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Draupadee and Keechak

[4-14] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus living in Viraat Nagar, Paandav had spent 10 months. Draupadee who deserved hundreds of maids herself, served Queen Sudeshnaa in great misery. Draupadee had pleased Sudeshnaa and other women in the harem through her behavior and sweet speech. When the year was about to expire, Keechak, Viraat's Commander of Viraat's army, got a chance to see Draupadee. Seeing her beauty Keechak got afflicted with the arrow of Kaam Dev. he was Sudeshnaa's brother. He came to Sudeshnaa and spoke to her - "I have never seen this lady here before. I have become mad seeing her beauty, as the new wine makes one mad with its fragrance. tell me who is she and when did she come here? She has made me her slave. There is no other medicine for my illness except her. She is as beautiful as a goddess. She does not suit to be a servant of yours, let her rule over me and whatever is mine. She will grace my palace adorned with ornaments, good clothes and everything with plenty." Saying this Keechak went to Draupadee and said to her as a jackal approaches a lioness - "Who are you and whose are you? When did you come to Viraat City. Tell me all this, O Fair Lady. You are very beautiful like a Moon, your eyes are as beautiful as a lotus petal. Your voice is like a cuckoo. O Lady of fair hips, I have never seen such a beautiful lady like you in the whole world. Are you Lakshmee, or you are Bhooti or among the Hree, Shree, Keerti or Kaanti? O Sweet Damsel, Adorned with all kinds of ornaments, sport with me to your heart fill. I will always be your slave. Your beauty and youth are useless without use. I will leave my old wives for your sake and they will all be your slaves."

Bhooti, Hree, Shree, Keerti and Kaanti are respectively the feminine embodiments of Prosperity, Modesty, Beauty, Fame and Loveliness.

Hearing this Draupadee replied - "O Soot's Son, This maid does not deserve your so much honor. Besides I am the wife of others. That is why your behavior towards me is not proper. You should keep your morality - love only your wedded wives. You should not adopt the way of adultery. Sinful men usually fall under dreadful calamity."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Draupadee said all this to Keechak, he lost control over his senses. He overcame with lust. He was unaware of many evils, such as condemned by all or sometimes destruction of himself. He spoke to Draupadee - "O Lady, You should not disregard me like this. I have come to you under the control of Manmath for you only. If you will behave like this with me you will have to repent for your behavior. I am the real king of this kingdom. All people depend on me only for their welfare. I am unrivalled in prowess and in beauty  on this Earth. I possess all kinds of excellent luxuries. When you will be mine everything which is mine will be yours. So O Fair Lady, Accept me and enjoy." Draupadee answered - "O Son of Soot, Do not talk foolishly and do not put your life in danger. You should know that my five husbands always protect me. You cannot have me. I have five Gandharv husbands, they will be angry and will kill you. That is why do not try to be killed. You are acting like a foolish child who standing on one side of ocean wants to cross the ocean and reach the other side of the ocean. Even if you go to sky, or interior of the Earth, or rush to the other side of the ocean, you cannot escape from my husbands. Why are you persisting me, O Keechak, as a sick person? Why do you desire me as a child in his mother's lap wishes to touch the Moon? You go to your wives, you have no sense of what is good for you and what is bad."

[4-15] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Draupadee rejected him like this, Keechak got mad with lust and losing all senses of etiquette said to Sudeshnaa - "O Princess of Kekaya, Do something like this that this damsel, Sairandhree of yours, accepts me and comes into my arms. I am dying without her." Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Hearing this Sudeshnaa got pity on her brother. She thought herself and Keechak's proposal for Krishnaa and said to the Soot's son - "You give me some good food and wine on the occasion of some festival. I shall send her to you to bring that wine from you. Seeing her alone you may behave as you like. Maybe she like you."

Hearing this Keechak went out of Sudeshnaa's apartment and got some good food and wine and when all this happened Queen Sudeshnaa, as previously arranged, called Sairandhree and said to her - "Go Sairandhree, to Keechak's palace and bring some wine for me from there. I am very thirsty." Sairandhree replied - "O Princess, I will not go his palace. You yourself know how shameless he is. O Beautiful Lady, I will not be able to live here in this lustful life being unfaithful to my husbands. Do you remember the condition I put down before entering the house. O Lady, As soon as Keechak will see me, he will insult me struck with lust. That is why I will not go there. You have many other maids, you may send one of them, because I am sure that Keechak will insult me." Sudeshnaa said - "Since I am sending you from my apartment, he will not insult you. You go there and bring me the wine." She then handed over a covered goblet to Draupadee. Draupadee prayed - "As I do not know any other man than my husbands, may God save me from Keechak."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "And that helpless damsel prayed to Soorya for a moment and Soorya having considered all that she prayed commanded a Raakshas to protect her invisibly, and from that time that Raakshas started protecting her all the time. When Draupadee arrived in Keechak's apartment she was like a frightened doe. Seeing her coming, Soot Keechak got extremely happy and rose from his seat."

Keechak Misbehaves With Draupadee

[4-16] Keechak said - "O Beautiful, You are welcome. Today is an auspicious day for me that I have got you in my as a mistress. Now you do whatever I like. These golden chains, bright gold earrings from various countries, these beautiful rubies, and gems are for you. I have prepared an excellent bed for you. Come here and sit on this bed and drink with me. This wine is prepared from honey flower." Draupadee said - "The Princess has sent me here to bring wine from here. She told that she was very thirsty, so give me the wine soon." Keechak said - "Others may carry what the Princess wants." Saying this the Soot's son caught hold of her right arm. Draupadee exclaimed - "I have never, even in intoxication, been unfaithful to my husband, even by heart, by that power I should see you dragged and lying powerless on the ground."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing insulting himself, Keechak suddenly seized the corner of her upper garment as she wanted to run away. Draupadee could not tolerate his violence and dashed him to the ground. He tumbled down. In the meantime, Draupadee rushed to Viraat's court for protection, Keechak followed her and seized her by her hair, brought her down and kicked her in the court in front of Viraat. The Raakshas who was protected Draupadee gave a push like a strong wind and Keechak fell down on the ground. Both Yudhishthir and Bheem were sitting there looked at Keechak with a great outrage. Seeing this Bheem ground his teeth and many wrinkles appeared on his face. Yudhishthir noticed this, he squeezed his thumbs and consoled him to bear with this. At this Bheem looked at a large tree just to divert his attention. Yudhishthir understood, he said - "O Cook, Trees are for fuel, if you need faggots, then you should go out and fell trees."

Weeping Draupadee saw her helpless husbands keeping the vow to remain in disguise, said to King Viraat in the court - "It is so sad that this son of Soot has kicked the wife of those husbands whose enemies can never sleep in peace even if several kings intervene. That beloved wife of those husbands who are always devoted to Braahman, whose weapons' sounds are always heard, who give away things without asking. If they had not tied by their duty, they could destroy the whole world. Oh, Where are those mighty warriors today? Why are those heroes suffering quietly like eunuchs.? What can I (a helpless woman) do when Viraat is coolly seeing me suffering like this. O King, You are not behaving like a King towards Keechak. Your behavior is like robber, that is why I have been insulted in your court in your presence. Even all the courtiers are seeing this insult. Keechak is ignorant of duty and morality and Matsya is also equally like that."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus beautiful Krishnaa insulted the King of Matsya. Viraat said - "I do  not know what was your dispute was, because we did not see it. Without knowing its cause, how can I do anything?" The courtiers had understood and they also applauded Krishnaa and abused Keechak. They said - "Whoever owns this  beautiful woman possesses real gem as she looks like agoddess."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "While the courtiers of Viraat were applauding Draupadee like this, Yudhishthir's forehead covered with sweat, he said to his beloved wife - "Do not stay here, O Sairandhree, go to the apartments Queen Sudeshnaa. The wives of heroes have to suffer for the sake of their husbands. When their husbands attain their kingdom, they go with them. Gandharv husbands are not in a position to show their wrath at this time, that is why they cannot come to help you. O Sairandhree, You don't have the idea of timeliness of the things that is why you are weeping like an actress. Go Sairandhree, and Gandharv husbands will do whatever is agreeable to you. Whoever has done anything wrong to you, they will treat him for it. Besides you are interrupting the Dice Game in Viraat's court." Hearing this Sairandhree said - "My husbands are very kind and as the eldest of them is addicted to Dice Game, all of them are oppressed because of him."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Saying this Krishnaa with disheveled hair and red eyes with anger ran towards the apartment of Sudeshnaa. Seeing her in that condition, Sudeshnaa said - "Who has insulted you? Why do you weep? Why are you so much grieved?" Draupadee said - "As I went to bring wine for you, Keechak struck me in the court in front of King Viraat as if in the loneliness of the forest." Sudeshnaa said - "As Keechak was maddened by lust has insulted you who cannot be possessed by him, I will get him killed if you wish so." Draupadee said - "Even others will kill him. He has to go to Yam's abode for this."

Draupadee Goes to Bheem

[4-17] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Wishing for Keechak's destruction, Draupadee went back to her quarter. She took bath and pondered over how to dispel his grief - "What am I going to do? Where shall I go?" Pondering over thus she remembered Bheem that there is no other than Bheem who can serve my purpose. She got up in the night and went to Bheem's quarters. She entered his quarters and said - "How can you sleep while that wretched Commander of Viraat's army, my enemy, is living yet."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Draupadee was breathing hard in Bheem's quarters. She went to his cooking places and approached him as a 3-year cow brought up in the forest approaches a powerful bull in her first season. She embraced Bheem as a creeper clings to a huge tree of Shaal and woke him up. Embracing him she said - "Wake up, wake up O Bheem. Why are lying here as a dead person?" Bheem rose up and sat up on his rich couch and said to Draupadee - "Why have you come here in such a hurry? You look so pale. Tell me everything in detail. I should know the truth, whether it is pleasurable or painful, agreeable or disagreeable, then I will suggest the remedy. I know I am alone entitled for your confidence, as only I have helped you at time to time. Tell me what do you want and what is your purpose and then go back to your apartments lest others awake and see us."

[4-18] Draupadee said - "What grief one has not, who has Yudhishthir-like husband? Why do you ask me? The Pratikaamee dragged me in the court calling me a slave - that grief is very big for me. Which other Princess, except Draupadee, can tolerate all that? The second insult was from Saindhav and who else can tolerate the kicking of Keechak in front of the Matsya King? What is the value of my life when you don't consider me miserable? This Keechak, the brother-in-law and the Commander of Viraat's army, says everyday to me that "You become my wife." I want him to be killed. Your elder brother's addiction to Dice has kept me in this situation. Who else would play with his kingdom and wife to live in woods. Even if he had gambled morning and evening with all kinds of wealth for years together his wealth would not have lost; but now as he has lost everything he sits dumb like a fool thinking about his own misdeeds. It is so sad that who is followed by 10,000 elephants adorned with golden garlands even for a short while, today he is supporting himself by playing Dice. Yudhishthir who was praised by hundreds of kings; in whose kitchen, hundreds of thousands maid servants worked to feed people day and night; who gave a 1,000 Nishk (gold coin) everyday, could not think of the consequences of the gambling. To whom thousands of singers decked with all kinds of gem-studded ornaments used to sing for him every morning; who maintained 88,000 Snaatak with 30 maids assigned to each; and 10,000 Yatee, he is living in such a guise. Yudhishthir who is so kind, who helps everybody - poor, blind, parentless, helpless' today he is a cast of Dice in Matsya King's court and is called Kank. Why don't you consider me as one of the afflicted persons?

[4-19] Draupadee said - "I want to tell you my one grief more. You should not blame me for it. Who is that who will not be grieved seeing you in this condition, as a cook and calling you of Vallabh caste. What can be sadder than this people know you as Viraat's cook? This grieves my heart. When the king asks you fight with elephants and sends you to the women in the inner apartments to laugh, I feel very sorry for that. When you fight with lions, elephants etc in the inner apartment and Princess Kaikeyee look on, I swoon away. And when Kaikeyee comes to help me, she says to her women - "Surely it is because of affection she feels for this powerful cook, she grieves when he fights with the beasts. Sairandhree is beautiful and this Vallabh is also handsome. The heart of women is hard to know, they deserve each other, and that is why she invariably weeps for her lover. That is why they both came here together." Seeing me like this she suspects me to be attached with you. Seeing Yudhishthir I do  not want to live.

The youth who has defeated all the celestials and men is working as dance master of Viraat's daughter. Who has pleased Agni Dev by burning Khaandav Van is now living inside the apartment. Dhananjaya whose mace like arms used to lift Gaandeev bow are now wearing conch bangles. Dhananjaya whose head was adorned with diadem is now wearing braids. That hero who is the master of all celestial weapons is now wearing long earrings. O Bheem, Whose chariot's sound echoed in the whole world now makes me weep for him. When I see Paarth in the music hall in the midst of girls serving them I lose all my senses. Surely my mother-in-law does not know about this distress Dhananjaya is tolerating; and nor does she know about Ajaatshatru's plight of addiction of the Dice Game.

Seeing the youngest of you all Sahadev, who is taking care for the cows, in the guise of a cowherd, I grow pale. What sin he has committed to live like that? I cannot sleep. I feel so sorry for him as how he pleases King Viraat, how he wears the clothes dyed red. My mother-in-law always love him most and always admired him for his nobility, excellent behavior. When we were coming she stood embracing him for long time and then said to me - "Sahadev is bashful, sweet-speeched and virtuous, and I love him most, so O Yagyasenee, take care of him in forest day and night. He is delicate, brave and always worships his elder brothers, so feed him yourself." Seeing him caring for the cows, sleeping on cow skins, how can I sleep? Nakul, who is crowned with three attributes - beauty, arms and intelligence, is  now caring for Viraat's horses. See how Time is changed and what Time shows. He trains them for King Viraat. Seeing whom all the enemies used to run from the battlefield, is now driving them with speed. O Bheem, I am afflicted by so many miseries because of Yudhishthir, why do you think that I am happy? I will tell you more which are greater than these."

[4-20] Draupadee further said - "It is only because of that gambler I am serving Sudeshnaa living in the guise of Sairandhree. See my condition in which I am now. I am now counting the days when our these miserable days will be over. I am the most miserable person here. Success of purpose, victory, and defeat, as regards to mortals are transitory. I am living only in this expectation that one day they will be over and our good days will come back. Why don't you, O Bheem, regard me as one among dead? I have heard that at one time the people who have given may beg; and who slay others may themselves be be slain. Destiny is very powerful, nothing is difficult for Destiny. It is for this Time I am waiting for.

I tell you everything whether you ask me or not. The queen of Paandav, who else than I would wish to live? Whatever has happened with me has blotted the entire Kuru race, the Paanchaal and Paandav. Surely I must have committed a sin against Dhaatri in my childhood for which I am suffering like this. I am not at rest at all. O Bheem, It is impossible to understand the Destiny of the creatures. Seeing the way Dhananjaya is living here, a fire that has been put out, I am sure that this is the work of Destiny. Even she who has five husbands to take care of her,  now is taking care of others. She who had the whole Earth under her control, is now living under the control of Sudeshnaa under her fear. She who had so many maid servants for herself, is now serving others. She who has not pounded anything even for herself, save Kuntee, is now pounding sandal for others. O Kauntey, See my hands, they were not like this before." Saying this she showed her hands to Bheem. She continued - "She who has never feared from anybody, Kuntee or her husbands, now stands in fear of Viraat as what the King can say about her paste, because he does not like the sandal paste pounded by others."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Saying all this to Bheem, Krishnaa began to weep silently. Sighing silently, she again spoke to Bheem - "It must have my fault towards gods, as I am very unfortunate. And I am yet alive while I should die." Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Then Vrikodar also cover his face by Draupadee's hands and started weeping. He held her hands in his and continued to weep. Then he spoke."


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