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Fall of Bheeshm

(13) Sanjaya came rushing from the battle field in the court and informed Dhritraashtra that Bheeshm had fallen down. He said - "I am Sanjaya. O King, Bheeshm has been slain. The foremost of all warriors has been slain. He is lying on the bed of arrows. He has been slain by Shikhandee. He who fought with all the great warriors alone at Kaashee, he who fought with Raam and Raam could not slay him, the same Bheeshm has been slain by Shikhandee today. He who protected your army for ten nights, he who slew 10,000 warriors daily for ten days has now fallen because of your evil counsel."

Plunging into deep grief, Dhritraashtra asked Sanjaya - "How Bheeshm was slain by Shikhandee? How did he fall down of his chariot? What happened to my sons after Bheeshm had fallen? Who and who were with him when he was fighting? Who was opposing him? How could Paandav oppose Bheeshm in battle? How Bheeshm could not win while Drone, his son, Kripaa are alive and with him? How could he be slain? Tell me O Sanjaya, how was he slain? After the fall of Bheeshm, I regard my all army already slain. Tell me how the battle between Paandav and Bheeshm was fought? It is true that Time is greater of everything when you tell me that Bheshm is dead. My grief is increasing as without Bheeshm my all sons will die. So tell me O Sanjaya, everything whatever happened in the battlefield. Tell me in full detail whatever happened in the battle field."

Sanjaya said - "It is not proper to blame others for one's own mistakes. Who does every kind of injury to others, deserves to be slain. Paandav do not know the ways of wickedness that is why they have always looked up at your face. Yogee do not sorrow for anything. It was all predestined. I have obtained the Divine sight after bowing down to your father (Ved Vyaas), so please listen to the detailed description of the battle between the two Bharat.

When the warriors gathered in the battle field, your son Duryodhan said to Dushasan - "Let all chariots protect Bheeshm and you tell all our divisions to advance. That moment has come now for which I had been waiting for years. There is no more important duty in the battle field except protecting Bheeshm. He told that he would not slay Shikhandee, because he was a female before, so he must be protected from him. Because even a lion, if left unprotected may be slain by a wolf. Let us not allow Shikhandee to slay Bheeshm as a jackal slays a lion. Yudhaamanyu is on the left side of Arjun, and Uttamaujaa is on his right side, and protected by these two Arjun himself is protecting Shikhandee. Make efforts that Shikhandee may not kill Bheeshm."

When the night had passed away, a loud noise arose of blowing conchs, drums, rattling of chariots etc in the morning. Bheeshm, Shakuni, Shalya, Jayadrath, Vind and Anuvind, the Kaikaya brothers, Sudakshinaa (the king of Kaamboj), Shrutaayudh (the King of Kaling Desh), Jayatsen, Brihadwal (the King of Koshal), Kritvarmaa - these ten were standing each heading an Akshauhinee army. The eleventh Akshauhinee army was standing in advance of the whole army. Dhrishtdyumn seemed like a little animal in comparison to Bheeshm, the great lion.

Every day Bheeshm and Drone used to say "Victory to the sons of Paandu" in the morning while they used to fight with them according to their pledge. Only Karn laid his weapons aside because of Bheeshm. Ashwatthaamaa was ready for every emergency with seven warriors (Shrutaayudh, Chitrasen, Purumitra, Vivinshati, Shalya, Bhoorishravaa and Vikarn). Vrishketu (Karn's son) and Kripaa were heading the large army. Jayadrath was commanding 100,000 chariots, 8,000 elephants and 60,000 foot soldiers. Your sons - Dushaasan, Durvishah, Durmukh and Dussaha; and Vivinshati and Chitrasen were protecting Jayadrath from behind. All were six million in number."

Dhritraashtra asked - "Then how did Yudhishthir reacted to our such large army?" Sanjaya said - "Yudhishthir said to Arjun - "Brihaspati says that the few must be made to fight by condensing them while the many may be extended at pleasure, so arrange the army in "Needle-mouthed" style." Arjun said - "I will arrange our army in Vajra style. Bheem will be our head." In your army, Sansaptak had 10,000 chariots to kill Arjun. 1,000 elephants were foremost in your army. Every elephant had 100 chariots, each chariot had 100 horsemen, each horseman had 0 bowmen, and each bowman had 10 combatants. That is how your army was arranged.

Looking at your army Yudhishthir got scared and doubted of his victory. Arjun said - "I will tell you the way. Naarad knows it and Bheeshm and Drone know it. Once Bheeshm told to Indra at the time of a battle between Devtaa and Asur that who wanted victory do not win by might and energy but by truth, compassion, righteousness and energy. Since we are right, victory will be ours. Naarad also said - "Where Krishn is, victory is there only."

Looking at the Kaurav army proceeding to fight, Krishn said to Arjun - "Pray Durgaa to win your fight." Arjun obeyed Krishn. Durgaa appeared before him and said - "You will win your enemy within a short time. Krishn is with you, you cannot be defeated even by Indra." Who recites this hymn (Bheeshm Parv, Sec 23) at dawn never fears from Yaksh, Raakshas and Pishaach. With health and strength he lives for 100 years."

Sanjaya further said - "I have known this from Vyaas. Your wicked sons do not regard Arjun and Krishn as Nar and Naaraayan. Vyaas, Naarad, Kanv and Parashuraam all tried to prevent your son but in vain." Dhritraashtra asked - "Who forwarded first to fight? Who was cheerful and who was fearing?" Sanjaya said - "Both sides were cheerful, both were ready to fight."


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