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Keechak Vadh

[4-21] Bheem said - "Fie on my arms and fie on the Gaandeev of Phaalgunee, inasmuch as your hands which were red before and now full of corns. I woild have done something in Viraat's court but Yudhishthir stopped me doing so with his eyes' sign, otherwise I would have crushed Keechak's head then and there. For a moment I thought to destroy the whole Matsya kingdom, but as he forbade me, I stopped. Thinking that we have lost our kingdom, I have not killed the Kuru yet, I have not killed Suyodhan and Karn and Shakuni and Dushaasan - these are the things which are hurting me. O Beautiful, Do not loose the grip of virtue an suppress your anger. If Yudhishthir will hear what you have said about him, he will surly put the end to his life. Even if Dhananjaya and twins will hear them they will also kill themselves. And if they will die, I will not be able to live any more.

In olden days Raajaa Sharyaati's daughter Sukanyaa followed her husband Maharshi Chyavan, on whom ants made their home, to the forest. Even Raam's beautiful wife Seetaa also followed Him. She tolerated so much in the forest, even She was abducted by Raakshas, though She was reunited with Raam later. Young and beautiful Lopaamudraa, O Timid Lady, followed Agastya Muni renouncing all her royal luxuries. Intelligent and faultless Saavitree followed Satyvaan, the son of Dyumatsen, up to the world of Yam. All these women were virtuous. You also spend just half a month more. When this 13th year is over, you will again be a queen." Draupadee said - "O Bheem, I am unable to tolerate this grief that is why I am weeping. I do not speak ill about Yudhishthir, nor there is any use living in the past, but you should work for this hour. Kaikeyee is jealous of my beauty and always tries to show that she has been preventing King from me, and understanding this Keechak always comes to me. I feel so much anger that I have difficulty in controlling it, but controlling it I say to him - "O Keechak, Save yourself, I am the wife of five Gandharv, they will kill you if you do not behave properly." He says - "I don't fear from those Gandharv the least, I can slay even 100,00 Gandharv, you just say yes to me." I again said to him - "You are no match to those Gandharv. I always follow virtue and never wish death of anyone. It is for this reason, that I pray you." At this he laughed loudly.

One day, to do good to her brother, Kaikeyee said to me - "Go Sairandhree to Keechak's apartment and bring me wine from there, I am very thirsty." I went there and as he saw me he spoke to me in sweet words and when it failed, he became very angry and I think he wanted some violence so understanding his intentions, I ran towards the King. He felled me on the ground and kicked me there. So many people were sitting there. I insulted the King and Kank again and again. The King neither prevented Keechak, nor punished him. I think Keechak is loved by both the King and the Queen. That proud, brave, sinful and adulterous Keechak has lots of wealth received from the King and robs from them also to whom he finds oppressed. If he sees me again, he will make me angry and I will take my life. You who are living for your vow, you will lose your wife. By protecting by wife his children are protected, he himself is protected; and because from one's wife one himself is born, that is why she is called "Jaya". In the same way, a wife should also protect her husband thinking, "Who will take birth from my womb?" Besides, I have heard that Kshatriya have the duty to protect oppressed, but Keechak kicked me in front of many Kshatriya, but nobody did anything. King himself was there, Yudhishthir was there, You were there. You saved me from Jataasur, you rescued me from Jayadrath, now you kill this wretch who has insulted me. I feel that the King favors him, that is why I am more angry. If tomorrow's Sun's rays fall on him, I shall surely drink poison, because I cannot belong to Keechak. Rather better is that I should die before you."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After saying this Draupadee hid her face in Bheem's breasts and wept quietly. Bheem also embraced her and tried to console her to the the best of his power. He wiped her tears, and thinking about Keechak he spoke to Draupadee."

[4-22] Bheem said to Draupadee - "I will do as you say. I will kill him. O Yagyasenee, Tomorrow evening you somehow manage a meeting with him. The Dancing Hall which the King has built for girls to be used for dance during the day. Those girls go away in the night, There is a bed in that Hall, I will send his spirit to Brahmaa Jee there only. But take care, when you talk to him, nobody should hear your talks."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Talking and weeping thus they passed the night there. As morning broke, Keechak went to the palace and called Ddraupadee and said to her - "Yesterday I threw you down and kicked you in front of everybody but nobody protected you. This Viraat is the king for only name sake, I am the real King of Matsya Desh, so you should accept me cheerfully. I shall become your slave. I will immediately give you 100 Nishk (gold coin) and engage a 100 male and a 100 female maids for your service. I will give you vehicles yoked with she-mules. So come to me." Draupadee said - "If you are saying so, I have my own condition. Nobody should know about our union. I am afraid of those Gandharv, so promise me and I will come to you." Keechak got very happy hearing this, he said - "I will come to your place alone, so that those Gandharv will not know about your act." Draupadee said - "When it is dark, you go the Dancing Hall where the girls dance during the day. Gandharv do not know that place. We will not be defamed also."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Krishnaa took that half a day as long as a whole month. Keechak did  not know that Sarandhree was calling him there in the form of Death. he was very happy. He started getting ready for the evening. Meanwhile Draupadee met Bheem in the kitchen and told him that she had done as wa discussed between them yesterday night. he would come there alone, so he might kill him there. Bheem said - "I don't need any help, I am feeling the happiness on your face when I will come back after encountering Keechak. I will feel the same happiness as I felt when I killed Hidimb or as Indra killed Vritraasur; I swear by the Truth, by my brothers and by morality That I wiull kill him today. And if Matsya will fight for him, I will kill them too. After killing Duryodhan I will win back the Earth." Draupadee said - "While doing so you will not leave the Truth as you have vowed to me. Kill Keechak in secret." Bheem said - "Don't worry, I will kill him that nobody will know it. Let Yudhishthir pay respect to the King."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Bheem went to the designated place at night, disguised himself and waited for Keechak. Keechak came there to meet Paanchaalee as decided. The Hall was dark, he entered the Hall and came upon Bheem.  Bheem was lying in the bed in great anger thinking about Paanchaalee. Keechak said - "I have already given lots of wealth got from various sources, hundreds of maids, many fine robes and a mansion with an inner apartment along with hundreds of lovely maids. After setting them aside I have come here to you. All women were saying that "There is no one like you in the beauty and dress in the world." Bheem said - "It is good that you are handsome. I think you never had such a pleasant touch before. You are skilled in love making and are favorite among women."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Saying this Bheem suddenly rose from the bed and laughingly said - "Your sister will see you today dragged by me like huge mountain. You will be killed and Sairandhree will live in peace. Her husband will also live in peace." Saying this Bheem caught him  by his hair, he freed himself from him and then the encounter between them took place. They were fighting like two big elephants. Once Bheem lifted him by his hair and roared. He whirled him for a long time until he became senseless. Then he gasped his throat with his hands, squeezed it hard. He rolled his body on the floor and said - "By killing this wretch today, I am free from the debt to my brothers. He was a thorn in the side of Sairandhree." He loosened his grip from the body of Keechak. His clothes and ornaments had scattered here and there. His eyes were rolling and his body was trembling. Bheem crushed him to death and showed that mass of flesh to Krishnaa by lighting a torch. He said to Draupadee - "Come here, O Princess of Paanchaal, See what has become of this wretch. Those who will want you will be killed like Keechak."

Thus by killing Keechak Bheem pacified Krishnaa and himself. He quickly went back to his kitchen and Draupadee also got fearless. She went to the guards of Dancing Hall and showed them the body of dead Kaechak and said - "See, He was playing with other's women, my Gandharv husbands have killed him." Soon thousands of guards came there with torches in their hand and saw Keechak's dead body drenced in blood. They all grieved on his death and as they looked at him they were amazed to see him - the act of a superhuman. They asked - "Where is his neck and where are his legs?" Seeing his body they had concluded that he was surely killed by a Gandharv.

Bheem Frees Krishnaa

[4-23] Vaishampaayan Jee said - ""All relatives of Keechak came there and starting wailing for him. They all got frightened seeing his body without arms, legs and head as if somebody had taken out a tortoise from the water. They took him outside to perform his last rites. They all saw Krishnaa standing reclining with a pillar. They said - "Let us kill her because of whom Keechak has given his life. Or without killing her we should burn her with Keechak alive for who he has given his life, Because whatever thing he loved, it should go with him. So they said to Viraat - "Because of her Keechak has been killed, so let us burn her with him. Grant us the permission." So O King, Knowing the power of the Soot, Viraat gave the permission. As they got the permission, they all seized her forcefully, bound her to the pier of Keechak and set out to the cemetery. Seeing this Krishnaa started wailing calling her husbands - "O Jaya, Jayant, Vijaya, Jayatsen and Jayadbal, Listen to me. Whose chariots' sound is like roar, whose bowstring's twang can be heard all around, these Soot are taking me away, these Soot are taking me away."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this Bheem got up from his bed and started swelling his body with the intention to kill those Soot. He changed his clothes and went out of the palace by an odd way. He climbed on a wall by the help of a tree and went out to cemetery. While going he saw a large tree - 10 Vyaam tall. He uprooted it like an elephant and ran towards the Soot like Yam with his Yam Dand in his hand. He was felling many trees on his way while he was running towards Soot. Seeing that Gandharv rushing towards them, they all got frightened and cried - "Lo, That Gandharv has come here also with a tree in his hand. let us free this Sairandhree because of whom this danger is after us too." So they set Draupadee free and ran breathlessly towards the city. Seeing them running Bheem killed 105 people from them by that tree. He opened Draupadee's bonds and comforted her - "They all will be killed who will do any kind of wrong with you. Go back to the city, you don't have to fear from anyone now. I will go tol the kitchen by some another way."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus the 105 slain Keechak's bodies were lying on the ground making the ground looking like a great forest of uprooted trees. Including Keechak himself they were 106. Seeing so many dead bodies there people could not speak a word."

[4-24] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Seeing all this the people went to the King Viraat and told what had happened. They said - "Those Soot have been killed by a Gandharv and their bodies are lying there. Sairandhree has also been set free, and she has come back to the city. Sairandhree is indeed beautiful and the Gandharv was also very powerful. Men are naturally sexual, so use some device so that your country does not meet destruction." Hearing this Viraat said to them - "You go and perform the last rites of all those Soot in one pyre with gems and fragrant things." He was also filled with fear. He said to Sudeshnaa - "When Sairandhree comes back, tell her this on my behalf - "Be blessed O Sairandhree, You may go wherever you like, because the King is alarmed by the defeat at the hand of the Gandharv. Since you are protected by Gandharv, I do not dare to say all this to you personally and that is why I am asking a woman to say this to a woman."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After being freed by Bheem, Krishnaa cleaned herself and came back to the palace frightened. Seeing her the citizens ran away here and there with the fear of Gandharv. When she arrived at the door of the kitchen, she saw Bheem staying there as an angry elephant, she said - "I bow to the Prince of Gandharv who has saved me." Bheem replied - "Hearing these words, the people living in the city will live now as if free from debt."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then she saw Dhananjaya teaching music and dance to Viraat's daughter. Seeing Draupadee there, all the girls came to her and said to her- "It is your good luck that now you are out of danger and you have returned safe from there. And by good luck that all those Soot who have done bad to you, are killed. You are innocent." Brihannalaa also spoke - "O Sairandhree, How you were freed and how those wretched ones were killed? I wish to know from you exactly what had happened." Sairandhree replied - "O Brihannalaa, You are always passing your days happily in the apartments of girls, what concern you have with Sairandhree? You have no grief what this Sairandhree has. Are you ridiculing me?" At this Brihannalaa said - "O Sairandhree, You don't know, Brihannalaa has her own sorrows. She has gone very low. You will not understand it. We have lived together. When you feel miserable, who will not feel so? But no one can read other's heart completely, that is why you do not know my heart."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this Draupadee went to royal apartments and went to Queen Sudeshnaa. Sudeshnaa said to her - "O Sairandhree, You may go wherever you wish to go. The King is feared with the act of the Gandharv. You are unparallel in beauty on the Earth, so all men will like you and Gandharv are very wrathful." Sairandhree said - "Let the King suffer for me only for 13 days. Undoubtedly Gandharv will also feel obliged by this kindness to me. After that they will take me from here and do whatever Viraat would like them to do. If the King will be so kind on me he will surely reap great benefits."

(4-25) Vaishampaayan Jee aid - "O King, When the people saw Keechak's and his brothers' terrible feat, they were very surprised. They knew that both Bheem and Keechak were a great warriors and Keechak used to torment people and insult others wives very much, so they thought that Gandharv might have killed Keechak. And for this reason, this news spread in many nearby countries.

Meanwhile Duryodhan's spies also looking for Paandav so that Duryodhan can break their A-Gyaatvaas and send them to forest again without giving them their kingdom and fighting any war. So they were also looking for them. They lso heard this news and came back to Naagaroop. Duryodhan was sitting in his court with Bheeshm, Drone, Karn and Kripaa and his own brothers, and Trgart brothers too. They said - As instructed by ou we were searching them everywhere, but we could not succeed in finding them anywhere. No trace has been found of them, so either they have perished for our good without leaving a mark behind. For some time we followed their chariots, and those chariots reached Dwaaraavatee (Dwaaarakaa) but when we saw those chariots, they were without Paandav. It seems they are gone for good.

But we have heard a news, that might prove good for you. Matsya King's Commander Keechak who defeated Trigart several times, has been killed along with his brothers by invisible Gandharv in the hours of dark. Hearing this we came to you to tell it to you. Now you tell us what we should next."

4-Viraat Parv - Keechak Vadh Parv Ends Here


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