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Duryodhan Attacks Viraat

[4-35] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When King Viraat was fighting with Trigart to recover his cows, Duryodhan made his plans to invade Matsya Desh. So Bheeshm, Drone, Karn all well versed in best of weapons, Ashwatthaamaa and Subal's son Shakuni, Dushaasan, Vivinshati, Vikarn and Chitrasen, Durmukh and Dusaha, and many other warriors set off to Viraat's kingdom and drove off the cowherds and cows forcibly. They surrounding from all sides seized 60,000 cows. The cowherds started yelling. The chief of the cowherds immediately took a chariot and rushed towards the city and came to the palace and saw the brave son of Viraat Bhoominjaya (Uttar). He told him everything as how the Kaurav had taken away the cows and requested him to rescue them immediately. The King has left you in the empty city. He always boasts about you that, "My son is equal to me and is the supporter of my race, so make his words true. Your bow is like a Veenaa for you. Its two ends represents the two ends of ivory pillows. Yoke your chariot with the staff marked with golden lion. After defeating Kaurav you may come back to the city. O Son of the King Viraat, You are the only savior of this kingdom now, as Arjun is for Paandav. You are our only protector."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus requested by the herdsman in the presence of women, the Prince spoke thus."

[4-36] Uttar said - "Yes, I am good at bow. I would surely set out to recover our cows, if someone skilled driving my chariot is available to me. My own charioteer was killed in the last battle which lasted for 28 nights continuously. As soon as another charioteer is available to me I will set out and bring back the cows. I will bring them back like second Indra defeating Duryodhan Karn, Kripaa, Drone and Bheeshm. Presently they are taking our cows because there is none to oppose them. What can I do when I am not there? The Kuru will see my power today, they would say, "Is it Arjun himself who is opposing us?"

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing these words of the Prince Arjun understood everything. He spoke to Draupadee in private - "You go to Uttar without any delay and say to him - "This Brihannalaa was the chariot driver of Arjun before, he has tried him many times, so he will be your charioteer."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing these words, spoken by the prince, over and over again in the midst of the women, Paanchaalee could not bear those allusions to Vibhatsu. She bashfully came out of the women and spoke to the Prince - "The handsome youth Brihannalaa waa formerly the charioteer of Arjun. He is the disciple of that warrior who knew to use bow very well is known to me since the time when I was living with Paandav. When Arjun satiated Agni Dev, he was holding the reins of his chariot. In fact there is no charioteer like him." Uttar said - "O Sairandhree, This youth whom you know of is of neuter gender, or may not be even that. I cannot request Brihannalaa to be my Charioteer." Draupadee said - "O Prince, Brihannalaa will surely obey the words of your younger sister. If Brihannalaa gets ready to be your charioteer, you will surely return with victory over Kuru and rescue your cows." When Sairandhree said thus, Uttar said to his sister Uttaraa - "Bring Brihannalaa here." So Uttaraa quickly went to the Dancing Hall where Arjun was staying in disguise."

[4-37] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Uttar sent Uttaraa, who was wearing a golden necklace and a pearl string around her hips, quickly went to the Dancing Hall like flash of lightening towards black clouds. She saluted Arjun, and Arjun asked her - "O Princess, What brings you here? Why are you in so much hurry and why is your face is so colorless? Tell me soon."

Vaishampaayan jee said - "Seeing Arjun asking her her welfare and the cause of arrival, Uttaraa said to him with proper modesty - "Kuru have driven away the cows of this kingdom, O Brihannalaa, and my brother has to go to conquer them. His charioteer was killed in a battle only some time ago. And there is none equal to him now, so he is looking for a charioteer, Sairandhree has suggested your name that you are good at managing the horses. Before coming here you were the charioteer of Arjun and it was because of you that Arjun could win the whole world. Please be my brother's charioteer. I am sure, by this time Kuru must have taken away our cows. If you will not get up and will not act according to my request, then I who is asking it because of affection, will give up my life." Hearing this from the Princess Arjun went to the Prince.

Seeing Uttaraa coming with Brihannalaa, Uttar said - "Dhananjaya had pleased Agni Dev at the Khaandav forest and defeated the whole world also with you as his charioteer. Sairandhree has told me about you. You take control of the reins of my horses also, I wish to go to rescue my cows from Kaurav." Brihannalaa said - "What ability I have to act as a charioteer in the battlefield. If it is some song, or dance or instrumental music, I can entertain you herewith; but becoming a charioteer in the battlefield? I don't know." Uttar said - "O Brihannalaa, Whether you are singer or a dancer, just come to my chariot and take care of my horses."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Although the son of Paandu was good at everything, but he made many mistakes in front of Uttar just for fun. When he starting wearing his armor in a wrong way the maidens burst into laughter. Then Uttar himself put the armor on his body, got him prepared to become his charioteer. Thus with Brhannalaa as his charioteer, Uttar set off to towards Kaurav. Uttaraa said - "O Brihannalaa, Please bring some good cloths of the kaurav, especially of Bheeshma and Drone, after you have defeated Kaurav." Arjun smiled and said - "If Uttar can defeat them in the battle I will surely bring their cloths."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After saying this Arjun drove the chariot towards Kuru. At that time elderly maidens and Braahman blessed the prince by going round the chariot - "Let Brihannalaa bring victory to Uttar as he brought it to Arjun."

Uttar Sees Kaurav Army

[4-38] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "As they came out of the city, brave Uttar said to Brihannalaa - "Proceed towards where Kuru are. I will defeat Kuru who have come here with the desire of victory, and after rescuing our cows I will go back to my city." So Arjun rushed towards the Kuru as flying in the air. They had not gone very far that both Arjun and the Prince saw the armies of powerful Kuru. After passing the cemetery they came to the armies which seemed to be ready to fight. And that large army looked like a huge sea of warriors. Seeing that huge ocean of warriors, elephants, horses and chariots; protected by Karn, Duryodhan, Kripaa and Bheeshm, and Drone and Ashwatthaamaa, the son of Viraat Uttar got afraid and spoke to Brihannalaa - "I dare not fight with Kuru. See the hairs on my body have stood erect. I am incapable of fighting with them. They are extremely fierce, and difficult to be defeated even  by Devtaa. I am very much perturbed even by the sight of standing in the same battlefield where Drone, Bheeshm, Kripaa, Karn, Vivinshati, Ashwatthaamaa, Baahleek and Duryodhan like warriors are standing. I am fainting and I am unable to stand."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "And foolish Uttar started weeping on his fate in front of Arjun - "My father has gone to Trigart taking the whole army with him, leaving me in the empty city. he has left no army for me. I am only a boy who has not much experience in arms. I cannot fight these warriors. Brihannalaa, stop, do not go forward." Brihannalaa said - "Why are you so pale with fear, this will make your enemies happy. It only you who ordered me to take the chariot towards Kuru, so I will take you towards them because they are for the cows like hawks for meat. At that time you were talking very high about yourself, now what has happened to you, why don't you want to fight? if you will return to the city without taking your cows back, everybody, men or women, will laugh at you. As far as I am concerned, I cannot go back without taking our cows back from them, because Sairandhree has spoken so high about me to you. It is because of those words only that I have come here. Then why shouldn't I fight with Kuru and you sit down here?" Uttar said - "Let the Kuru take all the wealth of Matsya's, and O Brihannalaa, let all people laugh at me, let our cow perish, but there is no need of the battle."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Saying this Uttar jumped from his chariot, threw down his bow and arrows and began to flee." Brihannalaa said - "This is not a brave Kshatriya's practice. Even death is better than fleeing from fear." And he also got down from the chariot and ran behind Uttar. At that time Arjun's red clothes and braid were flowing in the air. The soldiers who did not that he was Arjun, started laughing at this scene. Seeing the Kuru began to argue - "Who is this who is like fire covered with ashes? He looks partly a man and partly a woman. And although he looks like a neuter gender, he resembles Arjun. He has the same head, same neck and same arms like maces. He can be none else than Dhananjaya. Who else can come to face us. Viraat's youngest son is alone in the empty city. It seems that he has come out of childishness taking Dhananjaya as his charioteer. Seeing us he seems to run away, and surely Dhananjaya is running after him to bring him back."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus seeing Dhananjaya running away in disguise, the Kaurav started thinking about it [whether he or she was Arjun or not], but could not reach on any conclusion. Meanwhile following Uttar Dhananjaya caught hold Uttar by his hair within a hundred steps. At this Uttar started to lament like an afflicted person and said - "Listen, O Good Brihannalaa, Turn the course of the chariot. He that lives becomes prosperous, I will give you a 100 pure gold coins and 8 bright Lapis Lazuli set in gold, and one chariot decorated with gold flag staff and drawn by best class of horses, and 10 most powerful elephants. Please Brihannalaa, set me free."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Hearing this plea of Uttar, Arjun dragged him smilingly. Uttar was still lamenting and was almost unconscious. Arjun said to him - "Well, If you still do not want to fight, then take care of our horses, I will fight with the enemy. I will protect you, and you enter the army of the enemy. Don't fear, you are a Kshatriya, and a great royal prince. Why do you fear in the midst of the enemy. You be my charioteer and I will fight with Kuru." Saying thus Vibhatsu comforted him, made him sit on the chariot. The Prince was still fearing and was about to faint."

[4-39] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Seeing that bull among them seated on the chariot in the guise of the neuter gender making Uttar sit on the chariot and driving the chariot toward the Shamee tree, the warriors in Kuru army got afraid,  because their belief that he was Arjun was getting firm. Seeing this Drone said - "The sky is getting of ashy, color our weapons are coming out of our cases, jackals are yelling, the horses are shedding tears, these symptoms show that we are in great danger. Be careful, protect yourself an organize your army well and expect a terrible slaughter. You should guard the cows well. The hero who has come in the guise of a third sex, is the son of Prithaa. There is no doubt about it." Then he said to Bheeshm - "O Gangaa Putra, Wearing the clothes of a woman, this is Kireeti called after a tree, on whose banner is the mark of the destroyer of the garden of Lankaa's King (Raavan). He will surely defeat us today and will take all the cows. He is called Savyasaachee, he does not hesitate to fight with any Devtaa and Asur combined. Because he has been in the forest that is why he is in great anger. He is like Indra in battle, that is why I do  not see anybody in our army who can withstand him. It is said that he had defeated even Mahaadev himself disguised as a hunter on Himvant."

Hearing this Karn said - "You always insult us by speaking of the virtues of Phaalgun, Arjun. but he is not even 1/16th part of myself or Duryodhan." Duryodhan said - "If this is Arjun, then O Raadheya, then my purpose is already fulfilled. Because he is already traced out in his 13th year and they have to go to exile for another 12 years. And if this person is some other person, then I need not to worry about."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this from Duryodhan, Bheeshm, Drone and Ashwatthaamaa all applauded his manliness."


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