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All Express Their Opinion

[4-47] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Duryodhan said to Bheeshm and Drone - "Both of us, Karn and myself, have told to our Guru, and I say it again as I am not satisfied by saying it once - that Paandav's condition was that if they were defeated they would reside in forest for 12 years in our knowledge and one year unknown to us. The 13th year is still running. Since Veebhatsu who still has to live in incognito, has appeared before us, the Paandav will have to live again in  the forest for the next 13 years. Whether it is because forgetfulness on their part, or it is mistake of ours, Pitaamaha may calculate it, because even moralists can make mistakes while judging their own acts. As far as we are concerned, we have come here to fight with Matsya and take away their cows residing at North, and if Arjun has appeared before us meanwhile, what can we do? We have come here to fight Matsya on behalf of Trigart, because Matsya have defeated them several times that is why we promised them to help them. Besides, it was already decided that Trigart would seize the cows in the afternoon of the Krishn 7th and we would seize their cows on the morning of the Krishn 8th, when the Matsya had already gone to rescue their first seized cows.

It may be possible that either Trigart are bringing the cows, or if they are defeated they might be coming to us for negotiations. Or it may also be possible that Matsya have defeated the Trigart, and the whole army of Matsya should be coming to defeat us. But whether it is the King of Matsya or Veebhatsu, we all must fight him. Why are these foremost warriors - Bheeshm, Drone, Karn, Ashwatthaamaa - are sitting on their chariots? The present conditions demand fighting. If this encounter is for that we have seized their cattle, then whether it is Indra or Yam, let us see who reaches up to Hastinaapur?"

Hearing this Karn said - "Disregard the Guru (Drone) and make the arrangements. he knows Paandav very well and tries to create terror in our heart. I can see that he loves Arjun very dearly. Seeing even his face, he starts chanting his praise. You just take care that our army does not run away. Till now everything is uncertain. Guru likes Paandav very much, they have cleverly kept Drone among us. Whatever Drone is describing, all these things happen all the time. What has Paarth to do with these? And why should he be praised for this? Guru are always wise, sinless and very kind to all creatures. They should never be consulted in the rimes of danger. Their place is luxurious palaces, assemblies, pleasure gardens where they can make learned speeches. In studying the characters of a men, in sciences of horses and elephants, treating diseases of animals, planning buildings and gateways, the learned are very good. You keep the cows safely and organize your army properly, so that we may fight the enemy."

[4-48] Karn continued - "I can see these people who are worried and panic-stricken and unwilling to fight. Whoever he is, Matsya's King or Veebhatsu, I will stop him. My arrows are very sharp and never go without aim. They can even cover Paarth all over. Engaged in ascetic austerities from the last 13 years, Veebhatsu can shoot his arrows only lightly, he has become more Braahman [than Kshatriya]. Although Arjun is known all over the three worlds, but I am not inferior to him. By killing Arjun in the battle, today I will pay off the debt of Dhritraashtra's son. My arrows are hard enough as Indra's Vajra. I will surely grind Paarth. Having obtained the best weapons from Parashuraam Jee, relying on their energy, I will fight even with celestials. Let the Kaurav go with their cows, or stay here, and see my combat with Arjun."

[4-49] Kripaa said - "O Raadheya, You always think about war. Neither you think about the nature of things, nor you think about their after effects. All think the battle as most sinful. It is only time and place when the battle can prove successful. In the present circumstances good results may not be achieved. Showing prowess at an appropriate time is beneficial. Learned men can never act according to the chariot-maker. Considering this, it is not advisable to fight with Paarth, he alone saved the Kuru from Gandharv, he alone pleased Agni Dev in Khaandav Van, he alone led the life of Brahmchaaree for 5 years [on Himvant], he alone challenged Krishn when he brought Subhadraa on his Chariot, he alone fought with Rudra who came to him in disguise of a hunter, he alone rescued Krishnaa from Jayadrath in this very forest, he alone learnt all kinds of celestial weapons under Indra for 5 years, he alone fought with Chitrasen, the king of the Gandharv and his troops, he alone killed all the Nivaat Kavach and Kaalakeya Raakshas who could not be killed even by Devtaa themselves. O Karn, He has defeated many kings of the Earth only single-handedly, like any other son of Paandu, each of whom is capable of defeating many kings of the Earth.

Even Indra is unfit to fight with him. Who is that who would tie a stone in his neck and try to swim the sea? What is manliness in this act? O Karn, It will be simply foolishness to fight with Arjun without being skilled in weapons and without strength, because Paarth is so mighty and skilled in various kinds of weapons. Dishonestly deceived by us and free from being 13 years in exile, will he not kill us? Having ignorantly coming here where Paarth lives like a hidden fire, we have committed a great blunder, still we should fight with him. Therefore organize your army, let Bheeshm, Duryodhan, Drone, Drone's son, yourself and myself should get ready to fight with Paarth. And never dare to fight with him alone. If we six are united together and fight with him, then only we can think of fight with him like Daanav who fight with Indra."

[4-50] Ashwatthaamaa said - "O Karn, The cows have not been taken yet, nor they have crossed the boundary, nor we have reached Hastinaapur, why do you boast yourself like this? Who are true heroes do not boast. Fire burns quietly and the Sun also shines quietly, the Earth bears all creatures quietly. Brahmaa Jee has allotted the duties to all four Varn that each may earn money without insulting each other. A Braahman should perform Yagya himself and for others and study Ved. A Kshatriya should depend on his bow perform sacrifices but should never perform for others. A Vaishya after earned his wealth should cause the rites to be performed for himself. A Shoodra should always serve the other three Varn. Other profession people, like flowers, meat vendors, they may earn money by deceit or fraud.

Since the Paandu's sons always followed scriptures they gained the sovereignty over the world, they always respect their elders even if the they do not behave them well. What is that Kshatriya who feels happiness in taking other's kingdom by deceit, like the wicked and shameless son of Dhritraashtra? In what single fight you can defeat Dhananjaya, Nakul or Sahadev, although you have robbed them of their wealth? In what battle did you defeat Yudhishthir or Bheem? In what battle did you win Indraprasth? What great dee did you do by dragging the princess in the court when she was wearing only one cloth? Yudhishthir is even capable of forgiving the sufferings of Draupadee. I am sure Dhananjaya has come here to kill Dhritraashtra's sons, but he can kill us all. Whether it is Gandharv, Raakshas, or Devtaa, do you think that Dhananjaya will run away with panic seeing them? He will crush them on whosoever he will fall. He is superior to all of you, in handling bow he is equal to celestials, in fighting he is equal to Vaasudev Himself. Scriptures say that a disciple is like son, and that is why Drone takes him as his son.

Use now the same means by which you adopted while playing Dice match, the same one by which you won Indraprasth, by which you dragged Krishnaa. This your wise uncle, Prince of Gaandhaar, Shakuni, who knows the duties of a Kshatriya, let him come now and fight. Gaandeev does not cast the Dice like Krit or Dwaapar, it shoots arrows which can even pierce mountains. Yam, Vaayu, horse-faced Agni may leave some remnant behind, but Dhananjaya inflamed with anger will never do so. Let the Guru (Drone), if he chooses so, fight with Dhananjaya, but I will not fight with him. We will fight with the King of Matsya if he comes to rescue his cows."

[4-51] Bheeshm said - "Drone's son is saying right and so is Kripaa. As for Karn, he is talking only like a Kshatriya who desires to fight. No wise man can blame Drone. However, considering time and place, in my opinion, we must fight. What Karn said to you was just only to raise your courage. And O Ashwatthaamaa, forgive everything, because we have a grave business here to deal with. When the son of Kuntee has come, this not the time of quarrel, you and Kripaa should forgive everything. it is often seen that Ved lives in one and Kshatrya attributes in another. We have never heard both of them living together in anyone, except the Guru of Bharat, Drone, and his son Ashwatthaamaa. Who can be superior to Drone in Vedaant and Puraan except Jamadagni? A combination of Brahmaastra with ved is never seen anywhere else. O Guru Putra, You forgive. This is not the time for disunion among ourselves but to fight with Indra's son. This disunion is the worst thing among the leaders."

Ashwatthaamaa said - "Your observations should not be said in our presence. Guru filled with wrath had spoken about Arjun's qualities. If an enemy has some qualities, one must admit them, while if there is any fault in a Guru, it must be pointed out." Duryodhan said - "Let the Guru forgive us and we should be united together."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Then O  Bhaarat, Duryodhan assisted by Karn, Kripaa and Bheeshm pacified Drone. Drone said - "I am very happy with Bheeshm. Now organize your army in such a way that Paarth should not come near Duryodhan and Duryodhan should not be caught by the enemy either by his rashness or by his ill judgment. Arjun would not show himself before the expiry of the date of his exile; nor he will forgive us for taking away the cows; so we should just make the arrangement that he should not be able to attack Dhritraashtra's son and defeat our troops. I am not sure that whether Paandav have completed the period of their exile, so O Gangaa Putra, you tell about this. what is correct."

[4-52] Bheeshm said - "The wheel of Time revolves with its divisions - means Kalaa, Kaashthaa, Muhoort, days, fortnights and months, constellations, planets, seasons and years. There is an increase of two months every 5 years. It seems to me that calculating thus, there would be an excess of 5 months and 12 nights in 13 years. And this term has been completed by Paandav. Knowing this only Veebahtsu has exposed himself here. All Paandav are well versed in scriptures, how can they deviate from their way when Yudhishthir is at their head? They are not after temptations. if they knew that Duryodhan had won their kingdom by deceit, they would have showed their prowess at the same time in the Dice Hall. We have to defend ourselves from the best archer in the world, so let us be ready for the fight. O Duryodhan, I have never seen any fight, in which one party says - "I am sure to win." So make your arrangement soon because Dhananjaya must be coming soon."

Duryodhan said - "Pitaamaha, I will not give Paandav their kingdom back, so let us fight." Bheeshm said - "Listen to what is proper, O Duryodhan. I always say what is for your good. You go towards capital as soon as possible along with 1/4th of the army. Another 1/4th army should march protecting the cows, And with the rest half of the troops we will fight with Arjun. Drone, Karn, Ashwatthaamaa, Kripaa, myself will surely withstand Arjun, or the King of Matsya, or even Indra himself whoever comes."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Agreeing with Bheeshm, the King of the Kaurav did the same immediately. After sending away the King and the cows, Bheeshm started organizing his army and said to Drone - "O Guru, You stand in the center, and let Kripaa, the son of Sharadwaan, defend the right wing; and let Karn of Soot caste stand in the chariot. I ill stand in the back of the whole army protecting it from that point."


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