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Duryodhan's Ghosh Yaatraa-3

Karn's Victory Tour

[3-251] Janamejaya said - "When Paandav were living in forest what then Dhritraashtra's sons did? And what Bheeshm, Soorya Putra Karn, Shakuni etc did? Tell me this in detail." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After being freed by Paandav, Suyodhan came to Hastinaapur. Bheeshm said to Duryodhan - "I told you before that I did not like your going to hermitage, but you did so, and for the same reason you were captivated by Gandharv and were freed by Paandav who are well-versed in morality. Still you don't feel ashamed. Even in your presence, the Soot's son (Karn) fled away from the battlefield, and when you were distressed in the captivity of Gandharv, you witnessed the prowess of Paandav and the prowess of Soot's son Karn too who is not even 1/4th part of Paandav. That is why for the welfare of this race I want peace with Paandav."

Hearing this Duryodhan laughed heartily and went out with Shakuni. Karn and Dushaasan and other people also followed them. Seeing all of them going out Bheeshm bent his head with shame and went to his home. After Bheeshm had left, Duryodhan came back and started discussing his next course of action with his counselors - "What should I do now? What is good for me?" Karn said - "O Kuru King, You listen to me and keep my words in your mind. Bheeshm always blames us and praises the Paandav. And because he does not like you that is why he does not like me too. He always tried to bring me down in front of you. I cannot tolerate what Bheeshm has said about this incident, praising the Paandav and insulting you. If you join me I can bring the whole Earth under your control. This earth was won by four Paandav, I can give it to you even single handedly. Let all the Kuru people, wicked-minded Bheeshm watch it. Let all of them see my might, just command me and the victory will be yours. I swear it by my weapons."

Hearing these words of Karn, Duryodhan was exceedingly delighted, he said to him - "I am blessed that I have got you. Since you always care for me, my life is successful. If you wish to defeat enemies, you may do so. You may go, my best wishes are with you. Just tell me what I have to do for you." Hearing this favorable response, Karn ordered for some necessary things and on an auspicious Lunar day, he set off to win the world."

[3-252] Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Karn took his army and went to Drupad's country, and after quite a labor defeated him. he made Drupad paying gold and silver along with tribute. After defeating him, he defeated those princes also who were under him. Then he went to North, defeated Bhagadatt (Narakaasur's son) and proceeded towards Himaalaya fighting his enemies. He defeated them all who were living there and made them paid the dues. Then he went towards East and defeated Ang and Bang, Kaling and Mandik, Magadh and Kark-khand, Avashiraa, Yodhya, Ahi-kshatra. Then he came to V]ats-Bhoomi and defeated Mohan, Patran, Tripuraa and Kosal. Then he came to South and defeated the kings there. Then he came to Rukmee and enter into the conflict with him. Rukmee got very happy to fight with him and said - "I am very pleased with your prowess, I will give as many gold coins as you desire." From there Karn went to Paandya and mountain Shree. He made Karaal, the King Neel, Venudaree's son, also to pay tribute. He defeated Shishupaal's son (Dhrishtketu), Avantee and came to Vrishni and to West. Coming to the direction of Varun (West), he defeated Yavan and Barbar kings. Thus he brought the whole Earth under control - Mlechchh, mountaineers, Bhadra, Rohitak, Aagneya, Maalavaa. Having conquered Nagnjeet, he defeated Shashak and Yavan and came back to Hastinaapur. Duryodhan and Dhritraashtra welcomed him and crowned with merits. Duryodhan said - "What I have not got from Bheeshm Drone, Kripaa or Baahleek, I have got from you. I trust you, O Karn. Even Paandav are not 1/16th part of you. Come and meet Dhritraashtra and Gaandhaaree as Indra see Aditi."

Many people of Hastinaapur praised him, while many did not like this and many of them were silent. Thus all Earth came under the control of Duryodhan. Taking all this wealth Karn entered the inner chambers of Dhritraashtra and saw the King and Gaandhaaree. He held his feet like a son and Dhritraashtra also embraced him affectionately and dismissed him. Since that day Duryodhan and Shakuni thought that Karn will surely defeat Arjun."

Duryodhan's Vaishnav Yagya

[3-253] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Karn said to Duryodhan - "Now you listen to me attentively, and then act accordingly. Since you have no enemies, you rule the Earth as Indra rules the Heaven." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Duryodhan said - "Who is in your shelter, nothing is unattainable to him; and with whoever you are, his welfare is certain. Now you listen to me. After seeing the Raajsooya Yagya of Yudhishthir, a desire has also arisen in my heart that [I should also the same]. Please fulfill my desire." Karn said - "You have already won all the kings, so you call the Braahman, get all the things necessary and let the Ritwij begin performing the rites. After talking to Karn, Duryodhan called the Ritwij and told him to perform the Raajsooya Yagya for him, and he would give him ample Dakshinaa. The priest said - "Till Yudhishthir is alive, the best of the sacrifices cannot be performed in your family, and God bless your father Dhritraashtra with long life, till he lives. So you cannot do this Yagya, but there are some other Yagya which you can do and in that Yagya all your subordinate kings will bring you lots of gold and silver. For that sacrifice, make thje sacrificial plough, and you plough the sacrificial ground. Then let there begin the sacrifice without any disturbance and with lots of food. This Yagya's name is Vaishnav and nobody else, other than Vishnu Himself has performed this Yagya before. This Yagya is comparable to Raajsooya Yagya, it is for your welfare and can be done without any disturbance."

Hearing his Duryodhan said to Karn, his brothers and Shakuni - "I liked what Braahman said to us just now, if you also like them, tell me now." All said - "So be it." So Duryodhan appointed people to carry out various jobs related to Yagya.

[3-254] Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "All the artisans and Vidur etc reported to Duryodhan that all the preparations for the Yagya were done and the time had also come to plough the land with the golden plough. The Yagya started in the midst of sacred Mantra and abound food. Duryodhan was initiated and all Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa, Karn and Gaandhaaaree got very happy to see this. Duryodhan also sent his messengers to invite princes and Braahman. As they were going out, at some point, Dushaasan said to those messengers - "Go to the Dwait Van and invite the Braahman and those wicked Paandav there." So the messengers went there and said to Paandav - "After acquiring the immense wealth, our king Duryodhan is doing a sacrifice, so he is inviting you, so please come and witness the sacrifice."

Hearing this news, Yudhishthir said - "By good luck Suryodhan is doing a Yagya, we would have certainly gone there, but at present we cannot go there, because we have to complete our vow till 13 years." Bheem said - "After that King Yudhishthir will go there to throw him the in fire of weapons. Go and tell Suyodhan, that after the completion of 13 years, Paandav will throw Dhritraashtra's sons as the Ghee, in the fire of battle. At that time I will come." But the other Paandav did not say anything unpleasant. The messengers told everything that happened there. Many kings and princes and Braahman came to Hastinaapur. All were welcomed and well received.

Dhritraashtra joyfully said to Vidur - "O Kshattaa, Go and act soon so that all people may be served with food, be refreshed and satisfied." So Vidur entertained cheerfully everybody with food, drink, clothes and flower garland. Duryodhan also gave ample Dakshinaa to Braahman and bade farewell. After having dismissed all the kings he entered Hastinaapur with his brothers, Karn and Shakuni."

[3-255] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Duryodhan was entering the city his praises were sung. The citizens were sprinkling fried paddy and sandal paste. Some wicked people commented - "This Yagya has no comparison with Yudhishthir's Yagya, it is not even equal to 1/16th of it, while his friends praised about his Yagya saying that his Yagya has surpassed even Yayaati, Nahush. Maandhaataa and Bharat who have all gone to Heaven." Hearing such words from people, Duryodhan entered the city and came to his palace headed by Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa and Vidur. All sat on their seats. Karn said - "By good luck, now this Yagya is coming to an end. When the sons of Prithaa will be slain in the battle, and you will have completed the Raajsooya Yagya, I shall honor you thus again." Duryodhan aid - "You have spoken the truth. When Paandav have been slain, and when Raajsooya Yagya has been done, you shall honor me like this." He embraced Karn and began to think about Raajsooya Yagya. He said to Kuru - "When shall I celebrate the Raajsooya Yagya after killing Paandav?" Karn said - "So long I do not kill Arjun, I shall not allow anybody to wash my feet, nor I will taste any meat, and I shall observe the Asur vow. And whoever will ask me anything, I will never say "I have it not"." When Karn had vowed thus all princes thought that they had won the Paandav. Duryodhan went inside his palace and all others went to their own houses.

In Dwait Vat, Paandav were not happy with the news of Duryodhan's Yagya. Yudhishthir's spies brought the news of Karn's vow about slaying of Arjun, he became very anxious. Considering Karn with impenetrable armor and his vow, he felt very uncomfortable. he made up his mind to abandon the Dwait Van and go somewhere else.

Meanwhile Duryodhan started to rule the Earth with the help of Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa, and Karn."

Yudhishthir's Dream

[3-256] Janamejaya said - "What did Paandav do in Dwait Van? Please tell me all."
Vaishampaaayan Jee said - "Once Yudhishthir lay down in the night, that some deer choked in tears came in his dream. Yudhishthir said to them folding his hands - "What do you want to say to me? Who are you and what do you want?" The deer said - "We are those deer who are still alive after some of us have been killed. We will also be killed. That is why you change your residence. Your all brothers are mighty and well versed in all types of weapons. They have reduced the population of the forest. We few wish to remain to be seed of our race. Be kind to us and let us increase." Hearing this Yudhishthir got very sad and said to them - "So be it. I shall do as you have said."

Next day Yudhishtghir said to his brothers - "Yesterday the remaining deer came to me in my dream and told me that I should spare them. They were right. We have been feeding on them for one year and eight months. We should feel pity on forest dwellers. let us go to Kaamyak Van, the best of forests, situated at the head of desert, near the lake of Trinabindu." So they soon moved to Kaamyak Van along with Braahman and the people who lived with them."

Paandav in Kaamyak Van

[3-257] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Paandav had spent 11 years in various forests in miserable conditions living on fruits and roots. Yudhishthir could not sleep peacefully as he regarded himself the root of all this misery. He felt Karn's son's harsh words like an arrow. When his four brothers and Draupadee saw him in this condition they felt very bad. Thinking that only a little tile has remained in  completing their term, they made their bodies of almost of different shapes.

After a while Vyaas Jee came to see them. Yudhishthir rose and welcomed him and offered him a seat. Vyaas Jee was very sad to see their grandsons in this condition, he said to them in almost choked voice - "O Yudhishthir, Who do not perform ascetic austerities never attain great happiness. People experience happiness and misery by turn. No man eve enjoys unbroken happiness [or misery]. And since life is full of both happiness and miseries, wise people do not celebrate joys nor they weep in miseries. Truth, sincerity, freedom from anger, justice, self-control, restraint of the faculties, immunity from malice, guilelessness, sanctity, and mortification of the senses, these, O mighty monarch, purify a person of meritorious acts."

Yudhishthir asked - "Of the bestowal of gifts, and the observance of asceticism, which is greater effective for the next world; and which is hard to practice? Vyaas Jee said - "There is nothing harder to practice than charity. People are after money, and money is also hard to get. Even people to sea, and forest for the sake of money. That is why it is most difficult to give money which is so difficult to obtain. Since nothing is harder to practice than charity, so even the bestowal of boons is superior to everything. But the giving of any thing earned in an unjust way is not going to work for your better life. Bestow in a pure spirit, even a slight gift in due time and to a fit recipient, a man attains inexhaustible fruit in the next world. In this connection is instanced the old story regarding the fruit obtained by Mudgal, for having given away only a Drone (a small measure) of corn."


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