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War Day 14: Drone as Commander-in-Chief-Day 4 (1)
14th day of War - The 4th day under the leadership of Drone,
Arjun Sets to Kill Jayadrath

[7-82] Yudhishthir awoke the next morning with the sweet sounds of various kinds of instruments, dances and songs. After doing his absolute necessary acts 108 servants appeared before with jars filled up to the brim. Then the King took bath with several kinds of water fragrant with sandalwood and purified with mantra. Then he wrapped a white cloth around his head to soak water from his head. His body was smeared with sandal-paste, adorned with flower garland, and dressed in clean robes. Facing towards east he then said his prayers. Then he entered a chamber where sacred fire was burning. He did some Havan and came out of the chamber. Then he came to a place where a thousand Braahman were waiting for him and another 8,000 beside them. He presented them honey, clarified butter, a fruit, a gold coin (Nishk), 100 horses adorned with ornaments, costly clothes, cows which gave milk whenever touched, along with calves whose horns were covered with gold plates. Then Yudhishthir himself put on the ornaments. 

The then a servant informed him that Krishn was coming to see him. Yudhishthir welcomed Him and worshipped Him. Then other warriors also came to see him. All sat down on their seats. Krishn and Saatyaki sat on the same seat. Yudhishthir said to Krishn - "Hey Krishn, We depend on you. You do the same by which Arjun's vow can be fulfilled." Krishn said - "There is no archer like Arjun in Trilok, so he will slay your enemies without any doubt. As regards to myself I will also do the same by which Arjun can fulfill his vow. Even if all Devtaa come to Jayadrath's protection, they will not be able to save him today."

When they were talking like this Arjun came there. He looked exceptionally happy and cheerful. When he told about his dream everybody was sure that Arjun will surely be successful today. Then all left the place. Krishn came to stables and got Arjun's chariot ready for war. He brought it to Arjun and asked him to hurry. Arjun put on his golden armor. It was a gift from Indra and it could defy even a thousand arrows at the same time. He rode on his golden chariot with white horses and proceeded towards the field. He said to Saatyaki - "Saatyaki, In the excitement of killing Jayadrath, we should not forget Drone's promise to capture Yudhishthir. I have great faith in you, so please take care of him as I should have taken. We have to achieve two things today - killing of Jayadrath and guarding of Yudhishthir."

Dhritraashtra asked Sanjaya - "What happened after Abhimanyu had been killed? When Krishn came from Upaplavya, I said to wicked Duryodhan to take the backing of Vaasudev and make peace with Paandav, you will never be win Paandav, but he set Him aside. And by doing this he embraced calamities. I still have some people whom Paandav can obey. Even Krishn will never leave the path of righteousness and Paandav obey Him. I said all these things to my son but he didn't listen to me. Who can fight Paandav with whom Vishnu Himself is there, except Duryodhan, Karn, Shakuni and Dushaasan. Tell me what did both armies do then?"

Sanjaya said - "I will tell you everything because I have seen everything. In fact it is your fault. There is no use to build wall after the water has overflowed, so you do not grieve. If you have stopped Yudhishthir or your sons to play the game this situation has never been arisen. Or you should have stopped Duryodhan before commencing the war. Or you should have acted like a good father to teach him the path of righteousness. Being a good father how could you follow the advice of Karn, Shakuni and Duryodhan? Either Paandav will snatch your kingdom, or make you the ruler after slaying your sons - both situations are bitter for you.

In the morning, in the Kaurav army, Drone was moving here and there. People were shouting "Where is Arjun?", "Where is Govind?". "Where is that proud Bheem?". He went to Jayadrath and said - "You should not worry at all. All the great warriors are there to protect you. You yourself, Bhoorishravaa, Karn, Ashwatthaamaa, Shalya, Vrishsen and Kripaa with a 100,000 horses, 60,000 chariots, 14,000 elephants and 21,000 foot soldiers will be there behind me at the distance of 12 miles. Not even Devtaa can reach you there, leave alone Arjun." Hearing this he went away where Drone had placed him. His horses were very good. He had 7,000 such horses and 3,000 of other breed with him. Your son Durmarshan was at the head of the army with 1,500 elephants. Dushaasan and Vikarn were also there. This Vyooh was full 48 miles long and the width of its rear was 20 miles. [Drone, 87]

After the Rudra hour set in, Arjun made his appearance in the battlefield. Durmarshan alone was ready to fight with Arjun. Arjun and Krishn blew there their conchs. Arjun said to Krishn - "Take me where Durmarshan is." Krishn proceeded towards Durmarshan. Both were fighting bravely. Arjun was destroying Kaurav army at a very fast rate. His arrows were so fast that their flight was not possible to follow by eyes. Durmarshan had to run away from the field. Then Dushaasan came with his elephant army. Arjun routed his army too within short time, so he also had to leave the field. He entered the second Vyuooh, the Shakat Vyooh, seeking refuge in Drone. Arjun followed him, thus he also had passed the first Vyooh.

Now he reached the outskirts of Chakra Vyooh, the second Vyooh. It was guarded by Drone himself. He greeted him and said - "Wish me well, O Guru, I wish to enter this Vyooh by your grace. You are like my father, or even Yudhishthir or even Krishn. As Ashwatthaamaa is protected by you, I also deserve protection by you.

I wish to slay Jayadrath, see that my vow is completed. Drone said smiling - "You cannot enter this Vyooh without defeating me." Then Arjun showered arrows on his Guru.

The war was always hateful for Arjun whenever he used to to fight with such people. First was his grandfather and now it was his Guru. Both were determined in their missions so both were fighting at their best. Arjun cut the bow of Drone, hurt his horses and charioteer. The fight went on for a long time. Nobody's defeat was in sight. Krishn watched this for a while then He said to Arjun - "You are wasting your time. Abandon this man and enter the Vyooh." Arjun said - "You are right." So Krishn drove the chariot keeping Drone to their right. Drone said - "Arjun, You can't stop fighting until you defeat your foe." Arjun said, "You are my Guru, not my foe. I am your disciple so I am like your son. Nobody in the world can defeat you." And Arjun quickly proceeded to Kaurav army. Yudhaamanyu and Uttamaujaa also followed him as his protectors. Ever since the war began these brothers were always with him. 

Arjun met several warriors on his way. Kritvarmaa was one of them. Drone and others also followed him. Arjun had to fight with all of them. Krishn again thought that it was a waste of time so He said to Arjun - "Do not think about your relationship with Kritvarmaa, kill him."   but Arjun proceeded forward fighting with all of them. Arjun knew that he was one of the six people who killed his son. So he made him faint and proceeded forward. Then he met Shrutaayudh. He was Varun's son and he had a mace given by him. He was invincible until that mace was in his hand, but if he aimed that mace at a man who was weaponless, the mace will bounce back to the person who sent it. Shrutaayudh was using this mace in the fight with Arjun. Then he forgot its characteristic and he used it at Krishn. Krishn took it on His shoulders. It didn't hurt Him, but it bounced back and hit Shrutaayudh himself, because Krishn was weaponless. It was the mace's characteristic that it would bounce back to the attacker himself if it was thrown on a weaponless person. Thus in a moment he dropped down dead. Arjun killed several others (Sudakshinaa etc) and entered the second Vyooh.

Drone Puts Naarayan Kavach on Duryodhan
[Drone, 93]

[7-93] Duryodhan got worried seeing this, he reported this to Drone. He was worried about his brother-in-law. He said - "I was thinking that you could defy Arjun but now I am thinking that whatever precautions you took have already been proved useless, You are devoted to the welfare of Paandav. I stopped Jayadrath only believing your words, but now I think that I have stopped him only to offer him as a sacrifice to the god of death. Please protect him. Stop Arjun."

Drone said - "You are right, You are as dear to me as Ashwatthaamaa. Krishn is the foremost charioteer, He took Arjun's chariot within a very small space. Act now as I say. But I took another responsibility too - to bring Yudhishthir to you. Why don't you go and fight with Arjun? Do not fear, go and fight with him." Duryodhan said - "Are you making a mockery of me? When you have not been able to stop him, how can I stop him? He killed many of my great warriors and you could not do anything, how could I do it? Please protect us."

Drone said - "You are like my son Ashwatthaamaa. I can make you able to defy Arjun. Let Vaasudev see your fight with Arjun. Today you can fight with anybody. Not even Vaasuden, or Arjun or anybody can pierce this armor. I will bind you in such an armor which is impenetrable. It is presided by Brahmaa Jee. Then you can fight with him." So he covered the body of the king with that armor. It was the same armor Shiv gave to Indra to be protected during the fight with Vritraasur. Then Indra gave that armor to Angiraa, then Angiraa gave to his son Brihaspati, Then Brihaspati imparted that knowledge to Agniveshya, and Agniveshya imparted it to me and with armor I protect you. Its joints are tied with the string of Brahm. As Brahmaa put it on Vishnu, as Brahmaa put it on Indra to fight with Taarakaasur, I put it on you." Duryodhan was happy and Drone sent him in the heart of the Vyooh to fight with Arjun. Arjun was entering the heart of the Vyooh so Duryodhan followed him.

Paarth was fighting with Kaurav army which he destroyed in large number. Jayadrath was still in the back protected by Karn and Drone. Originated by you, nurtured by Karn, and kept up by your sons, Paandav's anger was swallowing Kaurav army like anything. Once Drone shot a fatal arrow at Dhrishtdyumn but Saatyaki cut it and saved Dhrishtdyumn. But Drone attacked him again. Even Devtaa and Siddh etc also came to this fight. Saatyaki cut Drone's bow several times. Then both took celestial weapons out but both weapons got fruitless.

Arjun Quenches His Horses Thirst
[Drone, 98]

The Sun was slowly going towards west. Arjun's chariot's horses got tired They were not able to pull the chariot as fast as they were pulling before. Seeing this Vind and Anuvind came to harass Arjun, Krishn and their horses. Arjun was hard pressed for time, he could not afford to have a duel fight with them so he killed them. Arjun asked Krishn to give some rest to his horses. Krishn also felt the same way, but how to go about it? Arjun suggested that he would fight on foot and Krishn will take care of horses. As he was standing with his Gaandeev, Kaurav thought that this was the proper time to attack him, so they attacked him together in the way they did Abhimanyu.

At the same time Krishn came to tell Arjun that there was no water to quench the thirst of the horses, When He saw Arjun fighting with several warriors single-handed, He reminded them about the rules of the war, but Duryodhan said - "This is not my rule." still they all were  defeated by Arjun.

Arjun laughed hearing Krishn and shot an arrow into the ground invoking Varun and there appeared a beautiful lake of sweet clear water. It was surrounded by Arjun's arrows. It had swans swimming in that lake and a beautiful lotus flower of finest species. The people around there were amazed to see this feat of Arjun. Naarad also came there to have a look of this wonder created in a moment. Krishn was extremely pleased with Arjun's presence of mind. Krishn was making horses to drink water, Arjun was fighting on foot with cool mind. Kaurav were watching all this in great admiration. The way Krishn was tending horses was also admirable. He had a sweet bewitching smile on His face all the time. When He brought the chariot to Arjun, quite some time had passed. It seemed to Kaurav that they were not worried about time being wasted for reviving the horses, but for Krishn and Arjun it was necessary.

Arjun ascended his chariot and proceeded towards Jayadrath. Kaurav army got very disappointed that just in front of their eyes Arjun and Krishn escaped. The way they escaped, they thought that Jayadrath was dead today. Arjun reached at the end of the Chakra Vyooh. Now they had to enter the last Vyooh. Kaurav were in the impression that Arjun would not be able to cross these two Vyooh, but he did it and was now about to enter the third one. Kaurav got desperate to see this so they again attacked him, but Arjun didn't care for anything and his chariot was proceeding very fast. He had passed Drone; he had passed Kritvarmaa; he was now almost at the end of his journey. Arjun was not hopeful to kill Jayadrath because he could not see Jayadrath, so he said to Krishn - "These people have placed him with six warriors. Once I see him, nobody can save him from me." At the same time they could see him. They filled with joy.

Seeing this Duryodhan came forward to protect Jayadrath, Krishn warned Arjun about Duryodhan. He said - "He is desperate now, a desperate person fights ten times more intensely than his ordinary power. Maybe he might ask you a duel. He has never met you in a duel before. Let him see what does it mean to oppose Arjun. Kill him today." Duryodhan challenged him so Arjun and Krishn proceeded towards him. Seeing this I exclaimed - "Oh, The king is slain today."

Duryodhan said to Arjun - "Come Arjun, I have heard that you have several Astra in your quiver, let me see some of them. Try and fight with me now." And he attacked Arjun and Krishn fiercely. He pierced Krishn's chest and cut His whip. Arjun sent several arrows which were like snakes, but they were all powerless against Duryodhan.  Krishn instigated Arjun - "It seems that either Duryodhan is a better fighter, or your Gaandeev has lost its power. The Sun is proceeding towards west fast. Jayadrath seems lucky. Duryodhan seems too good for you."

Arjun said - "In spite of knowing everything, why do you taunt me? It seems that Aachaarya has put an armor on his body which is making my all arrows useless. Only Drone knows about this armor, but I have also learned this armor from him. Indeed it is a very powerful armor. No one can hurt him who wears it but Duryodhan doesn't know about this armor as what it can do. He is wearing it like a woman. Now you see the power of my Gaandeev. The chief of celestials gave this to Angiraa, then Angiraa gave it to  Brihaspati, Brihaspati gave it to Indra And the chief of celestials once again gave it to me. Even if this armor is Divine created by Brahmaa, still he will not escape from me." Then Arjun invoked his Maanav Astra and was about to send it at Duryodhan, that Ashwatthaamaa who was watching it from a distance, he broke his Astra into two. Arjun whispered - "Now this Astra cannot be used again. If it were, it would kill the same person who invoked it." So he sent a shaft then another and then another at Duryodhan's palms through his fingers. Krishn blew His conch, hearing that sound Kaurav army got frightened. Duryodhan could fight no more and ran away from the field.

Now only very short time was left. Krishn was in a fix because a whole crowd of chariots and warriors surrounded their chariot. They were still two miles away from Jayadrath and their chariot was stuck there because of crowd. Krishn said to Arjun - "You make a sound from your Gaandeev as loudly as you can and I blow my conch, that should frighten these people and we can then escape from this crowd." This sound indeed frightened the protectors of Jayadrath. So Bhoorishravaa, Shal, Karn, Vrishsen, Jayadrath, Kripaa, Shalya, and Ashwatthaamaa all the eight attacked Arjun together. This fight was terrible. Ashwatthaamaa's arrows were returned to him tenfold. Both were fighting desperately. Arjun wounded all of them.


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