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War Day 18: Shalya as Commander-in-Chief-Day-1 (2)
18th day of War - The 1st day under the leadership of Shalya - Shalya is dead
Fall of Shakuni

Sanjaya further said - "After the fall of Shalya, 1,700 Madra chariot warriors proceeded to take revenge of Shalya's killing from Paandav. Although Duryodhan tried his best to stop them still they proceeded towards Paandav army to fight and penetrated them. Seeing Madra's army fighting alone with Paandav, Shakuni asked Duryodhan - "Why is this that this army is fighting alone, we decided that we will all fight together? This doesn't look good that you are standing here and they are being slaughtered." Duryodhan said - "I asked them not to go to fight, but they didn't listen to me." Shakuni said - "It happens in war that in enthusiasm sometimes army doesn't listen to the leader, but we should not behave in this way. Let us go and fight together." In the meantime Paandav army killed the whole Madra army.  Seeing this Kaurav army got scattered away from the battlefield off and on, but Duryodhan continued to inspire them to fight. He even himself also continued to fight.

Thus after the fall of Shalya not only your army, as well as your sons turned away from the field. People started talking among themselves - "Today Yudhishthir has defeated his enemies. Let Dhritraashtra feel the pain what Paandav have been feeling for so many years. Let him remember Vidur words. Why they should not win because they have Arjun with them."

Sanjaya further said - "After the slaughter of Shalya, Shaalv, the king of Mlechchh, filled with rage proceeded towards Paandav's army but was killed by Saatyaki. [Shalya, 20] Then Duryodhan came into field and agitated it. Then Shakuni inspired his army to fight with Paandav army and assured them to fight himself from behind them. Sahadev saw him coming so he proceeded along with son of Draupadee to kill Shakuni. They fought for a while then got separated.

Shakuni  came once again to fight with Paandav, he didn't see Duryodhan, so he asked soldiers about him. They pointed towards him. Shakuni went there and told him about his strategy to win Paandav. He said - "You kill the chariot warriors. Yudhishthir is impossible to fell down unless somebody gives life for him. After that we will kill all other army." Hearing this Kuru army proceeded towards Paandav army. Seeing them coming Arjun said to Krishn - "Duryodhan has not stopped fighting yet, he had been so foolish. Vidur had told me many times that as long Duryodhan is alive, he will not give you your share. What could be done of such a man? I want to finish all his hostilities today. So take my chariot towards Kaurav army." Krishn did so. There Dhrishtdyumn broke Duryodhan's chariot, killed his Saarathee, so he ran away from the battlefield on a horse towards Shakuni. Not seeing Duryodhan in the battlefield Ashwatthaamaa, Kripaa etc asked the people there about Duryodhan. Some told that he was with Shakuni, so all proceeded towards Shakuni to find him.

When Arjun and Bheem have destroyed a lot of Kuru's army, Not seeing Duryodhan in the field, your remaining 11 sons - Durmarshan, Shrutant, Jaitra, Bhoorivaalaa, Ravi, Jayatsen, Sujaat, Durvishah, Durvimochan, Dushpradarsh and Shrutarvan - surrounded Bheem. Bheem killed first Durmarshan, then Shrutant, then Durvimochan, then Dushpradarsh and Sujaat, then Shrutarvan. Then he killed 500 chariot riders, 10,000 foot soldiers, and 800 horse riders.

Sanjaya said - "Now your only two sons remained - Sudarshan and Duryodhan. Krishn said to Arjun - "Now you take care of Duryodhan, All troops of Kaurav are tired. Kripaa, Kritvarmaa and Ashwatthaamaa are elsewhere, let Dhrishtdyumn come here to fight. Bheeshm, Drone, Karn, Shalya and Jayadrath have been slain. Dhritraashtra's other sons have been slain by Bheem. Today Yudhishthir will be free from all his enemies. Duryodhan cannot escape now. Seeing his army killed he will have to come to fight." Hearing this Arjun said to Krishn - "All sons of Dhritraashtra have been killed by Bheem except two. Eventually they will also meet their death. From Kuru's army Bheeshm, Drone, Karn, Shalya Jayadrath have been killed, now remain only 500 elephant riders and 3,000 soldiers; and Shakuni's 500 horse riders and 200 chariot riders. There remain Ashwatthaamaa, Kripaa, Trigart brothers, Ulook, Kritvarmaa and Shakuni. I will kill all of them today. Take my chariot to that side."

Seeing Arjun going towards Duryodhan three warriors proceeded towards Duryodhan, your son Sudarshan against Bheem and Susharmaa and Shakuni against Arjun. Arjun first killed Satyakarm, then Satyeshu, and then Susharmaa. Bheem killed Sudarshan. [Shalya, 27] Sahadev first killed Ulook  and then proceeded to kill Shakuni. Once Shakuni shot an arrow at Sahadev, but Sahadev cut it. Seeing this Kaurav army started to run away from the battlefield, Shakuni also followed them. Sahadev also followed him and said to him - "Come and fight with me like a man ad a warrior. Today I will slay you." Sahadev shot a broad-headed arrow at him which separated Shakuni's head from his trunk. As Shakuni was killed, all your army scattered in fear. [Shalya, 28]

After Shakuni fell, your all army ran away in fear. But on instigating by Duryodhan it came back to fight with Paandav army, but Arjun killed many of them. Duryodhan had 11 Akshauhinee army in the beginning of the war, now he was alone alive only with a few hundred soldiers, so he decided to retreat himself from the battlefield. Dhritraashtra asked Sanjaya - "Tell me O Sanjaya, What was the strength of Paandav's army when our camp became empty?"

Sanjaya said - "2,000 chariots, 700 elephants, 5,000 horses and 10,000 foot soldiers were with Paandav. When Duryodhan didn't see any warrior (except Ashwatthaamaa, Kritvarmaa and Kripaa) on his side, he ran back from the battlefield on foot towards a lake. He said to himself remembering Vidur's words, "He must have foreseen all this". Dhrishtdyumn, seeing me there said to Saatyaki - "What is the use of capturing him, there is no use keeping him alive." He wanted to kill me, that at the same time Vyaas Jee came and asked him not to kill me, so he freed me. When I had come about two miles from there, I saw Duryodhan standing alone carrying his mace. His eyes were full of tears that is why he could not see me. I also felt sad seeing him in this condition. I told him about my release through Vyaas Jee. He asked me about his brothers. I told him that his all brothers had died, his all troops were killed, only three chariot riders were left. Duryodhan said to me - "I do not have any warrior left for fighting, while Paandav still have many allies alive. Tell my father that I have entered the lake, I will rest there. I am well physically." After saying this Duryodhan charmed the waters of lake though the power of his Maayaa (illusion), made space for himself and entered it.

At the same time I saw the three warriors coming there together. They said weeping - "Alas! Duryodhan didn't know that we are still alive and otherwise we could fight his enemies." They wept there for some time then they took me on Kripaa's chariot and came to Kuru's camp. When the troops who were located in the outskirts of the camp, came to know about the destruction of all the army, started crying loudly. The Sun had set a little before. The women started towards the city wailing and weeping. Men who w ere appointed to take care of women also set towards the city along with them. Duryodhan's counselors who were still alive also ran away towards the city. Only Yuyutsu was alive from Kaurav side. He was thinking as what he should do in this situation of emergency. He came to conclusion that he should also enter the city with the permission of Yudhishthir and Vaasudev. Yudhishthir got very pleased with him and dismissed that Vaishya mother's son.

Yuyutsu entered the city with tearful eyes with those grieved ladies. He met Vidur on his way. He asked him - "By your good luck only you are alive among Kuru's sons, but why have you come without Duryodhan?" He said - "After all the Kaurav army was killed and Shakuni was killed, Duryodhan ran away from the battlefield towards the east. Seeing him running away all others also ran away from the battlefield. I came here protecting all with the permission of Yudhishthir." Vidur admired his action and asked him to take rest on that day there and go to Yudhishthir the next day. Yuyutsu passed that night in his own house."

Dhritraashtra asked Sanjaya - "What did my people, three warriors and Duryodhan, do?" Sanjaya said - "The three warriors unable to stay in battlefield, came up to lake in search of Duryodhan. Meanwhile Yudhishthir also searched for Duryodhan. Although they looked for him carefully still they could not find him. Duryodhan with his power of Maayaa (illusion) solidified the waters of the lake. Then Paandav returned to their camp. After Paandav have left for their camp, the trio came to the lake slowly and said to Duryodhan - "Arise Duryodhan and fight with your enemy along with us." Duryodhan said - "Let us take some rest then we will fight with them and conquer them. This is not the time to show our powers so let me rest for this night then I will join you in fight tomorrow." Ashwatthaamaa was still certain to conquer Paandav.

As they were talking, some hunters came there carrying meat with the intention of drinking water. They used to bring meat for Bheem everyday. Since they were tired, they sat down there for a while and heard every word of their conversation. They could make out that Duryodhan was hiding in that lake. Only a little while before Paandav had asked them the whereabouts of Duryodhan. So they decided to inform about him to them and get lots of wealth in return of that. Paandav were taking rest in their camp but they had already sent their spies in search of him. Although forbidden, the hunters still entered the camp and told Bheem what they heard and saw. Bheem got very pleased to hear that and gave them lots of wealth. He told this to Yudhishthir. Arjun immediately got ready with Janaardan and all of them with their army proceeded towards Dwaipaayan lake.

Kripaa, Ashwatthaamaa and Kritvarmaa heard the great noise of horses etc coming to them so they said to Duryodhan - "Paandav are coming, we are leaving, take care of yourself." "OK" Duryodhan said. All the three came far from that site and near a banyan tree and took rest under it thinking as how the battle will take place between them."


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