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Duryodhan's Ghosh Yaatraa-2

Duryodhan's Sorrow

[3-245] Janamejaya said - "What I understand that after being captured and then freed, when Duryodhan might have come back to Hastinaapur from Dwait Van, he might have felt very difficult to enter his capital. Tell me in detail his entry in his capital in that shameful and grieved form." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Yudhishthir had sent him away, Duryodhan bent his head in shame and set out slowly along with his Chaturanginee army. On the way back to his capital, he took some rest on a green grass land. As he was sitting on a high bed looking like an eclipsed Moon in the morning, Karn came there and spoke - "It is so fortunate that you are alive, we are meeting once more and you have defeated the Gandharv who can take any form they like. And it is so fortunate too that I am seeing your brothers also coming winning those Gandharv. Those Gandharv made me flee before your eyes, so I was unable to help you. My whole body was pierced by their arrows. I found fleeing for my safety, but this is really nice that I am seeing you all alive and victorious with your wives, troops and vehicles out of superhuman encounter. O Bhaarat, There is another man who can achieve you what you have achieved in this battle today."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Karn said this, Duryodhan replied him with the voice choked with tears."

[3-246] Duryodhan said - "O Raadheya, You do not know what happened, that is why I do not feel bad about what you have said. Do you think that I defeated Gandharv? In fact we fought with them for a long time, many people were killed, but then they spread their Maayaa (illusion), went into the sky and fought from there, so we were not equal to them. We lost and were made captive. He took my wives, soldiers, attendants, counselors, children and vehicles through the skyway. At that time, some of our soldiers escaped and approached Paandav [for help] and they never refuse for anything which is asked from them. They went there and said to Paandav - "Here is Duryodhan, son of Dhritraashtra, along with his wives, brothers, children. Free all of them." When the son of Paandy heard this he sent his brothers to free us. So they came, and asked the Gandharv to free us in soft words, but when Gandharv refused to comply with their request, they all fought with them. When they tried to flee, Arjun encased them in the net of his arrows. Seeing this their Chief Chitrasen came, both Arjun and Chitrasen embraced each other and worshipped each other with regard."

[3-247] Duryodhan said - "Arjun spoke to Chitrasen in a very agreeable manner - "O Chitrasen, Leave my brothers, you cannot insult them till Paandu's sons are alive." When thus spoke Arjun, Chitrasen disclosed to him the objective with which we came to this place - to see Paandav and their wife living in misery. At that time I wished I were dead with shame or the Earth might have given me a place in it to hide myself. Chitrasen then took us, as bound we were, to Yudhishthir. What other greater sorrow it could be for me that I was given like a tribute to Yudhishthir in front of my wives under the absolute control of my enemy. Who has always been their enemy, today has indebted to them for his life. O Hero, If I had died in that battle, it would have far better than the life obtained in this way. But now you listen to what I want to do now. I will stay back here without food, you go the city. My all brothers should also go to Hastinaapur also. I will not go to Hastinaapur like this insulted. What I will answer to the King (Dhritraashtra)? What will Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa, Ashwatthaamaa, Vidur and Sanjaya, Baahuk and Somdatt say to me and what will I answer to them. I have fallen from my position. How shall I ever speak to them? I feel so sorry that in my foolishness, I have done a very wicked and improper act, and because of that foolishness I have fallen away from my position. I will end my life without taking food. I am very proud, and the enemy has laughed at me plunging me in misery."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After this Duryodhan said to Dushaasan - "O Dushaasan, Listen to me now, I offer you the place of King, you accept it in my place. As Indra looks at Marut, you also take care of your brothers so that they have trust in you. Rule this Earth with the help of Karn and Subal's sons. Make all friends and relations depend on you. Give pensions to Braahman, and refuge to friends and relations. Respect all your elders. Go now." Dushaasan got very sad hearing this, his voice choked in tears, still he said to him joining his hands - "Be calm." He bent on Duryodhan's feet and said - "It will never be so. The Earth may split, the Sun may leave his splendor, the Moon may leave his coolness, The Himaalaya may move from its place, the wind may leave its speed, but I may never rule this Earth." He repeatedly said to Duryodhan - "Just calm down, You alone will rule the Earth for 100 years." And saying this he cried a lot holding Duryodhan's feet.

Seeing Dushaasan so much in grief, Karn spoke to Duryodhan and Dushaasan - "Why do you, O Kuru Princes, weep like ordinary people? Mere weeping will not remove your grief, and if it cannot, then why do you weep like this? Keep patience, and think, that Paandav did only their duty by freeing you. Who live in your kingdom, they always do whatever is good for you, that is why you need to be so desperate like this. See your all brothers are also sad seeing you like this. Rise and console your brothers."

[3-248] Karn said - "This behavior of yours of today is just childish. What is the wonder if Paandav saved you when the enemies defeated you? A Kshatriya must help his king whether he is known to the King or not. Rather they did not follow you when you were going for the battle, this is an improper act on their part. They are your slaves, that is why they are bound to help you. You are enjoying their wealth, still they are living, they have not decided to die without food [like you]. If you will not do what is agreeable to me then I will stay here serving you at your feet. I do not wish to live without you. If you will kill yourself by not eating food, you will become the object of laughter of other kings."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this, Duryodhan decided to leave the world and not to rise from the place where he was sitting."

[3-249] Vaishampaayan Jee aid - "Seeing the condition of Duryodhan, Shakuni came to him and comforted him - "Did you hear what Karn has said just now? He is talking intelligently. Why do you want to leave this prosperity, I have won for you just because of your foolishness? It seems to me that you have never served elders. he who cannot control sudden joy or sorrow is lost like a un-burnt earthen vessel is dissolved in water. You are a very able King, then where from this unreasonable grief has come to you? Do not undo this graceful act done by Paandav. While you should reward Paandav and you are thinking about ending your life? Your behavior is inconsistent, do not think about ending your life and remember what good they have done to you. Give back them their kingdom and earn virtue and fame for this. By doing this you can show your gratefulness. Establish brotherly relations with them and you will feel happy."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing Shakuni's words and seeing Dushaasan prostrating before him, Duryodhan raise Dushaasan with brotherly love smelt his head with affection. He said - "I have nothing to do with virtue, wealth, friendship and pleasures, just leave me alone. I have decided to give up my life by abstaining from food. Go back to the city and respect the elders." Hearing this they all said - "Then whatever course of life you have chose, is ours too. How can we alone go to the city?"

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Although all of them tried to change his mind but he did not move from his words. he spread Kush grass on the ground, purified himself by touching water and sat down on that spot. He wore rags and Kush grass to observe the highest vow. He got quiet, and with the desire to go to Heaven, he began to pray and worship internally.

Duryodhan Meets Daanav

Meanwhile Daitya and Daanav who had lost to celestials were living in the nether regions, came to know about Duryodhan's intentions. They knew that if Duryodhan died, they will become weak, so they started a Yagya to invoke Duryodhan to them. They used Brihaspati and Shukra's Mantra and formulae and those rites which are indicated in Atharv Ved and Upanishad. Braahman started offering Aahuti of Ghee and milk uttering those Mantra. As the Yagya was over a strange looking goddess with her mouth wide open appeared and asked them - "What can I do for you?" They asked her to bring Duryodhan who was still sitting on his vow to give up his life, to them. She immediately went there where Suyodhan was sitting and brought him to them. It was night and all Daanav got very happy to see him. They said to him."

[3-250] Daanav said - "O Suyodhan, You are always surrounded by good people then why did you decide to do such a rash act, like giving up your life by starvation? Suicide takes a person to Hell. Besides intelligent people do not sin like this and strike at their own roots. Do not do such thing which destroys the mortality. Know the truth, the celestial origin of your soul, and keep some patience. In olden days we have got you from Maheshwar. The upper part of your body is made up of Vajra and thus is invulnerable to any kind of weapon of every description. And the lower part of the body is capable of attracting females by its comeliness and was made by flowers by goddess Paarvatee herself. That is how your body is made by Maheshwar himself and his wife. So you are of celestial origin, you are not human. Other Kashatriya who follow Bhagadatt and who own celestial weapons will slay your foes. Therefore do not grieve so much and have no fear. Even many Daanav have been born on Earth to help you. Other Asur will also possess Bheeshm and Drone and Karn and others. Since they will be possessed by Asur, they all will be unkind and fight with your enemies.

When Daanav will possess them they will become hard hearted and fight with your enemies whether they are fathers or sons, brothers or relatives, or friends or foes, even children and old people. And these Paandu's five sons also fight with them. And the fear you have from Arjun, we have already found a way to slay him. Narakaasur is born as Karn. He will recollect his enmity with them and fight with both Krishn and Arjun. He will defeat Arjun and your other enemies. Indra to save his son Arjun will take away Karn's earrings and his armor, that is why we have appointed hundreds and thousands of thousands Daitya and Raakshas for your help - they are Sansaptak. They will kill Arjun. That is why you do not be sad, you will rule the whole Earth. This type of act does not suit you. If you will die our party will become very weak. Now you go and draw your attention from there and be engaged in other actions. You are our only refuge, as the Paandav are the refuge of Devtaa."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After saying this, the Daitya embraced him and cheered him like their son, pacified him with soft words and let him go back saying - "Go and attain victory." The same goddess who brought him there took him again to the spot from where she brought him to those Daitya. She vanished taking Duyodhan's permission. When she had gone, Duryodhan took it as a dream and thought - "I shall surly defeat Paandav in battle. Both Karn and Sansaptak were able to kill Paarth. This hope, to win Paandav, was strengthened in his mind by the idea that Karn had the soo9ul of Narakaasur and Sansaptak were thousands of Raakshas. Bheeshm, Drone etc will also be affected by other Raakshas. But Suyodhan did not tell this to anyone.

When the night was passed away, Karn came to Duryodhan and said - "Dead men cannot win their enemies, only the living beings do. This is not the time of grief or fear or death." He then embraced Duryodhan and said - "Rise, why do you lie down? You are capable of afflicting your enemies, then why do you wish for your death? Perhaps you are scared of the prowess of Arjun, but be sure that I will kill him in the battle. I vow on my weapons, that when 13 years will pass, I will bring Paandav under your rule." Hearing this Duryodhan recollected Daanav's conversation and he rose up. He arranged his Chaturanginee army and set towards Hastinaapur along with Dushaasan and his other brothers, Karn, Shakuni, Bhoorishravaa, Somdatt, and Baahleek. They soon entered their city."


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