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Arjun Returns to Viraat Nagar

[4-59] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After defeating Kuru Arjun brought back the cows of Viraat. While Duryodhan was going away, a large number of Kuru soldiers appeared before Paarth from the deep forest. They were very afraid. They stood before him joining their hands. Afflicted with hunger and thirst, insensible with terror they said to Paarth - "We are your slaves." Arjun said - "You may go, there is no need to fear. I don't kill them who are afflicted. You have my assurance of protection."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Hearing this assurance they praised him, wished him long life, When Arjun was going towards Viraat Nagar, Kaurav were not in a position to confront him. Arjun spoke to Viraat's son Uttar - "Only you alone know it that the sons of Prithaa are living with your father. Do not praise them when you have entered the city, because then the King of Matsya himself can hide in fear. Rather you should proclaim in front of your father that you yourself have done this - "I have defeated Kuru army and I have brought our cows back." Uttar got bewildered, he said - "But what you have done there is beyond my power, I can never do it. O Savyasaachee, However I shall not tell my father about you till you yourself will not tell me to do it."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Jishnu again returned to the cemetery, went to the same Shamee tree and stood there with his body pierced with the arrows of the enemy. Then that monkey ascended to the sky with those other creatures of the flagstaff. And the illusion created by Vishwakarmaa disappeared, and Uttar's own banner, bearing the mark of lion was set up on the chariot again. And having replaced the bows and arrows of the Kuru princes, also other weapons (Gaandeev), the Matsya Prince Uttar set out to the city having Kireetee as his charioteer. Paarth had tied his hair into a braid as before took the reins from Uttar's hands. Both enetered the city with a cheerful heart.

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "All the Kaurav also set out towards their own city Hastinaapur in a dejected mood. On his way to Viraat Nagar, Phaalgun said to Uttar - "O Prince, Seeing the cows coming in front of us, the cowherds, we shall enter Viraat Nagar in the afternoon after giving the bath and food to our horses. You send the cowherd to the city proclaiming the good news of your victory."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Uttar considered Arjun's advice proper, so he quickly sent the messenger to the city announcing the victory of the King. He said - "Go and tell that we have sent back our enemy, and recovered our cows." Then they both went back to the Shamee tree and gratified with the victory they stood at the root of the tree. They changed their clothes and returned to the city, Brihannalaa as the car driver."

Viraat is at Home

[4-67] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After defeating the Trigart, acquiring a large amount of wealth, recovering his cows, King Viraat entered the city with four Paandav. He came in his court and sat on his throne. Braahman came and stood before him. He saluted the Braahman and the Braahman worshipped him. The King asked about Uttar - "Where has Uttar gone?" His women of the inner apartments said to him happily - "Kuru had taken away our cows, so Bhoominjaya has gone to bring those cows back with Brihannalaa. He would defeat there six Kuru warriors - Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa, Karn, Duryodhan and Ashwatthaamaa."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When King Viraat heard this that his brave son has gone alone to fight with these warriors, with Brihannalaa as his chariot driver, he became sad. He said to his counselors - "I am sure that hearing the defeat of Trigart, they would not stay there, so whoever soldiers are not wounded by Trigart and other mighty soldiers should go to help my son." Saying this he asked his people to get horses, elephants etc ready for the help of Uttar. After this he said - "Learn that my Prince Uttar is still alive or not, because I feel that who has a third sex as his driver is not alive."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Yudhishthir smilingly said to afflicted King Viraat - "O King, If Brihannalaa is his charioteer, the enemies will never be able to take your cows today. Besides your son will be safe in the hands of the charioteer, rather he will defeat all of them including Yaksh, Asur, Devtaa and bring your cows back."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "In the meantime, the messengers pf Uttar had also arrived and gave the King the good news of his victory and the safe arrival of Uttar. They also told that all the cows have been rescued, Kuru have been defeated, and Uttar is well with his chariot driver." Yudhishthir said - "It is good luck that the cows have been recovered and the Kuru have been defeated. I don't feel strange that you son has defeated the Kuru, because who has Brihannalaa as the charioteer, his victory is assured."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Hearing the victory of his son, King Viraat got so happy that his hair got erected straight on his body and he ordered his Ministers - "Decorate the roads with flags, worship all gods and goddesses, and let the princes and he brave warriors should go for his welcome."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Hearing this all citizens carrying auspicious things, cymbals, conchs; and beautiful women wearing gorgeous robes went forth to receive Uttar. The King said to Sairandhree - "O Sairandhree, Bring the Dice, and O Kank, we will play the game." Yudhishthir replied - "We have heard that when one is too much happy, should not play with a cunning gambler. I do not dare to play with such a happy man. I always wish to do your good, so if you wish to play then let the game begin." Viraat said - "My female slaves and cows, gold and other wealth I have, you will not be able to protect if I do not gamble today." Kank replied - "O King, What business do you have to gamble today which is so much full of evil? In fact it should be prohibited as is full of evils. You must have heard about Yudhishthir who lost his so prosperous kingdom and his god-like brothers. I oppose the play but if you please to play, I will play."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "While the play was going on, Matsya King said to Yudhishthir - "See, My son has defeated the Kaurav." At this Yudhishthir said - "Why shouldn't he who has Brihannalaa as his charioteer." At this the King got angry and he spoke to Yudhishthir - "O Wretched Braahman, You are comparing my son to that third sex? You don't what to say and what not to say? You are insulting me? Why should not my son defeat all those with Bheeshm, Drone, etc as their leaders? O Braahman, Because of our friendship I am pardoning you for your offence. If you want to live, don't say this again."

Yudhishthir said - "Where there are Bheeshm, Drone, Drone's son, son of Vikartan, King Duryodhan and others, or where there is Indra surrounded by Marut, who else other than Brihannalaa can fight, encountering them all together? None has been and none will be equal to him. It is only he who has defeated  celestials, Asur and human beings fighting together. If somebody like him is with your son, why shouldn't he win?" Viraat said - "I am telling you repeatedly, still you are not holding your tongue? If there is one to punish, no one will follow virtue."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Saying this King Viraat forcibly struck a dice on Yudhishthir's face and insulted him angrily - "Don't do it again." Struck in anger, the blood started flowing from his nose, but he held it in his hand before it dropped on the ground. Yudhishthir looked at Draupadee who was standing nearby him. She understood the meaning of his look and brought a golden pot filled with water. She took that blood in that pot. Meanwhile Uttar entered the city with sweet perfumes and so he sent his men to the King to inform his arrival. The messenger reported the King of Uttar's arrival. The king said to him - "Bring them both, I am very anxious to see them both." Yudhishthir whispered in the ears of the messenger - "Let only Uttar alone come here. Brihannalaa must not come here. He has taken a vow that if he has seen my blood, except in the battlefield, shall not live. Seeing my blood, he will be very angry and he will not able to keep patience and he will slay Viraat, his Ministers, counselors, troops etc."

Uttar Comes Back

[4-68] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then Bhoominjaya, Viraat's eldest son, entered and worshipped his father and then he proceeded towards Kank, and he saw Kank covered with blood, seated on the ground and Sairandhree standing nearby him. Seeing this he asked his father in a hurry - "Who has struck him? Who has committed this sin?" Viraat said - "I have struck this crooked Braahman. He deserves even more than this. When I was praising you, he was praising that third sex." Uttar said - "You have not done this right. Please him quickly, lest his curse destroy you even by the roots."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Having heard this from his son, Viraat started comforting Kank who was like fire hidden in ashes to obtain his forgiveness. Yudhishthir said - "O King, I have long forgiven you. I have no anger at you. If my blood had fallen on the ground, you would certainly have been destroyed with your whole family. I do not blame you to strike an innocent person,  because powerful pepple behave in such way only."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When the blood stopped, Brihannalaa entered, saluted both King Viraat and Kank and stood silent. After pleasing Kank, King started praising his son Uttar so that Savyasaachee could also hear it. He said - "You are a true Kekaya Prince, O Son . I never had and never will have a son like you. Tell me, how could you fight with Karn who even does not leave anybody unhit even if he hits one thousand people together? How did you fight with Bheeshm who has no equal in this world? How could you fight with Drone who is the knower of all kinds of weapons? How could you fight with Ashwatthaamaa and Duryodhan who can pierce even mountain with their arrows? My enemies were all defeated, and since you have recovered all my wealth, it seems that the enemy was struck with panic."

[4-69] Bhoominjaya said - "The cows have not been recovered by me, nor the enemy has been defeated by me. All this has happened because of a son of a Deity. In fact I was running away from the battlefield seeing that huge army that he appeared, stopped me, climbed up on my chariot and recovered the cows. It was he who fought with all those Kuru warriors and defeated them. He said to Duryodhan who was running away - "I don't see that you are safe in Hastinaapur too, so protect your life by your strength, come and fight, if you will win, the whole Earth is yours, and if you die you will go to Heaven." Hearing this Duryodhan returned and fought. Seeing all this, my thighs started shaking. After he had defeated them, that youth, stout as a lion, robbed them of their clothes. Indeed O Father, This is his act only alone. He was moving among them like a tiger moves in a forest." Viraat asked - "But where is that celestial youth then, the hero who recovered my cows from Kuru?" Uttar replied - "That mighty son of the Deity disappeared then and there, and I think he will show up either tomorrow or day after."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Viraat could not recognize the son of Paandu who was described thus by Uttar and who was living in his palace. Viraat expressed his desire to see those clothes which Paarth presented him with his own hands, he brought for his daughter. Seeing those new and expensive clothes both Uttaraa and Uttar became very happy.

Paandav Expose Themselves

[4-70] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then on the third day, all five Paandav changed their clothes and ornaments after taking bath and looked resplendent in those attire. They entered the gate of the palace, then Viraat's Council Hall and sat on the seats which were reserved for kings. After the had sat, Viraat came in the Hall, and seeing the Paandav seated on kings' places, he reflected for a moment, and then got very angry. He said to Kank - "You were employed as a counselor for Dice playing, how come that you are sitting here on a royal seat attired in this beautiful robes?"

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this, O King, just in jest Arjun replied - "This person deserves the same seat with Indra himself. Devoted to Braahman, knower of Ved, indifferent to enjoyments and sorrows, habitually performing sacrifices, this man is the embodiment of virtue. He is the foremost of all people; well conversant with various weapons which no other man has on Earth; there is none among the gods, Asur, men, Raakshas etc like him; he is the mightiest chariot warrior among the sons of Paandu. He is none other than King Yudhishthir, the just. O King, 30,000 chariots decked in gold and yoked with best horses used to follow him; 800 bards adorned with earrings set with shining gems recited his prayers in those days. 88,000 Snaatak depended on him for their subsistence. He always used to help those who needed it. All Kaurav and other kings served him like slaves as other celestial serve Kuber. Even the great kings paid him tribute. Possessed of such attributes, does this son of Paandu not deserve this royal seat?

[4-71] Viraat said - "If this one indeed is the Kuru King Yudhishthir, the son of Kuntee, then where are Bheem, Arjun and the twins? And where is Draupadee? After they were defeated in Dice Game, they were not heard of by anybody." Arjun said - "This one, who is your cook, Vallabh, is Bheem of mighty arms. It is he who killed furious Raakshas on Gandhmaadan Parvat and brought celestial flowers for Krishnaa. And he is the Gandharv who killed Keechak; and it was he who killed tigers, bears and boars in your inner apartments. And he who has been keeping your horses is Nakul and this one who was keeping your cows is Sahadev. Both these sons of Maadree are great chariot warriors. And this lady who has been working in you inner apartments as Sairandhree is our dear Draupadee, the daughter of Drupad, for whose sake Keechak was killed. And O King, I am Arjun, younger brother of Bheem and elder brother of the twins. O King, We have happily passed our period of incognito in your kingdom."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After Arjun had introduced all Paandav and Draupadee, the son of Viraat, Uttar, spoke of Arjun's bravery. Uttar again identified the sons of Prithaa - 'This one whose eyes are large, whose complexion is bright as pure gold is the King of Kuru. And this one who is like an angry elephant, whose complexion is of heated gold, whose shoulders are broad and whose arms are long and thick is Vrikodar. And he who is standing by his side, that youth of darkish complexion, leader of elephants, whose eyes are like lotus petals is Arjun - the foremost of all bowmen. And close to the King are standing their twin brothers, Nakul and Sahadev, like Vishnu and Indra. And they have no equals in the world of men in beauty, might and behavior. And close by them is Krishnaa, beautiful as gold, like celestial damsel, resembling Lakshmee Herself."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Now Viraat's son started to praise Arjun's prowess - "he is the one who killed soldiers there and defeated  all Kuru. He killed a huge elephant wearing gold armor, only by a single arrow. He just fell down and died. He is the who recovered our cows. His conch makes so much loud sound that it was deafening. he vanquished all Bheeshm, Karn, Durtyodhan etc, so all these feats are his, not mine."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Hearing this the King of Matsya, Viraaat felt very guilty and offended towards Yudhishthir. He said to Uttar - "I think now the time has come to please the son Of Paandu; and if you like I would like to give my daughter to Arjun." Uttar said - "Yes, The time has come now that we should worship them." Viraat said - "When the enemy had made me prisoner, it was Bheem who helped me. My cows have been recovered by Arjun. Thus it is because of them that we have got the victory in the battles. We pray Yudhishthir. O King, If we have said anything in ignorance or offended you in anyway, I request you to forgive for that. You are virtuous."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then Viraat approached Yudhishthir and made an alliance with him, and offered him his whole kingdom together with scepter, treasury and the whole city. The King of Matsya said repeatedly to all Paandav, especially to Dhananjaya - "It is our good luck that we are seeing you today." Saying this he embraced all of them repeatedly. Viraat was not satisfied seeing them in spite of seeing them several times. He again said - "By good luck that we are seeing you safe from the woods, and you have completed your one yedar of incognito also successfully. I give my whole kingdom to the son of Prithaa. Please accept it. And let Dhananjaya accept the hand of Uttaraa." At this Yudhishthir looked at Dhananjaya. Seeing that look Dhananjaya said to the King - "I accept your daughter as my daughter-in-law and this alliance is desirable also."

[4-72] Viraat asked - "O Best Among the Paandav, Why do you not want to accept my daughter as your wife as I offer her to you?" Arjun said - "When I was living in your inner apartments, I always had the occasion to look at your daughter alone or in company, and she also trusted me as her father. She also regarded me as her Guru in dance and music. I lived there for one whole year when she had grown up, so many people could suspect her or me. Therefore, keeping myself under control, as I am pure, I beg you to give your daughter to ema as my daughter-in-law. Thus I can attest her purity. There is no difference between a daughter and a daughter-in-law, that is how her purity will be proved, and I will be saved from false accusations. That is why I accept Uttaraa as my daughter-in-law. My son also surpasses the knowledge in weapons and celestials in beauty. My son Abhimanyu is the favorite nephew of Vaasudev. He is fit to be the husband of your daughter." Viraat said - "As you say, O Paandav. Dhananjaya is so virtuous and wise to say all this. Now you decide what to do after this, because he who has Arjun for the father of his son-in-law, has all his desires fulfilled."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Viraat had agreed upon this, Yudhishthir sent invitations to Vaasudev, all his relations and friends; and Viraat also did the same. Thus the 13th years was over and Paandav stayed in Viraat's one town, Upaplavya, and Veebhatsu brought over Abhimanyu and Janaardan and many other people of Dashaarha race from Aanart country. The King of Kaashee, and Shaibyaa who were Yudhhishthir's friends also came there, each accompanied by one Akshauhinee army. Mighty Drupad, mighty sons of Draupadee and invincible Shikhandee and Dhrishtdyumn also came there with another one Akshauhinee troops. Seeing all of them coming there the King of Matsya respected and received and entertain all of them well. And he was highly pleased by giving his daughter to Abhimanyu.

Then came Vaasudev and Halaayudh (Balaraam); Kritvarmaa, the son of Hridikaa; and Yuyudhaan, the son of Saatyaki; and Anadrishti and Akroor; and Saamb and Nishaath; and Abhimanyu and his mother; and Indrasen and others having lived in Dwaarakaa for one full year bringing with them well adorned chariots. And there came 10,000 elephants, 10,000 chariots, 100 millions horses and 100 billions of foot soldiers. And innumerable Vrishni and Andhak and Bhoj warriors also came there. Krishn gave Paandav numerous female slaves and gems and robes. Nupital festivals was set between the families of Viraat and Paandav. Various kinds of deer were slain. Lots of various wines and intoxicating juices of various trees were collected. Many bards waited on those kings to sing their praises.

Many women of Matsya Desh, wearing earrings of pearls and gems headed by Sudeshnaa came to the place where the marriage ceremony was going to take place. And among them Krishnaa was the foremost in beauty, fame and splendor. Uttaraa was also brought there adorned with best of her ornaments. She was looking like the daughter of Indra himself. Dhananjaya accepted Viraat's daughter on behalf of his son as his daughter-in-law. And the great King Yudhishthir also accepted her as his daughter-in-law. Having accepted her, the son of Prithaa, keeping Janaardan before him, completed all the ceremonies for Abhimanyu. Viraat gave him 7,000 horses, 200 elephants of the best kind and much wealth. Viraat offered to Paandav his kingdom, army, treasury and his own self.

After the marriage had taken place, Yudhishthir gave away the Braahman all the wealth that was given to him by Krishn. He also gave thousands of cows, various robes, various excellent ornaments, vehicles, beds, food and drink he gave lots of wealth to Braahman also. And the city of Matsya shone bright, cheerful, well-fed like great festival."

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4-Viraat Parv Ends Here
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