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War Day 13: Drone as Commander-in-Chief-Day 3 (3)
13th day of War - The 3rd day continues under the leadership of Drone,
Krishn's Preparation for Next Day

In the other tent, Arjun was awake. He couldn't sleep. He was pondering on Krishn's words, "You should not have taken this oath without consulting me." He was hoping that he could kill Jayadrath. He recollected the Mantra given by Vyaas Jee and he fell sleep. But he saw a dream - Krishn was there. He never missed an occasion when he missed to rise up and take a few steps forward to welcome Him. So he forwarded to welcomed Him and offered Him a seat, but He didn't seem to care for seat, although He took His seat. He said - "Do not worry Arjun. You should not worry at all when I am with you. Do not grieve because a grieved person forsakes all efforts, gladdens the enemy, and he himself becomes weak."

Arjun said - "Krishn, I have taken a serious oath to kill Jayadrath before sunset of tomorrow. Their army is still much larger to win. Besides the Sun sets early nowadays. If I am not able to do it then...? The world will laugh at me. Will I be able to fulfill my oath?" Krishn touched the water and sat facing East and said to Paarth - "Do you remember your indestructible supreme Paashupat Astra which you got from Shiv? If not, then remember Mahaadev, you are his devotee. Through his grace you will remember it. You must use it to kill Jayadrath."

Hearing this Arjun touched the pure water with his hand and meditated on Shankar. He found himself flying in the sky with Krishn. His hand was in Krishn's hand and they were flying in the space together. They saw the Mandaraachal mountain and finally they came to silvery snow. There they saw Shankar sitting with Paarvatee and other creatures. They fell at his feet and preyed him. Seeing Nar and Naaraayan Shankar said - "What is your desire, ask for it, I will grant it." He looked down at Shiv's feet, he saw the offerings made to Krishn every night lying there near Shiv's feet. Arjun bowed his head to both of them and said to Shankar Jee - "I want the Paashupat Astra." Shankar Jee said - "There is a lake of nectar, not far from this place. My own bow and arrow are placed there. I had used them to kill Asur. Bring that bow and arrow, O Krishn."

Both Arjun and Krishn said "So be it". They, accompanied with all of his attendants went to that lake which was full of wonders. There they saw a deadly snake. There was another one too which was spitting fire. It had 1,000 heads. They chanted the hundred stanzas of Ved to praise Rudra. The snakes changed their forms and turned into a bow and an arrow. Arjun and Krishn took them and came back to Shankar.

Shankar smiled and then they saw a Brahmchaaree appearing from one side of his body. He had red eyes and blue-black hair. He took up the bow and arrow and taught Arjun to use it, its incantations etc. The Brahmchaaree then threw the bow and arrow in the same lake. Then Arjun remembered the encounter with Kiraat on Indrakilaa mountain and the Darshan of Shankar and Paarvatee Jee and his Var. Thus he got Paashupat Astra once more from Shiv Jee. With great gratitude Arjun and Krishn came back to their camp.


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