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Paandav Follow a Deer

[3-309] Janamejaya said - "After tolerating great sorrow after the abduction of their wife and rescuing her what Paandav did next?"
Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After this Yudhishthir left the Kaamyak Van and came back to Dwait Van which had lots of trees, fruits and roots. They started living there on fruits and roots practicing rigid vows. During their residing there they had to tolerate many difficulties for the sake of Braahman. They were destined to bring future happiness. I will tell you now about those difficulties. Once in time, a deer was wandering about that the two sticks used to make fire and the churning staff belonging to a Braahman struck fast into its antlers. The deer ran speedily and went out of the Aashram. Seeing those articles carried away by that deer, the Braahman got worried about his Agnihotra, so he came to Paandav and told this to Ajaatshatru - "A deer was wandering about that my fire sticks and churning staff which was kept beside a tree trunk stuck fast to its antlers and he ran away fast out of the Aashram. You may follow him and bring back my things, so that my Agnihotra is not stopped."

Yudhishthir picked his bow and went out with his brothers. They found the deer, and shot many arrows etc at him but none could pierce him; and as they were trying to kill him, he suddenly got disappeared. Afflicted with hunger and thirst, fatigue and disappointment they sat under a banyan tree. Nakul said to Yudhishthir - "In our race, virtue has never been sacrificed, nor our wealth is lost because of our rude behavior, nor we have said any time "No" to anybody who has asked us anything, they why it has happened with us now?"

[3-310] Yudhishthir said - "There is no limit of calamities. It is only the Lord of Justice who assigns the fruits of both virtue and vice knows." Bheem said - "Maybe it has happened to us because I did not kill that Pratikaamee on the spot when he dragged Krishnaa in the Dice Hall." Arjun said - "Maybe it is because I did not react to the the words of that son of Soot." Sahadev said - "I think it is only because I did not kill Shakuni at the very same time when he defeated you in the Dice Game."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - At this Yudhishthir said to Nakul - "Nakul, Climb a tree and see if there is any water nearby because such tree grow only on watery ground. We are all very tired and thirsty." So Nakul climbed up a tree and looked around and said to Yudhishthir - "There are some trees that grow nearby water and I can hear the sound of cranes also. So there must be some water nearby." Yudhishthir said - "Then take these quivers and bring some water." Nakul took the quivers and went towards the water and saw a beautiful lake of crystal clear water. As he was trying to fill those quivers with water that a voice came - "Do not commit this rash act. This lake is already in somebody's possession. O Son of Maadree, You first answer my questions, then drink the water and take away as much as you want." Nakul was very thirsty, so he did not pay much attention on these words and drank the cool water and dropped down dead.

Seeing Nakul to be late, Yudhishthir sent Sahadev - "O Sahadev, Go and see, Nakul has gone for some time and has not come back. Go and bring him back and water too." Sahadev went into the same direction in which Nakul went and came to the spot where Nakul was lying dead. He got very sad seeing Nakul in that situation, but he was thirsty, so he thought to drink water first. As he proceeded to drink water he also heard the same voice - "Do not commit this rash act. This lake is already in somebody's possession. O Son of Maadree, You first answer my questions, then drink the water and take away as much as you want." Sahadev also did not pay any attention to these words and drank the water and dropped down dead. Then Yudhishthir said to Vijaya - "It is long that both brothers have gone and have not yet come back, go and see then where are they? Go and bring them back along with water. You are the refuge of all of in great distress,"

So Gudaakesh proceeded with his bow and sword and came to the same spot where the twins were lying dead. Seeing them as if they were asleep, he got very angry. He raised his bow and started looking around if he could find somebody who has put his brothers in this condition. But he found none and being thirsty rushed to drink water. As he wanted to drink water, he heard a voice saying - "Why do you approach this water? You will not be able to drink it by force. O Kaunteya, If you can answer my questions, then only you can drink water as well as take water as much as you want." Arjun said - "Come before me and then stop me. When you will be pierced with my arrows then you will not be able to speak like this." Having said thus, Arjun covered all sides from arrows inspired by Mantra, and he knew shooting Shabd-Vedhee arrow, so he shot many arrows and other weapons towards sky. As he was very thirsty he wanted to drink water soon, that the invisible Yaksh said - "Why all this trouble, just answer my questions and drink the water. If you drink water without answering my questions, you will die immediately after." But Arjun also did not care for his words, drank water and dropped down dead.

Seeing Arjun not coming for some time, Yudhidhthir said to Bheem - "It is long time that Nakul, Sahadev and Vibhatsu have gone to fetch water and have not come back. You go now, bring them alomg with the water." So Bheem set off to the place and found all three lying dead. Seeing all of them dead like this he became exceedingly sad. he thought that some Yaksh or Raakshas might have done to his brothers and he would have to surely fight with him. But since he was also very thirsty, he thought first to drink the water. As he rushed towards the water, the Yaksh said - "Do not commit this rash act. This lake is mine so first answer my questions, then drink water and take as much as you can."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "But Bheem did not care for him and drank the water and dropped down dead. When all the four brothers did not come back for so long, Yudhishthir thought - "Why these two sons of Maadree are delaying? And why this Gaandeev bearer ASrjun and mighty Bheem have not come yet? let me go and search for them." Saying this he rose and proceeded towards water source. He thought - "Is this forest ghostly? Or some wicked beast is there? or they have fallen disobeying some mighty person? Or they did not find the water where they expected it and then they spent all the time in forest?" Thinking all this he entered the forest and saw the beautiful lake adorned with golden lotuses. he got struck with wonder."

[3-111] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "There he saw all his four brothers lying dead on the ground. Seeing them in this condition, Yudhishthir breathed a long sigh. He got worried and started lamenting for them - "O Vrikodar, How you will fulfill your vow "I will break the thigh of Duryodhan. With your death that vow has become useless. O Arjun, when you were only an infant, Devtaa had announced "This your son will not be inferior even from Indra. And in Northern Paripatra Mountains all beings said - "The prosperity robbed by foes will be recovered this one only, and nobody will be able to vanquish him, there is none whom he will not be able to vanquish." Then why Jishnu is dead? And have Jishnu and Bheem come under some mighty enemy?" Then he thought that wise people first ascertain the cause of anything, still because of time and place he could not settle his course of action. He again thought who might have killed his mighty brothers? There were no marks of any weapon, there was no other footprint. That being who has killed my brothers might have been very mighty. Let me firfst drink water then I will see. this is also possible the crooked-minded Duryodhan has secretly placed this water here. Who can trust him?" Still he did not believe that water was poisoned, because there was no sign of poisoning also on his brothers' faces. Who else besides Yam could do this with his brothers?"

Thinking thus he started performing ablutions from the lake water. As he descended into the lake he heard the voice of the Yaksh - "I am crane living on tiny fish. It is I who have killed them. If you will not answer my questions, you will be the fifth corpse lying here. O Child, Do not act rashly. This lake is mine. After answering my questions, you can drink water and carry as much as you want." Yudhishthir asked - "Are you any Rudra? or the Vasu? or the Marut? I ask you which god are you? Because this cannot be done by a bird. Who is that who has overthrown four mighty mountains - Himvant, Paripatra, Vindhya and Malaya Mountains? It is a great work you have done. To whom you have killed, they cannot be killed even by Raakshas, Daitya, Gandharv, Asur or Devtaa; that is why I say that you have really domne a wonderful job. I do not what business was served by this or what was your purpose to kill them. That is why I am in great fear because I am also in your possession. That is why I ask you who are you who is staying here?" Hearing this the Yaksh said - "I am not a bird, I am a Yaksh. Your all mighty brothers have been killed by me."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing these harsh words, Yudhishthir just stood there. he saw the Yaksh of unusual eyes, huge body like a palm tree and looking like Sun. Yaksh said - "Your brothers took water in spite of stopped by me, that is why they have been killed by me. he who wishes to live should not drink water. I own this lake. O Son of Kuntee, First you answer my questions, then take this water as much as you like." Hudhishthir said - "I will not take what is yours, but the virtuous people do not appreciate self appraisal. I will try to answer your questions according to my intelligence. Ask me.



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