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Paandav Plan to Spend Their 13th Year

[4-1] Om, After bowing to Naaraayan and Nar, the most exalted male beings and also to Goddess Saraswatee must be word Jaya uttered.

Janamejaya said - "How did my great grandfathers passed their days incognito in Viraat Nagar while they were so afraid of Duryodhan? How Draupadee passed her days unrecognized?" Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Listen O King, How they all passed their days in the city of Viraat. After having boon from Dharm Raaj, Yudhisthir came back to their Aashram and told the Brahman whatever happened. Then he went to that Braahman whose fire sticks were lost to the deer and gave them back to him. He then called his brothers and told them that they had completed 12 years of exile. The 13th year had come and it is hard to spend, so he asked Arjun - "O Arjun, Select some place where we can spend this time." Arjun replied - "By Dharm Raaj's boon we will not be discovered, still for living I mention some of the places which are good and lonely type. You select one of them. Around Hastinaapur, there is Paanchaal, Chedi, Matsya, Shoorsen, Pattachchhar, Dashaarna, Nava Raashtra, Malla, Shaalv, Yugandhar, Sauraashtra, Avantee and Kuntee Raashtra. Wherever you will choose we will pass our time there."

Yudhishthir said - "Whatever Dharm Raaj has said must be true. We should choose a country to live. The aged Viraat, of Matsya Desh, is a virtuous king. He is good at charities and liked by all. He is attached to Paandav too. So we will go to Viraat Nagar and spend our time there serving him." Arjun asked - "O god among men, what service will you take up there? In what capacity will you live there? You are so mild, charitable, modest, virtuous and keeper of promises, how will you tolerate this calamity?" Yudhishthir said - "Listen, What I will do there. I shall become the courtier of the King. I will go there as a Braahman. Kank will be my name. I will show him that I am good at Dice game and fond of playing. I will play with beautiful pawns made of ivory, of blue, red and yellow color throwing black and white dice. I shall entertain the King and his courtiers in this way. And when I will keep him entertained like this nobody will be able to recognize me. And if by chance the King asks me, I will say that I was the bosom friend of Yudhishthir. Thus i will pass my days in Viraat Nagar. Now you, O Vrikodar, will pass your days?"

[4-2] Bheem said - "I will go there as a cook and my name will be Vallabh. I am good in cooking I will prepare delicious curries for the King leaving behind all other cooks and will present food to the King in such a way that he will be pleased with me. Besides I will carry huge loads of wood, so the King will be very happy seeing all this and even other cooks and King's people will regard me as a king. I will take control over all the food and drinks. I will do whatever else they will ask me to do. If anyone will come to fight with me I will defeat him and that is how I will entertain the King. I will not kill anybody, I will just bring them down in such a way that they will only be defeated, but will not lose their life. And if anybody will ask me about myself, I would say that I was the cook and wrestler in Yudhishthir's palace. In this way I will live there."

Yudhishthir said - "And what will Dhananjaya do there - the foremost man of long arms, invincible in battle, who living with Krishn satisfied Agni Dev sitting alone on a chariot by burning Khaandav forest and in whose presence even Agni Dev appeared as a Braahman, he who killed Naag and great Raakshas, who married the King of Naag Vaasuki's sister. O Vrikodar, He is the foremost of all bowmen. What he will do there? Who is the bearer of Gandeev bow, whose chariot is drawn by four white horses and who is not inferior to even Indra, the Vajra bearer or even Vaasudev Himself. What he will do there who has lived in the bode of Indra for five years, who has acquired superhuman weapons on his own, whom I consider as the 10th Rudra, the 13th Aaditya, the 9th Vasu, and the 10th Graha (planet); whose arms are long and strong, who is as a Himvant among mountains, ocean among waters, who is Havya-Vaah (Fire) among the Vasu, tiger among the beasts and Garud among the birds."

Arjun spoke - "O Lord of the Earth, I will go there as a neuter gender, and my name will be Brihannalaa. Although it is difficult to hide the marks of bowstring on my arms but I will hide them by wearing many bangles. I will wear shining earrings in my ears, conch bangles on my wrists and a long braid on my head. Thus I shall appear there as a third sex. Living like female I will entertain the King and the inmates of his inner apartments by telling stories. I shall also teach singing, dancing and instruments to women of the palace. I will live there hiding myself. If anybody will  inquire about me, i would say that I lived as a waiting maid of Draupadee in Yudhishthir's palace. I shall pass my days like this."

Vaishampaayan Jee said -"Having said this Arjun became quiet, and Yudhishthir asked his other brothers."

[4-3] Yudhishthir turned to Nakul and asked him - "You are tender and have a graceful appearance, deserve of every luxury, what will you do there? tell me all about it." Nakul said - "I will go there as the caretaker of horses and will take care of his horses. My name will be Granthikaa. I know horses very well, how to tend them, how to treat them, how to train them, I have always loved horses. This works is agreeable for me. I can make all kinds of horses and mares docile. And if the King will ask about me, I would say that I was the caretaker of horses in Yudhishthir's kingdom."

Yudhishthir then asked Sahadev - "O Sahadev, What are you going to do there in Viraat's city?" Sahadev replied - "I will become the caretaker of his cows. I am very good in taking care of them. I can tame them very efficiently and I love them too. My name will be Tantripaal and I will keep the King happy with my work. Do not worry about me, I have specific knowledge about this work and i have taken care of your cows also before. I know their auspicious marks, and other matters related to them. I can also identify those bulls by the smell of their urine even a barren cow can give birth. So I will live there like this, nobody will recognize me there as I will please the King by my work."

Yudhishthir said - "This our beloved wife, Krishnaa, the daughter of King Drupad, is very dear to all of us, even dearer to our lives. She deserves to be treated like our mother or elder sister. She does not know any woman's work. She has been born in a King's house, is devoted to her husbands, is very virtuous, how she is going to live there?" Draupadee replied - "There is a class of women called Sairandhree who are good at hair dressing. I will go there as a Sairandhree. And if somebody will ask me about myself, I would say that I was working as a waiting maid of Draupadee before. In this way I will pass my days there serving the famous Sudeshnnaa and she will surely feel happy with me. Do not grieve about me."

Yudhishthir said - "O Krishnaa, you have said all right, but you are born in a respectable family, you yourself are chaste and pious, you don't know what sin is, so behave in this way that the sinful people may not misbehave with you."

[4-4] Yudhishthir said - "You have told me how you are going to live there, and you will live like that there, I have also told you what I will do there. Our priest along with our charioteers and cooks will go to Drupad's home and maintain our Agnihotra fire. And Indrasen, with empty chariots will go to Dwaaraavatee (Dwaarakaa). The maidservants of Draupadee will go to Paanchaal Desh with our charioteers and cooks and they will say "We do not know where the Paandav have gone leaving us at the lake of Dwait van."

Dhaumya Advices to Paandav

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus after counseling with one another, telling about their work in Viraat's city, Paandav asked Dhaumya Rishi about it. Rishi Dhaumya said - "You have made a good arrangement about chariots, cooks, servants, Agnihotra fire and weapons, but O Yudhishthir and Arjun, you should make some good arrangement for Draupadee too. You know well how the men behave, they might repeat the incidents. It is in the interest of profit, pleasure and virtue. I want to say something about it, listen to it. Living with a king is not easy, I tell you how to live there avoiding every fault and living there honorably. You will have to pass this year undiscovered by anybody who knows you. You will live happily in the 14th year. The Deity who protects everybody in embodied form is Fire sanctified by Mantra.

One should enter the city after taking the permission at the gate. No one should keep contact with royal secrets. One should never aspire a seat which another man desires. He who does not regarding himself to be a favorite, occupies the King's chariot, or coach, or seat, or vehicle, or elephant, is worthy to live in a royal household. No One should offer unasked counsel to King. One should silently and respectfully sit beside the King while paying respect in season to the King, because kings do not like those people who speak imperfectly. A wise person should not develop friendship king's wife, nor with the people of inner apartments, nor with those to whom the King does not like. Even the most unimportant act should be done by King's knowledge. If somebody behaves like this, no harm is done to him. Even if a person holds the highest office, to show the dignity to the king, he should consider himself born-blind, until he gets orders from the King. Because the kings do not spare even their sons and grandsons and brothers when they temper with their dignity. Kings should always be served with respectful care like Agni and other gods. One must loyal to the sovereignty otherwise he is destroyed in  no time. One must never be proud, angry and negligent while serving the king.

One should always consider all things before doing anything for him and should always do that is always profitable and pleasurable. If something is profitable and is not pleasant, that should also be communicated to him despite its disagreeableness. One should always care for king's interests and should never speak anything which is unprofitable and unpleasant. One should always think that "I am not liked by the king" and do which is agreeable and advantageous to him. He who does not move from his place, is not friendly with king's enemies and does not do wrong to the king, is alone worthy to be in the royal household. A learned man can sit to the left or right to the ,king, but never behind him, because that is the place for armed guards and sitting in front of him is always prohibited. When the king is doing something, one should not come in front of him by forcing himself zealously, this conduct is inexcusable. One should never say and ill will to anybody else. Kings do not like those people who think themselves intelligent and learned. In the same way no man should be proud as "I am brave, I am very good". They like only those people who do everything agreeable things to them. King likes only those people whose acts give him favor and productive fruits.

No one should move his lips, arms or thighs before the king. He should even speak or spit or laugh mildly. He should not break into laughter suddenly like a maniac, nor he should contain himself so much so that he looks odd. One should smile modestly to show his interest. Who ever always wishes king's welfare and does not expect any reward for it, is alone worthy to live in a royal household. The learned courtier who pleases king and his son with agreeable words succeeds in living in a royal household. A favorite courtier who has lost king's favor for a just reason, does not speak evil of the king, regains prosperity. One should always in favor of king, in presence or in his absence. One should not dress like a king, nor he should disclose any royal secrets, by doing this he wins royal favor. One should never take any bribe while doing the king's job. So my children, Controlling your mind spend your year behaving in this way. When you will gain your kingdom, you may live as you like."

Yudhishthir said - "You have taught us very well, God bless you. There is  none who could tell us all these things except our mother Kuntee or Vidur of great wisdom. Now do everything necessary for our departure for our safety as well as for our victory."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Dhaumya performed all necessary rites for their departure, and lighting up their fire, he offered Mantra for their success and victory. After going round the Braahman all the six set out placing Yagyasenee at the front. When they had left, Dhaymya and other left for Paanchaal along with their fire. Indrasen etc went to Yaadav - Dwaaraavatee."


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