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Maarkandeya Muni-10
Birth of Kaarttikeya

[3-222] Maarkandeya Jee continued - "I have told you the origin of Fire, now I tell you about the birth of Kaarttikeya. I shall tell you about that highly energetic son of Adbhut Agni begotten by the wives of Saptarshi. In olden days Daitya and Devtaa used to fight very much and normally defeated them often. Once Daitya defeated Devtaa and killed them in a high number. Seeing this Indra tried to seek a good Army General for his army. So he went to Maanas Parvat and started thinking over there. That suddenly he heard a heart piercing cry of a woman - "Can somebody quickly come to me and help me, or tell me my husband, or be himself my husband?" Indra immediately went to her and consoled her - "Do not be afraid." and saw Keshee Daitya standing there like a heap of metal holding the hand of that woman. Indra said to him - "Why are you behaving like this with this woman? I am Indra who holds Vajra, so leave her alone." Keshee said - "O Indra, You leave her alone. I want to possess her. You think of yourself how you can go go home alive?" Saying this Keshee hurled his mace to kill Indra. Indra cut that mace in hundreds pf pieces. He then hurled it to kill Keshee and he fell down wounded. He then fled away leaving the woman behind. When that Asur had gone Indra asked the woman - Who are you? And what you are doing here?"

[3-223] The woman replied - "I am the daughter of Brahmaa Jee and my name is Devsenaa. I have a sister Daityasenaa and she was raped by this Keshee Daitya. We two sisters used to come here on this Manas Parvat just to enjoy ourselves with the permission of our father; and this Keshee also came here. Daityasenaa listened to him, but I did not. He has taken Daityasenaa and you have saved me from him. Now you select a good husband for me." Indra said - "You are a cousin sister of mine, because my mother Dakshayaanee and your mother are sisters. Now you tell me your prowess." Devasenaa said - "I am A-Balaa (weak) but my husband must be powerful, and by the grace of my father's boon he will be respected by Dev and Daitya alike." Indra asked - "O Beautiful, What kind of power you want to see in your husband?" Devsenaa replied - "That powerful man should be devoted to Brahmaa and should be able to conquer all Devtaa, Asur, Gandharv, Yaksh, Kinnar, Raakshas etc."

Maarkandeya Jee continued - "Indra thought this woman cannot find her husband. He was thinking thus that he saw Soorya Dev rising from Udayaachal and Chandramaa gliding into the Sun. It was the day of the New Moon. He saw Dev and Asur fighting on Udayaachal Parvat, morning with red clouds and even water was red. He also saw that Agni Dev was carrying the oblations of Bhrigu, Angiraa and other Rishi to Soorya Dev. Indra thought that, "this conjunction of the Sun and the Moon points for fearful battle tomorrow. The union of the Sun, the Moon and Agni is very wonderful. If Som gives birth to a son now, that son might become the husband of this woman. Agni has also has the similar situation now, besides he is also a god. If the these two begets a son now that son may become the husband of this woman." So Indra took Devsenaa with him and went to Brahmaa Jee, and said to him - "Find a husband for this woman." Brahmaa Jee said - "All right, it shall be as you say." Devsenaa went away to Braahman's abode where Atri, Vashishth etc lived, and Indra went to drink his share of oblations.

Rishi invited Adbhut Fire, who came out of the solar disc and entered the sacrificial fire, took them with him to the dwellers of Heaven and while returning, he observed that Rishi's wives were sleeping comfortably. Sleeping those spotless wives, Adbhut was smitten by their charm. he tried to restraint his emotions so he agitated. he thought - "These Braahman's wives are chaste. I am filled with the esire to have them, but I cannot have them until their desire is aroused, that is why I will be satisfied only by looking at them and he became their Gaarhapatya Fire.

Maarkandeya Jee said - "So the Adbhut Fire changed himself to Gaarhapatya Fire and lived there seeing those Rishi's wives. Now he was satisfied with touching them with his flames. Living there and seeing them for long time he had developed a kind of love for them. When he could not win their hearts, and his heart was torn with their love, he went to the forest to destroy himself. A little while before, Swaahaa, the daughter of Daksh, had bestowed her love on him. She was looking for his weak moments for a long time, but till now she could not find any in that calm god. Now she saw him going to the forest torn in love, and she was also torn in his love, so she thought that "I will assume the forms of these seven Rishi wives and I will attract Agni Dev to me. In this way he will also be satisfied and my desires will also be fulfilled.

[3-224] Maarkandeya Jee continued - "Shivaa was the beautiful wife of Angiraa (one of the Saptarshi). So Swaahaa took the form of Shivaa and went to Adbhut Agni and said - "I am tortured in love of yours. If I am fit for you, please love me, otherwise I will commit suicide. I am Shivaa, the wife of Angiraa. I have come here on the advice of other Rishi wives who have sent me here after deliberation." Agni Dev said - "How do you know that I am love stricken and how do those wives know about this?"

Swaahaa said - "You have always been favorite among us, but we were always afraid of you. Now they have seen some signs of love so they have sent me to you. I have come here to fulfill my desire, so be quick, because my other sisters are waiting for me, I should return soon." Agni got very happy to hear this, he married Swahaa coming to him in the guise of Shivaa. Swaahaa cohabited with him, took his semen in her hands. She thought that those who will see her in this guise, will also consider those Rishi's wives bad, but if she will assume the guise of a bird, she could easily escape through the forest." Maarkandeya Jee continued - "So she assumed the guise of a bird, flew through the forest and came to White Mountain, guarded by 7-headed poisonous serpents, where lived numerous Raakshas, Pishaach, terrible spirits, animals and birds. There was a golden lake too. She immediately threw the semen in that lake and then assuming other seven Rishi's wives she continued to dwell with Agni. But because Vashishth's wife Arundhatee had great ascetic merits, she could not assume her form.

So Swaahaa threw Agni's semen six times on the first Lunar day. This produced a very powerful male child. Rishi named him Skand. This child had six faces, 12 ears, as many eyes, hands and feet, one neck and one stomach. It first assumed a form on the 2nd day, it grew in a child form on the 3rd day. His limbs developed on the 4th day. Being surrounded by red clouds flashing forth lightening, it shone like a Sun. He had bow in his hands and he made such a loud roar that the three worlds trembled. Great Naag, Chitraa and Airaavat etc were shaken with fear. The child held them with his two hands and with a dart in his other hand, he fastened them together and started making loud noise. That matchless mighty god seated on the top of the hill and removed the fear of all. Then he shot some arrows in the direction of White Mountain. Because of those arrows Kraunch Parvat, the son of Himvant, surrendered. That is why all the swans and vultures migrated to Sumeru Mountains. Krauch Mountain was badly wounded, he fell down groaning heavily. Seeing him fallen like this other Parvat also began to scream, but that mighty god was unaffected by their cries. he got up and hit one of the two peaks of White Mountain with his mace. Afflicted with his mace White Mountain rose from his place and fled away from there. Seeing this the Earth became very sad deprived of her ornaments from all sides, so she went to Skand and by his grace the mountains returned to their places and set in. All worshipped Skand on the 5th day of the Lunar month.

[3-225] Maarkandeya Jee continued - "When this powerful being was born, many phenomena of the world, hot and cold, male and female etc contraries were reversed. Those who lived in Chitrarath Garden said - "Our this miserable condition is caused by the son of Agni who is born from cohabiting with six wives of seven Rishi." Others who had seen the bird, said - "This calamity has been brought to us by a bird. No one ever imagined that Swaahaa was at the root of all this. But when she heard about the boy born from the lake, she went to Skand and told him that she was his mother. When the seven Rishi heard that a son was born to their wives, they divorced their six wives, except the adorable Arundhatee, although the people living there protested that those six women were responsible to bring forth that child; and even Swaahaa told them that this child was hers, not theirs.

After the seven Rishi finished their Yagya, Vishwaamitra Jee followed Agni Dev who was love stricken, so he knew exactly what had happened. he was the first to seek the protection of Mahaaasen. He offered prayers to Mahaasen and 13 auspicious rites related to childhood (natal and other ceremonies). he then declared all the qualities of the child to everybody and that is why he became the great favorite of that celestial youth. The same great Muni told the Saptarshi about Swaahaa changing the forms of the six wives and going to Agni Dev, and that their wives were innocent. Still those six Rishi abandoned their wives unconditionally."

Maarkandeya Jee continued - "Seeing Skand's prowess, the celestials went to Indra and requested him to kill Skand as his prowess was un bearable; and if did not do so, he would win the three worlds and even Indra himself too. Indra said - "This child is so mighty that he can destroy even the creator of the world, how can I kill him?" The gods said - "if you cannot kill him, let us go the Mothers of the Universe, they have lots of might, they can kill him." The Mothers said - "Let it be so." They went to him and seeing his prowess, they them selves sought his protection and requested him to be their adopted son. We are full of affection towards you and we are ready to give you a suck. See the milk is also oozing out from our breasts." That mighty boy accepted their request and sucked on their breast respectfully.

The then he saw his father Agni Dev coming towards him. Agni Dev also lived with him to tend him. And one mother who was born of Anger looked after Mahaasen tenderly; and that red colored daughter of the sea, who herself lived upon blood, hugged Mahaasen and nursed him like a mother. And Agni Dev transformed himself into a trader with a goat's mouth and followed by numerous children began to gratify that child of his with toys in that mountain abode of his."

[3-226] Maarkandeya Jee continued - "All planets, Rishi, and dwellers of the Heaven, Tri-Dash (another name of Devtaa as they have only three stages of life - infancy, childhood and youth and are exempted from old age) respected Mahaasen and Mothers. But Indra riding on his Airaavat carrying his Vajra proceeded towards Skand with the intention to kill him. When Skand saw him coming like this he also proceeded to meet him. Seeing Skand coming to himself, he encouraged his warriors by making a loud sound. Skand emitted a great fire from his mouth and all Devtaaa scattered like stars in the sky, renounced Indra and sought refuge of Skand. Indra this time hurled his Vajra at him. It pierced him on his right side and this caused a birth of a youth carrying a club in his hands. Because he was born by the piercing, he was named as Vishaakh. When Indra saw another terrible person with Skand, he also sought refuge with Skand. Skand repelled his all fears."

[3-227] Maarkandeya Jee continued - "Now you hear about the followers of Skand. Many male and female children were born when Skand was hit by Vajra. Those beings took away the spirit of little children, whether born or unborn. All these children regarded Vishaakh as their father. That Bhadraaksh had a face like a goat at the time of fighting carefully guarded all his children. For the same reason Skand was called Kumaar (as he was the father of these youths). Who wish to have a son worship Rudra in the form of Agni Dev, and Umaa in the form of Swaahaa, and by doing that they are blessed with a son. The daughters of Agni Dev went to Skand who asked them - "What can I do or you?" They said - We wish that by your grace we become the mothers of all the world." He said - "So be it." And he repeated again and again - "You shall be divided in Shiv and A-Shiv (good and evil spirits). And the mothers went away after first establishing the mother-son relationship with Skand. Kaakee, Halimaa, Maalinee, Brihalee, Aaryaa, Palaalaa and Mitraa, these were the seven mothers of Shishu. Shishu was regarded as the 8th hero born to the mothers of Skand. The sixth face of Skand was of goat. All these events occurred on the 5th of Shukla Paksh and on the 6th a very fierce battle took place."

[3-228] Maarkandeya Jee said - "Skand was adorned in red clothes and in gold ornaments and he granted boons to who sought them. Braahman worshipped him and said to him - "O born from golden egg, May you prosperous. Although you are born only six nights ago, but you have removed the fear of whole the world, that is why you become Indra." Skand said - "Tell me what Indra does for the world?" Rishi said - "Indra is the giver of strength, power, children, happiness to all creatures when he is pleased. He destroys the wicked. he officiates the Sun and the Moon where there is no Sun and no Moon. He even acts as Water, Air, Earth and Fire. His capacities are great. But you also have great capacities, so you become Indra." Indra also requested him to be Indra and got ready to anoint him. But Skand said - "I do not want your sovereignty, you remain Indra and I will remain your servant." Indra said - "You are more powerful than me. You can defeat me in the battle." Skand said - "Tell me what can I do for you?" Indra replied - "As you have said, I will continue to act as Indra and if you want to please me then be the Commander of my army." Skand said - "All right, You appoint me as the Commander of your army to destroy the Daitya."

Maarkandeya Jee said - "Indra appointed him as the Commander of his army. The conqueror of Tripur (Shiv Jee) himself put on the golden necklace made by Vishwakarmaa. Braahman call Agni Dev Rudra and for this reason Skand is called Shiv's son. The White Mountain was formed by the semen of Shiv Jee and Agni Dev also met with Krittikaa on the same mountain. As Skand had his being by the action of Rudra entering into the constitution of Agni Dev, he came to be known as the son of Rudra. And, O Bharat, as Rudra, Agni Dev, Swaahaa, and the six wives (of the seven Rishi) were instrumental to the birth of the great god Skand, he was for that reason reputed as the son of Rudra. Anointed by Indra and other gods Skand looked resplendent.

Indra then thought of Devsenaa whom he rescued before, and considering Skand right husband for her, he brought her, dressed her in her best apparel and said to Skand - "This lady has been destined to be your wife by Brahmaa Jee from even before your birth, so you marry her." Thus he married her to Skand. Brihaspati Jee performed the marriage. She who is called Shashthee, Lakshmee, Asa, Sukhapradaa, Sineevaalee, Kuhoo, Saivritti, and Aparajitaa, is known among men as Devasenaa, the wife of Skand. As Skand attained celebrity on Panchamee, it is called Shree Panchamee, and sixth day is also a great moment for him."


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