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Maarkandeya Muni-11
Boons to Mothers

[3-229] Maarkandeya Jee said - "When those six ladies learnt about the good fortune of Mahaasen, they smiled and went back to his camp, as they were disowned by their husbands. They said to Skand, their son - "We have been divorced by out good husbands for no reason. Some people have spread the rumor that we have given birth to you, they believed it and banished us. Please save us from this situation. We wish to adopt you as our son to get eternal bliss." Skand replied - "You are surely my mothers, I am your son and your all wishes will be fulfilled."

Maarkandeya Jee said - "Indra also wanted to express something, so Skand asked him, "What is it?" Indra said - "Rohinee's younger sister Abhijeet, being jealous of her elder sister, has gone to forest to do Tap and I cannot find a substitute for this fallen star. Please consult Brahmaa Jee about this asterism. Dhanishthaa and other asterisms were created by Brahmaa and Rohinee was one of them. On Indra's advice Krittikaa was given a place among them presided by Agni. Vinataa said to Skand - "You are like my son and you are entitled to offer me funeral offerings, I wish to live with you." Skand said - "I honor you, let it be so. Guide me like my mother and live with me, my wives will also honor you."

Maarkandeya Jee said - "Then the great mothers spoke to him - "We are the mothers of all, but we want to be your mother, honor us." Skand said - "You all are my mothers, tell me what shall I do to please you?" Mothers replied - "Women (Braahmee, Maaheshwaree etc) who were appointed as Mothers of all in olden days, we should replace them and we should be worshipped by the world. Grant us the children because we have been deprived of them because of you." Skand said - "You won't be able to get the older ones which were once given away, but I can give you other children if you like." The mothers replied - "We wish that living with you, we can assume different shapes we will be able to eat the children of those mothers and their guardians. Grant us this favor." Skand said - "I can grant you children, but the other topic is very painful. May you be prosperous, take care of them." Mothers said - "We shall protect them, you be prosperous, we shall always be with you." Skand said - "Until a child attains the age of 16, you can afflict them in various ways. I also confer on you a fierce inexhaustible spirit and with that you shall live happily worshipped by all."

Maarkandeya Jee said - "Then a fearful being came out of Skand's body and fell down senseless with hunger. His name was Skandaapasmaaram, as the learned Braahman know about him. Vinataa is called the terrific Shakuni Graha. She who is known as Pootanaa Raakshasee is Pootanaa Graha. That fierce Raakshas is called Pishaaach - Sheet Pootanaa. It causes abortion in women. Aditi, also known by the name of Ravatee, her evil spirit is called Raivat - this terrible Graha also afflicts children. Diti, the mother of Daitya, is called Mukhmandikaa and is very fond of the flesh of little children. The male and female children, who were born from Skand are spirit of evil and destroy the children in the womb. They (Kumaar) are known as the husband of those women. Poor children are caught unaware by them. Surabhi who is the mother of cows, has evil spirit named Shakuni who destroys children on Earth. Saramaa, the mother of dogs, habitually kills the children in the womb. The mother of trees lives in Karanj tree and grants boons to all creatures. Who desire to have children, bow down to her. These 18 spirits eat meat and drink wine, they reside in a room for 10 days. Kadroo manifests herself in the form of a subtle body of a pregnant woman and there she destroys the fetus and the mother is made to give birth a Naag. And the mother of Gandharv, takes away the fetus resulting in abortion. The mother of Apsaraa take away the fetus from the womb and such conceptions are stationary. The daughter of the Devtaa of the Red Sea is said to have nursed Skand, so she is worshipped with the name of Lohitaayanee, on Kadamb trees. Aaryaa acts in the same way with female beings as Rudra behaves with male children. She is the mother of all children and takes care of them. All of these spirits are worshipped by burnt offerings, ablutions, sacrifices and others, particularly by the worshippers of Skand.

Now I will describe the nature of these spirits towards the children older than 16 years of age.
The man who sees Devtaa in his dreams on in a wakeful state, soon becomes mad and the spirit which causes it is called celestial spirit.
When a person sees his dead ancestor, sitting comfortably or lying, this perception is caused by ancestral spirit
The man who shows disrespect to Siddh, and who is cursed by them in return, soon goes mad and this is caused by Siddh spirit.
When a man smells sweet odor, and becomes cognizant of various tastes, when there is no taste, soon becomes tormented, is caused by Raakshas spirit.
If a man is blended with the qualities of Gandharv, he runs mad within no time and is caused by Gandharv spirit.
If a man is tormented by Pishaach all the time, is caused by Paishaach spirit.
If a Yaksh spirit enters human system by accident, he loses all his reasoning power, runs mad in no time and his remedy is according to Shaastra.
People go mad also from perplexity, fear or seeing hidden things. Their remedies lie in quieting their minds.

There are three classes of spirits - frolicsome, gluttonous and sensual. Until people are of 70 years of age, these spirits continue to torment them. But those people are saved from their effect who have subdued their senses, are of clean habits. I have described you the effect of evil spirits. Who are the devotees of Maheshwar, are never troubled by them."

[3-230] Maarkandeya Jee continued - "After Skand had bestowed these powers, Swaahaaa came there and said to Skand - "Since you are my natural son, I wish that you should grant me special happiness." Skand said - "What do you want?" Swaahaa said - "I am a very favorite daughter of Daksh. I have been in love with Hutaashan (Agni Dev) from my youth, but that god does not understand my feelings, I desire to live with him for life as his wife." Skand said - "From this day all people who will offer Aahuti in Agni with the name of Swaahaa, thus you will always be associated with Agni Dev." Hearing this that she will be with her husband Paavak, Swaahaa got very happy and she honored him.

Brahmaa Jee said to Mahaasen - "Now you should go to your father Mahaadev, the conqueror of Tripur. Rudra, Agni, Umaa and Swaahaa have decided to make you invincible for the benefit of the world. The semen of Rudra, cast into the reproductive organ of Umaa, was thrown upon this hill, so two beings came into life - Mujikaa and Minjikaa. A portion of it fell into Blood Sea, another one in the rays of the Sun, another one upon the Earth - and thus it divided in five portions. People should remember that your followers who live on the flesh of animals are born from that semen." Skand said "So be it." and honored his father.

Maarkandeya Jee said - "People who want wealth, should worship these five classes of spirits with the sunflower, and to alleviate diseases also they should worship them. The twin Mujikaa and Minjikaa, born of Rudra, must always be worshipped for the welfare of the little children. And the people who want to have children must worship those female spirits who live on human flesh and are produced in trees. Thus all Pishaaach are distributed in innumerable classes.

Now you listen to the origin of bells and standards of Skand. Airaavat elephant is said to have had two bells named Vaijayantee. Witty Indra brought those bells and gave to Skand. Vishaakh took one bell and Skand took another one. Standards of both Skand and Vishaakh are red. Mahaasen was very happy to receive the toys Devtaa gave to him. Skand was sitting on Shwet Parvat surrounded by Pishaach and Devtaa. He was adorable. After crowning him Har and Paarvatee went to Bhadraavat in their chariot. His chariot was drawn by thousand lions and managed by Kaal. They passed through the blank space and it seemed as if they were about to devour sky. He was preceded by Kuber riding on the backs of human beings with his attendants Guhyak in his Pushpak Vimaan. Indra on his Airaavat was following Rudra. And the great Yaksh Amogh with his attendants Jambhak Yaksh and other Raakshas was heading right side of Dev Army along with Vasu and Rudra. Yam Raaj and Death were also marching with him along with terrible diseases. Behind him was the Shiv's trident, named Vijaya. Then there was Varun with his Paash surrounded by numerous aquatic animals marching slowly with the trident. The trident Vijaya was followed by Pattish (another weapon of Mahaadev), and the Pattish was followed by Rudra's magnificent umbrella and Kamandal served by Maharshi. And behind all these Rudra rode in his white chariot. All rivers, mountains, Apsaraa, Rishi, celestials, Gandharv, women etc followed this train.

These women proceeded scattering flowers all around; and the clouds marched, having made their obeisance to that god (Mahaadev) who is armed with the Pinaak bow. Some of them held a white umbrella over his head, and Agni (the Fire god) and Vaayu (the god of winds) Dev busied themselves with two Chamar (hairy fans - emblems of royalty). They were followed by the glorious Indra accompanied by the Raajarshi singing the praise of that god with the emblem of the bull. Gauree, Vidyaa, Gaandhaaree, Keshinee, Mitraa with Saavitree, all proceeded in the train of Paarvatee, as also all other Vidyaa Devee (presiding deities of all branches of knowledge) that were created by the learned. The Raakshas spirit who delivers to different battalions the commands which are implicitly obeyed by Indra and other gods, advanced in front of the army as standard-bearer. Pingal Raakshas, the friend of Rudra, who is always busy in places where corpses are burnt, and who is agreeable to all people, marched with them merrily, at one time going ahead of the army, and falling behind again at another, his movements being uncertain. Mortals worship Rudra Dev by the offerings of virtuous actions. Kaarttikeya also followed Shiv. Shiv said to Kaarttikeya - "You command the seventh army corps of Devtaa." Skand replied - "Yes, Sir. Tell me if anything else is also to be done." Rudra said - "You will always find me in the field of action. If you will just look at me, you will attain great welfare." Saying this Maheshwar embraced him and sent him back.

Skand  Kills Mahishaaasur

After Skand was sent back, Devtaa saw many bad omens. Earthquakes started coming, sky got heated up, and darkness spread all over the world. Seeing this Shiv got confused that he saw a huge mountain of clouds armed with weapons. That cloud was of countless beings who were proceeding towards Shiv. They hurled many types of weapons at the Devtaa army. Devtaa army got confused seeing this shower of weapons and many of them were killed by them. When Indra saw his army confused, he consoled them - "Don't be afraid, take up your weapons and fight with them. You will defeat them." All 33 Crores Devtaa, all powerful, and Marut, Saadhya, Vasu started fighting and killed many Daitya. But Daitya were powerful. One powerful Daitya came with a huge rock and Devtaa fled in confusion. It was Mahishaasur who was following them. As he threw the rock, some 10,000 Devtaa were killed under it. Then he proceeded towards the chariot of Rudra and seized his pole. All Rishi lost their senses. Shiv did not think proper to kill Mahishaasur in battle, instead he remembered Skand. Mahishaasur was feeling victory over Rudra by seizing the pole of his chariot.

Seeing all this Mahaasen came to the rescue of Devtaa. Blazing in red, clad in golden armor, decked in a red flowered garland, Mahaasenaa released a Mahaa Shakti (Great Power) towards Mahishaasur and it cut his head. Mahishaasur died and fell upon the ground. His head as massive as a hillock, falling on the ground, barred the entrance to the country of the Northern Kuru, extending in length for 16 Yojan, though at present the people of that country pass easily by that gate. Skand hurled that Shakti repeatedly and it came back to his hands after doing its work. After a while the followers of Skand started slaying Daitya in thousands. After a while the enemy was completely defeated, and Maheshwar also left the battlefield, Indra embraced Mahaasenaa and said to him - "This Mahishaasur was blessed for invincibility by Brahmaa Jee has been killed by you today. You are also made invincible like Shiv. This is your first victory and it will be celebrated." Having said thus Indra went to back to Bhadraavat and Devtaa went back to their Lok. Rudra said to Devtaa - "You should respect Skand as you respect me. Who will read the history of the birth of Skand will get prosperity in this world and companionship of Skand later.

Skand's Names

Yudhishthir said - "Now I wish to know the names of Skand by which he is worshipped throughout the three worlds."
Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Hearing this Maarkandeya Jee said - "Aagneya (Son of Agni), Skand (Cast-off), Deept Keerti (Of blazing fame), Anaamaya (Always hale), Mayoor-ketu (Peacock-bannered), Dharmaatmaa (The virtuous-souled), Bhootesh (The lord of all creatures), Mahishardan (The slayer of Mahishaasur), Kaamjeet (The subjugator of desires), Kaamadaa (The fulfiller of desires), Kaant (The handsome), Satyavaak (The truthful in speech), Bhuvaneshwar (The Lord of the universe), Shishu (The child), Sheeghra (The quick), Shuchi (The pure), Chand (The fiery), Deept-varn (The bright-complexioned), Shubhaanan (Of beautiful face), Amogh (Incapable of being baffled), Anagh (The sinless), Rudra (The terrible), Priya (The favorite), Chandraanan (Of face like the Moon), Deept-shashtee (The wielder of the blazing lance), Prasannaatmaa (Of tranquil soul), Bhadra-krit (The doer of good), Kutamahana (The chamber of even the wicked), Shashthee-priya (True favorite of Shashthee), Pavitra (The holy), Matri-vatsal (The reverencer of his mother), Kanyaa-bhartri (The protector of virgins), Vibhakt (Diffused over the universe), Swaaheya (The son of Swaahaa), Revatee-sut (The child of Revatee), Prabhu (The Lord), Netaa (The leader), Vishaakh (Reared up by Vishaakh), Naigameya (Sprang from the Ved), Su-dushchar (Difficult of propitiation), Su-vrat (Of excellent vows), Lalit (The beautiful), Baal-kreedaanak-priya (Fond of toys), Khacharin (The ranger of skies), Brahmachaaree (The chaste), Sur (The brave), Shara-vanodbhav (Born in a forest of heath), Vishwaamitra Priya (The favorite of Vishwaamitra), Devsenaa-priya (The lover of Devsenaa), Vaasudev-Priya (The beloved of Vaasudev), and Priya-krit (The doer of agreeable things) --these are the divine names of Kaarttikeya. Whoever repeates them, undoubtedly secures fame, wealth, and salvation."

Maarkandeya Jee said - "Now i will tell you his some other names of distinction. You are devoted to Brahmaa, born to Brahmaa and well versed in Brahm, you are called Brahmasaya. You are the foremost among those who possess the Brahm, you are ond of Brahm. You know the mystery of Brahm very well. You are Swaahaa, you are Swadhaa. You are invoked by hymns, and is celebrated as the 6-flamed fire. You are the year, you are the six seasons, you are the month, you are directions. You are lotus-eyed, you have a lily-like face, you have thousand faces and thousand arms. You are the General of Armies. You are Sahstra-bhoo (multiform), you are Sahastra-tushti (thousand times contented), you are Sahastra-bhuk (devourer of everything), you are Sahastrapaad (of thousand feet). I have thus prayed you according to the best of my power. I salute you. Your other attributes are beyond my comprehension. Who reads or listen to this story attains wealth, long life, fame, children, victory, prosperity, contentment and companionship of Skand."

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