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War Day 14: Drone as Commander-in-Chief Day 4 (contd 4)
14th day of War - The 4th day continues under the leadership of Drone,
After Jayadrath Vadh - Another Version

According to Mahabharata Serial on TV

It was strange that after the killing of Jayadrath, the conch to end war for the day was not blown. Both armies were just waiting to end the war. The then people saw torches lit all around the battlefield and in that light they saw a huge bodied Raakshas in the battlefield. This was Bheem's son Ghatotkach. He started fighting by throwing many kinds of odd things on Kaurav army.

Duryodhan and Drone saw their army running away with fear from Ghatotkach. Drone said - "This is Asur's war style." Duryodhan asked - "But where an Asur has come from in Paandav's army?" Somebody said - "This cannot be anybody else other than Bheem's son Ghatotkach. Then Drone blew the conch to end the war for that day.

Bheem introduced his son to his family members. Krishn said - "You will always be remembered among great warriors. It is improbable that Bharat family will ever pay your debt back. You have come at the right time, because there is a time for everybody's coming and going.

In the night, Kuntee and Gaandhaaree went to see Bheeshm. Bheeshm said - "What can I say more than this, that I am certainly responsible for all this somewhere. I am that present who is ashamed of his past, as well as of his future. This is my punishment." Both asked - "What we should do?" Bheeshm said - "Whatever I am doing - just wait." "Whose wait?" "For the end of the war."

Gaandhaaree went to see her son also. Duryodhan told her that she was then the mother of only two sons, that is why she should bless him for victory. Gaandhaaree said - "But Putra, I don't have this blessing. You should think about Hastinaapur and there is still time to extend friendship with Paandav." "It is not possible, mother, you go back to Hastinaapur." 

Paandav came to see Gaandhaaree, then Gaandhaaree ordered Duryodhan to greet Yudhishthir, then only he greeted her. But Bheem and Arjun went there only to show their anger. Then they went to see Kuntee. Kuntee didn't see Draupadee. Arjun said - "Until even one is alive among Duryodhan, Dushaasan, Karn or Shakuni, this war cannot be over."

Drone was not able to find any solution for Ghatotkach. According to him they needed some kind of Divine weapon. Duryodhan glanced at Karn with a questioning look. Karn said - "I have saved Indra's Power (Shakti) for Arjun, that is why you have to make your own arrangement for him."


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