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War Day 14: Drone as Commander-in-Chief-Day 4 (3)
14th day of War - The 4th day continues under the leadership of Drone,
Karn and Bheem

Then Karn proceeded towards Bheem. Bheem wanted to avoid him, but Karn wouldn't let him go. So Bheem fought seriously, he wanted to kill him. He broke his chariot, cut his bow, killed his Saarathee and pierced his chest. Afflicted with all this Karn rode on another chariot."

Dhritraashtra said - "Bheem is very powerful. He has defeated Karn several times." Sanjaya said - "Duryodhan was watching them, so he sent Durjaya to kill beardless Bheem. But Bheem killed him soon." Dhritraashtra said - "Destiny is all powerful, Fie on exertion as Karn was doing. Duryodhan used to admire Karn very much but see this Karn. My son Durmukh was killed in vain. Even Ashwatthaamaa and Shalya and Kripaa united together could not face Bheem. O Soot, My sons' lives are in danger." Sanjaya said - You are at the root of this war. Seeing the condition of Karn your five sons - Durmarshan, Dusaha, Durmad, Durdhar, and Jaya could not bear and rant towards Bheem but Bheem killed all within no time. His armor was also about to wear out. So Karn got away from there, Seeing Bheem defeating Karn your five sons - Durmarshan, Dusah, Durmad, Durdhar and Jaya, rushed to kill Bheem but Bheem killed all of them very soon. Karn was horrified to see Duryodhan's brother's killing by Bheem just because he was for his aid. But he was not able to do anything. Bheem remembered all events and vows and started fighting with great fury.

Karn came back to fight with Bheem. Bheem again broke his armor. Duryodhan again sent six of his brothers - Chitra, Upchitra, Chaaruchitra, Sharaasan, Chitraayudh, Chitravarmaa, but Bheem killed all of them with a single arrow (Drone Parv, Ch 135). Karn again rushed towards Bheem, But Bheem again tore his armor. Seeing Karn in trouble Duryodhan sent his seven brothers to rescue Karn. They afflicted Bheem as seven planets afflict Moon at the time of Universal dissolution. Bheem shot seven arrows and all of them were killed. They were - Shatrunjaya, Shatrusaha, Chitra, Chitraayudh, Dridh, Chitrasen, and Vikarn (Drone Parv, Ch 136). Bheem was sorry to kill Vikarn because he loved Vikarn. He was the only one righteous man among all the brothers. But he had to kill him because he took the oath to kill all the sons of Dhritraashtra. Seeing his 31 brothers, Duryodhan now remembered Vidur's words, but he was unable to do what he should have done. He remembered all what he had said to Paandav and Draupadee at time to time. He was now lamenting for his brothers. You are also sad but could not agree with Vidur on peace matter. That is why you are also suffering with the fruits of your actions. You are the cause of destruction of your own sons, so do not grieve."

Dhritraashtra said - "I think so that this all is the result of my evil policy. But what measures should I take now? Tell me more about the result of my evil policy." Sanjaya said - "The fight again resumed between Bheem and Karn. The fight was fierce, both were breaking each others weapons and killing Saarathee etc. Once Bheem wanted to kill Karn, but then he remembered the vow of his brother Arjun. In the same way Karn also wanted to kill Bheem but then he remembered his promise to his mother Kuntee that he wouldn't kill her any other son except Arjun, so he decided to let him go unharmed. He came to him, touched him with the tip of his bow. As he touched Bheem with his bow, Bheem snatched his bow and struck him with the same bow. Karn smilingly said - "You are a fool. Don't ever try to fight with great warriors like me without proper weapons. You stay in the kitchen or in Van living on fruits and roots. You should not be in battle field. You are still a child. Go home, my child." Krishn saw this and He instigated Arjun that how Karn defeated his brother and now he was taunting him. Arjun shot many arrows at Karn, and pushed Karn back from there. Then Arjun returned to the place where Jayadrath was guarded. Bheem got into the chariot of Saatyaki and proceeded towards Arjun.

Bhoorishravaa Vadh

Dhritraashtra got very sad hearing this, he said - "It seems that Jayadrath is already dead today. Tell me Sanjaya, what happened next." Sanjaya said - "Saatyaki had managed to get in front. On the way he killed Alambooshaa king, Krishn was the first to spot him, He showed him to Arjun and said - "See, Your disciple and friend Saatyaki has come up to here after baffling Drone and Kritvarmaa." Arjun was surprised to see him there, his thought immediately flew to Yudhishthir. He said to Krishn - "I don't like his coming here, because I am not confident of the security of Yudhishthir there without him. Bhoorishravaa is proceeding against Saatyaki, so I should protect Saatyaki, as well as kill Jayadrath. Saatyaki is tired while Bhoorishravaa is not. I don't know why Yudhishthir allowed him to come here. I am now doubtful of his safety." Krishn said - "Yudhishthir must have sent Saatyaki and Bheem to know about your welfare. But whatever the reason, I am happy to see him here."

At the same time Arjun saw Bhoorishravaa challenging Saatyaki. Bhoorishravaa said to Saatyaki - "I have been longing to fight with you for a long time. I have not forgotten the insult done by your grandfather Sinee to my father. (see "Saatyaki and Bhoorishravaa) Get ready for fight." Saatyaki said - "Don't be too sure of yourself. Don't waste time, let us fight." The fight started. Bhoorishravaa was a great fighter and a devotee too at the same time. He respected everyone on either side. Each killed other's horses and then Saarathee, so now both were without chariots. Krishn was watching them. Saatyaki was at his lowest profile. He did not like this fight because there was no match between them. In the meantime Bhoorishravaa hit Saatyaki and Saatyaki fell down and got unconscious . Bhoorishravaa came to Saatyaki, taking Saatyaki's hair in his left hand he placed his foot on his chest.

Seeing this Krishn said to Arjun - "Bhoorishravaa is not doing a right thing. It is time for you to interfere. Do something to prevent this insult to your friend." Arjun said - "He is just dragging him by hair, he is not killing him. Bhoorishravaa is a fair fighter. He had to this because of his enmity. Since he has done whatever he wanted to do, he will leave him. He will not kill him." The then he saw Bhoorishravaa pulling out his sword to cut Saatyaki's throat, he said to Krishn - "Although I do not want to interfere in anybody's duel but it seems I will have to interfere in this for my friend." He shot an arrow in Bhoorishravaa's right hand which was holding the sword up. It cut it.

Bhoorishravaa got very angry at this, he said to Arjun - "You have not done right thing today. You have attacked a man who was not in fighting with you, and was not prepared for your attack. You know the war rules better than anyone here, then why did you cut my arm? I am sure that it was not done by you yourself, your charioteer must have advised you for this. Vrishni and Andhak are bad Kashatriya." Arjun got very sad at this, he said - "Please don't blame Krishn for this. He is my Swaamee. I waited for long not to interfere, but then I found that the fight was not fair and you were trying to kill him. You attacked Saatyaki knowingly well that he was not in a condition to fight, I could have cut your head for your this act. And you are talking me about Dharm? Where were you when my Abhimanyu, who was weaponless, chariotless, defenseless, and was killed cruelly by six warriors together? Did you say that it was unfair?"

Nobody spoke a word. Arjun further said - "I am sorry that I had to do this to one of the noblest and great fighters of the Kuru Family. I don't blame me for your this condition, but I curse Duryodhan for the sin of making you reach this end." Bhoorisharavaa bent his head. He didn't want to live any more, so he spread Kush grass and prepared to leave this world. All started condemning Arjun and praising Bhoorishravaa, but Bhoorishravaa did not feel any joy of his praise. Hearing all this Arjun said - "All know about my vow that nobody can kill my person in my vicinity. So if I cut the arm of Bhoorishravaa who wanted to kill Saatyaki, what was wrong in it? Who is righteous man here? O Bhoorishravaa, who will appreciate Abhimanyu's death, only a child's murder." Hearing this Bhoorishravaa remained silent.

As Bhoorishravaa was preparing for leaving this world, Saatyaki came into senses and he ran towards Bhoorishravaa, who was sitting in Yog position, with a sword in his hand. Deprived of his senses, forbidden by Krishn and other foremost warriors Saatyaki cut his head within no time. Thus Bhoorishravaa was killed when he was defenseless, without arms, and also not ready for war by Saatyaki. The heroes said - "It is not the fault of Saatyaki, perhaps this was ordained by fate like this." This was an unfortunate incident in the life of Saatyaki who was otherwise blameless. Arjun was very angry with Saatyaki, but Saatyaki reminded all of them the incident of Abhimanyu when he was killed cruelly by six people, and not one of them spoke anything against Kaurav army. Devtaa who were watching this from sky also said - "There is no A-Dharm attached to Saatyaki in this. It was destined like this."

Dhritrashtra asked - "How did Saatyaki, who could not be defeated even by Devtaa, Asur, Gandharv etc, came up to here crossing Kaurav's large army and was stricken by Bhoorishravaa's foot?" Then Sanjaya said the history behind it - "O king, Atri had the son as Som. Som's son was Budh, and Budh's son was Pururavaa. Pururavaa's son was Aayu and Aayu's son was Nahush. Nahush's son was Yayaati and Yayaati had the son named Yadu from Devayaanee. In Yadu's family a son was born named Devmeedh, and Devmeedh's son was Shoorsen. Shoorsen had two mighty sons Vasudev and Sinee. At that time the king Devak organized the Swayamvar of his daughter Devakee. In that Swayamvar, Sinee took Devakee and brought her for the sake of his brother Vasudev.

Brave and mighty Somdatt could not tolerate this. So the two mighty men, Somdatt and Sinee, wrestled together. Sinee threw Somdatt down, lifted his sword and kept his foot on Somdatt, but then left him to live. Then Somdatt started worshipping Shiv. Shiv appeared before him and asked him to ask for a Var. He said - "I desire a son who can strike Sinee's son in the midst of thousands kings and who can strike him by his foot." After granting the wish Shiv disappeared then and there. So he got Bhoorishravaa as the result of that Var; and because of the same reason, he could strike Saatyaki by his foot. One can move Meru Parvat but cannot defeat Vrishni people."

Jayadrath Vadh

Sanjaya said - "After the killing Bhoorishravaa, Arjun asked Krishn to go to Jayadrath. Krishn brought his chariot just in front of Jayadrath. All other warriors gathered there to protect him. Duryodhan said to Karn - "The time has come now to fight, show your might now so that Jayadrath should not be slain today." Karn said - "My life is for you. I shall fight at my utmost, but victory depends on destiny." In the meantime Arjun started showering arrows. All the warriors - Duryodhan, Karn, Shalya, Vrishsen, Ashwatthaamaa etc came forward to fight with Arjun placing Jayadrath at their back. All of them were fighting with him together. Both Karn and Arjun fought with each other fiercely with the desire to kill each other. Seeing their fight Duryodhan warned his warriors to protect Karn from Arjun.

Then Arjun invoked Aindra weapon and killed many people. Arjun proceeded towards Jayadrath and shot him with 64 arrows. Seeing Arjun coming towards Jayadrath, all the Kuru warriors abstained from the fight. They left the hope for Jayadrath's life. As Arjun was fighting with Jayadrath, the Sun was going down. Seeing this Krishn said to him - "See Paarth, the Sun is going down and Jayadrath is surrounded by six heroes. It is not possible to reach him without defeating those six heroes. And you cannot defeat them even if you fight with them continuously, so I take the help of my Yog to cover the Sun. Jayadrath will think that the Sun has set so he will be full of joy and will come out of his shelter, but you don't think that the Sun has set."

Krishn used His Yog and created darkness. Seeing the Sun set all warriors got happy and they headed towards Jayadrath who was also in the same mood. He looked at the Sun in a happy mood, Krishn said to Arjun - "See Jayadrath is looking at the Sun, this is the time now that you cut his head." Arjun fixed an arrow on his bow string, that Krishn said again - "Quickly cut the head of Jayadrath, because the Sun is quickly going to set, and listen what I say to you about the killer of Jayadrath - "The father of Jayadrath, Vriddhkshatra is known to he world. After long time he got his son Jayadrath. He heard the Divine voice at the time of his birth, "This your son will be the star of two races (Soorya and Chandra) in respect of blood, behavior and other attributes. But while in the battle, some very famous man will cut his head in anger." That ruler of Sindhu pondered for some time and then called his people and said - "That man who will cause the head of my son to fall on the ground, his own head will break into hundred pieces." Then he installed him on the throne and went to woods for Tap outside of this Samant Panchak area. So use the celestial weapon and throw his cut head into the laps of his father himself. If you let it fall on the ground, your head will break into hundred pieces. Do it in such a way that his father may not know that it is done by you."

Arjun released the arrow which swiftly cut Jayadrath's head and carried it outside the Samant Panchak area. At that time Vriddhkshatra was doing his evening prayer. He could not see the head fallen in his lap. So when he finished his prayers, he rose up, the head fell on the ground. His own head was broken into hundred pieces. Everybody got surprised to see this. As Jayadrath was killed, Vaasudev withdrew the darkness and the Sun came out. Later your sons came to know that that darkness was an illusion created by Vaasudev. Thus your son-in-law after killing eight Akshauhinee army was killed by Arjun. Your sons broke into tears seeing Jayadrath dead. Krishn, Arjun, Bheem everybody blew his conch to inform Yudhishthir about this. After the Sun had set a fierce battle started between Drone and Somak.

Another Version
Krishn realized that Arjun will not be able to kill Jayadrath in time. So He played the trick and made the Sun set. Everybody including Arjun thought that the Sun had set, and he could not fulfill his oath, so he got very sad. He quietly started preparing the pyre for himself, set fire to it. Jayadrath was very happy to see this that now Arjun had to die and he was saved. He came out of his protection and started dancing. Arjun was about to enter the pyre that the same moment the Sun came out of the clouds and evening showed up. Krishn asked Arjun to shoot Jayadrath, and Arjun did it promptly.


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