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War Day 18: Shalya as Commander-in-Chief-Day-1 (4)
18th day of War - The 1st day under the leadership of Shalya - Shalya, Shakuni and Duryodhan all are dead
Krishn Goes to Dhritraashtra

[9-62] All were going towards their tents blowing their conchs. Paandav were also going to their tents. Yuyutsu, Saatyaki, Dhrishtdyumn, Draupadee's five sons, Shikhandee etc all followed them. They came to Duryodhan's tent. Keshav asked Arjun to dismount his Gaandeev and two inexhaustible quivers and then get down from the chariot. Arjun did so, then Krishn also got down from the chariot. As Krishn got down from the chariot, Hanumaan also disappeared from his banner. The top of the vehicle which was burnt down by Drone and Karn quickly reduced to ashes without visible fire. Even his chariot along with horses also reduced to ashes.

Seeing this all got surprised. Arjun asked Keshav - "Why my chariot is reduced to ashes?" Krishn said - "In fact this chariot has already been consumed by many kinds of celestial weapons, but it did not fell down because I was sitting on it. It has already been consumed by Brahm Astra, but since now I have abandoned it, it is reduced to ashes. I abandoned it because you have already achieved your objective." Then He said to Yudhishthir - "Fortunately, you have won the battle and now you are safe, so do it quickly whatever you have to do. When I came to Upaplavya, you said to me - "This Dhananjaya is your brother and friend, protect him from all dangers." And I said. "So be it." And now Arjun is protected, and victory is also yours." Yudhishthir said - "Who else could save him except you from Brahm Astra of Drone and Karn? Sansaptak were killed only by your grace. When I was in Upaplavya, Krishn Dwaipaayan said to me that wherever Krishn is victory is there."

They took innumerable wealth from your military chest and slaves from there. Paandav and Saatyaki rested a while there itself. Krishn advised them to stay out of the camp for that night for safety sake. So they came to the banks of Oghaavatee River and stayed there for that night. They sent Krishn to Dhritraashtra to comfort him, so Krishn came to Hastinaapur. They especially asked Him to comfort Gaandhaaree as she had lost all her sons in this war.

Janamejaya asked - "Why did Yudhishthir send Keshav to Gaandhaaree? He already went there and failed to achieve His objective, that is why this battle took place. Then why did He go to Hastinaapur again? I think there should be some solid reason to go there. Tell me that." Vaishampaayan said - "You are right. In fact, seeing Duryodhan killed by Bheem by unfair means, Yudhishthir feared that Gaandhaaree had powers and she could do anything with that power. By sending Krishn first there he wanted to comfort her before he himself arrived in Hastinaapur. In grief, in anger she could reduce Paandav to ashes. How could she resist herself after she had heard that her son was killed unfairly by them, while he was fighting always fairly. Yudhishthir said to Vaasudev - "Because of you only Arjun is alive today. Because of you only we have got our kingdom. Now you act in this way that all this effort doesn't go waste. Hearing the death of her sons and grandsons, she will definitely burn us to ashes. At this time who else can pacify her except you?"

Thus Krishn came to Hastinaapur and then to Dhritraashtra. Vyaas Jee was already sitting there before He arrived. He touched the feet of Vyaas Jee and Dhritraashtra and quietly saluted Gaandhaaree. Then He took the hand of Dhritraashtra and wept for a while. Then He washed His eyes and His face according to rules, and said - "Nothing is unknown to you, past and future. Paandav, because of your regard, have done their best to prevent the destruction of Kuru race. They have been living peacefully. They even went to exile after the defeat of unfair dice. On the eve of the battle, I myself came and begged you for five villages in front of all. Affected by Kaal (Time) you did not agree with me. Only through your fault all Kshatriya have been killed. BheeshmSomdattBaahleekKripaaDrone and his son Ashwatthaamaa, and Vidur always asked you for peace. But you did not listen to their advice. Perhaps everybody was under the spell of Kaal. Destiny is supreme. Please do not blame Paandav for all this. Whatever depends on children, yours will depend on Paandav only. You know that how much they love you. I bow to you, have good feeling about them. Because of this slaughter Yudhishthir is burning day and night. Because of shame he is not finding courage to come to you that you must be grieving for your children."

After having said this to Dhritraashtra, Krishn said to Gaandhaaree - "you are a good woman. The words you spoke in my presence in the court, were very righteous and were beneficial to both parties, but your sons did not obey you. You said, "Victory is there where righteousness is". Your words have come true now. Remembering these words, do not grieve so much. Do not think about the destruction of Paandav. We know that with the power of your Tap you are able to burn everything with a sight of an eye." Gaandhaaree said - "You are right. Before I was grieved but now after you have talked to me, I am stable. Now the old king has become the child and Paandav have become his refuge." And she began to weep loudly covering her face with a cloth.

After comforting Dhritraashtra and Gaandhaaree, Krishn came to know (by intuition) about the mischief planned by Ashwatthaamaa. So He worshipped Vyaas' feet by bowing His head and said - "I take leave now, do not be so grieved. Ashwatthaamaa is planning some evil thing. It seems that he is planning to kill Paandav this night." Both Gaandhaaree and Dhritraashtra said to Krishn - "O Keshav, Please go soon and protect them. Let us meet soon." After Krishn left Vyaas consoled Dhritraashtra.

Dhritraashtra said - "When Paandav have felled him, what did he say? He had a deep rooted jealousy with Paandav from the childhood." Sanjaya said - "When Paandav etc had gone leaving Duryodhan in the field with his thigh broken, Duryodhan got very angry. He looked at me in a great fury and started condemning Yudhishthir. He said - "It is so sad, that I who had so many great people, like Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa, Karn, Ashwatthaamaa, Shakuni, Shalya, Kritvarmaa on my side has come to this situation. Indeed Kaal is irresistible. I had 11 Akshauhinee army, still I am lying here like this. No one can rise superior to Kaal. Tell all those of my side who have escaped, that I have been struck down by Bheem in contravening the rules of fair fight. Paandav did many unfair acts towards Bheeshm, Drone, Bhoorishravaa, Karn, this another infamous act towards unfair war. Which learned man can rejoice of such an unfair victory? only that wretched Bheem. He touched my head with his foot while my thighs were broken. Tell my parents that there is nobody else more fortunate than me. I have done many good deeds. I will follow Bheeshm, Drone, Karn, Shakuni, Bhagadatt. Alas, How my old parents and my sister will live after us? It is only after my death that my swelling property will go to other's hands. I am dying as a Kshatriya. I have not been defeated, except that I have done some base acts like, killing of a person who is asleep, or killing a person giving him poison. Tell Kripaa, Ashwatthaamaa and Kritvarmaa that "they should never trust Paandav who have violated rules of war"." After saying this he cast his glance all around. Messengers of Ashwatthaamaa told him everything hat happened in the battlefield. So the three thought for some time, then rushed to Duryodhan.

They came there and found him lying in agony, smeared with blood. surrounded by many terrible creatures. They ran towards him. They found him lying on the ground. They sat on the ground around him. At last Ashwatthaamaa spoke - "Seeing lying on this bare ground it seems that nothing is certain in this world. You were the king of the whole Earth, and now you are lying here like this. Where your all things have gone?" Duryodhan wiped his tearful eyes and said - "This is Yam's rule that one has to go after one has lived his life. That day has come now for me. By my good luck, I was killed by people who adopted unfair means to win. Nobody should grieve for me. I am not ignorant of the glory of Krishn. He has not caused my fall from Kshatriya Dharm. I have obtained Him." After having said this his eyes filled with tears. Ashwatthaamaa trembling with fury squeezed Duryodhan's hand and said - "My father was also killed by the hands of those wretched people. I am not going to leave them. Today I will kill all Paanchaal in front of that Vaasudev. O King, please give me permission."

Duryodhan said to Kripaachaarya - "Please bring me a pot of water soon." Kripaachaarya immediately brought a pot of water to him. He then asked him to appoint Ashwatthaamaa as the Chief Commander-in-Chief of his army. Ashwatthaamaa left the place.

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