wear such armor after learning it from me. With well-shot arrows you can cut his bow, his bow string, the rein of his horses, kill his horses, and his two Saarathee. Do it if you are competent, make him turn back, then strike him. Till he has his bow in his hand he can defeat even Devtaa and Asur together. So break his chariot and bow."

Hearing this Karn went and broke his bow, Kritvarmaa killed his horses, and Kripaa killed his two Saarathee. Others covered him with their arrows. Seeing this Abhimanyu jumped in the sky with his sword and shield. Then Drone cut his sword and Karn cut his shield. So he came down without his sword and shield. He took up his chariot wheel and ran towards Drone in anger. Holding the wheel in his hand he was looking like second Vaasudev with His Disc. The kings who were looking at him filled with anxiety and cut his wheel in hundred pieces. Then he took up a Gadaa (mace) and rushed towards Ashwatthaamaa. Ashwatthaamaa saved himself by leaping three steps aside. Abhimanyu killed his horses and two charioteers. Then he proceeded towards Dushaasan's son and killed his horses and broke his chariot. Dushaasan's son hit him on his head and Abhimanyu fell down on earth unconscious and thus was one slain by many in the battle. Your people were very happy to see him lying like this while Paandav wept.

Seeing Abhimanyu falling Yudhishthir's army started running away. Then he said to them - "Stop, we can still defeat our enemy. Abhimanyu, after slaying 10,000 warriors certainly has gone to Heaven. Even after doing this much he was not contended."

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The Sun had set so everybody returned to his tent.


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