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Duryodhan's Ghosh Yaatraa-1

[3-234] Janamejaya said - "While Paandav were passing their days like this in the forest, what did they do after reaching Dwait Van and lake?" Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After Paandav had reached Dwait Van, they sought for a place to reside and camped there. Then they started wandering around to see the places around. They always had several Rishi around. One day they came across a Rishi who had a great power of speech. He talked to Paandav for some time and then went away to Vichitraveerya's court. The old king Dhritraashtra welcomed him. After having seated, on asking by Dhritraashtra he talked about Paandav to him. He talked about Krishnaa also who was suffering from misery. Hearing this Dhritraashtra got very sad. He sighed with real affliction towards Paandav. He kept himself quiet with a great effort, because he remembered that how he was the catalyst for all this. At last he said - "Oh, How is my eldest son Yudhishthir, who is so truthful, pious and virtuous? How he would be sleeping on bare floor? Who was awakened by songs, now is awakened by birds. How Bheem will also be sleeping on floor before Krishnaa? All younger brothers, who are like gods themselves, are just tied with their elder brother. They are all like Yam and Kaal. It is so sad that Duryodhan, Shakuni, Soot's son (Karn) and Dushaasan saw in this situation their own benefits. if the soil is properly tilled, seed is properly sown, Indra also rains properly, still the crop may not grow, because everything depends on Destiny. Shakuni has acted deceitfully with a man who is always honest. I also acted similarly just because of the love for my sons. Because of this the time of destruction of Kuru has come now. What is inevitable, must happen. Wind has to blow, a pregnant woman must deliver a child, darkness will go away when morning comes,. Whatever we earn bring misery to us, then why people earn so much wealth? See the energy of Arjun that he went to Indra's abode from the forest and has come back from there taking four kinds of weapons. Who is such a man who has gone to Swarg in human form and then wants to come back from there. It could  not have been, but since he has to kill many Kuru that is why he came back. He can handle his Gaandeev with his both hands."

The son of Subal, Shakuni, heard these words of Dhritraashtra, so he went to Duryodhan and told him everything in private. Although Duryodhan was a little fool but he got very sad hearing all this."

[3-235] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "As Shakuni heard all this from Dhritraashtra, he went to Durydhan along with Karn and said to him as soon as he got the opportunity - "After sending Paandav to forest, now you rule the whole Prithvi single handedly. Kings of all directions have give you tributes. Whatever wealth was with Paandav before, the same is with you now. You have snatched it from him by your intelligence. You are sining nor as Yam shines among Rudra and Indra shines among Marut. So let us go and see Paandav who have been deprived of their kingdom. It has been heard that Paandav are living near the lake of Dwait Van. You go there with all your prosperity and make him jealous showing it to him. let them see you like Yayaati. A happiness which is derived from seeing his enemies in grief is even greater than acquiring the wealth or kingdom. What will be the happiness to see Dhananjaya clad in bark and deer skin. Let your wife dressed in her best robes see Krishnaa clad in bark and deer skin. It will surly increase Krishnaa's grief."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After saying this both Karn and Shakuni got silent."

[3-236] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this from Karn, Duryodhan got very pleased and said to Karn - "Whatever you tell me is always before my mind. I don't need to take permission to go to Paandav's place. King is already grieving for them. In fact he regards them more because of their ascetic austerities. If the King had guessed our motive to go to forest he will never give permission to go to forest, because our going to forest has no other motive than to destroy Paandav. You know what Kshatree (Vidur) told you and the son of Subal at the time of the dice game. So thinking that I am not sure whether I should go to forest or not. I know that I will be highly pleased seeing Bheem, Arjun and Draupadee clad in bark and deer skin. What joy will be greater than seeing all of them living in forest wearing rags and barks? But I do not know how I should go there, and what to say to to the King to take permission to go there? O Karn, Think of some clever plan with Dushaasan and Shakuni, so that we may go there. I will also think about whether I should go there or not, and then meet the King. Bheeshm will also be there, at that you come there and along with Shakuni propose the pretext. Then whatever Bheeshm and father will react, I will take over the matter."

Saying "So be it" all went away. Next morning, Karn came to the King (Duryodhan) and smilingly spoke to him p- "I have hatched a good plan. Our herds are now waiting in the forest for you to come there, so we all can go there to look after those cattle places there. There is no cheating in this that a king should go and see his cattle places. I think with this plea your father will permit you to go to the forest." Shakuni said - "This is the plan I also thought about." They all three laughed together and set off to see Dhritraashtra."

[3-237] Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "So they all came to Dhritraashtra and observed normal formalities. That a cowherd named Samang, who had been trained before, came there and talked about cattle to the King. Karn and Shakuni said - "Our cattle stations are at a pleasant place, so please permit Duryodhan to go there. This season is good for hunting also, so Duryodhan can hunt also." Dhritraashtra said - "Yes, both are good plans, but know that these herdsmen are not to be trusted. I have heard that Paandav also are staying around that area only, so you should not go there. O Raadheya, They are able warriors. Since they were defeated by deceit, if they were awakened anyhow, they will not tolerate. Bheem and Draupadee are already so angry. Draupadee is such a woman that she can burn you even without weapons. If you will trouble them, it will be an improper act, and you may never succeed in your mission. Arjun had defeated the world before when he did not have celestial weapons, but now he has acquired celestial weapons, will he not be able to kill you all? So obey me and go there carefully. Even if your soldiers would want to trouble Paandav, that will also be your fault. Take some faithful people with you, I don't think it is proper to go there alone.

Shakuni said - "Yudhishthir is a great follower of morality. He has already declared in the assembly that he would live in the forest for 12 years. His younger brothers are also virtuous and because of this they will obey their elder brother. And Yudhishthir will never be angry with us. We will got for hunting and will look after the cattle also. We have no intention to see Paandav, so we do not have any chance to see them."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Shakuni said this, although Dhritraashtra permitted them to go, but he was not willing to send them there. As they got the permission, they all got ready to go there with many people - Dushaasan, Shakuni, his other brothers, and thousands of women, to see Dwait Van lake. 8,000 chariots, 30,000 elephants, 9,000 horses and many thousand foot soldiers, shops and pavilions, traders and men trained in the chase by hundreds and thousands followed him. When they reached the lake they camped some four miles away from Paandav's residence."

Duryodhan Meets Gandharv

[3-238] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Wandering in several forests Duryodhan arrived at cattle stations, and his servants made a nice place to live for him. Nearby were the residences of Karn, Shakuni and his other brothers. Duryodhan examined his hundreds of thousands of cattle. After completing the task, Duryodhan started enjoying there like celestials as they pleased them. The cowherds' women danced and sang before the king to please him. Duryodhan distributed wealth and food to all those who asked for them. He started killing hyenas and buffaloes, deer, an bears and boars in thousands. At the same time Yudhishthir was preparing for Raajarshi Yagya with his wife Draupadee. Duryodhan ordered his people to build some pleasure houses on the banks of the lake. And as the soldiers of Duryodhan reached the banks of the lake and tried to enter the gates of the woods, there appeared Gandharv and stopped them to enter the woods. These Gandharv had come there from Kuber's city before Duryodhan reached there. And the King of the Gandharv along with many Apsaraa and sons of celestials had also come there with the intentions of sports. he had closed it from all sides for all coming there. So Duryodhan's servants came back and told everything to him. Duryodhan then sent some warriors ordering them to push the Gandharv back in battle.

The warriors went back to Gandharv and said to them - "Our king Duryodhan is coming here for sports, so move aside. Hearing this Gandharv laughed and said - "Your wicked King must be out of his senses, otherwise how could he order the heaven dwellers, as if we are his servants? You are also idiots who have brought this message to us. Go back to your King or go to Yam Lok." Hearing this the warriors came back to Duryodhan."

[3-239] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "These soldiers came to Duryodhan and told him whatever had happened there. Duryodhan filled with anger ordered his soldiers to punish whoever was opposing his order including all the celestials. So the soldiers equipped themselves with armors and weapons to fight with Gandharv. As they again wanted to enter the forest, the Gandharv again stopped them politely to enter the forest, but the soldiers started attacking them. When Gandharv found that Dhritraashtra's soldiers could not be controlled by words, they went to their King Chitrasen, Chitrasen also ordered them to use their weapons, so they ran back with their weapons and faced Kuru soldiers. Seeing Gandharv with their weapons, Kuru soldiers ran away but Karn did not go back, he faced them with a very light hand he killed many Gnadharv. Seeing this Gandharv shouted, and although they were killed in hundreds of thousands, still they came back to fight with Karn. Then Duryodhan, Shakuni, Dushaasan, Dushaasan and Vikarn and other brothers also came to face Gandharv. All Gandharv started fighting with Kaurav. After a while Gandharv seemed to be exhausted and Kaurav shouted loudly in victory.

As Chitrasen saw his fleet running away, he rose from his seat and decide to kill Kaurav army. he used Maayaa weapons to fight with them. Kuru army again went senseless, because every soldier found himself surrounded by 10 Gandharv, so they all started fleeing the field, but Karn still stood in the field immovable as a hill. All of the Gandharv wanted to kill Karn, so all of them surrounded him, some broke his chariot, some killed his horses, some cut his flag staff, some cut his umbrella, thus breaking his whole chariot in small pieces. Seeing his chariot broken, Karn jumped down fro his chariot and climbed upon Vikarn's chariot carrying his sword and shield."

[3-240] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "As Karn went on Vikarn's chariot, Kuru army fled, still Duryodhan stayed back and started showering arrows on Gandharv army. Gandharv also showered arrows on Duryodhan and broke his chariot, killed his charioteer and horses. Duryodhan fell on the ground. Chitrasen immediately seized him in such a way that it seemed that he had killed him. Dushaasan who was seated in his chariot was also made prisoner. Some Gandharv seized Vivinshati and Chitrasen and some seized Vind and Anuvind and they seized all the royal women too. Some warriors of Duryodhan escaped and approached Paandav for protection and said to them - "Our King Duryodhan has been captivated by Gandharv. Please follow them. Duryodhan, Dushaasan, Durvishas, Durmukh and Durjaya, all have been taken away by Gandharv, even royal household women too." Afflicting with grief, thus soldiers approached Paandav for the release of their people

MBH Serial
Here in MBH Serial, it is shown that Duryodhan misbehaved with the daughter of Gandharv Raaj, and this instigated the fight between them, but it is not so
Besides, they have shown that Karn did not fight with Gandharv, but it is not so.
Besides they have shown that only one person went to Paandav for help, but it does not seem so.

Bheem spoke angrily - "What we would had done with our army, those Gandharv had done. They came for different purpose but had to face some different scene. This is the result of deceitful play. Thus there is still one person who wants to do good for us, although we are sitting idly. That wretch came here with his prosperity to see us in poverty, that is why they are seeing their disgrace. Whoever has suggexted Duryodhan to do this, he is certainly wicked and sinful." While Bheem was speaking thus, Yudhishthir said to him - "This is not the time to say such words."

Arjun Frees Duryodhan

[3-241] Yudhishthir said - "Why do you use such language for frightened Kuru who have come in our protection. Disputes occur among the bllod relations, but the honor of family should never suffer for such small things. If any stranger comes to insult the family, good people never tolerate such things from the strangers. The wicked soul king of Gandharv knows that we are living here or some  time, still he dared to do such a thing, it is disrespectful to us. That is why go and save those people to guard our family. You all four go and free Kuru from Gandharv. Their furnished chariots are already here. With Indrasen and other charioteers you ride them and get them released. Any Kshatriya should protect that who comes to him for protection. Getting a boon, sovereignty, and the birth of a son, all the three are a source of joy, but the liberation of foe is equal to all the three put together. What can be a greater joy than that your foe is asking you to protect him. If I was not engaged in vow then I myself would have gone to free him. The King of Gandharv will not agree like this, so you will have to crush the foes if need be to get them freed. O Bheem, I can tell only this right now as my Yagya has begun and it has not ended yet."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this from Ajaatshatru, Dhananjaya said that he would get them released from Gandharv, and if Gandharv will not release them peacefully, the Earth will drink his blood today." Kuru soldiers got relieved at this."

[3-242] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this all Paandav stood up clad in their golden mails, rode the well-furnished chariots and set off to the place immediately. Seeing Paandav coming for Duryodhan's help, Kuru army shouted loudly with happiness. Seeing Paandav coming for battle, those dwellers of Gandhmaadan Parvat also got ready to fight with them. They started fighting. But when Arjun saw that Gandharv are unable to make out what was good for them, he said to them - "Release my brother Duryodhan." The Gandharv laughingly said - "We obey only one person's orders and pass our days under his rule. We obey him only and he is the only celestial who can order us." Arjun replied - "Taking other people's wives, and behaving with human beings like this is not a respectable act for Gandharv, therefore you leave the sons of Dhritraashtra and the royal women too. This is the command of Yudhishthir the just. if you do not free Suyodhan peacefully, then I will have to free him by my power." Saying this Arjun showered arrows on Gandharv, Gandharv also showered the arrows on Paandav."

[3-243] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus Gandharv showered the arrows on all the four Paandav. Gandharv had  broken Karn's and Duryodhan's chariots, so they tried to break Paandav's chariots also. But Arjun hurled his celestial weapon Aagneya Astra at Gandharv. That weapon killed 10,000 Gandharv. Bheem and Nakul and Sahadev also killed Gandharv in hundreds by their arrows. Seeing this Gandharv rose in the sky along with the sons of Dhritraashtra. But Dhananjaya surrounded them with his net of arrows and they were closed ion it like a bird in a cage. They tried to attack Arjun with their various weapons, but Arjun also with his weapons halted them to do so. Seeing his Gandharv in danger, Chitrasen rushed at Arjun with a mace which Arjun cut in seven pieces with his arrows. Chitrasen hid himself and started fighting with Arjun. Arjun released "Shabd Vedh" weapon and did not let him disappear from the sight. Seeing this Arjun's friend showed himself to him and said - "See your friend Chitrasen in me battling with you." Seeing him Arjun withdrew all his weapons he released. Arjun's other brothers also stopped fighting seeing Arjun withdrawing his weapons. All sat on their chariots and asked each other's welfare."

[3-244] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Arjun asked smilingly to his friend Chitrasen - "Why do you want to punish Kaurav? And why Suyodhan's wives are being punished?" Chitrasen replied - "O Arjun, I knew about the intention of Duryodhan from my own Lok. His purpose of coming here was that you were here in exile and were suffering, so he wanted to show his prosperity to you by his entertainments. That is why they came here for mocking you and Draupadee. Indra also knew his purpose so he asked me to come here, arrest Duryodhan along with his counselors and take them to Indra. He also told me to protect you and your brother in the battle, because you are my dear disciple and friend. So I came here hastily. I have tied him in chains and now I will take him to the Lord of celestials."

Arjun said - "O Chitrasen, If you wish to do good to me, set Suyodhan free at the command of Yudhhishthir the just, because he is our brother." Chitrasen said - "He is a wretched man who always has some kind of bad idea in his mind, he does not deserve to be free. He has dome wrong with both, Yudhishthir and Krishnaa. Yudhishthir doesn't even know what for he came here. let the King decide after knowing everything about him."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "So all of them went to Yudhishthir and told him about Duryodhan's intentions. Ajaatshatru asked Gandharv to set all of them free and appreciated Gandharv. He said - "It is very fortunate for us that you did not kill Duryodhan. This is a great kindness you have showed to us and that our family is saved by getting him released. I am very happy to see you all, tell me what can I do for you? After that you may go from where you have come here." Hearing this Gandharv went back along with Apsaraa. Indra revived the dead Gandharv by sprinkling Amrit over them. Paandav also became very happy after finishing their job. Yudhishthir said to Duryodhan - "Do not do such rash acts in future. Rash acts never bring happiness. Be happy, and go back to your capital without any sorrow."

Duryodhan greeted Yudhishthir with shame and went back to his capital as if he was a lifeless body. After the Kaurav had left, the Paandav again started passing their days happily in Dwait Van."


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