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Paandav in Viraat's City

[4-13] Janamejaya asked - "What did Paandav do while living in Viraat Nagar?" Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Now you listen to what Paandav did living in disguise worshipping the King in Viraat's city. By the grace (boon) of sage Trinbindu and of Dharm Raaj, the Paandav continued to live there unrecognized by any one. Yudhishthir had made himself agreeable to the King Viraat and his sons and all other people around him. As a skilled Dice player, Yudhishthir, according to his pleasure, made them sit together to play Dice in the assembly hall. Whatever wealth he won from Viraat, he distributed it among his brothers proportionately. Whatever Bheemsen got from Viraat, meat and foods of various kind, he sold to Yudhishthir for price. Arjun sold the worn out clothes which he got from inner apartments and distributed the money got from the sales among his all brothers. Sahadev, who was working as a cowherd there, gave milk, yogurt and Ghee to his brothers. Nakul also shared his wealth what he got from Viraat being satisfied with his services, among his brothers. And Draupadee who herself was in pitiable condition looked after all brothers remaining unidentified. Thus they all looked after each other remaining disguised in VIraat's city. Paandav were always worried from Duryodhan lest their their identity is disclosed on him.

Brahm Utasav in Viraat Desh

Thus three months had passed. In the fourth month there came a festival of Brahmaa celebrated in Matsya Desh with pomp and show. Many athletes, in thousands, came there from all around as if Devtaa were coming to see this festival to Brahmaa or Shiv's abode. All of them had huge bodies like the demons Kaalkhanjaa, they were were mighty and because of that they all were honored by the King. They had won the contests many times. Among them there was one who was the most mighty and was challenging everyone. And there was none who dared to accept his challenge. When nobody went into the arena, the King asked him to fight with his cook. So at the request of the King Bheem got ready to accept his challenge reluctantly, because he could not disobey the King openly. Bheem worshipped the King and entered the arena carelessly and challenged that mighty one named Jeemoot to have a duel with him. He was like Vritra and was very famous. They both were mighty and were 60 years old.

Both started fighting, each wishing to defeat each other. A terrible encounter was taking place between them. Both were taking delight in their fighting. Sometimes they caught each others leg, sometimes they stuck each other. All people, including King, were taking deep interest in this fight. Once Bheem lifted Jeemoot up and whirled him round and round a hundred times till he became unconscious and dashed him on the ground. He died there. Seeing him killed, all got very happy. The King gave him a great reward like a Kuber. Many other athletes also came to fight with him, he pleased the King by killing some and by defeating some. When no other person was there to encounter, the King made him fight with lions, tigers, elephants etc; and the same for the pleasure of his women in his harem also. Arjun pleased the women of the harem by his singing and dancing. Nakul pleased him by showing his fleet and well-trained horses that followed Nakul wherever he went. King rewarded him also amply. Sahadev also demonstrated his well-trained bullocks to King and the King also rewarded him amply. And O King, Seeing her husbands suffering pain like this Draupadee took sigh continuously. And it was in this way they served King Viraat.

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