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Arjun and Kaurav-2

Arjun and Ashwatthaamaa

[4-59] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus Drone's son rushed towards Arjun and seeing him coming like a hurricane, he received him with a shower of arrows. Their encounter was also like an encounter between Devtaa and Daanav and they were shooting arrows on each other like Indra and Vritraasur. There were so many arrows that the whole firmament was filled with arrows. Their sounds were also so loud as bamboos caught on fire. Ashwatthaamaa's horses were afflicted so they did not know where to go. Arjun was going here and there, that finding the opportunity, Ashwatthaamaa cut the string of Arjun's Gaandeev. Seeing this celestials applauded him for his this feat - "Well done, Well done." Drone Bheeshm, Karn and Kripaa also admired his feat. Then he pierced Arjun's heart with his shafts, Arjun laughed, he tied a new string to Gaandeev, moistened it with the sweat of his forehead and started fighting again. Ashwatthaamaa was shooting arrows continuously, this made his quiver exhausted quickly. Seeing this Karn came forward and twanged his bow string. Arjun turned to see where the sound came from. Seeing Karn coming to him, Arjun filled with rage and as he looked at him, Karn's soldiers shot many arrows at Arjun. Arjun left Guru's son and proceeded towards Karn with the desire of a single combat. He said."

Arjun and Karn

[4-60] Arjun said - "O Karn, Now the Time has come to show your bravery for which you boasted in the assembly that there is none equal to you in fight. Now when you will fight with me then only you will know your strength, and after that you will not boast to anybody. You have said many harsh words, you have witnessed Paanchaalee's insult in the court, now you reap the fruits of that. O Son of Raadhaa, We have suffered a lot of misery for the full 12 years, now you reap its fruits. Come O Karn, Fight with me. Let these Kaurav see this combat." Karn aid - "O Paarth, Show what you say. The world knows that you say more and do less. Whatever you have borne in the past, have borne because you could not do anything. You may test your ability even now. As you say that you have passed 12 years in woods, and have practiced the course of ascetic life, how can you desire a combat now with me? O Prithaa's Son, Even if Indra himself comes to me to fight, I will not stay behind. O Son of Kuntee, Your wish will be granted." Hearing this Arjun said - "O Raadhaa Putra, You even fled away from me now, that is why you are living and your younger brother was killed. Who is that person who will run away from the field seeing his younger brother killed? And you boast that you are among good men?"

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Having said this Arjun rushed over to Karn and released arrows which could pierce his armor but Karn felt them as only a rainfall of the arrows. Those arrows covered Karn from all sides, even his horses, his fighters. Arjun then cut the strings of his quiver also. Karn then pierced the hand of Arjun in which he was holding the bow, this loosened his grip on the bow. But Arjun cut Karn's bow. At this Karn's soldiers rushed towards Arjun, but Arjun killed them all. Taking another arrow, Arjun pierced Karn's chest. This shot made Karn having difficulty in seeing and he lost his consciousness. When he became conscious he felt a great pain and leaving the field he ran away towards North."

Arjun and Bheeshm

[4-61] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After defeating Vikartan's son, Arjun said to Uttar - "Take me towards that flag where you see golden Palmyra. There is our Pitaamaha is seen. he is waiting for me desirous to have fight with me." Uttar was sorely pierced with arrows said to Arjun - "O Hero, I am unable to drive your chariot, because my mind is bewildered. I am feeling dizzy by the use of celestial weapons used by you and. My senses are not working because of so much fat, blood and flesh. Never before I have seen such a great number of horses, heard blare of conches, roars made by bows, warriors, elephants etc. I feel that I have lost all my hearing and memory. Seeing you making the circle of Gaandeev so frequently, it is difficult to see for me and even to hear. Seeing you handling your bow like Pinaak I feel fear. I fail to see when you take the arrow, when you keep it on the bow and when you shoot it. Although all this happens before my eyes, still I cannot see it properly. I have no strength to hold the whip and the reins." Arjun said - "Do not fear at all. You have also been in the battlefield. So sitting on my chariot, gather all your courage, hold the reins, when once more I fight."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Arjun continued - "O Viraat Putra, Take me to Bheeshm side quickly, I want to cut his bow string in the battle. Today you will see the celestial weapons of blazing beauty used by me. It goes as of light goes through the sky. Kaurav will see my Gaandeev today and they will say "With which hand he is using it, right or left?" Today I will flow the river of blood. I will pierce their every part of body with my arrows. You will also see the Kuru army moving round and round like a wheel. I will show you today my excellent training in weapons and arrows. So you stay on the chariot firmly whether the ground is smooth or rough. I can pierce even Mount Sumeru with my arrows. I have killed hundreds and thousands of Pulomaa and Kalakhanjaa. I have obtained firmness of grasp from Indra. I have learnt to make fierce attacks from Prajaapati. I have defeated 60,000 fierce chariot fighter, all residing in Hiranyapur. I have got "Raudra" from Rudra, "Vaaruneya" from Varun, and "Vajra" from Indra. Today I shall certainly kill all the army of Dhritraashtra, so dispel the fear and take me towards Bheeshm Pitaamaha."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Thus assured by Savyasaachee, Uttar drove his chariot towards Pitaamaha. Pitaamaha, the son of Gangaa, cheerfully welcomed him. Arjun cut off his standard from the root and it fell on the ground. At this four mighty warriors, Dushaasan, Vikarn, Dussah and Vivinshati rushed towards Arjun and encompassed him around. Dushaasan pierced the son of Viraat, Uttar, and pierced Arjun in his chest. Arjun cut his gold plated bow with a sharp arrow and pierced his chest with 5 arrows. Afflicted by this Dushaasan fled away. Then came Vikarn pierced Arjun with his sharp arrows, but Arjun shot arrows in his forehead. he fell down from his chariot. At this Dussah and Vivinshati covered Arjun with many arrows. Arjun just shot a couple of arrows and killed the horses of both. As they lost their chariots, their followers took them away from the battlefield. After that Arjun started shooting arrows all around."

[4-62] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "O King of Bharat Race, Then all the mighty warriors started pushing Arjun back with all their might, but that hero of immeasurable energy, covered all of the with the clouds of arrows. Thousands of soldiers fell dead by the shower of his arrows. As his arrows were hitting the steel, silver and copper armors of warriors, they were making a great clatter. the field was soon covered with corpses of soldiers, horses and elephants. It seemed that Dhananjaya's bow was dancing in the battlefield. Many soldiers even fled away from the field hearing the sound of Gaandeev. Many heads, arms and bodies were seen lying in the field. Paarth was showing his prowess to take the revenge from Dhritraashtra. Seeing his prowess and afflicted from his arrows Kuru army stopped fighting. However Arjun was able to create a river of blood in the field."

[4-63] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "While Arjun was making this havoc, Pitaamaha Bheeshm ran towards Arjun taking his excellent bow. Since he had a white umbrella over his head, he looked like a hill at sunrise. And when the son of Gangaa came to Veebhatsu, Arjun received him with a gladdened heart. Bheeshm pierced Arjun's flagstaff and his arrows hit the ape and other creatures in the banner-top. Arjun also cut Bheeshm's umbrella and then cut his flagstaff too. Then he killed his horses and a couple of drivers who were protecting Bheeshm. Bheeshm got very angry at this, and he covered Dhananjaya with a powerful celestial weapon. Arjun also released a celestial weapon at Bheeshm and received his weapon on him. The encounter between them was fierce. Seeing the fierceness of the fight Kaurav warriors were just looking at it. Arjun's Gaandeev was continuously making circles and he was releasing his arrows with both left and right hands. Bheeshm was displaying extraordinary feats but Arjun was young and youthful and swift of hand. Both were using the celestial weapons got from Prajaapati, Indra, Agni, Rudra, Kuber, Varun etc. All  beings were looking and admiring both of them.

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus both were conversant with all weapons. When they stopped the use of celestial weapons, they started using arrows. Arjun cut the bow of Bheeshm. Within a twinkling of an eye, Bheeshm took another bow and stringed it and showered arrows on Dhananjaya. Arjun also rained many arrows at him. Thus both covered all the ten directions with their arrows. Wonderful was this combat for human beings in the world of men. The warriors who were protecting the chariot of Bheeshm were killed by Arjun's arrows. The featherly arrows of Shwetvaahan killed the warriors in wholesale. Seeing the beautiful Gaandeev, the King of Gandharv Chitrasen said to Indra - "See how Paarth's arrows are traversing the sky in one row. How wonderful it is looking? human beings cannot use such weapons as they do not exist in the world of men. Both of them are shooting their arrows continuously, without any interval. Both are famous for their achievements, both are the master of fierce powers." Saying thus he paid his respects to both by showering celestial flowers over them.

Meanwhile Bheeshm moved Arjun on the left side, while Arjun wanted to pierce him. At this Veebhatsu cut his bow and pierced his chest with 10 arrows. Bheeshm felt an intensive pain and stood leaning on the pole of his chariot for a long time. Seeing him losing his consciousness, his charioteer took him away from the battlefield."

Arjun and Duryodhan

[4-64] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After Bheeshm left the field, leaving his chariot too, Duryodhan came to face him. he shot an arrows at Arjun's head and it brought out a gushing blood from his wound. Arjun also shot an arrow at him. Thus both started fighting each other. Meanwhile Vikarn also came there sitting on his elephant and surrounded by four chariots. As Arjun saw him coming he shot an arrow at the head of the elephant. It penetrated his body very deep, he began to tremble and fell down on the ground. Vikarn got frightened seeing this and ran behind full 800 paces back. Arjun shot another arrow at Duryodhan's chest and blood oozed out of his chest profusely. So Duryodhan also ran away in the direction where Arjun was not there. Arjun followed him with the desire to fight with him and shouted - "Where are you running away defaming yourself? Where are those trumpets when you set out from your kingdom? I am an obedient servant of Yudhishthir, standing before you for battle. Come here and show me your face. Show your behavior like a King. Your name Duryodhan is meaningless when you are leaving the battle ground. And where are your bodyguards? I don't see then neither in front of you, nor at the back. Run away and save your life from Paandu's son."

Arjun Uses Sammohan Astra

[4-65] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Arjun challenged Duryodhan like this, unable to bear the insult he returned to the battlefield like an infuriated elephant. Seeing Duryodhan returning to the battlefield, Karn came there, comforted him and he himself came to the battlefield to face Arjun. Bheeshm also returned to the field to protect Duryodhan. Even Drone, Kripaa, Vivinshati, Dushaasan and others also returned to protect Duryodhan. Seeing all of them coming together, Dhananjaya rushed towards them. They had celestial weapons in their hands, so they surrounded Arjun with them and rained at him from all around a perfect shower of arrows, like clouds rain heavily. Now Arjun took out his another celestial weapon got from Indra, "Sammohan Astra". He stupefied their senses with it and the twang of the Gaandeev. He then blew his conch forcefully and all those Kury were deprived of all their senses by the sound of that conch. All of them stood still, dropping down of their bows with which they were never separated.

Seeing the whole Kuru army senseless, Arjun remembering Uttaraa's words, said to Uttar - "Go among the Kuru and till they are insensible, bring the white garments of Drone and Kripaa; the yellow handsome ones of Karn; and the blue ones of the King (Duryodhan) and Guru's son Ashwatthaamaa. And I think Pitaamaha is not stupefied by this Astra, because he knows how to counteract this weapon. So pass him on keeping his horses to your left, for those who are sensible are to be avoided in this way." Hearing this Uttar left the reins, got down from the chariot, took off the garments and came back quickly on the chariot. He then drove the chariot out of the battlefield. Bheeshm shot the arrows at going away Arjun. Arjun also killed his horses and shot him 10 arrows. he then killed his chariot driver and leaving him in the battlefield came ot of there.

When Duryodhan came into senses, he saw the son of Prithaa standing alone like Indra in the battlefield. He said to Bheeshm in a hurry - "How this one escaped from you? Afflict him so much that he cannot escape." Bheeshm said smilingly - "Where were your senses, and where was your prowess when you were unconscious leaving your bow and arrow? Veebahtsu does not do any atrocious deeds, nor he commits any sin. He does not fall from his principles even for the sake of the three worlds. That is why we are not killed here in this battle. Go back to your city and let him also go away after conquering the cows. You should also not leave your own good too."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing Bheeshm's advice which comforted him, Duryodhan took a deep sigh as he was not desirous of battle now became silent. Thinking that Bheeshm was right and Paandav were really powerful, and to protect Duryodhan other warriors also decided to return to Hastinaapur. Dhananjaya followed them with a cheerful heart as a sign for their respect. Having worshipped Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa and other Kuru warriors, the son of Prithaa broke Duryodhan's crown into fragments with another arrow. Having saluted all the elders, he twanged his Gaandeev, and blew his Devadatt conch. Looking at the Kuru, he said to Uttar - "Let us go back, your cows have been recovered, the enemy is going away." The celestials also went away to their respected abodes after witnessing Paarth's feats.


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