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War Day 9: Bheeshm as Commander-in-Chief-Day-9
9th day of War: 9th day under the leadership of Bheeshm.

According to Mahabharata Serial shown on TV

The 9th day of War: 9th day under the leadership of Bheeshm

One by one days were passing by, people continued to be killed, and the war also continued. Sometimes Kaurav seemed winning, sometimes Paandav. At the end of the 9th day Gaandhaaree remained the mother of only 76 sons.

Today everybody in Paandav's camp is worried that until Bheeshm is alive, this war cannot be won. Krishn suggested that Yudhishthir should go to his tent, and bring the blessings of victory, because now he is the only one who can make his blessings true. And he should take along Paarth too.

So according to Krishn's suggestion, all Paandav went to Bheeshm's tent in the night and greeted him. Bheeshm again blessed him for their victory. At this Yudhishthir said - "We cannot take your this blessing, because you are standing in between us and our victory. That is why Vaasudev told us that the blessing you gave us on the first day of the war, should be returned to you. So we have come to return your blessings."

Bheeshm said - "I cannot take my given thing back, but I can tell you the way to your victory. Nobody can win me in fight, not even Indra. But if any woman comes to face me in fight, I will not take up my weapons." Yudhishthir got more worried hearing this, he said - "But Pitaamah, How can a woman come in the battlefield? This is opposite to Kshatriya's Dharm. Where from I can bring a woman to fight with you?" Bheeshm said - "Whatever Vaasudev said to you, I have replied to that, now you ask more about this only from Him. I am very tired today. You may go to your camp, I also want to retire." And they came back to their camp.

When Paandav came back to their camp and told this to Draupadee, she said - "I will go to fight with Pitaamaha." But Krishn stopped her doing so and suggested the name of Shikhandee. Yudhishthir said surprisingly - "But he is not a woman." Krishn said - "Bheeshm recognizes Shikhandee as Kaashee's princess Ambaa. Although this is true that Bheeshm didn't insult her at all, but Ambaa felt it and she has been burning in this fire since then and waiting for this day for a long time. And continued to take birth only to take this revenge that only she will be the cause of Bheeshm's death. She is fulfilling her wish in this life."

Bheeshm thought, "Now the time has come to pay the debt of Ambaa." He saw his mother Gangaa cleaning a piece of land. He asked her - "What are you doing here, Maa?" Gangaa said - "Putra, I am cleaning this piece of land, because tomorrow you are going to lie down here. You have done enough, you are very tired, now you take rest. You have your right on this rest."


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