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Paandav Keep Their Weapons

[4-5] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus Paandav proceeded towards the Southern bank of the Yamunaa River. They, living like hunters, killing the deer, passing through Yakrillom and Shoorsen kingdoms; leaving behind to their right the Paanchaal Desh and to their left the Dashaarn Desh entered the Matsya Desh. They were wearing beards and had swords. They had given up the guise of hunters. After entering the Matsya Desh, Krishnaa said to Yudhishthir - "This is footpath and here are various field, but it seems that Viraat's city is still far. How much is left now, I am feeling tired." Yudhishthir said - "O Dhananjaya, You take Paanchaalee and carry her. After we cross this part, we will be arriving in the city."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Arjun immediately took up Paanchaalee and when they came near the city, he put her down. Ruru's son Yudhishthir said to Arjun - "Where we will keep our weapons? We should keep them somewhere before entering the city. Because if people will see us with our arms, they will surely be alarmed. Besides, everybody knows your Gaandeev bow, and if they will see it, they will recognize us, and if anyone of us is recognized we will again have to pass 13 years in the forest." Arjun said - "There is a cemetery here which is hard for people, and nearby is that peak on which there is a Shamee tree whose branches are very dense and difficult to climb up. This place is lonely too, nobody is seeing us here keeping our weapons on that tree. The place is out of the way and there are wild animals and is weird too because near the cemetery. We will keep our weapons on this tree and live in the city without any worry."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After saying this to Yudhhishthir Arjun prepared to keep their weapons on the Shamee tree. He opened the bag of his Gaandeev with which he defeated men, Naag and Devtaa sitting on a single chariot. Yudhishthir also loosened the undecaying string of his that bow with which he defended the field of Kuru Kshetra. Bheemsen also unstrung his bow by means of which he defeated the Paanchaal and the king of Sindhu, and with which he had defeated many enemies, whose twang was like a roar of the thunder. Nakul, who was of coppery complexion and mild speech, unequaled beauty also unfastened his bow with which he won all the regions of west. heroic Sahadev also opened the string of his bow with which he defeated the countries of south.

With all their bows they put their long flashing swords, their quivers and arrows. Then Nakul ascended the tree and hung their weapons there with a branch which they though would not break and where the rain would not wet them. They hung up a corpse also on that tree by smell of which people will not come there. Then they proceeded towards the city with a view to passing their 13th year undiscovered as they had promised to Duryodhan."

Yudhishthir Prays Durgaa

[4-6] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "While Yudhishthir was going to the city of Viraat, he began to pray Durgaa, born from Yashodaa and fond of the boons bestowed on her by Naaraayan, terrifier of Kans and destroyer of Asur, sister of Vaasudev, who always rescues the worshipper, invoked her by several names derived from hymns. ----

The men who remember you, never prostrate. You are fame, you are prosperity, you are steadiness, you are the wife, you are the man's children. O Durgaa, I seek your protection, grant me protection."

Vaishampaaayan Jee said - "Thus prayed by Yudhhishthir, the Goddess showed herself to him and said - "O King, listen to me. After killing the Kaurav you will win. You will again be the Lord of the Earth. You will have happiness with your brothers, joy and health by my grace. They who will be reciting my attributes and achievements will be freed from sins and be gratified. I bestow upon you the kingdom, long life, beauty and offspring. Who will invoke me as you have invoked me, in exile or in the city, in the midst of battle or of danger from enemies, in forests or in inaccessible deserts, in seas or mountains, there is nothing they can achieve. He will achieve every success who will hear or listen to this hymn with devotion. With my grace, neither Kuru's spy, nor the Matsya people will be able to recognize you as long as you will live there." After saying this the Goddess disappeared then and there."

Paandav in Viraat's Court: Yudhishthir

[4-7] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Yudhishthir tied his dice made with gold and set with Lapis Lazuli and put them in his armpit. That man resembling a celestial, Sun covered with clouds, fire covered with ashes, first went to Viraat when he was sitting in his court. Seeing a man coming like a Moon hidden in clouds, King Viraat said to his counselors, Braahman, charioteers and Vaishya - "Enquire, who is he. He looks like a king, I have seen him for the first time. He does not seem to be a Braahman. He looks like Lord of men. He has neither slaves, nor chariot, nor any elephant, still he shines like Indra. He is coming without any hesitation as if an elephant is coming in the heap of lotuses."

And as the King Viraat was saying like to his people, that Yudhishthir came to him and said - "O Great King, I am a Braahman. I have lost my everything, that is why I have come to you for my living. I wish to live here under your command." Viraat said - "You are welcome. You get it what you want to get." Yudhishthir praised him for it. Viraat asked him happily - "O Child, I ask you only with affection, from which king's kingdom you have come here after losing everything? Besides tell me your name and your family and what do you know?" Yudhishthir said - "My name is Kank, I am a Braahman and I come from a family named Vaiyaaghra. I am skilled in Dice game, and before coming here I was the friend of Yudhishthir." Viraat said - "I will grant you whatever you desire. You may rule Matsya, and I will be under you. I like even cunning gamblers, while you look like a god and deserve a kingdom." Yudhishthir said - "My first request to you is that I may not be involved in any dispute [because of Dice] with low people; besides, if a person has lost to me shall not be allowed to retain his wealth which I have won. These are the two boons I ask you."

The King Viraat said - "I shall certainly slay him who will displease you, and if he is twice-born (Braahman, Kshatriya or Vaishya) I will banish him from my kingdom. All should listen to me - "Kank is as much king of this kingdom as I am. He is my friend and will ride the same vehicle as myself. He will have plenty of clothes at his disposal and various kinds of food and drinks. He will look after my all affairs, internal or external. My doors will always open for him, whenever any person wantsd to say something in any emergency situation, you can tell me, I will give them whatever they desire. You need not to fear till you are with me."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - Thus getting boons from King Viraat Yudhishthir started living there happily. None could recognize him as he lived there."

Paandav in Viraat's Court: Bheem

[4-8] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then another one, a mighty one came to Viraat's court. He was holding a cooking ladle and a spoon and a bare sword with a clean blade. Thus he was looking like a cook and spreading his splendor like a Sun discovering the whole world. He had worn black clothes and was looking very mighty, like a king of mountain. He came there in the court and stood before the King. Viraat asked his people - "Who is this youth with broad shoulders and so extraordinarily beautiful? I have never seen this person and he looks like a Sun. Even if I am trying to recollect, I cannot remember him, nor I can ascertain his intention of coming here. From his looks it seems that he is a King of Gandharv of Indra himself. Tell me who he is and ask him what does he want." So his people went to the son of Kuntee and reported to the King what the younger brother of Yudhishthir had said to them. Then the son of Paandu came to the King and spoke the words not suited to him - "O King, I am a cook and my name is Vallabh. I am skilled in dressing dishes. Please employ me in your kitchen."

The King Viraat said - "I do  not believe you O Vallabh, that you are a cook. You are looking like Indra in your grace and beauty, prowess and shine." Bheem replied - "I am the cook. It is not only curries that I have the knowledge of, although King Yudhishthir used to love my dishes before, but I am a wrestler too. There is none here who can challenge me. I can entertain you by fighting with lions and elephants." King Viraat said - "I will grant you boons. You do whatever you like, because I do not think that the cooking business is right for you. You deserve the whole Earth, but as you like most. You be the head of my kitchen."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus appointed by Viraat Bheem soon became the favorite cook of the King and he also started living there unrecognized by anybody - Viraat or any other person there."

Paandav in Viraat's Court: Draupadee

[4-9] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Tying her black long hair into a braid and throwing it upon her right shoulder but concealed under her cloth, Draupadee of black eyes and sweet smiles appeared in Viraat's court. She wore a black and dirty, though expensive cloth. She was dressed like a Sairandhree. She began to wander here and there as if she was very sad. Seeing her wandering like this people came to her and asked her - "Who are you and what are you looking for?" Draupadee said - "I am a king's Sairandhree. I wish to serve who can maintain me." But looking at her beauty and dress and hearing her sweet voice people could not think of her taking as a servant.

While this was going on, Viraat's queen Sudeshnaa, the princess of Kekaya Desh, saw Draupadee, clad in a single cloth, from her terrace. She called her - "O Beautiful, Who are you and what are you looking for?" Draupadee said - "O Queen, I am Sairandhree. I will serve anybody who can maintain me." Sudeshnaa said - "What you are saying does not suit your beauty. You should be the mistress of both males and females. Your heels are not prominent, your thighs touch each other, you are intelligent, you navel is deep, your whole body is in shape, your speech is sweet as the voice of the swan, you possess high grace. Like a Kashmeerean mare you have all auspicious marks. Your body is fragrant as a lotus flower. You resemble Shree in beauty. You cannot be a servant, tell me who you are? Are you a Yakhinee, a goddess or an Apsaraa? Or you are a daughter of a celestial or Naag Kanyaa, Kinnaree or Rohinee herself? Or you are Alambooshaa, Mishrakeshee, Pundareek, Maalinee, or Indraanee herself? So tell me who are you?"

Draupadee said - "O Queen, I am neither goddess, nor a Gandharvee, nor a Yakshinee nor a Raakshasee. I am the maid-servant of Sairandhree class, this I am speaking the truth. I know how to dress hair with fragrance substances and decorated with flower garlands of Jasmine, lotuses, blue lilies, Champaa etc flowers. I served Krishn's favorite wife Satyabhaamaa and Draupadee, Paandav's dear wife. I wander alone in search of food and clothes, wherever I will get them I will stay there." Sudeshnaa said - "I would keep you on my head, but  even the King may be attracted to you. Even my maids and other females are looking at you. Which male is there who will not be attracted to you? I am sure even the King Viraat will leave me after seeing you. You are so beautiful that nobody can resist you and who will see you for longer period will surely be attracted to you. I will be in danger by keeping you here."

Draupadee said - "O Queen, Neither Viraat, nor any other person can have me, because I have five Gandharv husbands who always protect me. None can do me any wrong. It is the wish of my Gandharv husbands that I should serve only such people who will not give me somebody's left-over food and who will not ask me to wash their feet. If any man would keep me like an ordinary woman, he would be killed the same night. No one can have me, because my those five Gandharv husbands always protect me secretly." Sudeshnaa said - "If you say so, then I can keep you in my palace. You don't have to touch anybody's leftover food and to wash another's feet."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus hearing Sudeshnaa began to live in the city unrecognized by everybody."


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