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Arjun and Kaurav-1

[4-53] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After Bheeshm had organized his army, Arjun came towards them quickly and the Kuru saw his banner top, heard the sound of his chariot and the twang of his Gaandeev. Seeing this drone spoke - "This is the banner of Paarth which shines from a distance and this sound is of his chariot which roars frightfully. There is sitting the best bowman on his chariot. See these two arrows together have fallen at my feet and two others have passed barely touching my ears. Completing the period of his exile Paarth is saluting me and whispering in my ears. We have seen Arjun after a long time. He truly shines like a sacrificial fire."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Seeing the Kuru ready for fight, Arjun spoke to Uttar - "Stop the chariot at such a point from where my arrows can reach the enemy. Meanwhile let me see where is that wretch? Ignoring all these, I will fall upon his head as if he is defeated, then all others are also defeated. That is Drone, that is his son, and there are Bheeshm and Kripaa and Karn; but I don't see the King there. I suspect that he might have taken Southern route to save his life taking away the cows with him."

Vaishampaayan Jee aid - "Hearing this Uttar stopped his chariot where the Kuru were and then forwarded where Duryodhan was. Arjun left all Kuru there and proceeded in expectation to see Duryodhan. Kripaa noticed it and said to his troops - "Arjun does not want to fight with us so let us follow him. When he is filled with anger, none else than Indra or Vaasudev of Devakee can save him. What will be the used of this vast wealth if Duryodhan is not there." Meanwhile Arjun was continuously proceeding and announcing his name he showered a thick shower of his arrows that the soldiers could not see anything, nor they could run anywhere else. Arjun then blew his conch, twanged his bow and urged the creatures on his flagstaff to roar more loudly. Hearing all these sounds the cows which were going Southward, turned back."

[4-54] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After disorganizing the army, and recovering the cows Arjun proceeded towards Duryodhan. When The Kuru warriors saw the cows running towards Matsya Desh, they regarded it as a victory of Arjun. So all of a sudden they all attacked Arjun who was still going towards Duryodhan. Seeing the army coming towards him, Arjun said to Uttar - "Go as fast as you can on this road. This Soot's son wants to have fight with me, take me to him who has become so proud under the protection of Duryodhan." Hearing this Uttar broke the line of chariots proceeding with speed took Arjun in the midst of the battlefield. Seeing this, those mighty chariot warriors, Chitrasen, Sangraamjeet, Shatrusaha, Jaya, who wanted to help Karn, rushed towards Arjun. Arjun started consuming the army with his fiery arrows.

The battle was on its high side, so Viakarn came to face Arjun. Arjun cut his bow and cut his flagstaff, Seeing his flagstaff cut, Vikarn ran away from there. When Vikarn ran away, Shatruntap came to fight with Arjun. Arjun killed both his charioteer and him and proceeded. he killed many others also. Arjun was shooting his arrows all around killing many. He killed the horses of Sangraamjeet also, the brother of Vikartan's son. Later he killed Sangraamjeet also. Seeing his brother killed, Vikartan's son rushed towards Arjun and he pierced Arjun with his 12 shafts, and all his horses - in every part of their bodies; and in Uttar's hand too. Meanwhile Vikarn's son rushed towards Kireetee, so he also rushed towards him. Since both were good warriors, Kaurav army with the desire of looking at their fight just remained still. Karn also so saw him, so he also rushed at Arjun. Bheeshm's army started wailing pierced by Arjun's arrows. At this Vikartan's son (Karn) started shooting arrows at Arjun looking at Pitaamaha, Drone and Kripaa. Karn pierced Arjun's four horses with his arrows and showered many arrows at Arjun. Afflicted with the shower of arrows of Karn, Arjun also did the same to him. He also pierced Karn's body with his special arrows. Vikartan's son Karn got afflicted by this and ran away from the battlefield."

[4-55] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After the son of Raadhaa had left, other warriors headed by Duryodhan, came to fight with Paarth one by one. Paarth also ran towards them and covered them with his arrows. None of the warriors had even two fingers space uncovered on their bodies which was not pierced by Arjun's arrows. Seeing Uttar's chariot driving and Arjun's weapons handling, people thought of him as the fire at the time of Pralaya. The Kuru soldiers' elephants and horses started running from there dragging the broken portions of the chariots etc. Veebahtsu had struck terror in the hearts of the army of Duryodhan. Everybody felt that he was like a dust in front of Arjun.

Arjun started to shoot arrows in all directions and it was so swift that his bow was always seen in the shape of a perfect circle and his arrows never missed his aim. Kuru's army was thinking as if Indra himself was fighting with them. Soon Kuru army lost their energy due to Arjun's arrows. Then Arjun shot 73 arrows at Drone, 10 at Dussaha, and 8 at Drone's son, 12 at Dushaasan, and 3 at Kripaa, the son of Sharadwaan; and he shot 100 arrows at Bheeshm and Duryodhan. And ion the last he shot a bearded shaft at Karn's ear. Thus Karn's chariot, chariot driver, horses etc all destroyed and his troops who were under him started breaking. Seeing all this Uttar asked him where to take his chariot?

Arjun Introduces Kuru Warriors

Arjun aid - "O Uttar, You are seeing that chariot. Take me towards that on which the man is in tiger skin armor, has red horses and blue flag. He is Kripaa. I want to show him my archery. And the other one whose flag bears the mark of water pot in gold is Guru Drone. he is always an object of regard for me. You circumambulate him cheerfully and bowing our heads there as he is the eternal virtue. If Drone strikes me first, then only I will strike him and then he will not be able to resent it. Near him is Ashwatthaamaa, Guru Drone's son, he is also always respectable. So you stop again and again by them, and come to the chariot on which there is a warrior in golden armor and is surrounded by a third part of the army. He is Duryodhan, the son of King Dhritraashtra. Take me to his chariot. This king is difficult to be defeated in battle. he is regarded first among all the disciples of Drone in lightness of hands. I shall show him my skills in archery. The another one whose flag bears the mark of a chord for binding elephants is Karn, the son of Vikartan. I know him very well. When you come to that wicked son of Raadhaa, be careful, because he always challenge me for an ancounter. And that warrior, whose flag is blue marked with 5 stars with a Sun in the center, holds a huge bow, whose umbrella is pure white and stands in the front of multitude of chariots, he is Bheeshm, the son of Shaantanu, and Pitaamaha of us all. We will go to him in the last, for he may be an obstacle for me." So Uttar proceeded towards Kripaa."

Gods Appear in the Sky

[4-56] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Kuru's army looked like black clouds and riding on a beautiful chariot Indra came there accompanied by the celestials - Vishwaas and Marut and Yaksh, Gandharv and Naag and the sky looked resplendent. And the celestials came there in their own chariots to see the efficacy of their weapons in human warfare when Bheeshm and Arjun would meet. And embellished with gems of every kind and capable of going everywhere at the will of the rider, the heavenly car of the Lord of the celestials, Indra, whose roof was upheld by a 100,000 pillars of gold with (a central) one made entirely of jewels and gems, was conspicuous in the clear sky. There came 33 gods with many Rishi also. Vasumaan, Balaaksh, Supratardan, Ashtak, Shibi, Yayaati, Nahush, Gaya, Manu, Puru, Raghu, Bhaanu, Krishaashwa, Sagar, and Nal were sitting on Indra's Vimaan. Agni Dev, Eesh, Som, Varun, Prajaapati, Dhaatri, Vidhaatri, Kuber, Yam, Alambooshaa, Ugrasen and others and Gandharv Tumburu. All the celestials and Siddh came to witness the fight between Arjun and Kuru. The fragrance of celestial garlands filled the air. Indra was never getting satisfied seeing his own son."

Arjun and Kripaa

[4-57] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Seeing Kuru army arranged, Paarth said to Uttar - "Go towards south where Kripaa, the son of Sharadwaan, whose flag bears the mark of an altar, is proceeding to." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Viraat's son, Uttar without a moment of delay, urged his horses towards Kripaa. Skilled in driving, Uttar came to Kripaa and stood in front of him. Then announcing his name, Arjun blew his Devdatt conch powerfully and loudly. Its sound seemed there like tearing a mountain. And seeing that conch did not break into a hundred fragments, Kuru army got very happy. Unable to bear the sound of Arjun's conch, Kripaa took out his own sea-begotten conch and blew it. Then he took out his bow and twanged its string it powerfully and shot 10 arrows at Paarth. Paarth shot innumerable iron arrows, but Kripaa cut all of them before they reached him. Arjun again shot 100 shaft at Kripaa, and afflicted Kripaa shot 10,000 shafts. At this Arjun shot arrows at Kripaa's four horses, the horses reeled around and Kripaa also got shaken. Seeing Kripaa out of place, Arjun stopped shooting arrows.

When Kripaa got settled he shot 10 arrows adorned with Kank bird feathers. Arjun cut off Kripaa's bow, then he cut of his armor, but he did not wound his body. Without the armor Kripaa's body was looking like a snake who had just shed his skin. Gautam took up another bow and Arjun cut off his that bow also. Then Arjun shot 13 arrows - one arrow cut off the yoke of Kripaa's chariot, 4 pierced his four horses, with one arrow he killed his charioteer, 3 arrows at bamboo poles of Kripaa's chariot and with 2 his wheels. And with the 12th arrow he cut Kripaa's flagstaff. And with the 13th one he pierced Kripaa's breast. At this Kripaa jumped from his chariot and hurled a mace at Arjun, but Arjun sent it back. Seeing all this Kripaa's army attacked on Arjun, so Uttar started turning his chariot round, called Yamak, and thus withstood all the warriors. The warriors took away Kripaa out of the field.

Arjun and Drone

[4-58] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After Kripaa had been taken away from the battle field, invincible Drone came to face Arjun. Seeing him coming near, Arjun said to Uttar - God bless you, Now you take me to that chariot whose flag is marked by an altar resembling a long flame of fire and whose horses are red. That warrior is Drone whom I desire to fight with. He is like Ushanaa (Shukraachaarya) in intelligence and Brihaspati in knowledge of morality. he is conversant with the four Ved and is devoted to Brahmcharya. Forgiveness, self-control, Ahinsaa and countless other virtues always reside in him. I desire to fight with him, so take me to him."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "So Viraat's son Uttar took his chariot towards Bharadwaaj's son, and Drone also rushed towards Paarth. Drone blew his conch whose sound was like hundred trumpets. Seeing the red horses going towards white horses all the spectators filled with wonder, as both were with great prowess, both were invincible, both were well-trained. Drone started trembling frequently and Arjun felt happy reaching near Drone. He saluted his Guru and said - "After spending our exile period, now we are out to avenge our wrongs. Even you are invincible in the battle, but you have no reason to be angry with us. O Sinless One, I will not strike you first unless you strike me first, so it is your decision what you choose."

Hearing this Drone stroke more than 20 arrows at Arjun, but Arjun cut all of them before they reached him. Drone then shot thousand arrows at Arjun's chariot. Both began shooting clouds of arrows. Both were well-known for their achievements and both were equal to wind in speed. All the warriors standing there filled with wonder. They all admired Drone saying - "Well done, It is only Paarth who can fight with him." Drone took out his large bow and pierced Arjun all over. Arjun also shot many arrows at Drone. Arrows were seen everywhere, sometimes Drone got invisible because of those arrows, and sometimes Arjun. Drone's arrows made a continuous line of his arrows. Drone fought with Phaalgun resisting the celestial weapons of his own. Drone repeated used Aindra, Vaayavya, and Aagneya Astra at Arjun, but Arjun baffled them all. Many warriors got wounded and their armors broke by Arjun's arrows. Their fight was very dreadful, they were piercing each other.

Meanwhile an aerial voice was heard - "Excellent, Excellent." The spectators could not see any interval between their taking up arrows and shooting them at each other. Suddenly hundreds and thousands of arrows fell on Drone's chariot. This covered Drone's chariot completely and all army exclaimed "Oh, Alas." Indra, Gandharv and Apsaraa etc that came there applauded Arjun. Although Ashwatthaamaa was angry with Arjun, still he could not resist admiring Arjun. He controlled his anger and rushed towards Arjun and shot a heavy downpour of arrows at him. Arjun turned his chariot towards Ashwatthaamaa and gave the opportunity to leave the field. Drone left the field as his armor and banner were already gone."


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