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War Day 18: Shalya as Commander-in-Chief-Day-1 (3)
18th day of War - The 1st day under the leadership of Shalya - Shalya and Shakuni are dead
Fall of Duryodhan

[9-31] Sanjaya further said - "As they left the place, Paandav came there. Seeing the lake Yudhishthir said to Maadhav - "See, How this Duryodhan has created the illusion and hidden inside its waters. He will not escape from me today." Krishn said - "You break his illusion with your Maayaa." Yudhishthir said to Duryodhan - "Why have you hidden in this lake after causing all your people killed? You are hiding here to save your own life? If you are a Kshatriya, then come out of the waters and face your enemy." Duryodhan replied - "My chariot was destroyed, my Saarathee was killed, my weapons were destroyed, nobody was to back me up, that is why I came here to take some rest. It is not to save my life. When I will come out of this lake I will certainly fight with you." Yudhishthir said - "All of us have rested enough. Now you come out and fight with us. Either you kill us and rule the world or be killed by us."

Duryodhan said - "All my relatives for whom I wanted this kingdom are dead, so I have no desire for it. However I still have a desire to defeat you. In fact there is no need to fight when our grandfather Bheeshm is dead, our Guru Drone and my friend Karn are dead, this kingdom is yours now to enjoy. I have no desire of this kingdom now. I will go to woods now." Yudhishthir said - "Do not utter such words of grief. I do not like to rule this Earth given as gift by you. Acceptance of gift is not a Kshatriya's duty. You did not give me the land even equal to the point of a needle, then why this gift of world to me now? Whatever you have done to us, for that you must be killed, so come out.

Duryodhan could not bear insulting words from Yudhishthir for long, he said - "You have chariots, soldiers, weapons etc and I do not have any. How can I fight with you? And it is not proper for a single man to fight with many especially when he is tired. Although I alone can face all of you together standing in the battle field." Yudhishthir said - "That is like a Kshatriya. Take any weapon and choose any one of us and fight with him; and I grant you this wish that if you kill him the whole kingdom is yours otherwise go to heaven killed by him."

Duryodhan said - "If you say so, then this Gadaa (mace) which is in my hand is my weapon, and let anyone of you who considers himself as my match can come and fight with me on foot armed with Gadaa. Many single combats have occurred on chariots, let this be with Gadaa. Let the style of fight change with your permission." Yudhishthir said - "Come and fight with me with your Gadaa. You will have to lie down on ground." Duryodhan came out of the water. Yudhishthir said - "How come Duryodhan you forgot that many people killed Abhimanyu alone. How could you do that with him? All of you were of high character. If you say that many should not slay one, then why did you all slay Abhimanyu alone? Take whatever you want to fight. I wish you another wish that if you will slay the person you chose for fighting, you will be the king or otherwise go to Heaven. Except your life, you may any other thing you want." Then your son put on his armor, his head-gear adorned with gold and said - "Let any one come against me. I can fight with any of you. I will kill all of you today one by one. Although no one is of my match still I will fight with you."

Sanjaya further said - "While Duryodhan was saying all this, Krishn said to Yudhishthir - "What did you say to Duryodhan? That killing any one of you will make him king? If he chooses you, Arjun, Nakul or Sahadev, then? For last 13 years he has practiced his Gadaa over an iron statue just to kill Bheem. How our purpose will be achieved with your statement? I don't see any other person except Bheem to fight with him, although his practice is also not very great. You have again played a game of chance as you played in the time of Shakuni. Bheem is powerful while Duryodhan is skilled. In a contest between skill and power, skill always prevails. Thus you have once again put yourself in danger. No one among you is match to Duryodhan today in a fair Gadaa fight. Even if he fights with Bheem then also our victory is doubtful. How could you say this to him? You are not going to get kingdom, you are born to pass your lives inforest." Bheem tried to convince Krishn that he would kill Duryodhan in this fight. Krishn got very happy to hear this, He said - "Relying on your strength Yudhishthir can get his kingdom back. You have killed Dhritraashtra's all sons. you will kill this one too." Saatyaki also admired Bheem. Bheem got up saying - "Today I will kill him. Dhritraashtra will also remember his wrong doings after he will hear about his son's death."

Duryodhan had no fear, no pain, no alarm, no anxiety. He was standing like a mountain. Bheem said to him - "Remember all your wrong doings now and see their consequences. Only because of you our grandfather has died, our Guru died, your friend Karn died, Shalya and Shakuni died. Today I will kill you." Duryodhan said - "What is the use of saying all this to me, come and fight with me now. If there is a fair fight, even Indra cannot win me."

Sanjaya said - "As the battle was to start, and all sat around, Balaraam Jee came there. Paandav and Keshav got very happy to see him. They worshipped him and requested him to witness this fight. Balaraam Jee said - "Forty-two days have passed since I left this place. I left in Pushya Nakshatra, and have come back in Shravan. I would love to see this fight between my disciples."

Janamejaya said - "On the eve of the great battle Balaraam Jee left Dwaarakaa saying to Krishn that he would be neither on Kaurav's side nor Paandav's side rather he would go wherever he would like. So tell me in detail how did he return here?" Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After Paandav settled down in Upaplavya Nagaree, they sent Krishn to Hastinaapur to make Peace with Kaurav. But as I told you before that Dhritraashtra etc did not listen to Him and He came back to Paandav and suggested them to proceed for battle in Pushya Nakshatra. The army started getting ready for battle, Balaraam Jee asked Krishn to help Kuru, but Krishn did not listen to him, so in rage he went for pilgrimage to Saraswatee River with all Yaadav. Bhoj chief Kritavarmaa went to Duryodhan's side, and Krishn and Saatyaki came to Yudhishthir's side. Balaraam Jee asked his people to collect all materials for pilgrimage and bring sacred fire from Dwaarakaa and set out for pilgrimage at the time this calamity on Kuru. They gave whatever whoever asked for anything from them."

Janamejaya said - "Tell me about his pilgrimage, I wish to listen to it." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Although it is very long, still I will tell you in brief about it." (read this description here Balaraam's Pilgrimage). [Shalya, 35-54]

When this battle was going to take place, Dhritraashtra asked Sanjaya - "How did my son fight with Bheem?" Sanjaya said - "Seeing Balaraam Jee Duryodhan filled with joy. Yudhishthir honored him and offered him a seat. Balaraam Jee said to Yudhishthir - "I have heard that Kuru Kshetra is a highly sacred and sin-cleansing place. Those who die here in battle surely go to Heaven. For this reason I will go to Samantpanchak which is known as the northern sacrificial alter of Braahman," Hearing this Yudhishthir and Duryodhan also proceeded towards Samant Panchak. All celestials praised Duryodhan for his this step. This Teerth was on the southern side of Saraswatee. And there on a selected spot the fight between Duryodhan and Bheem started. Both were powerful, both were angry, both were the disciples of Balaraam Jee, both looked like Sun. Duryodhan said to all - "Now you all sit down and see the fight which is about to take place between us." Hearing this all sat down around the fighting spot.

Vaishampaayan said - "Before starting the fight, both said disagreeable words to each other. Hearing this from Sanjaya, Dhritraashtra spoke - "Oh what an end of the man. My son was the king of 11 Akshauhinee army. Many kings were under him, and today he is fighting alone in the battlefield. Who was protecting everyone, now is unprotected. Oh Sanjaya, what it can be but destiny."

Both started fighting with a great vigor. Bheem said to Yudhishthir - "This Duryodhan is not at all competent to fight with me, I will soon kill him, then nobody will trouble us as he has done in past. I will take revenge of every sin he has committed to us." Duryodhan challenged him - "Come and fight with me, don't talk just like that." After fighting for some time they rested a little and started their fight again. Sometimes Bheem seemed to win, and sometimes Duryodhan. But once Bheem struck his Gadaa at Duryodhan with so much force that Duryodhan fell on the ground. But soon he rose and struck Bheem and tore his Kavach (armor)."

Sanjaya further said - "Seeing both fighting Arjun asked Krishn - "Who is superior in your opinion?" Krishn said - "Both have received the same instructions, but Bheem has more power while Duryodhan has more skill and has labored more. If the fight goes fair, Bheem will never win this fight. Asur were defeated by deception only. In the same way Bheem should fulfill his vow with deception. I tell you again, he will not be able to defeat Duryodhan only by his own energy. Once more Yudhishthir has put you in danger, Think, whose all army has been killed, who has been defeated, who has hidden in lake; what kind of man is he who who will challenge only one person in a single combat? For full 13 years he has practiced Gadaa. If Bheem does not play foul, Duryodhan will still be king." Hearing this from Keshav, Arjun beat his own left thigh in front of Bheem. Seeing the sign Bheem started to work upon his mission. He hit his thighs and broke them. As Duryodhan's thighs broke, he fell down on ground. seeing him falling down Paandav got very happy. Siddh, Chaaran and others who came there to witness that fight went back to their places. [9-58]

[9-59] Paandav were very happy to see him falling. Bheem went near him and said - "You have done us great insult at time to time, now you see its result." And he was about to hit his head with his Gadaa putting his foot on his head. Yudhishthir said - "You have fulfilled your vow fairly or unfairly, now you don't crush his head. Do not touch a king or kinsman with your foot. His army is killed, his kinsmen are also killed, his counselors have left, he is fallen, he is our brother, why do you insult the king in such a way?"

With grief and tears in his eyes Yudhishthir proceeded towards Duryodhan and said - "You should not give way to anger or grief. This is all you Karm's result. All your brothers, friends, and sons have died because of your fault, and now you yourself have come to die because of your Karm only. This is all Creator's game that we should injure you and you should injure us. But still you will go to Heaven and we will suffer here as creatures of Hell. Dhritraashtra's sons' and grandsons' wives will curse us." saying thus Yudhishthir started lamenting for him.

[9-60] Dhritraashtra asked Sanjaya - " Seeing Duryodhan fall down, what did Balaraam say?" Sanjaya said - " Balaraam got very angry at Bheem that such an act as Bheem has done, hitting Gadaa below the navel, has never been done before. He has behaved as he has liked." And he rushed towards Bheem but Krishn stopped him taking him into His arms and said to him - "There are six kinds of advancements - one is one's own advancement; second is advancement of one's friend, third is advancement of one's friends' enemies; fourth for the decay of one's enemy; fifth is the decay of one's enemy's friends; sixth is the decay of enemy's friends' friends. When reverse happens to one's own self, then one should understand that one's fall is certain. At that time he should apply for some remedy. Paandav are our friends, they are our father's sister's sons. The accomplish of one's vow is one's duty. Bheem has done the same. Rishi Maitreya has also forecast that Bheem will fulfill his vow. That is why I do not see any fault with Bheem. Our relationship with Paandav is based on blood and birth, so you should not be angry."

Balaraam Jee said - "All good people observe morality. But it is affected by two things - the desire for Profit who desire for it, and the desire for Pleasure who are wedded to it. Whoever follow all three Morality, Pleasure and Profit without afflicting Morality and Profit, Morality and Pleasure and Pleasure and Profit always succeed in getting happiness. Whatever you tell me but Bheem has disturbed the harmony of these three." Krishn said - "You have always been righteous, so calm down and don't be angry. Kali Yug is about to come and remember the vow of Bheem. Take it as the debt repaid for the atrocities done by Duryodhan." Balaraam could not dispel his anger and became cheerful. He said - "Because of slaying Duryodhan unfairly Bheem will always be known as a crooked warrior. Duryodhan was a fair warrior, he will get Swarg." And he ascended his chariot and proceeded towards Dwaarakaa.

Yudhishthir was very sad about all this. on asking by Krishn, he said - "Although we have been suffering through them for a long time, still I still do not approve all this, touching the head with his foot, for Bheem." But Krishn pacified him. Bheem was happy, he said to Yudhishthir - "Now this earth is yours. Rule over it without any problem. Dushaasan, Shakuni, Karn all have been slain." Yudhishthir said - "Yes, all our enemies have been slain by the good counsel of Krishn. You have repaid the debt to your mother. By good luck you are an invincible hero."

Dhritraashtra asked Sanjaya - "After Duryodhan fell, what did Paandav and Srinjaya do?" Sanjaya said - "They all were very happy. Many army warriors praised Bheem, "You have done a very difficult job today - killing Kuru king. By good luck you drank Dushaasan's blood also." When people were saying such words, Krishn asked them not to utter such words. He said - "It is not proper to say such words for a dead man. He met his death because he, in spite of adviced by Bheeshm, Vidur etc did not give Paandav their paternal share of kingdom. Till he was alive he was our enemy, but now he is neither our friend nor our foe. What is the use of abusing a dead person? Ascend your chariots quickly and leave this place.

Duryodhan said - "O Kans' slave's son, Bheem has hit me unfairly on my thigh, on your advice only. Do you think that I did not mark it when Arjun hinted him? It was you only who killed Bheeshm by keeping Shikhandee in front of him. It was you only who killed Drone by telling lie that Ashwatthaamaa has died. What do you think that I do not this? Not only this, the dart Karn got to kill Arjun from Indra, only you rerouted it by bringing Ghatotkach in. Who is more sinful than you? You allowed to kill Karn unfairly when he was trying to free his chariot wheel. You baffled Ashwasen, the son of Takshak, who came to kill Arjun. Even Bhoorishravaa was also killed unfairly. By adopting the most crooked and unrighteous methods you have killed many of our heroes."

Krishn said - "You are killed by your acts only. Even other people, Bheeshm, Drone etc are also killed because of you. You did not give Paandav's share to them. You tried to burn them with their mother at Laakshaa Grih, you cheated in dice game, you insulted Draupadee in front of all elders. In fact you are worthy to be killed. Draupadee was again insulted by Jayadrath while Paandav were away towards Trinbindu's Aashram for hunting. You never listened to anyone, now you bear the fruits of your Karm." Duryodhan said - "I have done all good work in my life. Who else is as fortunate in the world as myself? With all my well wishers and younger brothers I am going to Heaven, you live in this unhappy world." A shower of fragrant flowers fell from the sky. Gandharv sand and Apsaraa danced.

Seeing this Krishn and Paandav were very ashamed to hear Duryodhan's blames. They were indeed sorrow with grief. Still Krishn spoke - "in spite of putting all those great warriors in the front, and by doing your best you could not have won Kaurav in fair war. Even Duryodhan could not be killed in a fair fight. To do good for you I repeatedly applied my powers of illusion to you and that is how you could kill them. If I had not adopted that way, victory could not be yours, nor kingdom, nor wealth. Those four fighters (Bheeshm, Drone, Karn, Duryodhan) were the souls of good warriors, you could never defeat them in a fair war. Even this son of Dhritraashtra could not have been killed even by Yam, though fatigued in war. When foes are stronger than us then some other means have to be adopted. Devtaa have also behave in the same way with Asur in their war. Let us go to our tents and take rest. Do not worry much about all this."


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