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War Day 13: Drone as Commander-in-Chief-Day-3 (2)
13th day of War - The 3rd day continues under the leadership of Drone,
Arjun's Vow to Kill Jayadrath

After Abhimanyu was killed, all Paandav warriors were sitting around Yudhishthir. Yudhishthir was very sad. He said - "It was because of me he fought with Drone's army. He defeated even the great warriors like Dushaasan, but was killed by his son. After he has been slain how I am going to meet my eyes with Arjun's and Subhadraa's? What will I say to Krishn? He sacrificed himself instead of refusing to obey me. Oh, We ourselves will have to lay him on bear earth. Seeing this son of Arjun I don't want anything - victory, sovereignty, immorality, Swarg, anything."

[Ch 49] While Yudhishthir was lamenting thus for Abhimanyu, Rishi Vyaas came there. He worshipped him duly and said - "This boy of Arjun has died while fighting with many warriors. He was just a child. I asked him to open a passage for us, he entered the Vyooh but we could not follow him because Jayadrath did not allow us to enter. This battle was an unequal one that is why I grieve so much and I am not at peace." Vyaas Jee said - "O Yudhishthir, You know everything. You should not be affected by such calamities. He has killed many enemies and now has ascended to Heaven. This law can never be changed. Death takes all - Gandharv, Asur, man without any exception."

Yudhishthir said - "It is so sad that all warriors are lying dead today. I have a doubt in my mind - "Whose child is Death? What is Death? Why does it take away creatures? You are like Bhagavaan, please tell me this." Vyaas Jee said - "I will tell you a story regarding this. Naarad told this to Akampan. Akampan was too much afflicted by the death of his son. After listening this you might be freed from this grief." [read this Story of Akampan here]

Vyaas Jee said to Yudhishthir - "Hearing these words of Naarad, Akampan said - "Now I am not grieved for my son, I am contented." And Naarad Jee went away to the woods of Nandan Van. Therefore you also do not grieve for Abhimanyu, he is slain after slaying numerous warriors. He has disappeared in lunar essence cleansed of all his impurities."

Yudhishthir further said to Vyaas - "There were many kings who were like Indra in ancient times. Please tell me the account of those kings as what was the measure of sacrifices made by them? Who were those royal sages?" Then Vyaas Jee told him the Story of Srinjaya. [This story has been repeated in brief by Krishn too in Shaanti Parv when Yushishthir was grieving for the warriors slain in the battle] He further said - "Hearing the history of Srinjaya and 16 kings, Srinjaya got silent. Naarad Jee asked him - "Did you get the idea of these histories, or are they just lost?" Srinjaya said - "I don't feel any pain now, tell me what shall I do now?" Naarad Jee said - "Ask me anything, there is nothing unobtainable to you." Srinjaya said - "I have got everything, I don't need anything else." Naarad Jee said - "I once more give your son who was slain in vain, back to you taking him out of terrible Hell." Then Srinjaya did many sacrifices. Since his son didn't do any sacrifice, didn't have any children, didn't fulfill the purpose of his living here, didn't die in battle, that is why he could be brought here.

As regards to Abhimanyu he was a brave warrior. He has fulfilled his purpose of life. Which regions are unattainable even by many religious acts, he has attained them all. He doesn't need your grief. In fact who are alive they need our grief. The living men should think of happiness and joy of the dead. You have heard the origin of death, her penance, and impartial behavior to all, that prosperity is unstable, how the dead son of Srinjaya was revived, so now you don't grieve. I go now." And Vyaas Jee disappeared then and there. Yudhishthir asked himself "But what am I going to say to Arjun?"

After the day finished both armies returned to their camps. After defeating Trigart brothersArjun  returned to his camp. Omens were not good. Although he was talking to Krishn on several issues of that day but his mind was very perturbed. He said to Him - "I am feeling very weak, I hope everybody is fine in the camp." Krishn said - "Of course, everything is all right with you elders. Some other evil has happened." When they arrived in the camp, it was pin drop silence. There was no music or sound of trumpets as usual. No one welcomed Arjun, no one was talking to him about the achievements of that day. Even Abhimanyu has not come to welcome me, rather people were stealing their eyes from him. They went to Yudhishthir and saw everybody sitting very quiet and sad.

Read here the description according to Subramaniam's book "Mahabharata"  No 1.

Arjun looked first at Yudhishthir, then at Bheem. Both were sitting lowering their heads. Then Arjun came to know about everything had happened at his back. Drone used Chakra Vyooh, Abhimanyu was sent there and was killed in that. Krishn consoled Arjun - "Do not grieve, this is the way how the brave warriors, who do not back out from the field, behave in the battle field. Death is certain for such heroes. Do not grieve for him. See, your brothers and friends are already grieving, comfort them." Then Arjun said to his brothers - "Tell me how he fought, who killed him. I will kill him with his horses and elephants. You all were there, You all were able to fight, then how could he be slain? It seems that you have no manliness, no power, since he was killed before your very eyes. You are good only to speak in assemblies, you failed to protect my son." And he sat down. Nobody was able to look at him at that time. Only Vaasudev or Yudhishthir could speak to him.

Then Yudhishthir said - "I tell you what had happened. When the Trigart brothers took you away, Drone made a serious plan to seize me. He organized his army in Chakra Vyooh. Drone was terrible, we could not tolerate him. Then all of us asked your son if he could break this Vyooh for us. He said - "Surely, I will do it." and entered the Vyuooh. We followed him but Jayadrath through the Var of Shiv, checked all of us. Then Drone, Kripaa, Karn, Ashwatthaamaa, Kritvarmaa and the king of Koshal surrounded him. Although he fought bravely alone with all of them but they broke his chariot. The son of Dushaasan succeeded in killing him. The boy killed many thousands men, elephants, horses, broke 8,000 chariots, once more killed 900 elephants, 2,000 princes and a large number of warriors. Brihadwal also met his own death."

Hearing this Arjun fell on the ground in great pain. When he gathered himself he said - "I swear tomorrow I will kill Jayadrath if he doesn't leave Duryodhan out of fear. He is the cause of my child's slaughter. Whoever may come to protect him, I will cover them with my arrows. Or if I could not kill him tomorrow I will not attain the regions reserved for foremost heroes, I go to Hell. And listen to another oath of mine, if I could not kill him by tomorrow evening then I will immolate myself. All hear me, Nobody will be able to save him from me tomorrow." And he started stretching his bow whose sound rose high slowly. Keshav also at once blew His Paanchjanya conch loudly and Arjun blew his Devadatt conch.

The spies of Duryodhan heard this sound and informed Jayadrath about Arjun's oath. He was terrified hearing Arjun's oath, so immediately he went to the assembly of kings, in fear of Arjun and filled with shame. He said - "That Arjun wants to kill me. I love my life, I wish to go back to my home. Protect me and make me fearless. Drone, Duryodhan, Kripaa, Karn, Shalya, Dushaasan are all capable of protecting someone who is in the hands of Death. I have been threatened by Arjun alone, can't you protect me from him alone? Because I have no doubt that if Arjun has taken this oath, nobody in Tri-Lok can stop him fulfilling it."

Duryodhan who always looked at his own interest first, said to him - "Don't fear at all. Who can encounter you when you will be surrounded by us." And he recounted the names of his warriors. He further said - "Dispel your fear. You yourself are a hero. My 11 Akshauhinee army will protect you." (see the Example 5 here) Thus comforted by Duryodhan he went to Drone along with Duryodhan. He touched his feet and asked these words -- in hitting the aim, in hitting it from a distance, in tightness of hand, and in the force of the stroke, O Guru, tell the difference between Arjun and me. Tell me it truly."

Drone said - "Theoretically you and Arjun are the same, but as a result of Yog and hard life, Arjun is superior to you. Still you should not fear from Arjun, I will protect you. Tomorrow I will organize my army in such a manner that Arjun will not be able to break it. Just you observe your duties, and you need not to fear. One after another, slain by Time, all of us go to the other world. So be at ease."

Read here the description according to Subramaniam's book "Mahabharata"  No 2.

Krishn said to Arjun - "Arjun, You have taken this vow in a haste. You should not have done this without consulting me. How are we going to escape all the people? My spies have just told me that Karn, Bhoorishravaa, Ashwatthaamaa and Vrishsen, Kripaa and Shalya - these six will be in Jayadrath's chariot. Drone will organize his army like this - half of the army will be in Shakat Vyuooh and the other half will be in Chakra Vyooh (Padm Vyooh). In the middle of the leaves of lotus will be Shuchmukh (needle-mouthed) array. O Paarth, Those six warriors are exceedingly difficult to win. Without defeating them, it will not be possible to reach Jayadrath."

Arjun said - "All the warriors you are telling me about, are not equal to even half of my power. I will fell Jayadrath's head in front of all these men. Even if all the creatures of Trilok come to protect Jayadrath, they will not be able to save him. I swear by Truth and my weapons. You should see my power tomorrow. When you are with me,what is in the battle I cannot face. Get my chariot ready with all my weapons." Both Arjun and Krishn could not sleep the whole night. Seeing them angry, Devtaa were also thinkng that what was going to happen tomorrow.

Suddenly Arjun said - "I cannot face Subhadraa's tears, I cannot face her. Please, You go there and comfort her and her daughter-in-law." Krishn went to see her. It was really difficult to see a young mother grieving for her young son. Krishn sat near her for some time, then He said - "Dear Subhadraa, Do not grieve for your son like this. All creatures have but one end ordained by Time. He has died as a hero. You are the mother of a hero, daughter of a hero, wife of a hero, and a kinsman of heroes, do not grieve for him like this. That murderer of a child, along with his friends and relatives, will soon get the fruits of his actions. Paarth has taken a vow to kill him which will be surely be completed, so you will hear a good news tomorrow. Do not grieve yourself so much and tell your daughter-in-law also to be comforted."

Subhadraa broke into tears and said - "What can I do except weeping? He was such a beauty, sweet-natured, brave and this happened to him being all his elders alive? Fie on all the brave warriors who could not protect him. Oh Abhimanyu, You were Vaasudev's sister's son, Arjun's son, you yourself were a hero, how could you be slain in the battle. Your wife is so young, how should I comfort her. Whatever end can be the highest, that end should be yours." Draupadee came there with Uttaraa. All of them wept bitterly in heart-breaking lamentations. Then they fainted. Krishn sprinkled water on their faces to revive them and said what should be said on such occasions. 

After comforting them Krishn returned to Arjun's tent and went in his inner room. He touched water and spread on the bed of Kush grass. He kept all weapons on it and adorned them with flower garlands etc auspicious materials. After Paarth also touched the water, the attendants brought the usual nightly sacrifice for Shiv. Paarth worshipped Mahaadev and offered the sacrifice. Then Krishn said to Paarth - "Now you take rest, I also go." Krishn went to His tent. He lay down on His white bed and started thinking of various measures for Paarth for tomorrow. 

In fact nobody could sleep in Paandav's camp that night. Everybody was thinking about Arjun's vow as how he was going to fulfill it tomorrow. Jayadrath is very powerful. Duryodhan has a lots of army. If he fails to fulfill his vow he will surely enter the fire. And if Arjun dies then how Yudhishthir will succeed in taking his kingdom back. If we have any Punya with us, then let Arjun fulfill his vow tomorrow.

Krishn came back to His tent. He was worried. He could not sleep, so in the middle of the night He sent for His Saarathee Daaruk. He said to him - "You have also heard about the oath of Arjun, that he would kill Jayadrath tomorrow before sunset. Duryodhan has also known this so he must have also made necessary arrangements to protect him properly. Drone himself along with his son Ashwatthaamaa will be guarding Jayadrath and it is next to impossible to kill him who is protected by Drone. I will have to do something so that Arjun can fulfill his vow. I love Arjun most. If he fails to fulfill his vow, he will immolate himself. I cannot live in this world without him even for a moment. I feel that I will have to break my oath to make Arjun's oath true. I will fight for the sake of my best friend Arjun. Tomorrow you will see their army crushed by my Divine disc. You know me. Arjun is half of myself.

So tonight you prepare my own chariot for tomorrow's war. Place my all weapons - my bow Shaarng, my Sudarshan Chakra, my mace Kaumodakee, and also my Shakti in that chariot. Fix my banner of Garud. Use my horses - Valaahak, Shaibya, Meghpushp and Sugreev and they should all be armored. You also wear you armor and wait for my signal. If any time you hear my Paanchjanya conch in Rishabh note come to me at once. If I will even slightly feel that he would not be able to make it, I will interfere. Jayadrath must die before the Sun sets tomorrow."

Daaruk listen attentively all what Krishn said to him, then he said - "Hey Swaamee, Arjun cannot lose. When you are his Saarathee, how can he lose? Still I will keep the chariot ready as you have instructed me." And he left the place. Krishn felt a lot of relief after giving these instructions to Daaruk.

According to Mahabharata Serial on TV

Arjun went to Bheeshm to tell about Abhimanyu, that your great grandson was killed in battlefield. Bheeshm asked - "Who killed him?" Arjun took all names. Bheeshm said - "This was against the rules." Arjun said - "Those rules were set when you were the Commander-in-Chief of Kuru army." Bheeshm asked - "Why didn't you help him?" Arjun said - " Susharmaa took me away from the battlefield. And Jayadrath didn't allow any help to reach him." Bheeshm said - "It means that Jayadrath is his killer. He even didn't allow any help to reach him. Never forgive him."

When Dhritraashtra heard this, he also said - "After the death of Abhimanyu, Duryodhan has completely closed the door of friendship with Paandav.


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