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Paandav in Viraat's Court: Sahadev

[4-10] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then came Sahadev dressed in a cowherd's dress and speaking cowherd's language. The King was amazed to see the splendor of this cowherd. He sent his people to bring him to him. When he came, the King asked him - "Whom do you belong to, and when have you come here? What work are you looking for? Tell me about yourself." Sahadev answered - "I am a Vaishya and my name is Arishtnemi. I was employed as a cowherd in the service of Yudhishthir, but now I wish to serve you, because I do not know where those Paandu's sons are. I cannot live without service and I do not to serve anyone else except you." Hearing this the King Viraat said - You must be Braahman or Kshatriya, because you look like a King of the Earth. Tell me truly have you been afflicted by you enemies? You are not fit for Vaishya's work. Which kingdom you are coming from? What work you wish to do and what salary you would like to accept?"

Sahadev answered - "Yudhishthir had one division of cows numbering 10,800 and another one of 20,000, so I was employed there to take care of them. People call me Tantripaal. I know the past, present and future of all cows living within 10 Yojan (80 miles). The King knew me very well and he was very pleased with me. I can multiply cows in a very sort time, by which they can be immune to diseases. I can single out a bull with auspicious marks for which they can be worshipped, and by smelling their urine a barren can conceive." Viraat said - "I have 100,000 cows divided among several herds. I appoint you their and their keepers' in-charge."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus Viraat also could not recognize him and he started living there happily. Nobody else also recognize him."

Paandav in Viraat's Court: Arjun

[4-11] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Next entered a man of huge body and of enormous size and exquisite beauty, wearing women's ornaments, large earrings, beautiful conch bangles overlaid with gold. He had long hair up to the neck and when he walked the earth trembled. He came to Viraat and stood there. Seeing the son of Indra, shining with exquisite luster, Viraat got amazed. He was completely unknown to all of them. The King asked his courtiers - "When did this person come here? I have never heard of him before." His courtiers told him that they did not know him. So he himself asked - "You look like a celestial, possessing great strength, young of darkish complexion. Wearing conch bangles, a braid and earrings you look like chariot rider who wander with bow and arrows. I am old and want to light my burden, so be like my son or rule this Matsya kingdom. it seems to me that such a person can never be of neuter gender."

Arjun said - "I sing, dance and play musical instruments. I am proficient in dance and skilled in songs. Give me your daughter Uttaraa, and I will teach her singing and dancing. How I am in this form, what will you do to know about it? This will only increase my pain. My name is Brihannalaa, a son or daughter, without father and mother." Viraat said - "O Brihannalaa, I give you what you want. I give you my daughter Uttaraa. tech her and other girls dancing and singing. Although your work seems unworthy to me for you, because you deserve the the kingdom of whole Earth."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then the King Viraat tested Brihannalaa in singing and dancing and other fine arts by his ministers and other women, and learning that he was permanent impotent, he sent him to Uttaraa's palace. And there Arjun started teaching the Princess, her friend and maids dancing and music and he earned a good reputation among them. Thus Arjun started living there in disguise of and partaking the pleasure of their company and unknown to the people within and outside of the palace."

Paandav in Viraat's Court: Nakul

[4-12] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After a while another powerful man was seen going towards King Viraat, and as he came forward, it seemed that Sun has come out from the clouds. He started observing the horses around. Seeing that shining man Viraat aid to his people - "I wonder when this man came here. He quickly started looking at my horses, so I am sure that he must be good at horses. Bring him to me soon. He is a warrior and looks like god." When Nakul came to Viraat he went near him and paid his respects to him saying - "Victory to you, O King, and be blessed. Kings have always liked me as a trainer of horses. I will be a clever keeper of your horses."

Viraat said - "I will give you vehicles, wealth and spacious living place. Be the manager of my horses. Tell me when did you come? Who you are? And it happened for you to come here? And tell us all about what you know?" Nakul said - "You must be knowing that Yudhishthir was the eldest son of Paandu. I was working for him before coming here. I very well know the temper of the horses and know perfectly the art of breaking them. I know how to tame the horses and treat their diseases. No horse can be ill or weak under my care. Not only horses, but even the mares cannot go untamed in my hands. My name is Granthikaa and even Yudhishthir called me by this name."

Viraat said - "Whatever horses I have, I appoint you in-charge of those all and appoint the head of all charioteers. If this suits you, tell me what would you accept as your salary? But you don't look like a horse caretaker. You look .like a king and I like you very much. Your coming here has pleased me so much as I have seen Yudhishthir himself. Tell me how Yudhishthir is living in the forest as he has no servants."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Thus he was treated with respect by the King. He made himself so agreeable and dear to all that all like him. No one recognized him and he also started living there happily. Thus all Paandav and Draupadee started in the kingdom of Viraat without being recognized and happily."

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