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War Day 10: Bheeshm as Commander-in-Chief-Day-10
10th day of War - The 10th day under the leadership of Bheeshm. Day 10 continues...
Karn and Bheeshm

Karn got stunned when he heard about Bheeshm's fall. He was sitting in his tent. He couldn't speak a word. With fear he came where Bheeshm was lying. He was nervous to go to Bheeshm, because he never liked him, rather he disliked him. So with this hesitation he came to Bheeshm. He was lying on the bed of arrows because his whole body was pierced with arrows. His eyes were closed. He looked at him, his heart broke. He was the same great Bheeshm who was a terror in battlefield. He was killed by his brother Arjun. And he was his grand father too. He fell at his feet and held them.

Karn said sobbing - "Pitaamaha, I am Karn who has never been fortunate to be liked by you." Bheeshm looked at him affectionately, asked his guards to leave him alone and called him by his side, and embraced him like a father with one arm. He said - "You always challenged comparison with me. If you had not come to me, it has not been good to you. You are Kuntee's son, not Adhirath and Raadhaa's son. I heard all this through Naarad as also from Vyaas. I have never once disliked you. I just said those harsh words only to waken up your energy. You always spoke ill about Paandav. You came into this world sinfully that is why your heart is like this. I know your power. I know your regard to Braahman, courage, and great achievements of alms giving. You resembles a Devtaa. None can be like you on this earth. You are equal to Arjun in handling weapons or even Krishn. You crushed all the kings when you went to Kaashee to bring a bride for Kuru. Even Jaraasandh who boasted his power in battle was no match for you. Destiny is incapable of being avoided by exertion. Paandav are your brothers, if you want to do something for me, go and unite with them. O son of Soorya, Let these hostilities be end with me."

Karn said - "Yes, I know this that I am not a Soot, I am Kuntee's son. However I was abandoned by her and was brought up by a Soot. I have enjoyed the wealth of Duryodhan, I am devoted to him as Vaasudev is devoted to Paandav. I can forsake my body, my wife, my children for Duryodhan. Relying upon Duryodhan I have always offended Paandav. This affair is destined to take this course. Who could change his destiny by exertion? It is well-known that Arjun and Krishn are invincible, still we will fight. I will defeat Arjun in battle. I will fight with him, grant me the permission. I ask your forgiveness for my harsh words that I may have spoken or any action I may have taken against you.

Bheeshm said - "Go my son, If you cannot think otherwise I grant you permission to fight. Get what you wish for. Fight with righteousness. I tried my best to bring about peace but could not succeed." After this Karn saluted him, obtained his forgiveness, obtained his permission to fight and came back to your son's tent."

6-Bheeshm Parv - Bhagavat Geetaa Parv Ends Here
6-Bheeshm Parv Ends Here - 7-Drone Parv G-6-15


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