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Duryodhan's Plans

[4-26] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this Duryodhan pondered over the incident for some time and then said to his courtiers - "It is difficult to say about what has happened there. Now you may think where the Paandav must have gone. Their this 13th year is also passing without discovering them, only very few days have remained. If they will pass this year without being discovered, as they are the follower of the Truth, then they will fulfill their vows. They will come back like angry elephants and destroy Kuru. That is why you should make such efforts quickly so that you can search them and then we can send them to forest again. Make such efforts which can remove all quarrels about kingdom etc." Karn said - "Send some more skilled and intelligent spies in search of them. Disguised skillfully they should go to village to village, city to city, forest to forest and find out them. They can also go in the inner apartments, in the shrines, holy places, mines everywhere. Paandav should be searched eagerly. They should be searched by well-skilled spies who can disguise themselves nicely in large numbers." After Karn Dushaasan spoke - "Send only those spies in whom we have confidence, pay them in advance, And what you and Karn have said, I also support it. I believe that their path or their abode will not be discovered. They might have gone to the other side of the ocean. Or since they are very proud, wild beasts must have eaten them."

[4-27] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Drone said - "Persons like Paandav can never perish, nor they can feel discomfort. They are brave, intelligent, and skilled in every science, virtuous, grateful and obedient to Yudhishthir. And Yudhishthir is well conversed with policies, and virtue. He is like a father to them. Who live in such a way can never perish. They are just waiting for the opportunity to come. My intellect is of this opinion, so go and if you want to search them, search them quickly and the place where are they should be located quickly. They are heroes, possess of ascetic merits, devoted to truth, purity and holiness, it is difficult to find out about them. Yudhishthir can burn the whole world with his one look. Knowing all this do whatever you want to do. Let us therefore send one more search to find them."

[4-28] Vaishampaayan jee said - "Then Bheeshm, knower of Ved, understanding the time and place, knowledgeable in every kind of morality spoke observing impartiality to Kaurav for their benefit - "Whatever Drone has said, I also support it. That Paandav-like people, who observe all kinds of virtuous vows, are pure in their behavior, obedient to Keshav can never be in misfortune. They have their own energy which can never let them perish. That is why I am of the opinion that one should behave with them honestly. One should not adopt the policy to search them by the means of spies. I tell you with my own intellect, surely it is not against you. people like me should never counsel to him that is dishonest, because one should respect elders; besides when one is speaking in front of many people one should speak only Truth. That is why I have a different opinion than all of you in respect of the abode of Paandav in their 13th year. In whichever kingdom they are living, its King can never have any misfortune, because Yudhishthir-like charity-giver, kind, liberal, humble and modest person is living there. Wherever he lives, Vaidik hymns must be chanted all around, sacrifice will be performed, clouds will rain properly, cows will be plentiful. Now whatever signs I have described, if you find these signs in any kingdom, Paandav are there, but still they are incapable to be found. Regarding his excellent mode of life I do  not want to say anything  more. Thinking all this whatever you want, you do if you have any faith in me."

[4-29] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then Sharadwaan's son Kripaa said - "Whatever Bheeshm has said about Paandav is more than reasonable, suits the occasion, and is worthy of him. Now you listen to what I have to say in this regard. You should decide the path they have taken by means of your spies and decide the policy which is beneficial for you. Whoever wants his welfare he should not avoid even the smallest enemy of his. But you should keep in mind that Paandav are skilled in all kinds of weapons, when the time will come of their reappearance, because now they are spending their time in hiding, you should ascertain your own skills and strength in your, kingdom as well as in other kingdoms which will be with you. Their time of appearing is coming near, and when they will come back they will have a renewed energy, so you should try to improve treasury and forces to face them. Depending on these factors, either we should make a treaty with them or fight with them. Use your all arts - disunion, punishment, bribery, or gifts win your allies or defeat your enemies. When you have strengthened your army and filled your treasury, victory will be yours. When you have done this, you will be able to fight with your powerful enemies."

[4-30] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Before the death of Keechak, the king of Trigart Susharmaa who had innumerable chariots was defeated by the Matsya's Soot Keechak with the help of Matsya and Shalya, spoke to Duryodhan - "Matsya have invaded my country many times. Keechak was his General. He was a crook, wicked soul, sinful in his deeds, and wretch. But since now he has been killed by a Gandharv and he is dead, Matsya King has become weak, his pride is gone; so we can invade that country, if it pleases you. This incident is good for us. So let us go to Matsya kingdom which has lots of corn. We can get lots of gems from there and share among us all, as well as his other wealth and kingdom also. Or by invading his city we can bring thousands of excellent cows of various species. By uniting our armies, we both can do this, or we can bring him under our control."

Karn said - "Susharmaa is right. This is a good opportunity for us to do this. If you think proper we should organize our armies and go there soon. Or Kripaa, Drone and Bheeshm can also manage this expedition. After consultation, whatever we want to do we should do it soon. Why should we worry about the Paandav who have no wealth and kingdom? Either they might have disappeared in the forest or they might have died. We should go to Viraat Nagar and bring their wealth and cattle."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing these words of Karn, Duryodhan immediately asked his brother Dushaasan - "Organize our army and we will go to our appointed places. Susharmaa will go to Matsya Desh with sufficient force, vehicles and animals. He will go there first hiding his intention and we will go there next day. They will go there without any expectation and seize thousands of excellent cows."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then O King, Trigart set out towards Matsya Desh from its South-eastern direction with the intention to bring his cows. And Susharmaa set out on the Krishn 7th day to seize Viraat's cows; and on the Krishn 8th Kaurav began to seize the cows in thousands."

Susharmaa and Viraat

[4-31] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus after entering Viraat's kingdom, Paandav had successfully completed their promised period of incognito exile without being discovered by anybody. After Keechak had died, now Viraat relied on Paandav. It was on the expiry of the 13th year, that Susharmaa seized Viraat's cattle by thousands. When the cattle had been seized, the herdsmen came to Viraat and told everything to their king. Yudhishthir was also sitting there with Viraat. They said - "The Trigart have seized the cows in hundreds and thousands. Please rescue them quickly. Hearing this the King organized his army and assigned the people their duties. His brother Shataaneek got ready wearing his shiny golden armor; and Madiraaksh also got ready wearing his golden armor capable of resisting every weapon. The armor of the King himself was invulnerable, with 100 circles, 100 spots, and a 100 eyes. Viraat's general Soorydatt also wore his armor which was like bright like Sun and broad as 100 lotuses of the fragrant species. Viraat's eldest son Shankh wore impenetrable armor made of steel and decorated with 100 eyes of gold. Thus adorned with appropriate weapons the warriors of Viraat Nagar got ready to face Susharmaa and Kaurav. They had white horses wearing their armors yoked in their chariots.

Then King Viraat said to his younger brother Shataaneek - "Kank, Vallabh, Tantripaal and Damagranthi are also brave. Give them also the weapons, armors that should be vulnerable and easy to wear, chariots with banners. I cannot imagine that they cannot fight." Shataaneek immediately ordered weapons, armors, chariots etc for all of them and all of those things came within no time. So they also got ready and followed Viraat happily. The elephants were of full 60 years of age. Viraat's army had 8,000 chariots, 1,000 elephants and 60,000 horses. Thus this army looked really splendid."

[4-32] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "They all marched speedily and by the afternoon they overtook the Trigart and both started fighting. The fight was terrible and fierce like Devtaa and Daanav's battle. Many people had died by the evening. They were bringing each other down, but neither party seemed to win. Soon the field was filled with dead bodies and their body parts. Some warriors even began to swoon away. Shataaneek had killed 100 warriors of the enemy, and Vishaalaaksh had killed full 400 soldiers. Both of them had entered inside the enemy's army. Then they proceeded towards the chariots of the Trigart. King Viraat also, Sooryadatt (Viraat's General) in his chariot and Madiraaksh behind Viraat destroyed at least 500 chariots, 800 horses, 5 warriors on large chariots. In the last the King came face to face with the King of Trigart who was in a golden chariot. Both started fighting like bulls. Then Susharmaa challenged Viraat for a single combat on chariot. During this combat, so much dust rose that both parties could not identify their own soldiers."

[4-33] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus when the dust had covered the world, and all could not see a thing for some time.

Here in the original, the word is Muhoort which is equal to 48 minutes. Since that night was the Krishn 7th night, the Moon would not rise till after 14 Dand from the hour of sunset, a Dand being equal to 24 minutes - if the sunset time was 6.30 pm, the Moonshould rise at about 24 x 14  =  336 minutes = about 5 and 1/2 hours, means 12 midnight. A Muhoort, therefore implies not 48 minutes exactly, but some time.

Then the Moon rose. Everything became visible again so the fight again started. Susharmaa and his younger brother along with many chariots ran towards Viraat. They then descended from their chariots and ran towards enemy's chariots carrying various weapons. Susharmaa had defeated the whole army of Viraat and ran towards Viraat. The two brothers killed Viraat's two horses and his charioteer, even his those soldiers who were protecting his chariot from behind. When Viraat had lost his chariot etc, he was taken captive. Seeing this his people started running away here and there. Yudhishthir said to Bheem - "See the King Vraat has been taken by Trigart, go and rescue him, he should not fall under the control of enemy. We have lived happily in his kingdom, we should free ourselves from that debt." Bheem said - "I go now and bring him back at your command, see my feat. You stay aside with brothers, I will do this alone. I take out this tree and using it like a mace I will scatter the enemy."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Seeing him looking at a huge tree, Yudhishthir quickly said to him - "Don't do that. You should not commit any such superhuman act which can expose you that "this is Bheem", take some weapon which is human so that people do not know you - such as bow and arrow, dart, mace etc. The Twins will protect your chariot."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "So taking a bow Bheem set off to rescue King Viraat. He showered many arrows at Susharmaa, consoled the King Viraat and said to Susharmaa - "Stay, stop." Seeing Bheem Susharmaa got frightened, but turned back with his brothers. Bheem destroyed those chariots which were coming to him. Seeing this Susharmaa thought that his brother might have been killed among those chariots, so he started showering arrows. Viraat's son, Bheem etc also showered their arrows. Yudhishthir killed a 1,000 warriors of Trigart and Bheem 7,000. Sahadev also killed 300 warriors. After killing so many, Yudhishthir ran towards Susharmaa and Susharmaa shot several at Yudhishthir and his horses, seeing this Bheem proceeded towards Susharmaa and crushed his horses. He killed his protectors who were protecting him from he back, and pulled his charioteer out of the chariot and to the ground.

Seeing Susharmaa's chariot without a driver and rear protectors, Madiraaksh immediately came to help Viraat. Jumping down from Susharmaa's chariot, and taking Madiraaksh's mace, Viraat ran towards Susharmaa like a youth although he was old. Susharmaa ran away from the field, Bheem followed him saying - "Stop, It is not good to run away from the battlefield. If you are such brave how will you take away cattle? How can you leave your army like this?" Hearing this Susharmaa turned again and ran towards Bheem. Bheem caught hold of him by his hair, lifted him up in the air and dashed him down and kicked his head. he placed his knee at his chest and blew him several times. Susharmaa became senseless because of this. Seeing their king senseless, the army of Susharmaa ran here and there. Bheem rescued the Viraat's cows and other kinds of wealth and stood before the King Viraat. he said to the King - :"this wretch is not worth leaving alive, but what can I do? The King is so lenient." He then took Susharmaa, bound him and kept him in his chariot and went to Yudhishthir. Yudhishthir said smilingly - "Set him free." Bheem said to Susharmaa - "If you want to live, listen to me, you must everywhere, "I am a slave". I can set you free only on this condition, because this the law for a looser." Yudhishthir said - "If you have any respect for us, free this wretch. He has already become the slave of King Viraat." then he said to Susharmaa - "Go now, You are free and never act in such a way again."

[4-34] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this Susharmaa got overwhelmed with shame and being free from slavery of the King Viraat he went to Viraat, saluted him and went back. After Susharmaa had left their presence they all passed that night there in the battlefield only. King Viraat said to Yudhishthir and Bheem - "All these gems of mine are now as much mine as yours. Do whatever you like and live here happily. I will give you many damsels adorned with ornaments, wealth and whatever you like. You all become the Lords of Matsya Desh."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "At this Yudhishthir said to him joining his hands - "O King, We are very pleased with you and we are very happy to see you free from your enemies." Viraat said - "Come, We will install you as the King of Matsya and give you many rare things and the things one can desire to have, because you deserve everything from us. O Braahman of Vaiyaaghra race, I will give you many kinds of gems - rubies, pearls, and gold, cows etc. It is only because of you that I am seeing you my sons and kingdom. It is because of you only that I have not fallen in the hands of enemies." Yudhishthir again said - "We are very happy to hear you. May you always be happy and practice humanity with all creatures. Now you send a messenger to the city to give this good news to our friends." Viraat immediately called messengers and asked them to go and proclaim his victory in the city, and ask damsels and courtesans adorned in ornaments to welcome us." Hearing this those messengers immediately went to the city and proclaimed the news of Viraat's victory in the morning."


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