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Draupadee-Satyabhaamaa Dialog

[3-231] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After those Braahman and Rishi had taken their seats, Draupadee and Satyabhaamaa entered the hermitage, settled down and laughed at ease. They had met after long time so they talked about Kuru and Yadu for a long time. Satyabhaamaa who was Satraajit's daughter and Krishn's favorite wife, asked Draupadee - "By what rule you rule the sons of Paandu who are like Digpaal themselves? How is that they are never angry with you and they always agree with you and they are always ready to please you. Tell me its reason. Is this the practice of some vow? or incantation? or drug at the time of bath or science, or your youthful appearance, or recitation of Mantra? tell me so that Krishn will always be obedient to me."

Hearing this Draupadee said - "O Satyabhaamaa, All these ways to control husband are of wicked women, I cannot answer your this question. It does not seem good that you ask this question from me. As soon as a husband learns that his wife is addicted to such methods he gets troubled and whoever is troubled, he cannot have peace. A husband can never be made obedient by his wife's incantations. Many women cause very dreadful diseases in their husbands through this. An intelligent woman should never do this to her husband. So listen to what I do towards Paandav. I keep aside my vanity, and always serve Paandav controlling my desire and anger, along with their wives. (read an article "Other Wives") I never utter any false or evil, look or sit or walk in improper condition, and do not show my emotions through my glance. I serve only my husbands and none other than them comes to my heart, whosoever he is. I bath, I eat and I sleep only after my husbands have bathed, eaten and slept; and not only my husbands, but even our attendants have bathed, eaten and slept. Whenever they come home from outside, I welcome them rising offering them water and seat. I serve them food at the appropriate time, never speak angrily, and I always do what is agreeable to them. I am never lazy to serve them. I never laugh except at the time of jest, and never never laugh loudly, never stand at the door of the house for any length of time, nor I spend long periods in our gardens. In fact I always serve my husbands.

I do not like to live separately from my husbands. Even if they have to go out sometimes, I do not use any kind of Shringaar (decoration of self) and live with most simplicity. Whatever my husbands do not enjoy, I also do not use those things. Otherwise I always look decorated and serve them. Whatever duties have been instructed to me about relatives, alms giving, gods, diseased, elders etc I do them sincerely. I regard my husbands as my gods and serve them with all my heart all the time. I think that is the eternal virtue for a woman. I never speak ill of my mother-in-law. I personally serve Kuntee with food, drink and clothes. I never show any preference over her in any way.

Before, 8,000 Braahman were daily fed in the palace of Yudhishthir from gold plates and 80,000 Snaatak (Braahman disciple) leading domestic lives were entertained with 30 serving maids. Besides, 10,000 Yatee had their pure food carried unto them in golden plates. I used to worship all of them with food and drink. Yudhishthir had 100,000 well-adorned serving maids with ample golden ornaments in their neck and arms and jewels etc were well-skilled in singing and dancing. I knew all about them - what they are, what they were. He had 100,000 maid servants who fed guests daily with gold plates in their hands. When Yudhishthir lived in Indra Prasth, 100.000 horses and 100,000 elephants used to follow him. These were the possessions of the King. I regulated their number, set their rules, and heard their complains. I knew all of them, I controlled all of them, I knew what was all the income and expenditure of the King. I supervised the treasury, when my husband were busy in doing virtue. Whether I am hungry or thirsty, I serve my husbands day and night, thus my days and nights were equal to me. I woke first and went to bed in the last. O Satyabhaamaa, This is the only charm I use to control my husbands, and I know this art from the very beginning. Neither I have practiced those wicked women's type of charms, nor I ever wish to use them."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this from Krishnaa, Satyabhaamaa first respected Krishnaa and then said - "I feel guilty, O Daughter of Yagyasen, forgive me, this topic just arose in jest."

[3-232] Draupadee said - "Now I will tell you the way to attract your husband, it is without any deceit. If you will adopt that way, you will be able to distract your husband from other women. Know that there is no other god, including celestial gods, for a woman to serve. If he is satisfied, you can achieve everything; when he is angry, all things are lost. A woman gets her children and all other things of enjoyment from her husband only. For the same reason the woman who is chaste obtains happiness. Always adore Krishn with friendship and love physical sufferings. You should serve Him in such a way that he is attracted to you only thinking that "Satyabhaamaa truely loves me only." As soon as you see Him entering the chamber, wash His feet, offer Him excellent seat and take care of His needs yourself without asking for them. By these actions Krish will know that you love Him with the bottom of your heart.

And O Satyabhaamaa, Whatever Krishn says before you, never reveal to anybody else whether or not it is to be disclosed; because if by chance any of your co-wives will speak about it, he might be irritated with you. Always feed those people who are dear to Krishn and who do good to Him by every means and in your power. Who do injury to Him, keep distance with them. Never get excited, never be careless in front of other men, always hide your emotions by being silent. Do not talk to even your sons - Pradyumn or Saamb, in private. You should have your company of those women who are good, high-born and are always devoted to their husbands. Therefore worship your husband, and always keep yourself adorned with good clothes and jewelry."

[3-233] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Keshav had also finished His talks with Paandav and Rishi Maarkandeya, so He rode His chariot and called Satyabhaamaa. Satyabhaamaa also embraced Draupadee, bade her farewell and said cordially - "God bless you with no anxiety and grief. Sleep well in nights. You will surely see Yudhishthir ruling the Earth. Your all brave sons, Prativindhya from Yudhishthir and Sutasom from Bheem, and Shrutakarmaa from Arjun, and Shataaneek from Nakul, and Shrutasen begot from Sahadev, are well and have become skilled in weapons. Like Abhimanyu they are all staying at Dwaaraavatee, delighted with the place. Subhadraa is taking good care of them. Even Rukminee also takes care of them. And Keshav with His son Bhaanu takes care of them." After having said this Satyabhaamaa got ready to go, she rode the chariot with Krishn and they set out for their city."

3-Van Parv - Draupadee Satyabhaamaa Samvaad Parv Ends Here


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