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Yaksh Blesses Yudhishthir

[3-312] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "As the Yaksh said all Paandav rose and their hunger and thirst had gone. Yudhishthir said - "I ask you who is invincible and who stands on one leg in the pond, what god are you, because you cannot be a Yaksh? Are you a Vasu, or a Rudra or a Marut? Or are you Indra himself? Each of my these brothers are capable to fight with 100,000 warriors. And I can see that no warrior has killed them, because all of their senses are refreshed as if they have been awakened from a long deep sleep. Are you our friend or our father himself?"

At this Yaksh replied - "O My Child, I am your father - Dharm Raaj. I came here to see you. Fame, Truth, self restraint, purity, modesty, steadiness and Brahmcharya are my body; and Ahinsaa (non-violence), impartiality, peace, penance, piety, and freedom from malice are the doors [through which I can be reached]. You are always dear to me. This is good that you are devoted a to all the five qualities [tranquility of mind, self restraint, control on senses, resignation and Yog meditation]. And it is also good that you have won these six also 9hunger, thirst, sorrow, bluntness of mortal feeling, decrepitude, and death]. Among these the first two appear in the first part of life, two in the middle part of life and the other two in the last part of life. I am Dharm Raaj and I came to test your merits. Now I want to grant boons to you. Ask me any boon, I will give it to you. Who respect me, they are never distressed." Yudhishthir said - "A deer has run away with the fire sticks of a Braahman, the first boon I ask that his Agnihotra should not be interrupted." The Yaksh said - "It was I who took away his fire sticks, just to see you."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "The Yaksh said - "I give you this boon. You are like an immortal, so ask another boon." Yudhishthir said - "Our 12 years of exile have passed, the 13th year is coming. May no one recognize us wherever we live during that time."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Dharm Raaj replied - "I give you this boon too. Even if you will wander the whole Earth in your original form, no one in the world will be able to recognize you. By my grace you will spend this time unidentified, unrecognized and secretly in Viraat's kingdom. Every one of you will be able to assume any form you like. Give the fire stick to the Braahman, that was only to test you. O Yudhishthir, Ask other boon that you like, I will grant it to you. I am not yet satisfied by granting you boons. I give you third boon which is great and incomparable. You are born from me, you are my son, and Vidur is a portion of mine." At this Yudhishthir said - "It is enough for me that I have seen you. You are an eternal god. Whatever boon you will give me I will surely accept it. may I win greed and my foolishness and anger, and may mind always be devoted to charity, truth and ascetic austerities." Dharm Raaj said - "You possess all these qualities by nature, because you yourself are Dharm Raaj. Still you will have them what you have asked for."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After saying this Dharm Raaj vanished. Paandav got united, came back to their Aashram, and gave those sticks to that Braahman. Who reads this story of Paandav, meeting of Dharm Raaj and Yudhishthir (father and son) obtains perfect tranquility of mind. He never opts for unrighteousness, never separates from his friends, never misappropriates others money, misbehaves with other's wives and have foul thoughts."

[3-313] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "As Dharm Raaj had asked them to spend their 13th year at Viraat's place, Paandav sat down with Braahman and asked their permission to spend their 13th year as indicated. They said - "As you all know that Dhritraashtra's sons have deceitfully defeated us and taken our kingdom. SWe have passed away these 12 years in a great difficulty, and the 13th years we have to pass unrecognized still remains. Please permit us to spend this incognito. If our enemies, Suyodhan, Karn and Shakuni will recognize us they will misbehave with our people. Shall we all be settle again in our kingdom?" Saying this Yudhishthir broke into tears, his throat choked, and he swooned away. Braahman and Dhaumya Rishi tried to cheer him up. Dhaumya said - "O King, You are learned, and such learned people do not be affected by any calamity whatever. Even the gods have wandered in disguise to win their enemies. Indra for the purpose of overcoming his foes, dwelt in disguise in the asylum of Giriprasth, in Nishadh and thus attained his end. Before taking his birth in the womb of Aditi, Vishnu for the purpose of destroying the Daitya passed a long time unrecognized, assuming the form of the Haya-greev (Horse-necked). Even Vishnu disguising himself in the form of a dwarf, deprived Daitya Raaj Bali of his kingdom by his prowess. You must have heard about Hutaashan also entering into water and remaining their in concealment achieved the purpose of the gods. And Hari also entered into Sakra's Vajra to overcome His foes lay concealed there. And, the regenerate Rishi Aurv at one time performed for the gods, remaining concealed in his mother's womb. And once Vivaswat living concealed in every part of the earth at last entirely burnt up all his foes. And living disguised in the abode of Dasharath, Vishnu of dreadful deeds slew the 10-headed one in battle. In the same way you will also win your enemies after living in hiding."

Yudhishthir got a little happy hearing all this. Bheem also said - "Looking at your face, this Gaandeev bearer Arjun has not show you has prowess. Although even Nakul and Sahadev are also very brave, I have stopped them. We will never move from wherever you will engage us. We will soon conquer our enemies." Braaahman blessed them and all retired to their places.  Paandav set out along with Dhaumya and Krishnaa. Next day they went for a Krosh (or Kos or 2 miles) and sat down for consultation."

3-Van Parv - Van Parv Ends Here
3-Van Parv Ends Here


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