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Arjun Brings His Weapons

[4-40] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Arjun had ascertained that Viraat's son Uttar was a novice and inexperienced in fighting, he came to Shamee tree and said to him - "Join me to take down some of the weapons from this tree, because your bows cannot tolerate my strength, my heavy weight when I put down the horses and elephants to defeat the enemy. So O Bhoominjaya, Climb up the tree and there are some bows, armors, standards etc, bring them down. They belong to the sons of Paandu - Yudhishthir, Bheem, Arjun, Nakul and Sahadev. It has the Gaandeev also of Arjun which is equal thousands of other bows and which extends the borders of the kingdom. The other bows are of Yudhishthir, Bheem and the twins, they are also equally powerful."

[4-41] Uttar said - "We have heard that a corpse is also tied on this tree. How can I, a Prince by birth, touch that? Born as Kshatriya, the son of a great king, always observant of Mantra and vows, it is not good for me to touch it. O Brihannalaa, Why do you want me to make unholy." Brihannalaa said - "You will remain holy. Do not fear. there are only bows here not corpses. You are the heir of Matsya King, why should I make you unholy?"

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Arjun convinced this, Uttar came out of the chariot, and climbed up the tree reluctantly. Arjun said - "Go quickly and bring down the bows from the top of the tree." Uttar brought a bundle down. he cut the ropes with which it was tied and then he saw shiny bows, he got frightened for a moment. Then he touched those bows and spoke to Arjun."

[4-42] Uttar asked - "To which warrior these bows belong, on which are a hundred golden bosses, and which has so radiant ends? Whose bow is this which has 60 marks of Indra Gopak (an Indian insect) of pure gold on the back of the staff? And whose bow is this which as adorned with three golden Suns? And whose bow is this which is variegated with gold and gems and on which are golden insects set with beautiful stones? Whose are these arrows adorned with wings around numbering a thousand golden heads and cased in golden quivers? And who owned these large shafts, so thick adorned with vulturine wings and entirely made of iron? Whose is this sable quiver bearing of five images of tiger, and which is holding the shafts mixed with boar-eared arrows numbering 10? Whose are these 700 arrows which are long and thick and are of crescent shaped Moon? Whose are these gold plated arrows which are adorned with parrot-like feathers from below and made of steel in upper part?

Whose sword is this adorned by a mark of a toad and pointed like toad's head? Whose sword is this which is encased in tiger skin and is of excellent blade and golden handle? And whose sword is this which is from Nishaad Country and is adorned with tinkling bells? Whose is this scimitar of polished blade and golden handle? Whose sword is this which is made in Nishaad Country, incapable of being broken and is encased in cow's skin? And whose sword is this whose breadth is just longer than the breadth of 30 fingers in case of gold? O Brihannalaa, I am asking you, please tell me truely, because I am feeling great surprising seeing all these."

[4-43] Brihannalaa said - "The first one you asked is the bow of Arjun, of world-wide fame, Gaandeev. This is the largest weapon of Arjun. It is alone equal to 100,000 weapons and can defeat humans as well as celestials. It is worshipped by gods, without knots and large and smooth. It was with Shiv for a 1,000 years. After that Prajaapati Brahmaa held for 503 years, and after him Shukraachaarya Jee held it for 85 years; and then Som (Chandramaa or Moon) held it for 500 years. Later Varun Dev took it and it was with him for 100 years; and finally Paarth (Shwetvaahan - name coming from his white horses) got it from Varun Dev and has it 65 years.

This statement shows that Arjun was at least 80 years old at that time, because he did not have that bow on the day of his birth. Arjun was younger to Bheem, and Bheem was 60 years old a few days ago. How is it possible? But the translator's note says - "Nilakantha spends much learning and ingenuity in making out that sixty-five years in this connection means thirty-two years of ordinary human computation." This seems to be appropriate, but why it is so? Why did he divided the number 65 by two, is not understandable. Because if this is correct then it means that Paandav went in exile only for 6 and 1/2 years, not for 13 years - this calculation make everything hotchpotch. So one has to accept this figure - of 32 years, carefully.

This bow of golden handle is of Bheem with which he won the whole of Eastern region. The other excellent bow with the images of Indra Gopak belongs to, O Viraat Putra, Yudhishthir. This weapon with golden Sun belongs to Nakul and this bow with the images of insects set in gold and gems belongs to Sahadev. These winged arrows, 1,000 in number, sharp as razors and destructive as poison of snakes, belong to Arjun. When shot they go brilliantly and become inexhaustible. And these long thick shafts of crescent Moon shape belong to Bheem. This quiver bearing the five images of tiger belongs to Nakul. This is the quiver of the son of Maadree with which he won the whole Western region. And these arrows of various colors belong to Sahadev. And these short thick shafts adorned with long feathers consisting of three knots belong to King Yudhishthir. This strong sword with the carved image of toad belongs to Arjun. Cased in tiger skin, this long blade sword belongs to Bheem. And this sword of golden handle belongs to wise King Yudhishthir. And this sword of strong blade cased in goat skin belongs to Nakul; and this huge scimitar belongs to Sahadev."

Arjun Exposes Himself to Uttar

[4-44] Uttar said - "These weapons belonging to Paarth look exceedingly beautiful, but where are Arjun, Yudhhishthir, Nakul, Sahadev, Bheem? Since Paandav have lost their kingdom, we have not heard about them. [This shows that at this time Uttar was at least 13+ (maybe 10) = 23 years old]. And where is Draupadee who also went to the forest with Paandav?" Arjun said - "I am Arjun also called Paarth, your father's courtier is Yudhishthir, your father's cook Vallabh is Bheem, the groomer of horses is Nakul, and the cow-pen is Sahadev and Sairandhree is Draupadee for whose sake Keechak was killed."

Uttar said - "I would believe you if you tell me the 10 names of Arjun previously heard by me." Arjun said - "I will, O Viraat Putra. Listen to them and compare them with those what you have heard before. They are Phaalgun, Jishnu, Kireetee, Shwetvaahan, Veebhatsu, Vijaya, Krishn, Savyasaachee, and Dhananjaya." Uttar asked - "Tell me truely, who do you call Vijaya and why Shwetvaahan; why krishn and why Arjun; and Phaalgun and Jishnu; and for why are you Dhananjaya and Savyasaachee? I have heard the origin of several names of hat hero, but if you can tell me about all of them, I can put my faith in you."

Arjun said - "They call me (1) Dhananjaya - Because I lived in the midst of wealth defeating all the countries and taking away all their wealth. (2) Vijaya - They call me Vijaya because hen I go to fight with invincible kings, I never return without defeating them. (3) Shwetvaahan - I am called Shwetvaahan because when I go to battle I always have white horses decked with gold are yoked in my chariot. (4) Phaalgun - They call me Phaalgun, because I was born on Himvant Mountain in Uttaraa Phaalgunee Nakshatra.  (5) Kireetee - I am named Kireetee because of my diadem which is resplendent like Sun and was placed on my head by Indra when I went to kill Daanav. (6) Veebhatsu - I am called Veebhatsu among men and Devtaa because I have never committed any unlawful deed in the battlefield.  (7) Savyasaachee - People call me Savyasaaachee because I can handle my bow Gaandeev with my both hands. (8) Arjun - They call me Arjun because my complexion is very rare on this Earth, and because my acts are always stainless. (9) Jishnu - I am called Jishnu because I am unapproachable and incapable of being kept down and the son of Indra. (10) Krishn - And I am called Krishn, my 10th name, was given by my father out of affection because of my dark skin."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Hearing this Viraat Putra Uttar came near Paarth, saluted him and said - "My name is Bhoominjaya and I am also called Uttar. It is by good luck that I am seeing you. You are welcome, O Dhananjaya. Please pardon me what I said to you in ignorance. You have already shown many wonderful feats, so I am now not fearing at all. I love you very much."

There is no reference here of getting Arjun's chariot. It should be here somewhere

[4-45] Uttar said - "O Hero, Riding on this large chariot, being myself as your driver, tell me which division of army you would like to enter first? As you will order me I will drive you to the same side." Arjun said - "I am very pleased with you. You need not to fear, be at ease, I will fight with your enemies. Tie all these quivers to my chariot and take a sword of polished blade and golden handle."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this Uttar got active, he immediately came down from the tree bringing Arjun's weapons. Arjun said - "I will fight with Kuru, and bring back your cows. You sit at the top of this chariot and I will protect you with my Gaaandeev, so be fearless sitting on this chariot." Uttar said - "Now I am no longer afraid of anything as I know how do you fight. You are like keshav or Indra himself. But I am still confused, foolish as I am, by what circumstances such a man became deprived of manhood? Because you look like Mahaaadev or Indra or even the Chief of the Gandharv (Chitrasen) in the guise of the third sex."

Arjun said - "I tell you truly that I am observing this only as a vow for a whole year for my elder brother. I am not truly of neuter gender, but I have adopted this to serve another to earn some religious merit. O Prince, My period is now complete." Uttar said - "You have done a great favor to me, because my suspicion had no foundation. Indeed a person like you cannot be a person of the third sex. I can now fight even with celestials. Tell me what should I do? Trained in driving chariots by learned Guru I will hold the reins of your chariot. I am as competent charioteer as Daaruk of Krishn, or Maatali of Sakra. The horse which is yoked in your right hand of your chariot has hooves like that when he runs they don't touch the ground, like Sugreev of Krishn's chariot. The left one has the speed of Meghpushp, the third one yoked in rear is like Shaibyaa, and the fourth one in the rear is like Balaahak. This chariot is worthy for you and you are worthy fighting on this chariot riding it."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then Arjun took out his bangles out of his arms and wore a beautiful pair of gloves on his hands embroidered with gold. He tied his hair with a white cloth, sat on that excellent chariot turned to East, purified his body recalled all his weapons, and all the weapons came and said to him - "We are here. We are your servants, O Son of Indra." Arjun received them in his hands and said to them - "Please reside in my memory." he quickly stringed his Gaandeev and twanged it. Its sound was dreadful, it filled the Earth and a strong wind blew. Kaurav knew from that sound that Arjun had twanged his Gaandeev.

Uttar said - "O Best of Paandav, You are alone and these people are so many. How will you defeat them even being skilled in every kind of weapon. It is for this reason that I fear and I will be beside you." Hearing this Arjun burst out in laughter and said - "You don't worry. Who was with me when I fought with Gandharv at the time Gosh Yaatraa? Who was with me when I was fighting with so many Devtaa and Asur at Khaandav Van? Who was with me when I was fighting with Nivaat Kavach and Paulomaa? And who assisted me when I was fighting with so many people in Paanchaalee's Swayamvar? I am trained in arms by Drone, by Sakra, by Vaishravan, Yam, Varun, Agni, Kripaa, Krishn and even Shiv. Why shall I not fight them? Drive the chariot carefully and don't be afraid at all."

[4-46] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus making Uttar his charioteer, and circumambulating the Shamee tree, Arjun set out for fighting taking all his weapons with him. Uttar as his driver took out the banner of lion's figure from his chariot and kept it under the Shamee tree and hoisted his golden banner bearing the figure of an ape with a lion's tail which was a celestial illusion created by Vishwakarmaa himself. For as soon as he thought that gift of Agni Dev, Agni Dev ordered those superhuman creature who sat on that banner to sit on that banner. With quivers attached to it that banner fell from the sky on his chariot. Arjun circumambulate quickly with respect and set out in Northerly direction. As he was going he blew his conch forcefully. Hearing that sound his horses fell down on the ground on their knees. Uttar also got frightened sitting on the chariot.

Then Arjun took the reins of horses himself, placed them in proper positions, embraced Uttar and encouraging him said - "Why do you fear? You are a Kshatriya by birth. You must have heard the sound of many conches before. Why are you so much terrified by its sound as if you are an ordinary person?" Uttar said - "I have heard many conches many trumpets, but I have never heard this type of sound. The sound of this bow and conch is really terrifying." Arjun said - "Be firm on the chariot, pressing your feet on it and  hold the reins of horses tightly, because I will blow the conch again."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Arjun blew the conch again and its sound filled all the directions. Uttar once gain at down in the chariot clinging to it in fear. Seeing Uttar's plight, Arjun comforted him again."

Meanwhile Drone said - "From the sound of the chariot, and the way in which the clouds covered the sky, it is clear that he is Savyasaachee. Our weapons do not shine, our horses are not happy, our fires do not blare up. O King, Your animals look like weeping, and our army seems to have been already defeated, because nobody is eager to fight. All our warriors' faces are pale. We should send the cows, and stand here to fight with our army ready to fight."


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